great job hiding it

Woops, someone skipped the ‘Camouflage’ chapter in the stick insect handbook! A colourful new species, Calvisia kneubuehleri, was discovered in South Vietnam by researchers Joachim Bresseel and Jérôme Constant from our Institute. While the nymphs of C. kneubuehleri do a great job at hiding, conforming to the “master of camouflage” reputation of the stick insects, the adult ones show flashy red, yellow and blue colours. It is not yet clear in what way this Picasso-like look is helping them to survive. Maybe the bright colours are warning predators that the insect is toxic, but this requires further investigation.

The species is named after Dr. Bruno Kneubühler (Lucerne, Switzerland), who designed an innovative method for breeding the species. Amongst other things, he managed to extend the incubation period by keeping the eggs at lower temperature for several months. This allowed the eggs to hatch in spring, when food plants were available again. As a citizen scientist, Bruno helped breeding the walking sticks in captivity, allowing a larger set of specimens to work on. He also documented the nymphs, so Joachim and Jérôme were able to describe those as well.

Oh, and by the way, our two taxonomists described the second largest insect in the world (a stick of course) in 2014.

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"Is your friend coming over today?"

Marinette froze in place with her plate of croissants and macarons. 

“What-” Marinette cleared her throat, “What friend?”

Sabine just gave Marinette an exasperated look and looked pointedly at the plate of desserts. 

And here she thought she was doing such a great job of hiding how much she was taking away from the bakery. 

‘Damn cat is always hungry,’ she mentally grumbled, “I’m just really hungry. These are all for me.”

“Of course they are sweetheart,” Her mother chuckled and moved back to removing the cookies from the oven, “Don’t forget to grab yourself something to drink. I think we have fresh milk. Cats love milk right?”

Marinette stuttered and tripped over herself trying to run up the stairs as far away from her mother as possible.

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Last (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1502

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

You and Peter Parker had been friends now for a very long time, eight years to be exact. In your eyes he was the perfect guy with his messy brown hair, cute dorky glasses and the adorable smile that appeared on his face whenever he saw you. Knowing he would only ever see you as his friend, you never attempted a relationship between you both. Never even told him your feelings, you didn’t want to lose him.

Peter was like a song that you could never ever get out of your head, on your mind everyday. There’s not been one day since you’ve met that you hadn’t thought about him at least once. Peter on the other hand, he had no problem not thinking about you romantically, well, that’s what you assumed anyway. He’s always going after girl after girl, from Mary Jane to Gwen to Liz. You knew you could never compete with those girls, all of them being smart, gorgeous and kind, well, maybe only Gwen on the kind part. 

But you knew you could never be what he wanted, you were the complete opposite of his type. You weren’t the smartest kid, you were just average with no talent to offer. The hair on your head didn’t look gorgeous everyday like the other girls, yours was always frizzy and often full of knots, you try to make it look nice but you’re far too lazy to spend time on your hair every morning. There were permanent dark circles under your eyes from those late night TV show marathons and you often wore nothing other than a simple jeans and t shirt combo. There was literally nothing exciting about you. You were kind to those who deserved it, not those like Flash Thompson who you didn’t have an ounce of respect for after all the kids he’s bullied over the years. 

But apart from being a nice person you had nothing to offer, there was no way Peter would ever like you the way you liked him. You often caught yourself day dreaming of what life would be like if you and Peter were together, being able to kiss him and hopefully be his last first kiss and being together for the rest of your lives. But you knew that was far from reality and not ever a probability, you were just the friend.

It was a Friday night and Peter had been invited to a party at Liz’s and somehow managed to drag you along with him. You had actually tried with your appearance tonight, brushing your hair and applying makeup since you had more time and were in the mood to walk in looking like a badass bitch. Maybe it was the fact that you knew girls who liked Peter were going to be there tonight and you feeling and looking confident was like your war paint going into battle. The cherry red heels you wore were clicking against the concrete as you and Peter made your way up Liz’s driveway, stuffing your hands into the pockets in your jacket to hide them from the cold air. 

You felt a little giddy tonight after Peter had complimented how you looked when you arrived outside his apartment before. He had told you that you looked breath taking and that was enough to keep a smile plastered on your face for the rest of the evening. You were glad you decided to wear jeans though, you couldn’t find it in yourself to wear a dress, no matter how hard you tried to look good tonight you weren’t prepared to freeze off your legs in this weather. 

“You ready Y/N?” Your friend asked, linking his arm through yours causing chills to travel down your spine at the touch. “As I’ll ever be.” Your confidence was wearing thin now, nervous to be in a room full of people whom you mostly disliked. But Peter wanted you to come with him so here you were, like a lost puppy obeying to his every command. You couldn’t deny you were lovesick for the boy.

Entering the house you found yourself inching closer into Peter, the crowds of teenagers let wild in the living room. The music was thumping so loudly that you couldn’t hear yourself think and sweaty bodies were grinding against each other on the dance floor. “So this is what a high school party looks like?” You looked up at Peter with an uneasy expression, this was going to be a long night. He chuckled at your reaction to the drunk teens and pulled you further along into the crowd.

Looking around you could see a kitchen where bottles of alcohol were lined up and a few people were doing body shots. You could have sworn you just witnessed some random guy taking a body shot off of Jen from your math class. Never would have pegged her for a party type. Peter’s eyes brightened a little as he saw something behind you. Curious to see what caused him to act like this you turned around to be face to face with Liz, oh god help me.

“Peter…and Y/N, it’s so nice to see you here!” You could evidently hear the fake excitement she had when she noticed you with Peter. You couldn’t help but stand up straighter, she was not getting anywhere near your guy tonight. You faked a friendly smile towards the girl as your friend on the other hand did the unexpected. “Wouldn’t miss it.” He was smiling so brightly at her as he gave her a friendly hug. You felt your heart drop at the sight in front of you, Liz noticing your changed emotions as she sent you a wicked smirk. Oh great this was gonna be one fun night.

Somehow you were dragged into a game of seven minutes in heaven along with Peter. You didn’t realize they played such primary school games at high school parties but you shrugged and followed your friend over to the group of people playing the game. It’s not like you knew anyone else at this party but Peter anyway.

Nervously taking a seat next to Peter on the ground you lean your chin against your knees, your nerves not doing a great job at hiding themselves. Peter was too busy staring at Liz to notice though, you could literally feel your heart breaking at this sight. He really liked this girl didn’t he? Suddenly Liz stood up gaining everyone’s attention. 

“Okay so, whose gonna be the lucky person to spend seven minutes in a closet with me tonight?” She held eye contact with Peter as she spoke, causing the boy to visibly gulp nervously. You considered getting up and leaving but didn’t want to ruin your friends night over a look a girl gave him. She wasted no time in spinning the bottle and just your luck it landed directly next to you, onto Peter.

You gasped bringing your hand up to your mouth, this was not happening. A huge grin appeared on both Peter and Liz’s faces and your heart was just breaking more and more by the second. This could not be happening. 

“I’ll be back soon, wish me luck!” He patted your shoulder before rising to his feet and following Liz down the hallway. You were shattered, completely broken. You’d never felt so much pain and such, rejection before, especially not from your best friend. Your eyes began to sting, you could feel the tears starting to fall. There was no way you could stay here whilst you knew the boy you were in love with was with Liz Allan in the other room. 

You quickly rose to your feet and sprinted out of the house, not giving a damn that you had no way of getting home. So be it if you had to walk, at least you had time to cry without anyone else seeing. Wrapping your arms around your body you tried to keep yourself warm but it was useless in this cold weather. You sniffled tried to wipe away your tears, but every time you tried your throat would rack up a sob and the tears would start up again.

It wasn’t long before your phone began to ring, you knew who it was but you didn’t care right now. You let it ring out, not caring if he was worried about where you were or what happened to you, he was the reason you were in tears. After your phone had rung for the fourth time you gave in and decided to send him a text so he would stop calling you.

Y/N: I’m fine, walking home. Please stop calling me.

You weren’t going to wait for his reply, turning off your phone and stuffing it into your pocket. The salty tears were still streaming down your face and you weren’t sure if they were ever going to stop. Why did you have to be in love with your best friend?

Exo Reaction to Accidentally Confessing

   Slay guy would have you melting on the floor, so smooth that he would make you the blusher in this case.
“Look at you, you’re so red! Didn’t know you liked me that much.”

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   Fluff ball would try and acted all manly but would turn into a blushing mess. He would try and do a smooth recovery but would stumble.
“What.. you… a..t?”

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   You would be talking about how the other members were so cute and he would blurt out he was the one that liked you, not them.
“Hey Y/N I’m the one that likes you, so stop flirting with them.”

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   It wouldn’t even be him that confessed, one of the members would run in on you two screaming about his huge crush. Only when the member noticed you beside him would he run.
“Excuse me Y/N, i just need to kill one of my children!”

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   Wouldn’t even notice till you stopped responding to his questions, he would turn around to see you thinking really hard about something.
“What’s wrong Y/N? Are you ok?”

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   He would wish he wasn’t even born, he would question why he was living. He had done a great job hiding it for so many years and he just had to confess!
“Wow, ok i really just said that. Excuse me for a moment.”

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   He would try and act so slay about it, making it seem like it was planned. He would be cool on the outside but inside he would be beating himself up for opening that mouth of his.
“Why do seem so surprised babe.”

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   His whole face would be beet red, he would try and not look at you in the eyes. He would try and find a reason to explain his action.
“I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just… Ugh I DON’T KNOW!”

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   He would try and turn away from you, covering his face with both of his hands. Mumbling about how stupid he was. When he heard you laugh he would look up blushing.
“What are you laughing at!!”

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   Tao would act all high and put on a sly smile, watching as you lost your mind over the sudden confession.
“Y/N you look so happy” pulling you towards him.

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   What a blushing mess, he would stare at you not believe that really let his feelings out, he just couldn’t take you saying no one liked you anymore.
“Did i really just say that?!”

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   He would act like he never said anything. He would repeat over and over again that he didn’t say anything, making you really confused.
“ I didn’t say anything, what do you hear anyways”

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7 Days of Heaven (Day 4 – Jackson)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-JinyoungDay 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam Day 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Jackson Wang (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Overstimulation (like…. Lots of it), Dirty talk, Squirting, Masturbation, Fingering (I AM GOING TO HELL ASKASDOIGHSADKLGE)

Length:   3, 507 words

A/N:  So here’s the 4th installment of 7 Days of Heaven!  I hope you guys enjoy and please take the warnings seriously because I ain’t joking so please proceed with caution. edit: removed the bl word ;)

Also didn’t have a lot of time to proofread so my apologies about any errors.

“Jackson Wang, on the other hand…” You continued your disgraceful confession as Mark went back to the living room – making Jaebum stand up right away.

“So, you were saying, babe?” Mark reappears beside you and you’re now being sandwiched by him and Jinyoung.

“Don’t call me babe.”  You rolled your eyes at him and Jinyoung fixes your hair because it’s already blocking your face.  He grabs your ponytail from the table and ties your hair.

“So, yeah, when you went out I was about to talk about Jackson… That guy has the best arms in the group, I think?”  Jinyoung finished tying your hair and you threw your body against his.

“He would be so loud for sure – lots of dirty talking… and would be so into overstimulation!”  You let a small laugh and Jinyoung just sighed heavily; not knowing if they still wanted to continue asking you about your desires about them.

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dickbabs quotes that make me cry

“there’s a warmth in dick’s voice that was never there in bruce’s. he’s done a great job of hiding it lately. and then it goes cold. i miss it more than he’ll know.” 

“just shut up for a second. let me just enjoy seeing you alive, okay?”

“anyone can change and settle down. even you.”
“don’t get your hopes up.”

“you still have it babs!”
“i do, don’t i?”

“whatever my future holds, i hope it includes you.”

“barbara and dick. until the end of the world.”

“i don’t want to spend my life wondering what might’ve been. like you and nightwing.”

“you’re so beautiful. you have no idea… just looking at you makes me happy, but i… i don’t know if i can do this thing anymore, dick.”

“love will conquer fear.”

“you’re right, as almost always. know this: no matter how long i’m gone… i love you, barbara. and i will come back to you someday, i promise.”

“i need him to keep smiling his beautiful smile. to be the sun the earth keeps spinning around.”

“i love you, barb. remind me again why we’re not together?”

“get dressed, true love. we’re going out.”

“babs, you’re stunning and you’re brilliant and you’re probably the strongest person i know… on the inside, where it really counts.”

“i really had a thing for you back then–and bang.”
“it didn’t have to end there, babs. it didn’t end there for me.”
“or me, dick.”

“who loves ya, baby?”

“barbara… we’ve been connected since the day we met. i loved you when i didn’t know what love was. you have been the friend i can never doubt. and the partner i never thought was possible. whatever happens in this world, i know we can bear it if we have each other.”

“i’m just happy and i wanted to share it.”

“babs, you’re a genius.”
“but you already knew that.”
“babs, you’re beautiful.”
“but you already knew that.”

“it’s never going to be perfect. it’s always going to be just us making the best of what we’re given.”

“i know i failed you. i just hope that someday you’ll let me explain. i hope that someday… i miss you, babs. more than you can know. and you were right when you said i was living in the past. so… here’s to the future, okay? as soon as i get there, you’ll be the first person i’ll be looking for. i love you.”

“you never failed me. i don’t know if you’re capable of such a thing. things won’t always be like this, dick. that’s something i know in my heart. i haven’t given up hope that someday– someday i can be for you what you’ve always been for me. i love you.”

House of Cards || kth v. jjk [2]

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House of Cards

  The Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook 

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

Sypnosis: Some people see life in black and white, and others see it in brown and blue, but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °•

Vision deterred,

For a dream deferred,

Falling deeper and deeper into your deception,

He does not mind the distorted perception. 

Thursday nights were usually dotted with homework due the next day and you cozied up in the library surrounded by your endless amount of homework. This had been a common occurrence since your freshman year in high school and as years progressed, even as a freshman of college in your first week, this made no difference - and Jungkook knew this. He had often managed to frequent his visits early on when you started it; mainly to bug you for the answers for chemistry class but also just to be around you since the two of you were nearly etched onto one another.  

After moving you in with your roommate, Hyejin, Jungkook found himself bothered by how you hadn’t cared to text him. Sure, he knew you could have been preoccupied with school work, but Jungkook knew better.  

Jungkook curses to himself as he takes long strides to be standing in front of your dorm, clad in gray sweats and his infamous white tee. Often times, Jungkook found himself acting more like an overprotective boyfriend, but he tried his best to put that thought out of his mind. His pouted lips display his disapproval when he meets the beguiling eyes of Hyejin and not your usual blithe ones.

“Jungkook, how nice to see you.” Hyejin simpers at Jungkook lashes batting as to further coax him into her presence.

“Hey, can you call Y/n out for me?” Jungkook asks softly, looking over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of you but finds none. Worry adores Jungkook’s contours as he turns back to Hyejin.

“She said she went to the library a couple of hours ago,” Hyejin mumbles before tightening her grip on the door. “You’ll probably find her there.”  

 And with that, Jungkook is left standing alone in the corridor of your dorm house before making his way to the university library.  

 Theaters and parks were more of Taehyung’s ideal places, but libraries would sit well with him as long as he could be with you. The fresh smell of books were welcoming to him as he stared over the top of ‘Time Magazine’; watchful eyes gingerly looking over you as you highlighted key portions of the text. Oh, how Taehyung wished that he could approach you - surely you wouldn’t mind? You never seemed to mind the raven haired boy who often could be seen at your side.  

 For the last few years, Taehyung felt his only sense of purpose in observing you. You were, after all, his only source of light in his dark life that consisted of hiding behind corners and stealthily hiding before Jungkook could see him.  

 The very image of the hot-blooded younger man sends Taehyung clutching the magazine tighter; his jaw subconsciously twitching. Observing you for years had led him to observe Jungkook as well. It dawned Taehyung to think that Jungkook could withstand your presence for so long and not be awestruck - and if he was, he did a damn good job of hiding it.

Oh, but then there also had been the times when he hadn’t done such a great job at hiding it and Taehyung had witnessed it unravel each time.

Bringing him out of his thoughts, Taehyung holds his breath when he catches the sight of Jungkook patting your head affectionately and slowly gathering your things. Taehyung clicks his tongue in annoyance at how fast the younger boy acts. How was he able to find himself so comfortable under your gaze? When Taehyung stood in front of you for a mere minute in your dorm just the other day, it sent trembles down his spine and he couldn’t even bare to look Hyejin in the eye.  

“I’m not done, Jungkook.” You whine to your best friend who is presently taking the purple highlighter from your fingers. The drowsiness is evident in your voice.  

Jungkook chuckles softly as he ignores your futile pleas. “It’s Friday night, babe.” He zips your backpack to a close. “You’d live in the library if you could. How about we go catch a movie or to a party?”  

“First off, Jungkook, it’s Thursday night, not Friday. Secondly, movie, yes. Party? No.” You assert in between yawns.

Taehyung breathes a sigh of relief to himself at your sensible actions. You breathed sensibility and that was one trait that Taehyung adored about you. The only potential downside of this trait would be you rejecting him because of it - and that crippled Taehyung to his core at the thought of it. Perhaps that was why he resorted to himself watching you all of the years.  

“We can watch the movie at my dorm. Plus, my dorm mates are out.” Jungkook wiggled his brows at you.  

This was your relationship with Jungkook; him almost always fringing on the balance that was your platonic relationship. Sure, you are attracted to him, but you also had been attracted to many of Jungkook’s friends. Plus, you knew Jungkook to be all bark and no bite. Most of the time.  

You pushed Jungkook slightly back, a laugh contorting in your throat. “We are not that kind of friends, Jeon Jungkook.”

“You should respect me. I’m older than you.” Jungkook fakes a wince as he rubs his chest.  

“Certainly doesn’t feel like it,”  You cheese this time before yawning once more; displaying your blatant tiredness. Jungkook takes notice to the frequent sighs that escaped you and takes your right hand in his left; his own right gripping around your backpack that he briskly placed everything together in. “You’re too good to me, Jungkook.” You state the obvious with a small on your face.  

Whilst waving goodbye to the librarian, Jungkook chuckles. “I know I am,” He swings his arm with yours, fingers interlocking tightly within one another in content.

Only minutes into your walk and just under a mile away from your dorm, the gentle contact from the rain overhead rises as the two of you do your best to duck under storefronts and restaurant awnings to stay dry.  The mist from the dew drops causes the two of you to giggle like school children while trying to stay as dry as possible without having to sacrifice any of your belongings in the process. The lighthearted fun leads Jungkook to ask,  "Remember the first time we walked home together?“

Chewing on your bottom lip, you shake your head 'no’ in disappointment because it was the truth; you hadn’t. Quite frankly, you hadn’t remembered much prior to when you first met Jungkook in first grade. For as long as you could remember, Jungkook had been by your side – even before the two of you talked (you could not confirm this with facts but was fairly certain of this), Jungkook still was a big part of your life.  

"Gosh, Y/N. You don’t remember the first time we held hands?” His words left you blushing for once, despite all of the cheesy compliments and vivacious actions, his memory had to be what drawn you the most and how sentimental he could be under all of the playboy vibes that he often exhibited. “You were wearing this white shirt with cute blue shorts with ruffles on them – oh, and your shirt had polka dots.” His animated explanation temporarily makes you forget about the current weather. “I don’t remember why, it was probably about something little like that Rowoon kid stealing your crayons or something, but you were crying a lot. I gave you my favorite pencil – it was my favorite because it was red and you know how much I loved that color as a kid – oh and-”

Crying? The proposition has you furrowing your brows in confusion.  "Crying?“

"Don’t focus on the small details, I’m trying to be romantic here.” Jungkook shushes you with a joking smile and you laugh back at him. You nod at him as though to tell him to go on. “And I asked if you lived on Ron Street and you said 'no’ and I thought that was the weirdest thing ever because, at the time, no one ever went on Ron Street because of Mr. Kim. I wiped your tears with my thumb and you-”

“I asked if we could walk home together since we lived on the same street.” You add, the memories now formulating in your mind. “It started raining, like tonight, and we ran all the way home.” In the midst of you telling the story, Jungkook had stopped at the red light; left hand gripping your right one with a soft smile.  

“Do you want to do that again?” Jungkook beams at you. The small glints of tawny in his chocolate orbs are more vivid than ever and you feel your heart swell just a bit. “I promise I’ll give you a head start because you’re a girl.”

Jungkook, so engrossed in trying to prove his superiority, is sworn speechless when he watches you take off in front of him with a sneer. His brows knit together before he suddenly crosses the empty street, watching as your oversized hoodie (it was honestly Jungkook’s from two years ago but you never bothered to return it) flapped in the wind. “Y/N-AH!” Was what he screamed the entire way back to the dorms.  

Dark eyes sauntered over your frame as Taehyung watched you speed in front of the cocky teenage boy. Taehyung also adored your adventurous spirit, too. He loved how your eyes lit up when you talked about what you were passionate about; how your voice raises ever so slightly when you were planning to do something lively. Traits that he came to admire led him feeling the most anguish because it was drawn him to you more and more, and one day, he was certain that he would not be able to restrain himself anymore.  

Caring eyes peered to Taehyung’s own vacant ones; the slightest sliver of a smile on Taehyung’s face once he met your own. Tears stain your cheeks and he runs his fingers through his hair to mask the anxiety that ripples through him like a wildfire. “Masterpieces aren’t meant to be destroyed; they’re to be treated with care; with love; with everything that a father would give to his son.” The reference makes Taehyung wince, but you ignore it anyway. “Let me protect you, Taehyung.”  

“You’re only happy when you’re drunk.” Your lips pressed against Taehyung’s ear with a timbre of disappointment. The idea twinges Taehyung’s heart in response. “You’re overflowing Taehyung – you can’t continue on like this forever…. I hope you last, Taehyung.” You caress Taehyung’s cheek with a strained smile. The pain in your eyes immobilizes Taehyung in an instant and he bites hard on his bottom lip to stay silent. “I don’t want to lose you, Tae.” You smile softly at him, head lying on his shoulder while toying with his fingers. “I feel so lost without you… Why did you leave me?”  

Taehyung gulps hard and he, as he always is in your presence, is left breathless. What could he tell you? How could he make you understand something that he barely understood himself? Taehyung’s grip on your hand softens, but he doesn’t let go. He could never let go, even if he wanted to.  

“I know you aren’t happy, living like this.” You lean away from him and the loss of contact leaves Taehyung whimpering subconsciously. Could you not see how much he needed you – but that was the thing. You did know. You always knew. “I want to help you – I love you, Taehyung. Can’t you see that? But how can I get to you when I’m drowning myself? Does that make sense?”  

Once again, Taehyung is left rendered speechless at your profound you are; how breezily you speak your mind to him. How easily you know exactly what he wants to say and when he would say and make your response on that. “But Y/N-”

You straddled Taehyung’s lap, your hands encompassing his cheeks. “I’m holding my hand out to you but you’re not taking it back – do you like rejecting me? Do you like knowing that I will always be here?” You laugh, clearly in hysterics. “It hurts, Tae, so damn much. I have changed because of you – I have changed because of him. That boy – him, he, can be all of the stars in the universe but that wouldn’t matter because I don’t want a star. I don’t want something that will shine. I want the moon, and that’s what you are. We will align, Taehyung, but only if you want us to.” You move from his lap, collecting your jacket and this time it’s Taehyung’s; it’ll always be Taehyung’s.

“The moon? If I’m the moon, then what are you?”  

You swallowed. “You are the moon; and you liked me because I watched you, observed you, learned to love you and accept you for the precious being that you are.” Tears stream down your face and Taehyung can feel the ice noose around his heart. “But I? I am what you make of me Tae… and you what you want is the sun.”

Empty, desolate, nugatory  - all words that swallow Taehyung whole as he jolts up in his own bed. Sweat coats him; on his cheeks, his face, his chest – it envelopes him and he finds himself hyperventilating. Did you mean what you said? Was it honestly okay for him to come to you? To be there for you just as he had always wanted to?  




And just like Taehyung’s sweater, it would always be yes.  

The Eight Pre-T Passing Tips

It’s fascinating how our brains are made to recognize someone’s gender. Although this whole gender-identifying aspect can be a complete hurdle for trans and non-binary people in general.
I’ve always tried to put myself into a cis person’s shoes first. When you interact with someone, they look at you and they will tag your gender based on your appearance, so it’s important to take care of every single aspect in order to be correctly tagged as a male. Otherwise they will either tag you incorrectly or be extremely confused.
That’s what I experienced in my very early phases of transition where I did not really know much about how to pass properly. I did plenty of researches on the Internet and did a lot of experiments that I am going to share with you in this post, hoping that they are going to be useful for someone who is experiencing the same situation.

1. Get a short haircut

We all know that there are indeed a lot of hot dudes with long hair who look extremely handsome, but let’s not forget that they have those secondary sex characteristics that pre-T guys currently lack. And anyway, shorter hair is better and easier to take care of. But that’s just my personal preference. 
Also, don’t forget that not all short haircuts are meant to be masculine. That’s why your hair stylist should be aware of it and not try to emphasize certain characteristics that we are actually trying to hide. DON’T shave your whole head. I highly recommend haircuts with shaved sides. They are trending, attractive and most importantly, they give you a more masculine appearance. This is my current haircut:

This type of haircut requires some daily styling though, but I consider it to be worth it. I personally pass a lot easier ever since I got it.

2. Don’t forget about your eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make a HUGE difference. Thicker eyebrows can easily give you a more masculine appearance. You can use an eyebrow pencil to give them a form of your preference. But be careful to not exaggerate either, make sure you still maintain a natural look. Try to not put too much pressure on the pencil, otherwise your eyebrows will rather look fake. Having plucked them in the past can be advantageous since the hair would grow back even thicker.

3. Bind your chest unless it’s already flat

… but don’t forget about Rule #1: DON’T. EVER. USE. ACE. BANDAGES. If you do, take them off RIGHT NOW. It can seriously damage your health and I doubt you want to end up in hospital with a broken rib.
If you can’t afford a binder that was especially designed for this purpose or need a temporary binder until you get your „real” ones, I have a cheap alternative for you. But please note that this might only work for small-chested folks. It seems to work fine to me, but I can’t guarantee that you will get the exact same results since your body type might be different. Either way, you can always try to improvise and see what would fit you better or ask me if you would like to get more ideas.
All you need is:
- a body swimsuit
- 2-3 shoulder pads
- basic sewing skills
- (optionally) a smaller waistband that you could wrap around your chest (it is to flatten the nipples correctly)

The result:

… and behind the curtains:

Basically, all you need to do is to first take the swimsuit and mark the area where the shoulder pads should be tied to. Yes, the shoulder pads will go under the chest. The amount of pads you need to use depends on their thickness and on your chest size. It will give you a bit more buffed look, but it does a great job at hiding those unwanted curves. The suit is designed to flatten it a bit more, so you can have some interesting results. Personally, I can wear it all the time without a single issue. I even cycle in it and it has never been a problem. The material of the suit also allows your skin to breathe, so there’s pretty much nothing to worry about, health-wise. I cut the whole bottom part that covered the intimate body parts so that I wouldn’t have to take the whole suit off or put the bottom part by side whenever I wanted to use the toilet. Indeed, you need to „sacrifice” the suit if you want more comfort.
It isn’t perfect, but it can be a great temporary solution until you get the actual binders. Speaking of bottom parts, let’s proceed to the next step:

4. Packing

Even though my psychologist was like „why have something between your legs, it’s only getting in your way”, I still consider packing to be an important aspect in passing as a male. If you go out and start observing people, you will notice that guys do look like they have something inside their pants, while ladies don’t. Packing can vary depending on every individual’s preference or budget. Personally, I find silicone packers to be useless unless they have an STP (stand-to-pee) function. Because come on… nobody is going to check what you actually have inside your pants while walking on the streets. This part is to rather deal more with your own body dysphoria other than just passing. So just sticking a pair of socks inside your underwear is probably not very confidence-boosting and if you stick too much inside then you might rather end up with an awkward boner effect instead. So whatever you are using to pack, make sure it’s not too big and not too long.
With some more creativity you could even create your own STP device using a tub. But maybe that’s already not worth the effort anymore, as you can nowadays find some great STPs at affordable prices, that would cover both packing and peeing.

5. Dress up properly

Clothes are one of the (less important) aspects that people look at while trying to identify someone’s correct gender. However, not all male clothes will also make you look more male. I personally recommend wearing darker clothes because they can easily hide certain unwanted shapes. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight but also the ones that are way too loose. Pay attention to short sleeves, they can give you an appealing look if they fit you like a glove.

6. Get some facial hair - optional

Wait, facial hair without T? How?
Well, it’s not going to be a real beard and although I mentioned that this step is optional, it can be quite important to those whose face shape could be an issue for passing as a male properly. Using make-up elements will not give your beard a natural look at all, so you should consider using your own hair for it and spirit gum. Once you go get your haircut done, you can ask your hair stylist if they could give you your hair rests. The beard can’t be a big one so you are not going to need tons of hair for it. Make sure the hair bits are cut very short though.
Then, apply spirit gum on the area where you want some facial hair, then use a (preferably make-up) brush to stick the hair bits to your face. Repeat the process until the area is covered properly. Don’t expect excellent results at your first try. It takes time and practice to build an authentic beard.
Using spirit gum is nice because it can even last days on your face (although you might have a few hairs fall off, but no big deal). Make sure you are not allergic to it though.

This is my current beard, keeping it simple:

But you can also have it only on the sides (the below picture shows how durable it can be, I was already having it for like a week - and only then it was starting to wear off):

… or a complete chin strap:

7. Work out

Make sure you are always in shape. Start doing a certain sport or go to the gym, it will definitely help you feel better and it’s very important in order to be able to pass more easily. Also, an athletic look is always more attractive to the eye. *wink*

8. Behave like a guy

This is already obvious enough. Be careful at how you walk and how you sit. Use a men’s body spray regularly and start using the men’s restroom unless you already do (also don’t forget about the men’s restroom etiquette: get in, do your job, don’t look around too much, leave). Practice your voice a little and try to speak deeper, using your diaphragm could help. DON’T START SMOKING!!! Really, smoking only has negative effects - it can increase the risks of having certain complications if you consider taking T in the future. Apart from that, you’d stink from miles away no matter how much deodorant you use. I highly discourage it.
And most importantly: Don’t be ashamed of yourself! You are a human like all of us and thus you have equal rights, nobody has the right to bully or discriminate you. Those people don’t deserve any attention.

That’s it for now! These are pretty much the most important aspects you need to consider in order to successfully pass as a male in public. I hope you enjoyed reading and eventually found some remarks to be helpful if you are in the same situation.

anonymous asked:

If you have time could you write an ace Tony fic? It would mean a lot as I am asexual and almost never get any representation anywhere and it tends to make me feel more lonely. :( Anyways, thank you in advance.

To be honest you had me at ‘ace Tony’, anon :) You really can’t expect me to resist that. Seriously, I adore writing ace characters (like half the main characters in my non-fanfic works are ace, just because I can).

Since you didn’t specify on anything regarding the plot I just went with a short scene from one of my many not-ready-to-be-posted headcanon ‘verses. I hope it works for you and that this ficlet will make you feel a little better! Also I turned it into a Valentine’s story because I keep seeing these cute Valentine’s cards on my dash.

[Set in a College AU following the tale of Player!Bucky and Asexual!Tony trying to make it work. Today’s edition: Valentine’s Day. Including slight misunderstandings, declarations of love affection, fluff, and Bucky’s potty mouth.]

‘You know I’m ace, right?’ isn’t the reaction Bucky’s been hoping for, but it’s also not a door slammed shut in his face, so he counts it as a win.

Tony squints suspiciously at the roses in Bucky’s arms—yellow and red ones because those are his favourite colours, and Bucky is nothing if not a huge sap, apparently—and Bucky has no doubt the flowers will end up cut open on a lab table, to be thoroughly tested for any unsavourily additions, before the day is over.

He probably shouldn’t smile fondly at the cruel fate lying in these poor flowers’ future. He definitely shouldn’t.

Damn it. Nat’s right, he’s got it bad.

“Unless ace stands for ‘allergic to roses’ I fail to see your point.” Bucky smiles and hopefully holds the bouquet out for Tony to take. Because continuing to cling to them like a toddler to a plushy might look a little silly.

Tony refuses to take them though, crosses his arms in front of his chest instead and scowls up at Bucky. Which is not adorable, that would just be ridiculous.

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Running from the truth.


Requested:  A one shot where the reader is a magic P.I. and the end up running away from an active crime scene and Graves pursues them, traps them and then holds the charge of the scene. 

Requested by: the awesome @anonymousglitchingowl I hope it’s good. It ended up being tweaked a bit by mistake, but I still hope you like it :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2520

You don’t know how it got to this point.

How it got this far.

But it did.

After years of working as a magical P. I. And seeing all the terrors you’d seen, you saw too much. You’d seen so much and you knew you couldn’t go back…

No matter how hard you tried.

No matter how far you ran.

The magic you’d seen that night had been evil. It had been dark, cold and unnatural. It had scared you to your very core and no one understood that. No one understood what you’d seen or why you decided to turn your back on everything.


Including him.

The very wizard you knew you couldn’t outrun. A wizard who’d found out where you were after months of hiding. Hiding in New York city was difficult to achieve, especially with the trace Macusa had put on every single person who worked for them, but you had managed to hide for eight months. Hiding in plain sight, but tonight was different.

You could see it in the sky, the way the lightning struck in the sky above you, the dark navy colors swirling as you stood there. You stand with your hand pressed against a broken window pane, eyes trained on the sky.

You don’t know how you figured it out, but you knew you’d been found. It was as if you could feel it in your bones. Your (e/c) eyes widen when a shaking bang comes from overhead, your eyes finding the ground in front of you.  The old house you’d found in the oldest neighborhood in New York City had been your home for a mere two hours, but as you looked around now, you felt as if you’d been there forever. It was as if time was standing perfectly still, your eyes seeming to find the faint silhouette of men and women wearing long trench coats, their wands showing because of the lit tips.

Your heart seems to skip a beat at the sight until you hear the faint whisper of his voice. A faint command that paralyzes you the moment you hear it.

“Close down the area…”

He rasps from a building across the room, his body emerging from the shadows to the moonlight in one swift movement. His coat seems to trail behind him like a cape, his sleek hair catching the light.

“… I’m in charge of what happens to her next.”

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”- Well, we all know what was happening last Monday and who you were with. So I’m assuming…
- Dad, what the hell was I supposed to say? ‘Hi, that’s Derek Hale but he’s deaged. Because that can happen. Oh, and by the way, Agent McCall, your son is a werewolf?!’

Sterek AU: When Derek gets hit with a temporary deaging curse, the pack does it best to hide this fact. Stiles thinks he did a great job but the “cousin Miguel” thing gets out of hand and soon half of the town thinks Stiles is secretly dating some guy (including “cousin Miguel,” the actual guy that Stiles wants to date).

The scene transitions into one of Eddy’s best scenes.

The Eds have gone to hang out at the retro van in the junkyard. Eddy is pretending to drive, while Edd is sitting quietly staring into space. 

And Ed…

… Is being the lovable goofball he always is.

Eddy is lost in his thought. 

The incident has been bothering him.

Eddy won’t let the incident with Rolf go. He is uncomfortable because something that he supposedly did made Rolf cry. Eddy hates making people cry. It’s his weak spot. Eddy cares about people’s emotions which embarrasses him. It’s something Bro called him out on.

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Dark Thoughts

(His smile makes me smile. Tell me I’m not the only one  ❤)
Title: Dark Thoughts
Requested? Yes.
Plot: Imagine being shy and always hanging out with Josh and the rest of the crew think you are so cute together, because you have saved each other from all the dark thoughts.
Warnings: Fighting insecurities
Word count: 1064


You always struggled to find that one person who would help you pind your happy place. People always say you are strong enough to find it yourself, but there are times where that feels impossible. You were always shy and innocent, nobody had ever heard you swear, and a lot of them assumed you had a pretty happy life. But the truth was, you were constantly waging wars with your dark thoughts. You even saw them in the mirror as you were at the lowest point, almost hating yourself. The claws of the evil, dark monster were squeezing your heart, blood dripping from countless wounds, the threads slowly breaking as you were losing the battle against yourself. You felt desperate for any trace of color in your gray world,but no matter how much you tried, the most you would ever get was a small, pea sized dot, it too disappearing faster then it arrived, causing you to forget it ever existed.

Nobody seemed to understand, weather because they didn’t want to, or because they were too busy battling their own demons. It only made it more difficult to open up to people, to ask them for help. Countless questions filled your mind, you wanted to know what was the point of being here, why were you given life when it looks like it has a mind of it’s own, not even bothering to turn around and make sure you were following it. Always the quiet hero, letting others take the credit for your work, not even strong enough to stand up and yell out proudly how you were the one who thought of it. You often thought you could handle it all by yourself, but it turned out you did need someone, someone to just be there, to just sit next to you, and make you feel a little better. When you met Josh Dun, you knew you had found that person, that person that can make everything seem a lot better then it is at the time, and changing the way that you think, and by changing that, also changing the situation, turning your bad day into a good one. He was exactly what you needed, he understood and he wanted to help.

You were always a woman of a few words, and he didn’t mind, he loved you for who you were. You knew you are not perfect, a perfect woman is not real. But that didn’t seem to bother Josh even a bit. He didn’t want to win you over by flattering you and making up all kinds of stories. He wanted to get to know the real you, the person behind the mask. What he told you about you, was the truth, no over the top adjectives, that would probably descibe a Barbie doll. For some reason, you always wanted to be around him, at first not knowing why. Soon, you realized it was because he made you feel protected, and the sound of his laugh made all of your dark thoughts dissapear. He helped you deal with your demons and you helped him deal with his. It’s an understatement to say that Josh’s best friend, Tyler Joseph, was grateful for you caming into Josh’s life. The masks were doing a great job at hiding their faces on stage, the fans aware of the fact there was something deeper and darker in the mind of the person behind the mask they thought they knew too well, but in fact had no idea about.

Josh and Tyler always helped each other and were there for each other deal with their inner demons, even though they knew there was no chance of beating them for good, regardless of what you think at one moment, that can quickly change to something else. But at least they were fighting it together, surrounded by people, significant others, family, their bond as best friends growing stronger each day, but once Tyler got married to Jenna, he wanted his best friend to find someone as amazing as his wife. And that someone was you. Josh did, and still does, everything to make you feel special and protected. If you are having a bad day, he would engulf you in his arms and just hold you, until you were feeling better and wanted to talk about it. He also made sure you were happy, just as much as you made sure he was happy. 

A few weeks since you two moved in together you woke up in the morning and saw Josh just sitting at the edge of the bed, silently staring at his hands. You knew immediately how he was feeling, and you hugged him from behind, placing small kisses on his back, and just holding him tight, just as tight as he holds you when you are upset. He smiled at you and the both of you agreed to have a lazy day indoors, as you too were not feeling like facing the society today. Tyler and Jenna would just smile at how cute you looked together, and you were happy to be going on tour with them. It made you even more sure of yourself when you could be helping someone else throughout their dark thoughts and Josh saw you just as you saw him. The light at the end of a dark and long tunnel, illuminated by fans and supporters, but still you were each other’s way out.

Jenna became like a sister to you, and you loved spending time together, going on double dates and messing around together. It was as if you had finally found your place in this world, with people who understood how you felt, and wanted to help you, not because they needed something back, but because they wanted to. Jenna and Tyler loved you like family and it felt like the four of you were all each other’s vessels, saving each other whenever you could. You were a little anxious when it came to going on tour with the boys, but Jenna told you she would love for you to come, so she wasn’t the only girl and “the voice of reason” as she called it. You laughed and agreed, knowing it was time to take that step. Tyler and Jenna thought of you as family and all that was left was for Joshua to pop the question.

I added words, it went from 585 to now, and I hope you like this new version more, but still let me know if you want some other changes ❤


anonymous asked:

How hamilsquad acts when they're s/o turns them on

HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU, well well well, this is interesting. 

Alexander will be so flustered. He’ll be super quiet, and if he’s in public, it’s so easy for everyone to notice. The HamilSquad will be like, “Hey, you’re pretty quiet. Sup?????” And then they’ll see what or ~who~ he’s looking at, and literally all their faces will turn like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HILARIOUS. Anyways, aside from being quiet and flustered, he’ll try not to say anything else. He might make a few extra comment about how AMAZING you look, whether they’re proper or not to be said in public, will depend on how turned on he is. 

John, well, he won’t waste any time on talking. If he’s in public, he’ll just say “Let’s go home” and you’re uber confused bc you just got there, but you’ll understand when you guys are home. If he’s in a really playful mood, he’ll party it out with you, being super touchy and basically not making it any way subtle that he REALLY wants you. 

Hercules will leave. That’s it. You guys are in public, he’ll take you home at the speed of light. You guys are home? Great, he’ll be all over you within seconds. Might I remind everyone though, that even though Hercules seems like the kind of guy who is rougher on the exterior, I’m pretty sure he’s a softie on the inside. If you are uncomfortable in any way, he will stop. 

Gilbert will find it unfair (the effects of you on him) so his mission is to turn you on as much as you’ve turned him on. This probs won’t be hard to do, but it might bite him back in the butt bc he’ll be more turned on seeing you turned on. The results? Somehow managing to get back home without ripping each other’s clothes off in public. Great job, Gilbert. Pat on the back for hiding your lust throughout a super important informal ish meeting / gathering with G. Wash and other politicians. 

abigailjayfie  asked:

Hey, I finished the cover art for ADWD! If you want to check it out I posted it on my page. ps reverse-senpai pls notice me ;_;

(Why am I senpai? I am not worthy! *hides*) I’ve seen your cover! Great job! It would be really nice if you’d submit it to my blog so that I have all the entries in the same place, please.

Affected {Nessian after ACOWAR}

Summary: Nesta decided that the time for her to learn how to defend herself has come and passed, but Feyre seems restless in her “invitations”, so, one day, just to shut her youngest sister’s mouth, she agrees.

You can also read in AO3


The mirror’s reflection would make her shudder, if she was willing to show any body reaction.

Nesta was using pants for the first time in her life – dark, tight and reinforced on the knees with leather. It was Feyre’s, of course. Her sister had borrowed her a pair of training clothes almost two weeks ago, after their last arguing about how Nesta was dealing with her own abilities after the war.

“I said no.” Nesta’s voice was like a whip, cutting its way thru the air around them.

“I heard you from the first time, and the second, and the th–.” Feyre answered, just one step behind, keeping Nesta from avoid it again.

“Stop following me like a starved dog.” She hissed, trying hard not to increase the rhythm of her steps.

“Then give me a good reason.” The youngest fae raised her index finger, going around Nesta to stop her. “One, and I’ll never ask again.”

Feyre’s eyes were burning with the untamed dare. The same eyes as her own, the same eyes as their mother. She knew that her own eyes were pale blue flames now, her heart racing with the challenge. And then, just as a cold winter wind, it was all wiped away, the warm emotions living her core, her critical and rational mind taking over.

She turned to the other side, dismissing Feyre completely, and restarted walking.

“Tell me when you quit hiding.”

And that was it, that single line made her column straightened, her nails digging into her palms with strength enough to hurt as she stormed in the direction of her room.

Nesta blinked, trying to get used with the reflection, with the feeling of the tissue touching her legs. Should it look like this?

The only women she saw dressing it were Feyre, Morrigan and Amren and the illyrian outfits had looked different in any of them. Feyre’s was tight, but not much, Morrigan’s was like a second skin, much like the boys’, Amren looked like a child’s suit, which she supposed it was, even if no one mentioned.

Feyre’s clothes were a little big on her body, she decided after a detailed examination. Her slim legs didn’t have muscles enough to stretch the material, but at least they were the same waist and hip size.

Nesta rolled up the sleeves of the matching shirt, folding them past her elbows. The tissue was slightly transparent, just enough to give a light sensation and allow her skin to breathe under it. You will be sweating like a farm worker, her mind remembered with a disgusted noise.

And, if she stayed one minute more standing there, she would have done a great job in convincing herself to dismiss Feyre entirely. But she wasn’t hiding, she would never hide again from her sisters, not when they needed something, not when they wanted something. Never again.


Nesta has always been silent, a whisper of steel and flame, contained, controlled, and her steps matched it. The fae grace had shaped her walking in something barely audible, unless she wanted to be heard – which was definitely not the case.

It wasn’t hard to find the right spot, the sound of laughs reached her down stairs and ended before she finished going up. Small crashing sounds followed and she hurried just a little, without even notice the worry running in her veins.

Feyre’s back was turned to her, her once skinny body now detailed with slim muscles. She saw her sister’s hair braided tight, flying as she threw a sequence of punches – right in Cassian’s covered hands.

Why isn’t he wearing a shirt? The first thought in Nesta’s mind revealed how much she had absorbed in a few seconds. His long hair was wrapped with his usual strand of leather, or most of it – a few threads had escaped and now clinged to his sweat-damp face. His controlled breath smashed into her as a wave, his heartbeat overloading her fae hearing. The lines of sweat that started at his neck followed a path down the dark hair on his chest, lower and lower until the waistband of his training  trousers.

Immediately, she stopped her gaze, a stone-cold mask taking over her features. After the battle with Hybern, she has been… How could she say? Sensitive, yes, sensitive to his presence, which, of course, bothers her to no end.

“What the hell, Feyre?!” Cassian complained, recoiling his hands, surprised with the sudden punch.

A tug in her lips threatened to form a smirk when she noticed that he had been distracted by her presence alone. Feyre turned, following Cassian’s forceful gaze. The smile in the other’s face was brighter than the golden light of the sun, casting its warmth in the roof, when she spotted Nesta.

Feyre moved forward, for sure to include Nesta right away in whatever she was doing, but the elder sister rose a polite hand to stop her.

“I’ll observe for a while.” Showing certain in each step, she found her way to a long chair, propping her elbows in her knees to give Feyre - and Cassian - her full attention.

She thought she saw her sister giving little excited jumps in her way back.

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