great job on the everything gabe a

“My life consists out of bad puns and candy.”

w.A/N: So i thought I take part in the Gabriel-Monthly Challenged to push myself a bit and here we go. Have fun reading and all.;)

Summary: You come of from a research but your day didnt went that well. In the living room you find your boyfriend going through some Sciene-Fiction Magazine and you realize that once again he’s pull pranks on people.

Warnings: Bad Puns (very bad ones), smut, Gabriel being a the idiot he is.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 2414

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A Match Made In Heaven

Imagine dating Gabriel and when he dies, your brothers learn of his existence once again…but not telling you

Warnings: language, mentions of death

Word count: 1,415


   “They call me Gabriel,” those were the very first words he spoke to you, and when you heard them you were instantly hooked.

  Both of your brothers really didn’t like the fact that you and the archangel had a thing going on, neither did Cas, Crowley, Bobby-you know…let’s just say that everybody who knew you personally, wasn’t a fan.

   “You two mutton heads broke the world and you want me to save your ass!” this was his response to your brothers practically begging him to help. “I mean Y/N and I have broken a bed before but that was fixable!” your eyes grew wide while your cheeks turned red.

   “Excuse me?” oh shit, here we go. Dean had this God awful look on his face as he spoke. “You two did what?” you closed your eyes, wishing and praying that Gabe had not just said that.

   “Uh-yeah…funny story actually. He uh-decided a pillow fight would be a good idea and ended up breaking the bed trying to get away from each other,” neither of them looked like they believed you, even though it was the truth. “What? Did you two really think we broke a bed while having sex?”

   “I was hoping you hadn’t had sex period, but guess I don’t have to worry about that now,” a relieved look showed on Sam’s face.

   “Hey now, never said that wasn’t happening,” of course Gabe had to go and clarify. You face palmed at his words.

   “Okay! End of discussion! I’m leaving!” then it dawned on you, you couldn’t leave.

   “Good Luck with that sweetheart,” now you were just pure irritated, you adored Gabe but his sarcasm would piss you off some days. Today just happened to be one of those few days.

   “Well just go down there and talk to your pagan God friends and get them to let us leave since you’re so special,” Dean was trying his best to keep everything at a friendly level but not doing that great of a job.

   “If you three Win-Brats would stay put and try not to go all captain save a hoe, maybe I could,” he mainly looked at you, knowing you feared for his safety and would probably lead the ‘Scooby Gang’ as he said, down to help him. He walked over to you. “Don’t try and do anything stupid for once please,”

   “I’ll try my best. Just try not to piss them off too badlt and get yourself killed?” the two of you kissed, getting a puking sound from both of your brothers, who you only flipped off. Before you could open your eyes to look at Gabe he was gone.

   *Skip forward in time a little bit*

   Gabe had ended up inside the fake motel with Lucifer, which couldn’t end well. One of them wasn’t going to walk out of there. Sam and Dean had you on child lock in the back seat to stop you from getting out and running into the building to help him. But you couldn’t take it anymore.

   “I’m really sorry D,” it was probably best that you apologize ahead of time for what you were about to do.

   “For what?” without another word, you broke the back window, glass cutting your skin as you reached through and opened the door .“Dammit!”

   Quickly, you ran to the doors, that somehow managed to open up. You didn’t even question it. When the boys reached the doors, they were once again unable to be opened, or broken.

   “Come on Y/N! Don’t do this!” Dean had his hands on the glass doors, he looked as though he was on the verge of tears. Sam just look terrified for you.

   “You know I have to,” you placed your hand where his was, but on your side of the glass. “I love you guys,” honestly, you didn’t expect to walk back out of there.

   It seemed like forever for you to find your way to where Gabe and Lucifer were, trying to get passed all the blood and dead bodies around you. When you finally got to them, it was too late. Lucifer had an angel blade in his hand, stabbing it into Gabe.

  “No!” your safety wasn’t even a concern for you. Without a thought Lucifer set his brother down, leaving the blade sticking out of his vessel. He just looked at you, while a small tear leaving his eye. “Don’t leave me Gabe. I’ll kick your ass if you leave me here alone,” uncontrollable tears fell from your eyes as you held your weakened boyfriend in your arms.

   “Such a big threat coming from such a tiny human,” his smile was weak like his words.

   “Even death can’t stop you from being a sarcastic asshole,” you tried your best to laugh at him, his breathing became harder and harder. “It’s keeping you alive, isn’t it,” your hand was holding the blade, wanting to pull it out. But his hand was placed on top of yours, stopping you.

   “No, you can’t. My wings will be burned into your skin,” he had a point. “I need you to leave Y/N,”

   “No, that bullshit! I’m not leaving without you. You’re going to be okay. I-I’m going to find a way to help you,” as you spoke you began to shake, the thought of losing him was tearing you apart. Except it wasn’t a thought anymore, it was actually happening.

   Turning around, Lucifer was long gone. But your brothers were running into the room…pausing when they saw you holding Gabriel in your arms which were covered in his blood.

   “You want me to help you? Get her out of here, promise me you’ll keep her safe from anything and everything. I don’t want her near me when it happens,” Dean walked towards you while Gabe motioned for him to come closer.

   “No…no Dean don’t, please don’t take me away from him,” you could barley talk, but your brother made no effort to stop. Instead he picked you up while you screamed for him to stop as he walked away from Gabriel.

   A bright light took over the room, and he was gone…

   *years later*

  Gabe had been dead for years now, while his memory wasn’t like a fresh wound, it hurt almost everyday to think about him. As usual, you and your brothers had finished up a hunt and were packing up the items in the motel room to head back to the bunker. You were outside, setting your bags in the car. When you returned to the room, you stood outside, hearing your brothers mention Gabriel you stood there unnoticed and listened.

   “Did you try calling to see if he picked up?” Sam was asking Dean about somebody. It couldn’t be Gabe…could it?

   “I tried but he hasn’t answered. He’s not exactly happy with us,” Dean set your jacket on the bed all folded up nice and neat.

   “Yeah I know, ever since we told Gabe he couldn’t come near Y/N and put up those wardings,” that’s when you decided you’d had enough.

   “What the hell do you guys mean?” you busted through the doors, tears streaming down your face…filled with rage. Neither of them answered. “Is Gabriel alive?”

   “Y/N, you have to understand. We didn’t tell you for a reason,” Sam was trying to talk to you in his calm voice.

   “I don’t give a damn about your reasons! How long has he been back?” you stayed standing by the door, knowing you would more than likely harm them if you got too close.

   “A year,” Dean’s face showed no emotions as he spoke.

   “A fucking year? Who the hell are you guys to tell him he can’t see me? Or not tell me that he’s alive?” your right hand was balled up.

  “We’re your brothers, we love and care about you,” Sam didn’t even bother saying anything, so Dean just spoke.

   “Yeah well you can love and care about from a distance,” walking over to the bed, you grabbed your jacket. “loose my number while you’re at it. Family wouldn’t do this to each other,” all you saw was two broken hearted brothers from the corner of your eye as you slammed the door shut and left.

   You would always love them, but they had crossed a line that shouldn’t have even been drawn…and you didn’t know if you could ever truly forgive them for what they’d done.

anonymous asked:

Sorry for my scrublord question, but what is "The Empty?"

don’t worry anon, i’m ripped and ready to come at u!!!

The Empty is a void where souls can be placed rather than Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. It is said that once a being enters the Empty, it is impossible to resurrect them. It was mentioned by a reaper named Billie to Sam Winchester when she told him that he or his brother will be sent there when they die.

Anonymous said:

If all the angels are in the Empty which is a Walmart does that mean there’s angels who sit in the break room all day? Is Uriel the asshole cashier who’s so rude? Or do they actually have to work and be nice?

Continuing on from the last ask, do the Angels vitamin some selves and they’re like throwing stuff from the shelves at each other and then a customer walks and they have to drop everything and pretend to be nice and polite?

i think it’s an interesting tightrope walk between them hating that they have somehow been condemned to this awful place, but also every time they try to stop doing their “jobs” their bodies are forced to carry out their assigned tasks anyway. think hotel california

so everything they do is super forced

zachariah is a greeter btw

Anonymous said:

ok so gabriel working at walmart for fun is the absolute best


he just has a free pass to get in and out whenever he wants but he loves his job there and has an unnecessarily outlandish and great work performance

On the Line- Part 8

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1  , Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

Summary of Part 8: Dean fills you in on the real reason why Sam broke up with you.

Warning: none

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: So much smut in the next chapter!

Falling into bed, you glanced at your phone. One text from Donna, and that was it. With heavy lids, you responded quickly, then let the phone fall next to your pillow as you fell asleep almost instantly.

It had simultaneously been the best and worst two weeks of your life.

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