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5,000-pound The "Great Manta" Captured By Capt A.L Kahn On August 26, 1933.

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A GIANT Manta Devil Fish became entangled in the anchor and anchor rope of Captain A. L. Kahn’s fishing boat while he was angling just off the shore of New Jersey, almost capsizing the heavy boat.

A Coast Guard vessel came to the rescue, and killed the 5,000-pound monster Manta Birostris with 22 shots from a high-powered rifle. The sail-like fish has been mounted and placed on exhibition by Captain Kahn.

An 18-inch baby Manta was born shortly after the mother fish was dragged ashore.

These huge ray fish are seldom seen, since they live in the deepest parts of the sea.

Captain A.L. Kahn posing with his fresh catch, the Great Manta, 1933. The huge ray was reported to have weighed over 5,000 pounds and measured more than 20 feet across the wing. The critter was caught when it became fouled in the anchor line of the “MISS PENSACOLA II” and was unable to free itself. 

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the signs as sea creatures

Aries: Great White Shark

Taurus: Sea Turtle

Gemini: Dolphin

Cancer: Seahorse

Leo: Manta Ray

Virgo: Octopus

Libra: Beluga Whale

Scorpio: Orca

Sagittarius: Starfish

Capricorn: Jellyfish

Aquarius: Hammerhead Shark

Pisces: Sperm Whale

You know what this blog needs? More Manta Rays!

I was wondering the other day what the reproduction and life cycle was of the manta, and then I watched a great documentary called “Project Manta”. Basically it is about identifying individuals to see how far the travel to better protect them if they are migrating between manta fisheries (Yes, in Southeast Asia there is a fishery for Manta Ray Gills, another Chinese medicine with no scientific backing). That aside, the documentary filmed some amazing feeding and breeding events around the world.

If you love Mantas, try to find it and check it out!