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friendly reminder that Kid Icarus Uprising is an amazing game thats severely underrated and deserves more than this

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

nine times out of ten my favorite weapon in a game is the super ultimate final one that’s ten feet long and shows up for like five seconds at the very end and unleashes some kind of giant flashy-ass attack that could take out god (bonus points if it actually does)

he had never loved the sun
nor the sea
as he flew he fell in love with the fall
his heart leaping with fear
wind tangling his hair in curls
the higher he climbed
the further he fell
until he fell too far

no, he never really loved the sun at all
—  icarus fell too far ( via pcrcy)

If I ever see another Icarus/Apollo post I’m gonna scream… it literally makes no sense and it seems pretty clear that the ‘sun’ in the Icarus myths is Helios… it’s not like there aren’t any other ancient gays, tragic and poetic or not… apollo himself had hyacinthus, to name one off the top of my head and helios had multiple male lovers


I’m so damn proud of my parabatai that I’m going to show you my favorite fucking present even though she’ll probably be embarrassed. She made these. Herself. For me. Special. For my birthday. She used time. Hours. Days. Weeks to create these beautiful pieces of art for me. And it was so amazing that it made me cry. 2x. Like this shit really is amazing and shows just how much thought and effort she put into it for me. I cannot even express enough what this present means to me and even if it takes me years to figure out the perfect retaliation gift you better prepare yourself @sakurai-ai because you may not know when exactly it’s coming but I will get you something just as thoughtful and YOU will be the one to cry.

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Ok so I just read your post of Zora courting rituals and honestly I was thinking of the idea of like Zora Pearls being this super rare thing that everyone lusts for in BOTW but only super rich Hylians have them and then maybe they're not even real? It was just nice to see someone else using the idea of pearls in the Zora culture because I felt a bit weird about it but hey it was my headcanon dang it

All headcanons are good headcanons! I’m glad you think the same as well!!

That is a great idea though, with the richer Hylians having the pearls. Especially since there are canonically rich Hylians in the game! The husband is so rude though–

i was a boy.
i flew,
i fell.

(the holocaust was complete)

i was a man.
i fell,
i ran.

(the holocaust was complete)

i am the sun,
i run,
i run,
i run,
i run…

—  …the stars have come for me. // k.r.

hello, sometimes I remember that this is like a personal blog and feel like writing a personal post. So, I’m writing what hopefully will be a chapbook (of sorts) about Icarus’s great-grandson falling in love with the moon. I say chapbook of sorts because it’s kinda of a prose fiction/poetry hybrid so idk if I can even call it a chapbook? But anyway, I’m writing it and the process has been kinda chaotic. 

The whole thing started with this prompt post by @nosebleedclub . The first prompt was “the end of Icarus’ line” so I thought I should write the story of his great-grandson falling in love with the moon and “ending his line” in both a literal way (can’t have kids with the moon in my world) and a metaphorical way, since Icarus had fallen in love with the sun, and etc. 

I had no great ambitions when I started writing this, just answering a blog prompt, but ended up writing about 700 words in a burst of inspiration. That’s not very common for me since I very rarely write fiction. I really liked the result so I thought, “what if I expanded the story? maybe even using the other prompts in the post?”

That’s when the difficulties started. See when you write stuff in a burst in response to a prompt you’re not exactly going deep into the characters personalities and I quickly realized they barely had any, other than very cliché “love story” stuff. So the first step was thinking about who the people in the story were and how that would affect the story.

But then comes problem number two. I’m not writing a linear story. On the first “chapter” I kinda do an overview of the whole story and cut out just before the ending. Then the plan is to flesh out details of the story in the middle chapters and end the story in the final one. The first thing I wrote does work as a sort of outline but it’s not meaty enough that I have all the pieces of the story. So I figured I would write the middle chapters see where they took me and then maybe rewrite the beginning.  

But since the middle chapters are not linear I keep having completely non-linear ideas. Like, I’ll be writing a sort of a diary entry for the moon and have an idea for something the boy would write. and then I have to go and write that down because if I don’t I forget everything. Or I’ll be writing something from the boy’s perspective and have this idea for a moon thing I already wrote. My mind is going so fast and I can barely keep up.

So that’s where I am right now. Just thought I would write something because writing my feelings down makes me feel less overwhelmed. hope you guys are doing well :)

Excerpt from the book I’m working on. I amuse myself.

“Europa, who had been trailing only a step behind Marigold on their way down, had gotten distracted. A picture hung on the wall. It had caught Europa’s eye as she walked across the room. The old wooden frame held a photo of a woman, tall and thin. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, holding up a tiny solar tech bot no bigger than her thumb in one hand. It was the woman’s eyes that drew her in, the same deep clear blue that Icarus had, the same cleverness. “Who is this?” she asked, turning to Emma and Marigold. 

Emma looked over at her. “Oh, that. That’s Cassandra, Icarus and my great grandmother. She was an engineer back Pre-Eco.” Emma gave a small shrug. “Icarus looks up to her.” It was clear that Emma didn’t hold the same deep admiration. She spoke with more easy indifference. 

Europa kept examining the picture, looking at the ghostly image of this woman who had lived in Pre-Eco. What had she been like? Her life up at the end of global times? “What kind of work did she do?” Europa asked, buzzing with questions. 

“She worked on the New Terra Ships,” Icarus said, walking down the ramp. Thick goggles hung around zir neck, sweat dripping from zir hair, fresh from the workshop. A wry, distant sort of smile had spread across zir face. “She spent her whole life working on those ships, designing their hulls, fixing their lugnuts, running their simulators. She dreamed of humans finally and forever breaking free of the Earth and living up in space. Dreamed of helping us escape our doomed little world. She believed in New Terra.” Icarus walked over and stared at the picture with Europa. “Her life work was those ships.” 

“They worked,” Europa said. “The New Terra Ships all launched.”

“Yes. The New Terra evacuations went off without a hitch. And do you know what happened to my great grandmother?” Icarus asked. “Who spent her whole life building them? She couldn’t afford a ticket on one.” The look of bitterness that rose up on Icarus’s face took Europa back. “They made you buy a ticket for salvation, and she couldn’t afford one. She stood out on her front porch and watched the last New Terra Evacuation Ships leave her behind on our doomed little world because the people who built those ships weren’t worth it to actually be on them.”

Europa felt her heart fall. “That must have been hard for her.” 

“Did you ever wonder who got picked to go? Over 20 billion people on the planet when the New Terra ships launched, and only enough space for a few million. It wasn’t the smartest, or the kindest, or the healthiest even. It was the rich bastards, the ones with all the money.  It was all us poor folks who got left behind.” Icarus shook zir head. “Makes you sick, don’t it? No wonder there were so many riots after the last ship left. Who wouldn’t want to watch something burn after that?” 

“Icarus,” Emma said gently. “Come eat. You can rage about the injustice of the past after you’ve eaten.” She said it somewhat teasingly, like she had heard it all before a million times. 

“Emma lacks the proper outrage over our family’s exploitation in the final days before the Eco Crash by power hungry capitalists,” Icarus snorted, shaking zir head. 

“Fine, let your food get cold,” Emma said, lifting up her fork to begin eating the steamed, spiced potatoes. 


Mimicutie - This leggy monster disguises itself as a treasure chest until unsuspecting adventurers try to open it, at which point it attacks with a ceaseless barrage of kicks. Sadly, studies into Mimicutie have ended in more broken shins than answers.

Warning: Obligatory horrible joke ahead.

Mimicutie’s got fantastic legs, and a great chest.