great kilt


This showed up in my feed. From the US magazine Slate, so I’m going to assume that the bride-to-be is American.

Umm, why wouldn’t you want your husband to wear a kilt to your wedding? I don’t care if he’s only Scottish through a long-distant relative, or if he’s never been to the country in his life, this is what he wants to wear. I’m glad that this article has a reasonable response.

Kilts are amazing! Kilts are great!

Tag Game

I was tagged by the Warrior Queen @kittenofdoomage to name my 5 male celebrity crushes. So here they are, in no particular order.

1. Jared Padalecki-Because well, obvi

2. Tom Ellis- Love his accent, and his cheeky smirk

3. Sam Heughan- again, the accent, and those cheekbones! Plus he looks great in a kilt!

4. Kit Harrington- Gotta love a guy with great hair and soulful eyes

5. Sebastian Stan- He is just plain yummy. Period. End of story.

6. I’m adding an extra one since Jared doesn’t really count because anyone who knows me knows he’s my #1 crush!

Matt Bomer- Black haired, blue-eyed perfection.  Texas sure makes ‘em pretty!

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“Ugh, the winter dance, are you really thinking about that? You don’t even go to a school,” Skye laughed, running her hands through the late blooming flowers by her waist. Felix pouted and stopped on their short tour around the campsite and turned to face her.

“I can’t imagine you in formal clothes,” she continued, reaching up to poke his chest where a tie would be. “Would you rent a kilt just for the occasion?” Skye teased.

“I’d look great in a kilt!” Felix argued, reaching up to try to smooth his hair down in an attempt to make it look more dance appropriate, but of course it sprang back up in its usual defying-gravity manner. “Anyway, it’s a big thing right? Aren’t you thinking of going?”

“Ugh, so I can watch the inane popular kids pose and make small talk about the Kardashians?”

“Isn’t Summer going?”

“Nah, it’s neither of our things. Well, it would totally be Summer’s but the one person she wants as a date would never ask, so.” Skye shrugged. “Anyway, were you hoping to be my date just so you could experience the joys of a school ceilidh?”


Details from my Argyll Militia uniform, 1746, including the “great kilt” or féileadh-mór. The tartan is the “government sett,” used by highlanders loyal to the British government, most famously the Black Watch. It bears many similarities to the tartans of Clan Campbell, who generally made up the largest contingent of loyalist highlander military units during the Jacobite era.

Soldiers of the Highland Brigade assaulting Egyptian trenches at Tel-el Kebir during the 1882 war with Egypt.

Illustration by Peter Dennis.