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How Republican Healthcare Grants to States Will Work*
  • Paul Ryan: Here you go, Mississippi. Here's $5 billion to spend on healthcare. You choose how to spend it.
  • Mississippi: Thanks! I think we'll spend $4 billion on unnecessary building projects submitted by our political contributors.
  • Paul Ryan: Great!
  • Mississippi: That area along the shore would make a wonderful place for some upscale condos. And some kind of medical clinic thing too.
  • Paul Ryan: It's up to you!
  • Mississippi: We'll need to get rid of the people already living in houses along the shore, tho. They'll sue but now we've got the money to fight them. Plus they're black. It's Mississippi...
  • Paul Ryan / Mississippi: LOL LOL LOL
  • *In 2007, Republican Governor Haley Barbour did this with federal money intended to rebuild homes for Hurricane Katrina victims:
  • http: //

The Ghost Ship of Kentucky

Tucked away in a small creek just a bit downstream from Cincinnati, Ohio rests a 114 year old ghost ship known as the Celt. It simply fascinates me the history that this one ship has and upon first glance of this rusted hulk you would never imagine so. Originally setting sail back in 1902 as a luxury yacht of a wealthy railroad executive, Celt was 180 feet long and powered by steam. The ship changed hands in 1917 when the US Navy started renting small, quick vessels to outmaneuver German U-boats during World War I. It was during this time that it was renamed the USS Sachem (SP-192) and was used as a coastal patrol boat after being outfitted with depth charges and machine guns. One of the most notable things about it’s life during WWI is that it was loaned to Thomas Edison while he conducted US Government funded experiments onboard in New York as head of the Naval Consulting Board.

After the end of WWI the Sachem changed owners a couple of times before landing back in the hands of the Navy for $65,000 in 1942. The Navy then changed the name to USS Phenakite (PYc-25) and used the vessel to patrol the waters off of the Florida Keys. Phenakite was used for a brief time after WWII to train soldiers to test sonar equipment before being decommissioned and returned to the previous owner in 1945. Subsequently it was sold to Circle Line of NYC and renamed Sightseer but was soon renamed Circle Line V and served as a tour boat until 1983. In 1986 a Cincinnati local named Robert Miller bought the ship for a mere $7,500 and before leaving the New York Harbor it had a cameo in Madonna’s video for ‘Papa Don’t Preach’. After traveling up the Hudson, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi and into the Ohio River, the ship settled in a small creek next to Miller’s property in Northern Kentucky where it has rested since.

The building of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, 1899. The Canal, which reversed the flow of the Chicago River (which had flowed into Lake Michigan) so that it flowed toward the Mississippi River, was built to serve two purposes. First, it sent Chicago’s sewage, which emptied into the river, downstream toward the Mississippi instead of into Chicago’s drinking water supply in Lake Michigan. Second, it allowed ships to navigate from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. 


in picayune, mississippi,
and i cannot identify the
source. it sounds like
construction work or a
thunderstorm, but as the
busy hum of day fades
to distant echoes, all that
is left is the rumbling, like
the great empty stomach
of america, unsatisfied
and scored by its own
acid. in the dead of night,
i hear it thumping and
churning somewhere
deeply hidden, some
place within, and i talk
to myself through the
dusk. i long for silence.

The Middle Act

Part 2/3: Out on a hunt, Cas and Dean end up having to share a single bed for the night, neither one content to let the other sleep on the floor.

Part 1/3: How It Started – Read Here

Part 3/3: Not Really The End - Read Here

Happy Easter gift, have some M rated fluff and sexual content.

What woke Dean the following morning renewed his nerves within the span of a single second. It didn’t register at first, what was happening. One second he’d been warm and comfortable, mouth hanging open against Cas’s shirt, and the next he’d been cold and exposed. Cas had gotten up, and Dean’s eyes had fluttered open as soon as the bathroom door had closed.

Surging up in bed, he huffed a heavy breath, the morning sky outside cloudy and leaving their hotel room dimmed. Blinking, Dean wiped the sleep from his eyes, his legs still tangled in the blankets as he tried to re-establish what had happened.

Cas had climbed into bed with him, and then they’d cuddled. At Dean’s volition. All. Night. Long. Dean, who didn’t usually like cuddling. Who only ever did it when someone else initiated it.

What did that mean? Should he say something about it? What should he say?

Before he could even narrow himself down to a point however, Cas was coming back out, blue meeting wide, scared, shocked green before Dean was ready.

Cas paused, looking him up and down before speaking. “Good morning, Dean,” was all he said, Dean’s focus darting down to the dark wet spot on Cas’s gray shirt. Because, oh God, he’d drooled on him.

“Uh…” Dean felt that his voice hardly existed in that moment.

“It’s nearly eight-thirty,” Cas continued on easily. “If you’re awake, then we should go get breakfast. I’m hungry.” Because Cas was always hungry.

“Ah…” Dean blinked. “S-sure, I guess…”

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This Creepy Ghost Town In Illinois Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Once upon a time, Cairo, Illinois was one of the most popular towns in Illinois. They got things right by founding the town at a great location, right at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Great views abound, and it was easy to found industry. But that great location turned out to be its downfall. It suffered flooding as the result of the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. And industry really declined when river trading ceased to be a thing. Tensions flared, times changed, and it was eventually too much for this town to handle.

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“I played an attorney in A Time To Kill, with Sandra Bullock. We had a great time in Mississippi. I was her husband wherever she went because she’s so recognizable now. We went dancing and everyone would sort of gravitate toward her and she’d say ‘No, I can’t dance with you. My husband will get upset.’ Then they’d look at me and she’d go ‘Did you see Seven? Don’t fuck with him.’”  ~ Kevin Spacey, Premiere. April, 1996

On Ilvermorny

Let’s assume for a moment that Ilvermorny wasn’t created out of the assumption that magical society everywhere is basically the same as in the UK.

Then, first some notes about US history that are just as relevant to understanding its magical culture as its non-magical culture:

1. The US is a young country that grew very large in a fairly small period of time.
2. Other than the native populations, each with their own culture, there are also African and South American slaves, immigrants from all over Asia, and plenty of immigrants from places in Europe that aren’t England.
3. Different parts of the country got immigrants from different places, but immigrants generally stuck together. This is why there are ‘Chinatown’s and ‘Little Italy’s. The large number of Dutch people in Iowa, for example, is obvious in towns like Pella and the Amana Colonies and Ballard, Washington has an annual parade celebrating the Norwegian heritage of many of the people in the area.
4. Most of the land owned by the US once belonged to another Eurasian nation and we got it either through buying it (like the land along the Mississippi River and Alaska) or we got it through war (like California). Other states were sovereign for a time and requested to join the Union (Texas and, I believe, Hawaii). Texas actually got refused at first because Congress was trying to keep the balance between slave states and free states and even has a clause in their state constitution reserving the right to cecede from the Union.
5. The country is split into regions based on shared/similar culture: New England, Deep South, Mid-West, South-West, Pacific North-West (Hawaii and Alaska are kinda on their own). Visiting another region can be like going to a foreign nation. Certain parts of the country have some high-key disdain for other parts of the country. Like the UK, but bigger.
6. Also worth noting that foreign nations are in short supply around here. It’s mostly Canada and Mexico with the small Caribbean nations. The US does have an agreement with Costa Rica. (It’s a suzerain-vassal treaty, but that’s not super relevant right now.)

So how does that affect Ilvermorny?

Here’s the thing, Ilvermorny is a pretty British name. It’s very common for things to be given names in the local languages, however bastardized (Mississippi means ‘great river’). So I’m guessing what happened is that Ilvermorny was founded shortly after the Statute of Secrecy when it was still colonies. Fast forward three centuries and it’s the fancy, expensive school in the old European style and the one known internationally, a bit like the Ivy League.

And like the Ivy League, there are other schools across the nation that are at least as good if not better in their specialty area.

In California there’s a school that teaches muggle subjects alongside magic, their calculus students are revolutionizing arithmancy. In Seattle the school robotics club made a computer that runs windows and uses magic instead of electricity. In Louisiana it’s common practice to have a necromancer working with law enforcement so spirits of the dead can testify in court. They teach that right alongside voodoo.

That’s how I see magic schools in the US.

hannaharies  asked:

What is the white stripe in the map? Is it a part of Norta/the Lakelands or does it belong to no one?

It’s the Disputed Lands, mostly surrounding the former Mississippi/Great River. Kind of a land unto itself, and Piedmont, the Lakelands, Prairie, and Tiraxes regularly squabble over the territory.


So this is absolutely amazing to me!!! I am just so excited to have what I think is a pretty good blog in a fandom full of such amazing, creative, and wonderful people!! I am so grateful to be apart of this community, you have no idea how much each and every one of you mean to me. Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic 5 years, I am beyond excited to share the rest of this wild ride with all of you!!! 

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Stark Mansion, 1891 by Black.Doll
Via Flickr:
The Stark Home, a two story Eastlake mansion, and the adjoining carriage house are located at 1401 Georgia Street in Louisiana, Missouri. Built in 1891,these buildings remain substantially unaltered from their use as the Stark family residence between 1915-1936.In this period prominent Missouri politician Lloyd Stark began a career that would establish him as a leading state figure. He and his family left their own marks on the house, adding a porch and various interior features. The fine craftsmanship of the Kuna family of Louisiana is evident in the Eastlake-style wood detailing and interior; the beautifully landscaped yard drew on the Stark family’s association withcommercial horticulture.