great moments with abraham lincoln

My favorite “Great Moment in Moderate History” was when Abraham Lincoln called John Brown a lunatic for trying to end the expansion of slavery through violence and then five years later ended slavery through violence.

"The Magic of Disney" by Frank Fisher*

*I am not Frank Fisher.

This was originally posted on Xanga, circa 2005, but has since been lost, so now I’m sharing it here. Otherwise, I would’ve provided a link.

(about 4,400 words)

           Last month, my good friend, Josh, surprised me with a very unique birthday gift: Five blind dates with five different girls. The first date was a complete disaster. The second date almost cost me my life. The third date was one text message short of receiving a restraining order from me. I ultimately refused to go on the remaining two dates until I found out that the next date was at Disneyland. Happiest place on Earth. What could go wrong?

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