great inspirational quotes

Show respect to every person you meet in your life, even when they did nothing to receive it. It’s a reflection of good character.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Every experience, whether you have noticed it or not, has moulded you into the very person that you are today. There is a reason behind each and every one of your opinions and beliefs. Do not underestimate these feelings, for they all have meaning.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
The world around you is a reflection of how you perceive it. Realize the power that your thoughts can have on your life. It really does make a difference.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
When gratitude is your predominant emotion, you will never feel held back again. When you spend the day knowing that you are blessed for everything you have, and not feeling put out by all that you do not, you have it all. You are capable of a free mindset and a free life. Look for all that you can, not all that you cannot.

All that you can by Amy Kennedy


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