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Showcase of a Dad Moment: Buff Frog

If you can’t tell by the thumbnail, this was the only video I could find on Youtube, albeit a low quality one.

I will say I’m honestly pleasantly surprised because from maybe the one or two episodes I saw with Buff Frog in them, he was a villain’s accomplice. So, getting the suggestion from you guys and seeing those flippin’ adorable screenshots of him and the tadpoles was good enough for me to post him.

So I’m going to Disney World for my honeymoon and I was all bummed out because my mom had sent me an article saying that the Tower of Terror is closing, but it turns out that that’s only happening in DisneyLAND (in California) and not Disney WORLD (in Florida) so I’m happy. That is a damn good ride, let me tell you. Although, half of the park that ToT is in, Hollywood Studios, is closed down for a new Star Wars and Toy Story expansion to happen by 2018-2020. Looks like I’m gonna have to go back in a few years!