great legends


So here are all four of my lok villains fan art, where I decided to play musical chairs with each of the villains themes and motivations. In retrospect maybe I should have made zaheer the equalist and unalaq the great uniter. But whatever the drawings are good and red lotus amon and dark kuvira are cool.  

Jinora is my hero. 


This came out of a Legend of Korra sketchdump I had been doing. Before I knew it, she was finished. (But she’s too small to make prints of, because I didn’t think to resize the sketch first. Sigh.)

#482. How the HW girls deal with sexual harassment.

Cia: Goes full Palpatine, shooting lightning at them with her fingertips and cackling (When these situations occur, Lana plays the role of Darth Vader and carries her other half away before anyone dies)

Fi: Responds to groping with kicks, responds to cat-calls with a flat “No.”

The Great Fairy: Drowns them

Impa: A deathglare that proves to be very effective

Lana: Conjures a time-out box around the harasser(s)

Linkle: The sexual connotations usually go over her head, so she just obliviously thanks them for the compliments. When she gets it, though, she sics cuccos on them in embarassment

Midna: When harassed in imp form, she calls her harassers sick fucks and screams at them until they run away. In her true form, she cockily struts away from cat-callers, and slaps gropers with her hair.

Ruto: “Excuse you, but I am royalty and I demand to be treated as such! Now you rephrase those compliments to be more respectful!”

Zelda: She will claim to be with her girlfriend. When Impa is there, she’s eager to link arms with the princess and shoot the offending party a smug grin. With the rest of the female Warriors, they’re happy to play along, and have varying responses when Zelda wants to continue acting like a couple after the assholes are gone.