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Micheal Jung & Sportsmann S 

Pulled up after it all started to go wrong, this is how you manage a no-win scenario in the arena. I stopped recording but he walked Sportsmann out on a loose rein, everything relaxed and praising him for taking the last jump well. 

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Mama garnet would be so proud of stevonnie for taking back their power from kevin

Me: Aw, Offmon’s so adorable and shy all the time please protect him

Also me: No, seriously, somebody pick this guy up and give him a hug right now, he needs it

Me again: For crying out loud somebody comfort my self-destructive son with crippling self-esteem issues before it gets any worse

Am sitting in the dark on my big sister’s leather couch in Savannah like a creeper, but I’m awake extra early and just don’t want to put a light on that disturbs anyone. So I guess I’ll collect my various thoughts, none of which are all that interesting– mostly, airline travel, elderly dogs, and the foibles of children. The almost-5-year-old niece, who was quite standoffish last time she saw me (understandably, I seldom see her) has decided I am The Best, and over the course of yesterday extended this to my dude, who in the last five or six years has gone from mildly distressed by small children to pretty used to them. Which is good, because last night she decided he was For Climbing, and her favorite thing is to climb into his lap and then press her nose to his nose, which is disconcerting if you’re used to adult personal space concepts. (I don’t usually do things like that to him, so – but he’s been quite amused and graceful about it, which, I mean, you have to be somewhat, but I’ve been substituting my cheek for my nose because I don’t want her to mash my glasses into my eyeballs, for example.)

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Hillary's relationship w/ her dad is very interesting. She talks about her mom a lot & has a mountain of nice things to say about her, but w/ her dad it's more like "... he was there too." Hugh seemed harsh, even by 50s standards. The Bernstein bio in particular describes his abusive nature. But Bernstein also talks about it as an example of her being deceptive, b/c she tends to allude to a happy Father Knows Best-ish childhood. I think that's unfair & misunderstands the impact of abuse. 1/2

True, it could be used against her for political purposes (I’ve seen right wing hit jobs use it to paint her as violent & abusive herself). But more importantly, a lot of abused kids have trouble seeing their treatment in that light. They can’t or won’t acknowledge it for millions of reasons & it sure isn’t b/c they’re ~secretive liars~. For Hillary, it was probably compounded by the fact that her mom suffered some really hideous abuse, & Hugh’s treatment seemed so minimal in comparison. 2/2


The thing is when you are little you don’t understand why you get hit and how it is for your own good. It just doesn’t make sense to you when the very same person who tells you to do the right thing and be good to others inflicts pain upon you. It completely goes against what you had heard from them earlier. Your innate sense of right and wrong prompts you to doubt whether they really love you if they physically hurt the people they are supposed to love the most in their lives.  You are left utterly confused. But then you are told that “I got it worse when I was a child” or “you are spoiled rotten in comparison to how I was treated as a child”. You very well know that the message that is conveyed is is “don’t complain, we could treat you worse if we wanted, so be grateful for what you have” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and these are just a few spanks so you would remember not to do that again”. It makes you shut your mouth and lower your head and take it. Good! Mission accomplished. You are a good and obedient child. 

Then, the time passes by, you get older and you realize that it is possible to end up “well rounded” and “good” without being beaten, and you start to really question how the violence was really “necessary” and how it was “for your own good” while the same effect could be accomplished by using different methods of disciplining (you still cringe when you hear that word). 

So you make a pledge to yourself that you will know better and you will prove to them and to yourself, that it is possible to raise a child without all this abusive crap. You try to move on and forget about the abuse or so it seems to you that you do, but every now and then, you pause and start thinking why one day they stopped to raise their hand against you. Is it because you are older and suddenly it feels embarrassing to hit a 17 year old daughter, even when they think she deserves it? Or maybe now, when you are older, you are more of a human being and it obliges them to control themselves more? But does it really? So they suddenly respect you more because of your age? Are they at that point when they think that they did their part and now when you are a well rounded human being there is no need to hit you anymore?

And so you start to come up with hundreds of different answers to these questions to excuse their behavior: human nature, the fact that yes, they had it worse when they were children and they don’t know any better, they’ve had stressful jobs and they don’t know how to process emotions because they are your parents and you just can’t bring yourself to hate them.

Still, at the back of your mind lingers the belief that violence is violence and there’s no justification for using it against others to get what you want. But then maybe it doesn’t matter anymore -  you are older now, you moved on and besides, you promised yourself that you would do better than that and you would never lose control in that way, so you hold onto that thought and try not to think about the violence anymore. You could have been more screwed up by this, but you turned out fine, didn’t you? Life is fleeting and fragile and you try to focus on the good stuff they gave you because no matter what, they are your parents.

So they succeeded. You respect them and you are grateful for what they have given you. You are not some spoiled little brat - you are a well rounded human being equipped with a clear sense of right and wrong. No matter that it was shaped by giving you the set of bad parenting techniques and a list of “don’ts of parenting” and a little bit of abuse thrown in for a good measure into the mix. It is the outcome that counts -  and they did what they could. Realizing that does not fill the void in your heart, it does not erase the feeling of disappointment, neither does it help with your self-esteem. But at least you know that what doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you, but it can also humiliate you and scar you for life. And what a great life lesson it is! 

tl dr; Hitting your kids is wrong. It messes up with their sense of self-worth and screws them up in general. Period. 


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1) Here's the thing: Allura's narrative as a traumatized black-coded girl makes it understandable that she'd react that way to someone she's close to being one of the same species that is literally currently oppressing/enslaving the universe and killed her family. Keith hasn't done any of that personally - but he's still a part of that group. He's still Galra. That Very Important Lesson is great for kids who are learning to let go of their prejudices, but

2) for other kids? Little black kids who are right now being told “You have to let go of your mistrust of people who are in the same group of those who have power over you” is a pretty crappy lesson.

I wonder how you can live with yourself as you write this.

We have to remember that while Allura does appear black, and sci-fi is in great position to use race as an allegory, alien race relations are nothing like Earth or American race relations. 

At the same time, you’re taking a black/white approach to the whole situation, no pun intended, when we’ve also discovered there’s shades of grey in the whole thing. Remember, the witch Hagar is Altean, and that’s already shattered Allura’s worldview. Allura’s still a teenager, and acts like one. Her hatred towards the Galra is understandable and explainable, but it’s not excusable. It also holds no water when we consider the Blade of Marmora.

And we can argue all day long about how forgiveness is weakness, etc. I’m on the side that forgiving someone who has nothing to do with your oppression makes you a better person. And she fucking admitted it. She’s not letting go of her hate of Zarkon. She’s letting go of her hatred of Keith.

The lesson is, hatred is easy. Forgiveness is harder. She could have let the hatred consume her and she would have become no better than the very people she hates. It would do nothing but continue the cycle of hatred and violence. She could have become worse than Zarkon if she let her hatred consume her, given her powers.

And we also know that this is earth-shattering for Keith. Put yourself in his shoes. Everything he’s ever known is falling apart around him, just like Allura. It’s like when Luke Skywalker learned Darth Vader was his father. He could have let his hatred of Vader consume him, but he recognized it was better to help Anakin redeem himself. And he succeeded. 

In terms of forgiveness, I refer to this line from a Boston Globe article about forgiveness, written after dylann roof’s rampage:

Forgiveness is not weakness. It is not passivity or masochistic. It is strength and grace. It is an armor that grants the forgiver a humanity the assailant will never have, a soulful triumph over cruelty. To be sure, forgiving is not tantamount to forgetting. You can forgive the person and still condemn their acts; it simply allows space for life to go on.

I wonder how you can be so opposed to racism, but justify it. Seriously, how do you live with yourself?

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I want there to be an educational and fun kids show where stethy and his medical instrument friends teach kids not to be afraid of going to the doctors and how shots make people immune to illnesses and just general medicine related things

Right?! Stethy is such a cute girl, and I’ll bet with the help of Dr. Cutty the anthropomorphic scalpel, Sally Syringe, and the rest of the Hospital Helpers, she could teach kids some great lessons about their health and the doctor’s office!

I love this headcanon. I’m going to make a plushie out of it and snuggle it at night.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Some nsfw Lamilla headcanons for your consideration~
  • Lardo’s a great dancer. Like, she probably went for ballet lessons as a kid as an extracurricular. Still knows how to fall gracefully, which just adds to her Chill Factor™. 
    • Basically, ballet is equal to flexibility. Flexibility is usually equal to great sex, and a tennis player’s strength plus a ballerina’s flexibility… whooo boy.
  • Camilla has great boobs. She’s a D cup at the very least, and Lardo is obsessed with her boobs. It started slowly, though. Cam would catch Lardo staring at her boobs, or maybe there was a moaning incident when there was cleavage. But then it became obvious. Lardo would focus on Camilla’s boobs, and spend forever licking and kissing them.
    • Once, Camilla wore a V neck top, and Lardo had to drag her into the other room and proceed to make out with her for a good fifteen minutes. So then if Cam starts wearing lowercut tops, well… 
  • Camilla is obsessed with Lardo’s hair. She likes to run her fingers through it, put butterfly clips on it when Lardo’s studying, braid it, the list is endless. And when Lardo had the undercut? Fuck, Camilla went crazy. She has short nails thanks to tennis, so she scratches at the scalp, mouthing it and overall just rubbing her face on it.
    • And the longer hair? She grabs it. Pulls it, and tugs it, and it’s a good thing that Lardo loves it because Camilla has literally made love to her hair once.
  • Camilla has a pull up bar in her doorway, and the first time Lardo notices it was in her post coital haze, where she was just letting her eyes float lazily around the room and spotted it.
    • Camilla was staring at her, and Lardo suddenly sat up and she’s like, “…is that a pull-up bar?”
    • camilla’s like, “yeah? how else do you think I got these bomb ass arms?”
    • and Lardo knows cam’s strong, but she isn’t convinced that camilla can actually do it, and that somehow shows on her face so Camilla just puts on her sweatpants, doesn’t bother with a shirt, and literally half naked, she starts doing pull ups.
  • Based on my post here, Lardo has nipple piercings, and once when Lardo and Camilla are making out, Cam’s hands slip under Lardo’s shirt, and to her boobs, and she feels the small metal there, she freezes because all of a sudden, she’s soaked.
    • Boom, kink-discovery!!!

    ((more under the cut!!))

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I Want a Buddy-Cop Show Called “Hopps and Wilde“ and I Want it NOW.

Originally posted by thebronyphilospher

(A more detailed and spoilery review/reaction is under the cut)

     Holy smokes was this a great film, and not just by Disney standards- it works on so many different levels! Here we have a children’s film that tackles issues like diversity, racial prejudice, and childhood bullying in a way that’s not too heavy-handed and easy for the target audience to comprehend, while also giving these kids that watch “Zootopia” a real message about trying your hardest, even if the world is a not so nice or even scary place most of the time. Couple all this with some of the best animation of animal characters I’ve ever seen, as well as a cast of people who don’t overshadow the film with their “stardom,” and you got yourself one of the best films of the year so far. In short, go and see “Zootopia.” You will not regret it at all.

“Zootopia” gets a 9/10

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This a comic that has been stewing in my head for about five years now.  It is a bit of a transition from even Futa fair.  sHe isn’t a boy.  sHe is not even that much of a girl.  It is a fantasy/screw with your mind sort of fictional creature that is a bit of both or ALL of both.  Don’t feel strange because sHe has what appears to be a penis.  This is not really a penis but a sHe sex organ that is sort of in between.  sHe has nipples like a girl but a chest like a boy.  A bum like a girl too.

Does she like girls or boys?  Can she get pregnant?  Is she a top or a bottom?  There’s a lot of strangeness coming as sHe comes of age and discovers her body.

Yes… I imagine this to have plenty of sex, violence, young girls, incest, pregnancy (oops… SPOILER!) and other typical Sinope fair and it could be an opportunity for me to really experiment with the bizarre.

Also, there should be great life lessons for the kids (er… no… NOT FOR KIDS).  Love yourself and you will realize that its your differences that make you special.

Welcome to Lauren’s Wurld!!!

The Walking Dead Characters Sorted into Hogwarts Houses

In honour of the incredibly long TWD hiatus, we will be posting TWD related posts every Sunday. This week, we have chosen to sort the characters into Hogwarts Houses. Enjoy, and follow us for weekly TWD posts.


“You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart”
— The Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone   Rick Grimes

Despite what says, our main dude definitely possess every quality for Gryffindor. He is brave, courageous, and chivalrous. Though one may argue that he is going down a dark path due to recent events, which will be very interesting to watch next season. However, he will pick himself up and get his shit together because he is Rick Grimes.  Daryl Dixon

This redneck might look tough on the outside, but on the inside he is a brave and courageous guy who would go great lengths to protect the people he loves. Maybe failing to do so sometimes (like, I don’t know, Beth Greene), but he is always brave and daring.

Glenn Rhee

With his quick brain and sharp skills, Glenn is a good candidate for Ravenclaw. However, his bravery knows no bounds. Always willing to be the hero, going on runs, protecting his friends and even being lowered into a zombie-infested well, we can conclude that Glenn is fucking courageous.


Our favourite katana wielding samurai represents everything a lion does. She is so brave and an absolute badass. She stays true to her morals and saves everyone’s ass a million times. I honestly think Michonne (MichOWN) is the epitome of Gryffindor.  
Carl Grimes

Much like his father, Carl has every quality a proper Gryffindor possess. He is brave and chivalrous. He might have a streak of Slytherin in him, shooting that kid in from Woodbury, but in the end he stays true to his moral goodness and tries to save that poor glasses guy in the finale, AND he stayed in the house. 


“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil.”
— The Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Beth Greene

Beth has all of the characteristics of a hufflepuff: kind, caring and incredibly loyal. She has a gentle nature as she is shown often taking care of Judith, back in the prison She showed optimism after the death of her father and the destruction of the prison, and was even able to bring hope to Daryl. Wherever the hell she is now, I’m sure she is still giving the middle finger to the fucked up, walker ridden world.

He was loyal to the very end. He wanted to go back for Merle even after Merle tried to kill him.  T-Dog was a man who would die nine times over protecting his group. Ironically, that’s exactly what he ended up doing. Him throwing himself into the herd of zombies to protect Carol was the first indicator season 3 would not be a fun ride.


He was one of the only characters who kept his decency after the world went to shit. His compassion showed when he risked his life for Andrea, saying if she wouldn’t evacuate the exploding CDC, neither would he. After that, he, adorably, wouldn’t let a slightly suicidal Andrea be near a gun. He pleaded with the group to spare Randal’s life, and he ended up dying in that episode instead. A great life lesson right there, don’t stand up for your morals kids, or you’ll be next to die.

“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.”
— The Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Herschel Greene

Of course Herschel is a ravenclaw, he’s a freaking doctor. But it’s more than that. He is the wise owl, the mentor, the confidante and the peacekeeper. He uses his knowledge of the world to guide the prison group and he would have made an excellent ravenclaw. In short, he was everything to the group. That is, until he wasn’t. But even in the final seconds before his death, his eyes showed wisdom and pride. And them the governor beheaded him. That dick. Maggie Greene

A suprising choice for Maggie perhaps, but after all, she is Hershel’s daughter. One wise thing Maggie did was find a partner in this messed up world. From the very beginning, she took a liking to Glenn, and the rest was history. Because the smart know that through times like this, you can’t go it alone. Plus, she used the walkers’ blood to leave messages for Glenn telling him to go to Terminus. How genius is that? You might be wondering, why so many Gryffindor and so few Ranvenclaw? Well it’s a zombie apocalypse for fuck’s sake and oftentimes, extreme wit is not going to stab a walker in the head. Being brave is not optional anymore. Slytherin

"Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.”
— The Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  Carol Peletier

  Of course she’s a Slytherin. This woman is ambitious and would do anything, no matter how dark the deed is, to save everyone. She doesn’t believe in morals in the apocalypse, and is intent on just surviving, even teaching young kids to wield a knife and be tough. Now these kids aren’t gonna grow up to be adorable pooky-bears, are they? Shane Walsh 

Oh, Shane. Shane fricken Walsh. This guy would do anything, anything, even attempt to murder his best friend just because he wanted to be with the woman he was in love with (great choice, by the way). He would go to great lengths to get what he wants and fulfill his dreams. We saw him kill Otis, a completely innocent man, to save Carl. And we also saw his attempted murder at Rick. Now, that’s Slytherin. The Governor

Mr. Phillip Blake, one-eyed. Imagine how this guy would look like standing next to Snape. Both have some similar traits too. Being hurt from past life events and hurting others out of anger and a bit of a psycho problem. Our favourite pirate is determined to achieve anything, taking over the prison and getting his sweet revenge. The governor is cunning and sly, being able to convince a whole group of people to take over a prison for him, very Slytherin, I think Draco could learn a thing or two from him.   Agree with our choices? Reblog and tell us what you think. And follow for more TWD posts :)

Headcanon: Sometimes bats (of the rodent variety) get injured during training. Bruce made up a rule that any injured bat will be nursed back to health by the guilty party. Alfred thought it was a great lesson on responsibility until he realised Bruce just wanted his kids to have more first aid training. They keep a tally of injured/killed bats.

Dick : 23 (has a tendency to do acrobatics in weird corners of the cave and can be quite careless when he’s not on the job, you’d think he’d learn)

Steph : 8 

Bruce : 5

Cass : 5

Tim : 3

Damian : 3 (from before he realised animals were better than people - 0 since then)

Jason : 1 (he’s never in the cave and the count was started after his death)

Batcow : 1

Family, Love, and Apple Pie (Part 2)

Summary: A continuation of your family life with Dean, you stay behind at home while Dean and Mary go trick-or-treating, only to have the night be cut short.

Word Count: 1,463

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: For @abaddonwithyall​, hope you like it, my love! I’m also thinking of stretching this light-hearted series out to show Mary growing up, being a teenager, having her first boyfriend, etc.. Let me know what you all think!

Four years later on October 31 had you home alone, singing softly as you nursed your youngest son. You glanced down at him lovingly, forefinger stroking his cheek as he cooed, breathing hard through his nose between breaths. He wrapped his tiny fingers around you and squeezed. You rocked the chair back and forth, hoping he’d fall asleep soon.

Dean and Mary had left to go trick or treating almost two hours ago. Mary had recently turned four and she was finally at the age where Halloween was exciting and she could choose her own costumes. This year, she went with Batman. Dean went shopping with her and you laughed for a few minutes as Mary proudly showed the costumes she had made her dad buy. Batman for her and Robin for Dean.

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