great mortality

It was Helen’s face that
launched a thousand ships,
but you unleashed Achilles.

How were you to know that
poets would sing of his rage?
– that innumerable men would
meet their deaths at the end of
his grief-stricken spear?

How were you to know when you
went to battle in his armor that
you would never return to him?
– that you had brought about his
death as surely as your own?

He wept –
and his mother in the depths
of the sea heard his cries.
He wept –
and he dirtied his face,
and tore at his hair, and wished for death.

Eternal glory was not worth the price he paid.
It was not worth the loss of you,
Patroclus, whom he loved as his own life.

What was Achilles to do when his heart
burned with you on the pyre?
What was he to do when his home became
nothing but ashes in a golden urn?

He was nearly a god –
son of a goddess, best of the Greeks.
He fell to an arrow, the poets say,
guided by Apollo himself.
The poets are wrong.

He was nearly a god –
but he was mortal, and he fell to that
great mortal weakness: love.
You would have followed him anywhere, even into death.
You must have known that he would do the same.

—  you were his Achilles’ heel | K.L.

The lightwoods in heaven 😂😂😂

[ Trace ]

( Hey, but Alec isn’t small - Soames )


  • Magnus: Michelangelo was great in bed.
  • Magnus: I know because I slept with him.
  • Magnus: Because I'm attracted to men.
  • Magnus: 'Cause I'm not straight.
  • Magnus: Like SUPER not straight!
  • Alec: .....

Sub-Zero making tea for Scorpion is my favorite thing from the entire story mode of Mortal Kombat X to be completely honest.

pisces is the grand finale, the end of the cycle, the wintery withdrawal before the blossoming aries spring. so pisces can move backwards, constantly revisiting the past, contemplating, soaking in memory. a wintery death is present in their bones, and there is a great awareness of their mortality and immortality

Young and Beautiful
  • Alec: *seriously, contemplating his mortality*
  • Will you still love me
  • When I'm no longer young and beautiful?
  • Will you still love me
  • When I've got nothing but my aching soul?
  • I know....
  • Magnus: I will, I know I will.
  • I'll still love when you're no longer young and beautiful!
  • Clary, Isabelle: *wipes tears* Encore.
  • Kero-chan: Yukito's starving. Yue is starting to lose his powers again, for reasons we don’t understand.
  • Touya: Why didn't you say something?
  • Yukito: Because, it's not like there's anything magical Yue can suck powers from here.
  • Touya: There's us.
  • Yukito: I don't want to feed on my friend's powers.
  • Touya: Why not? We've been here before, haven't we? Last time you were starving, I gave you my powers. It was a little homoerotic, maybe, but I'm secure in my sexuality.

cassandra clare is a truly shitty person and a bad writer. i love the mortal instruments’ world and i love the characters but she just did such a bad job with the characters and i’m so happy the show is trying to fix all of that.

 i don’t watch the show but i know how they fixed the relationship between clary and izzy. why would anyway want them to be jealous over each other them being catty in the books made me cringe the show makes me sHIP IT SO HARD. and clace was toxic in the books, jace was lowkey a dick

another thing: MALEC GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME. i’m so happy bc in the books there was barely anything about them?? one of the most popular ships on television is an interracial gay couple and that makes me so happy. all of the cast is BEAUTIFUL. 

i did wish the show followed the books plots but Shadowhunters is 20x better than the books so keep it up SH you’re doing great

god claims sin

then, quiet      
mottled at the touch

polished by the scythesmiths
our seasons heaving this century
and our perpetual pointless labor

 I woke the drab bed, muted in shame,
voice raw from the disheveled linen of
our mortal work

sky the color - a sweet seam of wild geese
color of thrush or thistle, heather haunted
hung in clamor of white new world where
nothing ancient belongs

crows collect at the oak by dusk, bending
the boughs in their weight, hollowing you home

this, when I first dreamed you

mortal form, unspoilt yet locked by the
cellar door’s great kept secret

I go to the colossal ruins
I know you have suffered,
shining in your autumnal grief

all carnage, all sinew,
all wind, all hallows 

tubercular dusk enters
a bloodcolored sorcerer of
no mercy or patience

 I go on, alone, ever aware of
the  great anatomy of our mortal coil

how long the first day of the afterlife
wading the amenities of forever night

Pairings when reading the books:

✔️ Clace
✔️ Malec
✔️ Sizzy

Pairings when watching the show:

✔️ Clace
✔️ Sizzy
✔️ Malec
✔️ Jalec
✔️ Climon
✔️ Salec
✔️ Melizzy
✔️ Clizzy
✔️ Jimon
✔️ Clalec (brotp)
✔️ Saphael
✔️ Clagnus
✔️ Lucelyn
✔️ Mizzy
✔️ Lightwell (brotp)
✔️ Lydiasbelle
✔️ Max + Fire

The Twilight Saga Meme: [½] Groups- The Cullen Coven

I couldn’t really see Edward’s point, to be honest. What was so great about mortality? Being a vampire didn’t look like such a terrible thing- not the way the Cullens did it, anyway.

to-a-merrier-world  asked:

Are we talking sheithunk ideas, cause I have one I've been throwing around... so, Hunk is a historian of sorts who works with a collection of ancient texts on myths and legends of the made up country I'm having him live in (is this modern fantasy? Yes, yes it is). Lance is an old friend of his that works in an alchemist's shop. SO here's where the story really starts: allura, a magician's apprentice, accidentally awakens an ancient evil *cough*the galra*cough* and so now she has to 1/?

figure out a way to put them /back/ in the sealed magical artifact they came out of (maybe a sword or something…) she ends up enlisting Hunk’s help, since he’s so knowledgeable about the specific legend surrounding the galra and the artifact. Pidge works in the computer science department at the same uni as Hunk and helps them track down the artifact that is supposedly the only thing that can defeat the galra. So, Hunk, Allura, Pidge, and Lance (who tags along partly bc he was curious 2/?

partly bc he’s good with healing spell work, which could come in handy) go looking for the artifact and find the rock where it’s supposedly hidden inside. Allura and Hunk perform the ritual to get it out, but out comes two guys instead! Shiro and Keith are these magically created beings (idk who created them…. an ancient magician maybe? Ha, maybe Merlin) that we’re made to fight the galra, but so much magic and life was put into them that they’re actually sentient and real ppl 3/?

So anyways, shiro and keith actually have this pretty epic romance going on that Hunk knows about through studying ancient texts (he just thought they were long dead magicians). Keith and Shiro like spending time with Hunk bc he’s the only one that really seems to /get/ them in this new and technologically advanced world (Magic and tech work together now). But they soon come to really like hunk and enjoy spending time with him, even teaching him some non-magic fighting techniques 4/?

since hunk is non-magic and cause ether worry about his safety when they fight the galra. BACK TO PLOT: so, turns out that while Shiro and Keith are the only ones that can defeat the galra, they don’t know /how to/. That’s why they sealed the galra (which, btw, are like demons, didn’t mention that…) instead. But eventually, largely thanks to Hunk, though it was a team effort, they figure out how to defeat the galra, which involves draining Shiro and Keith of the magic that’s made them 5/?

immortal. So they defeat the galra and now they’re mortal (though still powerful magic users). Everyone sorta goes back to their lives, with promises to keep in touch, and Keith and Shiro decide to try and learn about this new world that they’re living in. They invite Hunk, but he declines, claiming he needs to get back to his historian work, but in reality his harboring a massive crush on both of them and doesn’t want to get in the way of what he thinks will turn into a romantic getaway 6/?

Keith and Shiro accept it and go, but come back not even 3 weeks later with news about a new outbreak of demons. Allura, Pidge, and Lance show up not long after, all of them jumping at the chance to work together again, missing their friends/family. So, the adventure continues… shiro and Keith eventually figure out that Hunk has as big of a crush on them as they do on him and /eventually/ they all do something about it. But yeah, that’s my demon fighting modern fantasy sheithunk au 7/7

TEDDY I LOVE IT I love modern fantasy so much omg yesss