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Yatori: canon or fanservice?

Lately, I was thinking about a really interesting thing a lot of people said. Did you ever notice that the male protagonist, in almost every show (movie, anime or cartoon) always has a deep connection with the female protagonist/another important girl, but never ends up with her? -Naruto loved Sakura and then married Hinata -Finn loved Bubblegum and then dated Flame Princess -Goku ended up with Chichi instead of Bulma -Harry was originally going to be with Hermione and then married Ginny, while Hermione ended up with Ron The fact is, especially in a TRIO, a relationship may destroy it, unless if the main character is left behind (like in Harry Potter and Naruto’s case). If Yatori became a thing, Yukine would be left behind. Even if there are a lot of chance that they’ll become canon I highly doubt it will happen, it would be cooler if Yato got bitch friendzoned by Hiyori (or maybe we should cut off this part?) and just date another girl. But who? 1) Bishamon Pro: love-hate thing, a lot of people in the manga ships them, Yato saved Bisha’s life three times Cons: Kazubisha is already a great ship 2) Kofuku Pro: great complicity, interactions, they’re hella cute, Kofuku is “Yato’s girlfriend” Cons: Daikoku?? Maybe he isn’t a fiance like Kazuma is for Bisha, but it’s still a thing 3) I exclude Nora ‘cause ya’ll understand 4) Amaterasu It may sound trash at first, but listen: we still don’t know her very well, but if the Tsukuyomi theory is true and she’s the kind of misteriois loli who likes to provocate you it’s a thing. Pro: she saved him when he was in the Yomi, possibility of the Tsukuyomi theory, the rest depends on what kind of type she is Cons: she’s the queen of heaven and he’s (maybe?) just a minor god, we still don’t know her very well 5) He dates a man Sorry for the errors but I’m too lazy to check the post, feel free to add more possible girls for Yato, tell me if you ship Yatori or not and what do you think about it. Bye

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Halloween comes around and Enjolras shows up in a full-on Captain America costume that has been modified to Capitaine France, complete with a Tricolor shield, because he is a fucking nerd. Grantaire never lets him live it down and really didn’t need to see Enjolras in all that skin-tight leather. Anytime Enjolras pokes fun at anyone, Grantaire comments, “This coming from someone who wore a Capitaine France costume to a meeting.” 

In religious matters, the modern world believes in indifference. Very simply, this means that it has no great loves and no great hates; no causes worth living for and no causes worth dying for.
It counts its virtues by the vices from which it abstains, asks that religion be easy and pleasant, sneers the term “mystic” at those who are spiritually inclined, dislikes enthusiasm and loves benevolence, makes elegance the test of virtue and hygiene the test of morality, believes that one may be too religious but never too refined. It holds that no one ever loses his soul, except for some great and foul crime such as murder.
—  Archbishop Fulton Sheen