great mocs

I will never understand someone who genuinely believes that TV show Glenn Rhee has reached his full potential and deserves to die right now in the story just because his comic book counterpart did and it’ll be “awesome to see on screen”, therefore dismissing everything else Glenn could give us if he survived.

I can’t / won’t accept a need to see a comic book storyline come to life over the genuine potential of a great MOC (actor and character) who has become separate from his comic book arc over the past few years, alongside a great opportunity to showcase the ultimate range Steven possesses just because it’ll make a good few minutes on screen thanks to his death.

I love the comics books but not everything needs to adhere to comic book fans, especially when it doesn’t make sense in regards to the show. I’d rather sacrifice comics book moments if it meant we get more in depth character development re: those who died earlier on.

In point, Glenn Rhee does not need to die right now and there’s so much potential for him that deserves to be appreciated and expanded upon.