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  • Kdrama: "Let's go on a trip"
  • Translation: "This is the last time you will see us happy so enjoy"
How I look at my phone when I watch k-dramas when I should be working.

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~ What are Crystals and what are they used for?

   Most crystals ( in this case including gems, rocks, precious stones, semi-precious stones, and simple stones) are of mineral origin. Crystals, like amethyst, come out of the ground naturally faceted and don’t need to be changed in anyway. Diamonds, for example, come out of the ground equally as rough, but are usually polished and cut into intricate styles.

 For many years, crystal have been used as a tool to aid spiritual healing, psychic development, and meditation.

~ How can I incorporate Crystals into my everyday life?

   You can carry around your crystals. This way you can feel your crystals energy when needed. Place them in a little sachet or pouch and they are ready to go!

    Infuse your water with your clean crystals. This is a fast way to feel your crystals energy.

    Decorate your magickal space and/or surroundings with crystals.

    Meditate with your crystals. Just spend a minimum of 30 seconds with each crystal. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and feel its energy soaking into your skin.

How Crystals Can Help You


  ~Banded: help you feel grounded, remain focused, and banishes fears.

  ~Blue Lace: helps you adjust and adapt.

  ~Moss: refreshes spirit, brings peace of mind, helps to develop intuition.

  ~Tree: aids meditation and clear thinking, reduces stress.

Amazonite ~ soothes the nervous system, increases self-esteem and confidence.

Amber ~ relieves depression and lifts your spirits.

Amethyst ~ the great healer of mind, body, and spirit. helps the development of psychic abilities and intuition.

Apache Tears ~ brings good fortune and positive energy.

Apatite ~ aids in motivation and communicative powers.

Aquamarine ~ helps you during hard decisions and times. promotes compassion and empathy.

Azurite ~ relinquishes harmful beliefs.

Bloodstone (aka Heliotrope) ~ calms fears, and dispels confusion and obsessive ideas.

Calcite ~ boosts energy and provides amazing psychic protection.

Carnelian (aka Sard) ~ banishes jealousy and inspires courage. aids perception.

Celestine ~ helps with communication and good thoughts.

Chalcedony ~ balances emotions and lifts your spirits.

Chrysocolla ~ eases stress and promotes self-confidence.

Citrine ~ helps steady emotions and give inspiration.

Coral ~ strengthens and protects emotions.

Desert Rose ~ promotes love and stability in relationships.

Diamond ~ assists in your connection with the universe.

Emerald ~ strong healer with both physical and mental problems.

Fluorite ~ helps with rationality and combats anxiety and worries.

Garnet ~ protects against melancholy and depression. encourages perseverance and patience.

Hematite ~ helps with psychic development and building self-esteem.

Jade ~ a very useful healing stone for both the body and spirit.

Jasper ~ aids with stress relief and grounding. promotes tranquility.

Jet ~ keeps evil spirits at bay and strengthens character.

Kunzite ~ helps align emotions. provides security.

Kyanite ~ helps to align and heal chakras.

Labradorite ~ aids with strong development of psychic powers.

Lapis Lazuli ~ helps develop your sixth sense. stimulates intuition. promotes creativity.

Lepidolite ~ great for relieving stress and dispelling negative emotions.

Malachite ~ used for healing when dealing with negative emotions.

Moonstone ~ restores harmony and emotion balance.

Obsidian ~ helps you to focus on the paranormal, used for protection and a scrying tool.

Onyx ~ instills a protective psychic shield. 

Opal ~ helps with rationalizing emotional states.

Pearl ~ aids self-respect, stability, and self-esteem.

Pyrite ~ opens the mind to new ideas.

Quartz ~ channels and aids in meditation. a powerful healing stone.

Rose Quartz ~ aids in anything love-related. instills comfort, relieves grief, and promotes harmonious relationships.

Rutilated Quartz ~ releases energy blockers.

Rhodonite ~ helps with assurance and confidence.

Ruby ~ purifies love, promotes spiritual knowledge and to be realistic about situations.

Sapphire ~ aids in mental clarity, clearing your inner eye, and bringing good fortune.

Smoky Quartz ~ filters out negative thoughts and emotions. helps with telepathy.

Sodalite ~ heals damaged emotions, and aids in restful sleep.

Tanzanite ~ helps you to accept change.

TIger’s Eye ~ a powerful aid in those seeking knowledge about past or future lives. promotes persistence and protection.

Topaz ~ allows you to transmit your visualizations as universal messages. an aid in telepathy.

Tourmaline ~ repels all negative energy and is a powerful stone for protection.

Turquoise ~ an aid in luck, love, money, and protection.

Unakite ~ heals the psyche, helps you realize your higher self.

Crystal Care Tips

  Some crystals shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight. These include: Amethyst, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Celestite, Citrine, Fluorite, Kunzite, Opal, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Topaz, and Turquoise.

  Some crystals shouldn’t get wet. These include: Celestine, Desert Rose, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Malachite, Selenite, and Sodalite.

Click here to learn about Crystal Shapes.

source: Crystals by Cass & Janie Jackson

* If there is anything we missed or you’d like to add, just let us know! *

I hope this is useful! xx ~ @chlovoyant

Waiting to forget most of the drama so you can rewatch it.

Tempest Trials #4, complete! My FE7 throwback team was a little shaky at first (I hadn’t kitted Ninian or Lyn yet, and Genny still has no C skill) but they pulled through for a spot that they’ve consistently held in the 1k - 5k rewards bracket. Ninian is now packing a full kit with Lightning Breath+ and my unfortunate -atk +res Lyn (who I’ve had since launch day) finally got some good use. Thank god for TT stat boosts…

… also I gave Lyn and Hector S support… just like my FE7 endgame pairs…


Favourite KDRAMAS:

1. Goblin
2. Kill me Heal me
3. Healer
4. Age Of Youth
5. Master’s Sun
6. Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart
7. I Hear Your Voice
8. W-Two Worlds
9. Reply 1997
10. I Miss You

  • Villager: Oh great healer. Thank you for tending to the wounded.
  • Mipha: It is a pleasure to be of assistance. I must go now.
  • Villager: Your fellow champions are lucky to have you.
  • Mipha: ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Zelda: Mipha! Link fell down a cliff trying to get Rushrooms!
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Revali flew into my lightning.
  • Revali: YOU SHOT ME DOWN!
  • ~~~~~
  • Zelda: Link tried to surf down the hill and crashed into a Stone Talus! Again!
  • ~~~~~
  • Daruk: I overcooked the rockloaf and my tooth chipped.
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Link's sword attracted my lightning.
  • ~~~~~
  • Revali: A tree hit me.
  • Mipha: You mean you hit a tree?
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: WE NEED HEALING!
  • Revali: WE NEED HEALING!
  • Link: *Dead again*
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Mipha: ...It is my duty for all of Hyrule.
Astro notes pt. 2 - Past Lives


I’m really into the past lives or karmic aspect in Astrology as it can give a really good understanding of your soul’s purpose. Obviously if you don’t believe in this stuff, you don’t need to read it, or if you don’t resonate, that’s cool too! There’s going to be a few segments on past lives as it’s a massive topic. 

- Leo risings are thought to have their past lives as rulers, leaders, or even royalty

- There are theories that the house where your sun is indicates your spiritual age (e.g. sun in first house means you’re a new soul, sun in 12th means old soul)

- Saturn retrograde in your chart can sometimes indicate you owe Saturn a ‘debt’ from your last life, such as gaining health when you were on a deathbed, suddenly gaining financial assistance in your darkest time, etc. In this life you are destined to heal to pay back the favour

- Many retrograde planets in a chart can indicate that an individual is re-doing a lifetime (especially Saturn, our fave teacher)

- Taurus moons are thought to have their past lives working with the Earth, owning land, or farming which drives their sense of materialism in this life. Once you have that Karmic/soul experience, it’s often that the soul will push for it again

- If you see that energies are repeated in your chart consistently, then this energy is what you are here to learn. If you intuitively respond strongly to a ‘weaker’ or ‘lesser’ energy in your chart, then focus on this as it could be a major soul learning for the next life

- Aries risings are thought to have been warriors in a previous life, and are also great healers as they may have healed their fellow soldiers on the battlefield (Doctors, Physio, Reiki, Psychotherapy etc.)

- 12th house suns will attract other 12th house suns and resonate strongly with them. It is a very high possibility that you have been in previous lifetimes together and are in some ways ‘soul mates’ (this includes friendships, parents, etc.) as you are here to learn off and with them

- I’ve found quite often that a child’s moon sign is the same as one of their parent’s or guardian’s sun sign 

my new DnD character :-)!!
She’s a true neutral healer, great swimmer, tall, very gay, and she loves to preserve nature.

she’s also a bit of an alchemist and a magical girl since we were allowed to pick two pre-existing worlds to base our characters off of (I picked fma and pmmm of course)


today’s nonsense was chrom-centric

My K-bae list

( in no particular order)

Hong Jong Hyun - a.k.a my hubby. Hated Wang Yo in SHR but hot damn his face was so beautiful. And that face lead me to watch my current obsession, The King Loves. Didn’t help that Wang Rin is so effing precious.

Ji Chang Wook - my bestie would not shut up about him when Suspecious Partner was airing. I appreciated his face back then but he made the list when i watched Healer. He was so bloody perfect. Then i watched the K2 and well….i drooled and swooned. Intensely.

Park Hae Jin - the latest addition to my K-bae list. Loved him as the shady Jung in Cheese in the trap but Man X Man is what really got him on the list. His expressions and swag are just top notch.

Gong Yoo - ahhhh this man. He seems to get better and better in the acting AND looks department with passing year. Such swag.

Lee Dong Wook - my precious Grim Reaper. How can you not love this cutie in Goblin. To top it off he has amazing chemistry with Gong Yoo.

Kim Young Kwang - i watched D-day because i was bored and bumped into this curly haired(on that show) tall cutie. His smile makes me warm and fuzzy. I’ve watched one episode of The Lookout and am dying to get back into it because he looks hella fine in a suit.

Nam Joo Hyuk - first saw him in SHR….and how could I not love him? He played the only brother that was kind to Wang So hence i was sold. But little did i know I’d completely fall for him in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!

Lee Joon Gi - Wang So my love. Or as i liked to call him my “masky”. He’s just 😍. Them eyes and that smile. 😍 I’m watching Criminal Minds these days just for that face.

Kang Ha Neul - if you want to know how much i loved his face in SHR ask my bestie who probably got over a 100 messages of me just saying “he’s pretty”. His smile is most definitely his best asset and it just make me smile too.

Lee Min Ho - when i started watching The Legend of the Blue Sea, i was like eh sure. Then he had to comb his hair back and become the first person on this list. I miss him on screen! Come back!!!

Chiron:Our Wounds and Our Gifts


Chiron, classified as both minor planet and comet, is located between Saturn and Uranus. Crowned with a ring and orbiting the sun erratically, this heavenly body is named after the famous centaur from Greek mythology.

Eldest and wisest of the centaurs, son of the Titan Cronus and nymph Philyra, Chiron was renowned for his great knowledge - particularly his knowledge of medicine - and is known as the father of the art of medicine. His myth tells of Heracles and his poisoned arrows, one of which accidentally struck Chiron’s knee. Chiron, despite being the great healer that he was, could not heal the wound due to the power of the poison, and yet neither could he die, being immortal, though he wished to. In order to pass on, he agreed to give his life in order to allow mankind to receive the gift of fire. This dark tale encompasses all that Chiron is in astrology.

In the natal chart, Chiron shows us both where we can heal others and where we may never be able to heal ourselves. These deep wounds may make us feel weak, worthless, and hopeless. This position shows us where and how we may struggle with ourselves in life, what issues that seem to arise again and again, but also how we may help others.

The House Chiron is in will show what part of life these issues and gifts will manifest, and the Sign just how they play out. This article will focus specifically on its place in each House. Click below to read more.

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Sun in Cancer in the 1st house: Lunar qualities such as receptivity, emotionalism, concern, and guardianship are directly filtered through the expression. The person is a home

Sun in Cancer in the 2nd house: Stability depends on material security and the way they provide for others, this inner experience is powerful and enchanting

Sun in Cancer in the 3rd house: Feels their way through the world and absorbs information based on emotional state, articulates the inner world beautifully 

Sun in Cancer in the 4th house: Home, family, and unconditional love provides an identity and cavern of safety, having a safe place to return to from the outside world is imperative 

Sun in Cancer in the 5th house: The mother longs to mother here and finds creative ways to express emotions, engage with the world, and let the inner child play

Sun in Cancer in the 6th house: Emotions are triggered on behalf of others and identity is derived on how thoroughly emotionally supports other people

Sun in Cancer in the 7th house: Emotional people are drawn close so the individual can understand and learn how to soothe themselves 

Sun in Cancer in the 8th house: Emotions open the door to intense and private unconscious experiences that help the individual trap and perish unhealthy coping mechanisms so they can be transformed into the great healer they are

Sun in Cancer in the 9th house: The search for home and a place of belonging is inherent to the identity, the inner experience is a pilgrimage to answers

Sun in Cancer in the 10th house: Provides for the world in the same way they provide for loved ones, sheltering people and reenacting the mother figure to loved ones and strangers

Sun in Cancer in the 11th house: Friendships and belonging are the family circles that help them feel safe and identify with something, a mother of humanity

Sun in Cancer in the 12th house: Emotions reveal a sweeping collective experience where psychic activity flows freely, the individual must be alone to understand and negotiate feelings