great morning for ruining my life

I imagine The Phantom would be very protective of the ‘good’ side of his face and he would probably take great care of it.

Moisturizers every night, face cream and a wash in the morning, etc.

But also I think he would freak out at the smallest change like one day noticing wrinkles around his eyes and being like “My life is over. I’m ruined. Death comes for me.”

Or oh my god just imagine him like getting a small pimple on the good side of his face and being like

“OH LIFE IS A CRUEL MISTRESS. I’m ruined. What am I? How much more hideous will I become before my suffering is complete? I must construct a full faced mask now to hide my monstrous face.”

I haven't talked about the election on tumblr at all but yknow what I have to

I didn’t check most of the election results last night because I wanted to wake up this morning to see Hillary Clinton as our next POTUS. I sincerely believed that our country would be better than electing an idiotic, racist, sexist, rapist into office. That HRC, even with the email scandal, would come out on top, because she is completely qualified where Donald Trump is not.

Instead, I woke up to my worst nightmare. Donald Trump is the next POTUS.

Not once has he held a position of political importance, and he is, quite possibly, the least qualified presidential candidate of all time. He’s run his own buildings and projects into the ground so many times, and we’re expecting him to be able to handle our national debt? We have long lasting and standing relationships with foreign entities, and we’re expecting a man who got upset that SNL made fun of him to be able to be diplomatic with them? He’s a bigot and a racist and sexist and he has RAPED people. And we want him to lead our nation?

More than his lack of qualifications, we also have the fact that his promises and plans are against my friends and family’s very way of life. I am a queer woman. My best friend is a queer man. A good portion of my friends are LGBTQ, and my sister is queer, and her partner is also queer, and he is against all of us. Not to mention my POC friends, who now have to live knowing that this racist man is our political leader. The presidential spot is not just a figurehead position, by the way, it is a position with power, and we are now living in a country that is run by republicans, not only as President but also in the Senate.

Our lives are not going to get better. He has to make good on his promises to the republican party. He is not going to “make America great again” because, fuck, it never was. I fear for the state of our nation. I fear for my life, my friends’ lives, my family’s lives. I fear for our international relations. I cannot believe what I’ve woken up to this morning and part of me wants to go back to sleep to wake up and see that it was all a bad dream.

Fuck every single one of you that voted for Donald Trump. You have ruined our lives. You might not think so now, but check back with us in four years, why don’t you?

When America is in shambles.