great misdirect

“He’s making a funny face.” John Watson is definitely in danger.

I think Sherlock looking at the ‘Miss Me’ note at the end of The Lying Detective will be revealed to be some great audience misdirection: because we are switching between the scenes between John & Eurus and Sherlock on his own, we link them together. Of course we do, it’s only logical- Sherlock is reading this ‘Miss Me’ note and, like John, the puzzle pieces are slotting in place…

Except, that’s an assumption on our part. What if that isn’t what Sherlock is thinking- or at least, only partly? We don’t get to see the entire realisation scene with Sherlock, we just jump straight back to John being shot– what if this is Sherlock realising John is in danger, just like The Blind Banker? He’s about to run off and save him.

Endless thanks to @marcespot‘s Garridebs video for making this click for me. <3


After seeing Bewteen the Buried and Me for the second time, I have now completed my signed discography of theirs! (Most of these (all but 3) have multiple LPs, I just didn’t feel like taking both out for them all)

Andreil superhero!AU

Imagine this:

  • Andrew as a superhero. Specifically, the most unreliable, apathetic, shittiest-at-his-job, why-are-you-even-doing-this superhero
  • he’s part of the superhero team The Foxes, who of course have a base called Fox Tower (imagine Stark Tower with a big fox paw sign. Allison and Kevin are still loaded)
  • anyway. The team could literally go “help us Andrew! The villains are attacking!!”
  • cut to Andrew, relaxing on the sidelines as he smokes. “And I care why”
  • “Well - we’ll die”
  • “Excellent more free space in the dining hall”
  • basically every episode of this hypothetical situation is Andrew being an apathetic anti-hero, until at the very last moment he decides to help with the sourest attitude possible
  • “look how stupid you are. You could have avoided this you know. You’re too much effort”
  • enter Neil: the human sidekick who nobody thought could amount to anything
  • instead not only is he hypercompetent, great at misdirecting authorities when needed, and not bad at all in a crisis situation (read: great at lying&a very good shot with a gun) + he picks up engineering (with Allison and Kevin) pretty quick thanks to his mathematical sciences degree
  • he makes Andrew do things
  • that is literally the only thing The Foxes are in awe of
  • he asks Andrew to do things and HE DOES
  • what is this sorcery they ask
  • wtf is going on the general population asks
  • Neil’s got The PowerTM
  • people are more scared of Neil than Andrew eventually
  • “but Neil is just human”
  • “yes - and he makes ANDREW do what he wants. That’s terrifying"
  • so all these wild rumors start spreading like: Neil is actually A Villain Infiltrator and he obviously has mind control powers he’s using on Andrew
  • Neil’s reputation isn’t helped by the fact that he’s still kind of a dick for trauma-related reasons and scenes like these have been witnessed:
  • *somebody dies violently before Neil*
  • Neil shrugs and goes “he was a dick anyway”
  • since the rumor is spreading, everybody thinks Neil really has mind control, so everybody thinks it works and it DOES. It becomes a weird placebo effect
  • Neil talks somebody into doing something they didn’t want to do
  • walks off
  • person just stands there and then
  • “shit he just DID THE THING ON ME
  • Andrew is both amused and irritated by the whole situation, because he knows it’s not true and he can deny Neil has any control over him, but the truth is he still falls for Neil’s “asking” and trading-truths games every time
  • imagine supervillain Riko being baffled by Neil’s complete lack of fear in his presence
  • Neil: “What do I have to be afraid Riko? Didn’t you hear, I have mind control” ←- totally bluffing
  • “Look, Riko, you might have the ability to move things with your mind, but that’s because you have all the personality of a wet piece of cardboard and defying the laws of the universe is the only way anything would ever want to do something for you”
  • Riko: “but… but I’m psychic”
  • Neil: “Oh I’ll KICK you somewhere allright”
  • and of course
  • Andrew’s power is a very good&fast healing factor, like he heals from anything, and so he never sees the big deal in all the pain he suffers and the things he’s been through. “What’s the big deal in five minutes it’ll be like it never happened”
  • and Neil is just
  • so devasted
  • and since he’s Neil, he’d go out of his way to protect Andrew. Like, Andrew’s about to be hurt??? Neil will take it for him
  • Andrew is furious every time
  • and Neil stands by the fact that just because he heals it doesn’t make it okay
  • Andrew is so mad
  • and Neil just looks him in the eye and goes “Yeah, that’s how I feel when it happens to you, you moron”


moonliel  asked:

"Hope I’m doing this right. But can you list GoM + Kagami + Momoi’s greatest talents outside of basketball? Like, what are they better than anyone else at that isn’t basketball?" Thank you!

reference: Character Bibles

Akashi Seijuro: Naturally, Akashi is good at a lot of things–chess, piano, violin, riding, and the list could go on for ages. But he has an affinity for Shogi that is unparalleled to most. The strategy and thinking required is right up Akashi’s alley.

Aomine Daiki: looking at Mai-chan With the same hands that throw basketballs, he’s surprisingly good at catching small animals such as crayfish and cicadas. His hands know how to handle them well, but he learned to be careful with his talent–he once put a frog on Momoi’s head and made her cry.

Kagami Taiga: stuffing a burger down his throat in 10 seconds He’s a natural at walking on his hands. Even though he’s quite large, his sense of balance is acute enough to let him balance on his palms.

Kise Ryouta: He is obviously good at modeling because he’s become well-known through his stints for Zunon Boy. But his favorite pastime is to sing karaoke. It is unknown if he uses his copy abilities to excel at his hobby though.

Kuroko Tetsuya: drinking milkshakes Kuroko is good at a large range of things. Not only is eye good at human observation, reading, and basic handicrafts, he considers his specialty to be simple magic tricks. His naturally low presence and his ability to use misdirection is great at tricking the human eye, and that applies on the court and with a pack of cards.

Midorima Shintarou: Surprisingly, Midorima is good at the same things Akashi is good at: chess, shogi, and piano. His fingers are dexterous and skilled, helping him with his piano; he’s intelligent, allowing him to analyze while playing chess or shogi. But it’s a well-known fact that he’s never won against Akashi. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Not that it comes as much of a shock, but his favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating, and visiting candy stores. No one can beat him in eating sweets and snacks, not that anyone has ever tried.

Momoi Satsuki: Her talent is a little unexpected, especially because she’s depicted as someone who is exceptional at analysis. Her best skill is tying cherry stems with her tongue. (Obviously the Seirin players find that extremely attractive.)