great lakes burning river

Review: Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale

By Niko I (FF)

Alright so I actually tried this beer a few days ago, but finally found some free time waiting in hunger for the Taste of Madison food festival to begin. We’ve already reviewed a few brews from the Cleveland Ohio based Great Lakes Brewery, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that these guys love their malt. It seems like every Great Lakes beer I try has tons of warm, delicious malt, regardless of the style. Now such consistency from beer to beer could get boring, but thankfully the malt is unique to each brew, and always serves to compliment, and add depth, not overpower. 

So on to their pale ale, which for once isn’t really their “flagship” beer (Dortmunder Gold Lager probably is). The aroma is hops and fruit, spice and malt. The mouthful is full and moderately creamy for an ale: malt, biscuit, hops, spice, cranberry, grapefruit. It doesn’t wow me at first, but the more I sipped this one the more I enjoyed it. Regardless, this is another solid brew from the people at Great Lakes. 

Niko I (FF) Score = 8.75/10