great inagua island

Assassin’s Creed IV feels like it was meant for me, in an almost creepy way. Firstly, I have always been a fan of the age of sail, so in terms of gameplay, ACIV could not be better for me. Secondly, both Edward and I have blond hair and blue eyes. Thirdly, our names both have 12 letters, first and last combined. Fourthly, Edward’s home island, Great Inagua, exists in real life, and the settlement on it is called Matthew Town. Matthew is my first name. Fifthly, Edward’s voice actor is Matt Ryan. Ryan is my best friend’s name. Sixthly, the US Navy at one time planned to build a ship named the Jackdaw. It’s primary weapon was to be the Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar. The Hedgehog was first tested on a ship named after an ancestor of mine. Lastly, the Jackdaw’s dimensions: 11 meters wide and 36 meters long, excluding the bowsprit. My family’s current boat is 36 feet long. Our previous boat was 11 feet wide. I’m not saying that Ubisoft was stalking me, but…facts are facts.