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I've got a cute three year old tortoiseshell kitty, and pretty soon I'll be moving cross-country via car. Just me and her, alone in a car for three days. I've heard that it's pretty standard to sedate a cat while traveling, but three days seems a bit long to knock her out for, so I'd like to avoid that. I'm not delusional enough to think she's gonna like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but are there ways I could make it less stressful for her? (By the way, this blog is super awesome!!)

I’d agree that sedation isn’t a great idea. I’d suggest getting her used to hanging out in and traveling in the car for fun trips even before you start packing to move (so she doesn’t associate cars with the stress of change). When you’re actually driving you don’t have to keep her kenneled the entire time if she doesn’t prefer it, but make sure she’s in a harness and tethered so she can’t get into the front seat / in the way of the driver, and make sure the power to the window controls is turned off and the doors are always locked. 

Little Battleborn Things #1036

When you are playing with a friend who just got the game so to offset your skill and make the game seem new for you both, you choose a character you never play. (And maybe find a new character to main.)

*another oooh! submission from the genius Battleborn scifirice. 

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I'm so excited about the con on Saturday!!! I see a lot of great CSers that I follow are going, so I'm pretty confident we'll get a lot of good info and questions!!! I'd like both of them to be asked what their reactions were to the proposal. Are there any questions in particular you'd like for them to asked?

I know! There are so many people that are going to be there, that I’m sure we’ll get amazing coverage.  

Asking about their reaction to the proposal is a great idea.  

You know I’ve always wanted to know:  when did they know?  When did they both know that the chemistry worked, the story worked and was going to go the distance, and that they were working with the actor that was going to play their character’s romantic counterpart for years to come. 

“Can I even call this feeling jealousy?”

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

i’m gonna write an au where samwell is a town that people have a tendency to run away to instead of a college, and it’s gonna feature:

  • eric bittle and his bakery 
  • (don’t ask him about his family just don’t)
  • (Homophobia™ will be involved there but only there)
  • shitty the bartender
  • (his one cool uncle died and left him the money that he used to open it)
  • (it’s pissing off his family more than you could imagine)
  • lardo the artist
  • (left art school to travel, fell in love with samwell, never went back)
  • (she’s famous online and actually makes a good amount of $$)
  • ransom and holster the high school teachers
  • (they arrived in samwell at the same time but not together)
  • (now they’re never seen apart)
  • dex the mechanic
  • (moved from his original small town to this small town)
  • (is very angry but can fix literally anything)
  • nursey the writer
  • (moved to samwell for Inspiration™)
  • (has written 3 popular books since then but has no intention of leaving)
  • chowder and farmer the happy couple
  • (that’s their thing)
  • (they’re possibly starting a family and they’re both just happy with it)
  • jack zimmermann nhl super star
  • (has won multiple stanley cups and is on the fast track to winning more when he disappears after he looses a shoot out)
  • (shows up in samwell days later, books a hotel room, and slowly starts learning how to enjoy life again)
  • (this is where the story starts)


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a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves