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Something just like this - Jughead x Reader

Request: A Jughead x Reader based off of the song Something just like this by the Chainsmokers & Coldplay 

Word count: 1085

Warnings: None

A/N: I tried my best so no hate, and I’ll be posting more later today loves :)

I’ve been reading books of old,

The legends and the myths,

When Jughead was little, he read tonnes of books, mysteries, legends, myths, anything really, but the books that included heros such as Achilles, Hercules, Spiderman and Batman, books that would usually inspire children to be something great, be a hero, made Jughead Jones doubt himself, he never saw himself doing anything great or heroic.

Clearly I don’t see myself upon that list

She said “Where do you wanna go?”

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I was going to do a little questionnaire that @armsintheair tagged me on so I wouldn’t write this rant about my weight today, BUT I CANNOT BE STOPPED. I want to wallow in my self-pity.

222.0 Monday –> 221.0 Tuesday –> 219.6 Wednesday –> 219.6 yesterday –> 220.0 today

I wrote that thing yesterday about how I am the Champion of All Dieters™, the most in-control person in the world, and probably one of the great American heroes, because I was going to eat chicken breast, cheese, and avocado for dinner at my work event while all of my skinny co-workers chowed down on shrimp summer rolls and mini flatbread pizzas.

But then I actually had no time to eat at all during the event, so my fiancé ended up ordering salads for us from a local taco joint that we didn’t even know had salads. They were so much like a Chipotle salad, with shredded beef, guac, sour cream, black beans, and tomatoes. And so filling neither of us could finish! I got rid of the tomatoes because eww, but I ate the black beans because what harm can a few black beans do?


Now, I fully realize that I’m probably being punished for Wednesday night, when I ate the equivalent of a suckling pig in Prosciutto at that restaurant, but it FEELS like I’m being punished for eating a few black beans on my salad, and that makes me feel like this diet is unsustainable and I either have to give up or become a shut-in whose meals are things like four dumb slices of chicken breast.

Isn’t it funny how not losing weight messes with your brain? I can only imagine how people who’ve been stalled for weeks feel if I’m questioning all of my life decisions after one day.

Okay. I’m going to calm down now, eat the keto meals I have planned out for the weekend, and come back here on Monday a pound lighter, SO HELP ME GOD.

anonymous asked:

If Sucy's mother is as all powerful as one of the last few asks sugested, Sucy may not even have a dad. There could be a stiry out there where some great hero fights the Queen of All Wyrms, and from her wounds appareared a child to protect her. But if she does have a dad, then he is a very lucky man.

Well if trigger would so lovingly give us more info on these characters, that’d be fantastic

  • Percy: i've killed almost every monster in Greek mythology. Even some gods, giants, and Titans. How hard could a baby sister be?
  • Percy, up at 3am: at least monsters had the decency to lET ME SLEEP

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I’ve been thinking about the characters from my detective story a lot these past couple of days and they’re really starting to take form and become dear to me. I don’t want to go into too much detail in case I actually end up writing the damn thing, but I figured the best place to start would be deciding how they ended up working together in the first place.

Crane is hired on to a pretty mundane case. A wealthy man suspects his wife is cheating on him and wants to find the man who’s made him a cuckold. Sure, whatever, Crane needs the money. As it turns out, there is no other man - his wife has been having an affair with their maid the whole time. Crane exposes them, and the wife claims that she was seduced, that the maid had lured her away from virtue. Everyone buys it and the maid is heartbroken, disgraced, disowned, and turned out onto the streets.

It slowly dawns on Crane that profiting off of a poor girl’s misery was maybe a shitty thing to do. Sure, it was a crime, and he was just doing his job, but she was guilty only of love. So he tracks her down, apologizes for ruining her life, and offers her a new one working as his secretary. Things are tense and awkward between them for a while, but she’s extremely clever and proves herself capable of saving his ass. They become more like business partners… he gets the credit, she gets the foxy ladies.

Eventually, they get married. It’s her idea. He’s flustered by the proposal: “Married?! But… I thought you were a lesbian!”
“And I thought you were a detective, you great oaf.” She then explains that a “lavender marriage” could be convenient to both of them and crush any career-threatening rumors. It also amuses her to play it up in public, just to annoy him. They enjoy a platonic understanding and, later, a “permanent houseguest” who is “very sisterly” with Prudence. I’m working on her story now….