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Desperate Summers

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: It’s July 4, 2005, and you’re a guitar tech working Vans Warped Tour. You accidentally eavesdrop on a conversation between Mikey Way and Pete Wentz that you were never supposed to hear.

A/N: Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers! 

It was the fourteenth night of Warped Tour, and tonight, you and the musicians you worked for were in Fresno. It was also the 4th of July. You knew that a couple bands had bought fireworks, and planned to set them off after the show tonight. But, you weren’t worried about that right now. Your primary concern was getting sound check done on time - all the members of My Chemical Romance were onstage, ready to start, except for Mikey Way.

“Maybe he’s still on Fall Out Boy’s bus,” Gerard suggested. “He’s been hanging out with them a lot lately.”

“I guess I’ll head over there and look for him,” you decided.

“Thanks, Y/N!” Frank shouted at your back as you began walking towards the row of tour buses.

You found Fall Out Boy’s bus pretty easily - it had their name right on it. You swung open the door and were about to climb the steps when you heard voices coming from inside.

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James Sie once again takes over another role for Jackie Chan; this time as Master Monkey in Secrets of the Scroll and Legends of Awesomeness. James had also voiced Viper’s father, Great Master Viper in Secrets of the Furious Five and Secrets of the Scroll. Prior to that, James had voiced Jackie’s animated persona for Jackie Chan Adventures as well as the Fire Demon Sorcerer, Shendu, and Chow, a member of The Enforcers.

Lucy Liu voiced the sleek, deadly, yet sweet and compassionate serpent, Master Viper in all of the KFP movies and Secrets of the Scroll; reprising her role for the LoA series. Liu had previously guest starred in Jackie Chan Adventures playing as one future version of Jackie’s niece, Jade Chan.

James Hong is known amongst KFP fans as the voice of noodle shop owner and Po’s adoptive father, Mr. Ping. I know him best as the voice of Daolon Wong, a powerful, evil wizard and Dark Chi Master whose goal is to become even more powerful and spread evil, either by use of his own magic or with the twelve talismans of Shendu or other magical artifacts he gets his hands on.

Amy Hill had voiced the stern, feisty, and overprotective mother of Tohru as well as Su, the former leader of the Ladies of the Shade, a traveling group of thieves.


westratenick: Only four more days til the end of #TurnAMC and I’m already missing the gorgeous set, designed by the brilliant Caroline Hanania. Here are some of her original sketches of it. Of course it only looks so amazing on the show because it was shot by the incredible Marvin Rush and the great William Wages. And the room really only comes to life when inhabited by the great John Carroll Lynch and all the other great guest stars and background artists we got to work with in here. The last two shots I took after shooting Episode 8, which was my last time in Rivington’s (Spoiler!). Thanks to everyone who made these rooms filled with life, especially our props department (Patrick, Kelly, Ski, Bert) and Sloane, Karen, Kate and Blue for tying that neckscarf perfectly for three years.


- Why don’t we stop pretending that I’m brilliant and you’re simple, for one moment?


“Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.” - Jeff Eastin

Why I Love Steven Universe

Can we talk about how much I love Steven Universe?! And completely putting aside how awesome the actual show is, let’s talk about the diversity for a second.

¾ of the main cast are actors of color!

Estelle as Garnet

Michael Dietz as Amethyst

Deedee Magno as Pearl

AND one of the four main characters (and really the best one, IMO) is a black woman with a badass afro!


WHO IS ALSO not just queer, but is the embodiment and personification of the lesbian relationship between two characters.

Ruby and Sapphire (yes, I know gems are technically genderless, but they identify/present as women and use she/her and ultimately that’s what the audience sees, so it’s still important queer female representation)

Whose voice actors are also women of color

Charlyne Yi (Ruby) and Erica Luttrell (Sapphire)

And there’s definitely some Les Yay/implied romantic feelings between Pearl and Rose Quartz, if one-sided (Pearl).

Rose and Pearl fuse into Rainbow Quartz

Actually, a lot of the fusions are incredibly Les Yay:

Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite

And there are so many side characters of color:

The Fish Stew Pizza Family

Mr Smiley

And so many great guest stars of color:

Godfrey (Kofi Pizza)

Reagan Gomez-Preston (Jenny Pizza)

Toks Olagundoye (Nanefua Pizza)

Sinbad (Mr. Smiley)

Matthew Moy (Lars)

Kimberly Brooks (Jasper)

And one amazing mega superstar of color as a very memorable character:

Nicki Minaj (Sugilite)

AND Steven’s love interest is an Indian-American girl

Connie Maheswaren

All of this is just to say how nice it is to look at a cast and character list and see such diversity. And the show is just so freaking spectacular. It really stands in stark comparison to those projects where characters are whitewashed and the casting director throws out the old “we hired the best person for the job” line and it’s some bland white person who can’t act themselves out of a paper bag.

YAY Steven Universe, and YAY Rebecca Sugar the FIRST WOMAN to create a show for Cartoon Network (and she’s not even 30 yet!)!

Can I just say how beautiful The Walking Dead is? Not only it features great storylines, cliffhangers, action, zombies and stuff, but also GREAT characters.

It represents minorities. Right now we have three leaders: a straight white man and HE’S NOT A CLICHE, is a good, brave guy who respect his people and deserves the world, we have a POC (aka Ezekiel the super hot and smart and funny and loving and kind and caring King) and a woman, my Queen Maggie Greene-Rhee, who lost EVERYTHING and still shines and fights and smiles and helps everyone. A white man, a black man and a woman.
We have Rick and Michonne, an interracial couple who is the MAIN couple in the show and it is a beautiful and healthy relationship.

We have a lot of gay characters and it’s the bloody apocalypse. In a regular show we’re lucky if we get one or two characters and here they managed to give us FIVE queer character, Tara, Denise, Aaron, Eric and Jesus (and I’m pretty sure that Alisha is going to be with Tara somehow I HOPE).

There are a lot of POC characters, GREAT characters, not just guest stars: Sasha,Michonne, Rosita, Morgan, Ezekiel, Gabriel, Tyreese, Noah, Bob, T-Dog.

We have a LOT of interracial couples. I mean, we had Glenn and Maggie. Rosita and Abe. Abe and Sasha.

We have strong independent women, we have Maggie, CAROL (an abuser survivor who became a warrior and she’s precious and strong and brave and I love her), Sasha (I’m gonna miss her so much holy shit), Michonne, Rosita, Tara, Enid and the list could go on and on.

Even Daryl, who could be a total cliche, is actually a very good character and he has a good heart, he’s loyal and brave and sensitive.

It’s a bloody zombie!apocalypse show and it still manages to represent all kind of people, all the minorities and it features amazing and not stereotyped characters.
The Walking Dead is beautiful and is precious and I love it and I WANT SEASON 8 RN.

30 Days of Call the Midwife (2017)

Day 27–Favorite Female Guest Star

Liz White as Rhoda Mullucks 

Rhoda Mullucks has been in three episodes, and from the tone of 6x07 I don’t think she’s coming back, but she and her family made a strong impression and Liz White gave such a wonderful, memorable performance in each of the episodes in which she appeared. As a mother who won’t give up on her baby, deals with the guilt of having taken thalidomide, and then continues to deal with challenges as her beloved daughter Susan grows up, Liz White gave an incredible performance. It’s been a remarkable story, and Rhoda has been a remarkable character.

There have been so many great female guest stars on this show, so I also wanted to mention 2 others that stood out to me–Victoria Hamilton as Iris Willens in the 2015 Christmas Special, and Sinead Cusack as Dr Myra Fitzsimmons in the 2016 Christmas Special. 

anonymous asked:

i started watching the west wing and wanted to know why you liked cj so much? and who else do you like & why?


and by that I mean she is a flawed deeply human woman with a backstory and insecurities and hope and compassion and fabulous dress sense and playfulness and snark and anger and love interests and the singular ability to play the press briefing room like a finely-tuned violin

plus, in a white house of egos so large they practically eclipse the seal of the president she’s one of the characters who is consistently shown to be open to learning, approaching even big block of cheese day nutcases with a humility that you don’t get from anyone else, but at the same time fiercely determined to prove herself equal to the yale-and-harvard statistic spouting beltway inside players despite not really being from this world, and (spoiler) it’s her who ascends to chief of staff, the hollywood import who’d never even run a campaign before and I mean

CJ comes at this from a place of compassion—not ideals, like sam and bartlet, not from personal ambition and drive, like josh, not even personal loyalty, like toby or leo. CJ does what she does because she feels, and fucks up when she does for the same reasons. She is so angry so much, about people hurting and people being maligned and from one of the tallest podiums in the world she lifts her voice, even when it’s not great for the guys she’s supposed to be protecting

(it’s not a perfect voice—I’m not going to pretend the west wing isn’t a tv written by and for white liberals whose boner for clinton lasted out the 90s, but I’m a sucker for the siren song of idealism and dramatic monologues full of SAT words so it’s hard for me to be impartial on this topic)

and just I really love CJ I’m not sure how she came into being or how aaron sorkin managed not to seriously screw her up in some way but she’s really fucking important to me. Her existence as a female character who’s scared and angry and regal and clumsy and admired, so admired, admired for her courage and righteousness and intelligence and savvy…it has been and is so important to me, in so many ways.

anonymous asked:

I 100% agree with you that Jonah and Shawnee was the standout storyline of season 6. Do you think we'll see more Shawnee in season 7?

God I hope so.  

In case my recaps didn’t make it clear, I LOVED Shawnee and pretty much everything to do with that storyline.  Veep always has great guest stars but I honestly think she’s the best they’ve had (with the exception of Hugh Laurie as Tom James, whose praises I could sing at some length). 

Part of it is writing, of course - I liked Margaret Colin, but frankly, Dan’s storyline coasted a LOT on her sheer presence, because the writing for Jane McCabe was pretty damn shallow - and the actors playing Brie and Stevie never really got much to do (okay, Brie got to be gorgeous…).  

But Shawnee’s character is written extremely efficiently from her very first appearance, which is why I think the whole storyline is so effective.  She’s better written than Jaffar, frankly (which even more than Jane was a case of coasting on the actor’s natural charm - which, to be clear, he had in spades).  

I also thought she had very natural, relaxed chemistry with Tim Simmons, which always helps.  You kind of got the feeling that, as appalling as he is, she did have some tiny smidgen of affection for him - and seeing Jonah be so completely whipped (not to mention besotted) was delightful.  

Why is Jonah so besotted?  Because Shawnee is basically Dan with boobs and slightly less talent, and if there’s one thing Jonah likes it’s an attractive person who’ll shout at him and call him stupid.  And if you think I’m reaching with this one…I have evidence (and yes, I squealed with joy when this happened, because I’m twelve):

My dream would be for Jonah’s entire Presidential campaign to be a desperate attempt to win Shawnee back - it seems exactly the kind of stupidity he WOULD engage in - but… he never mentioned her in the final episode and she did dump him immediately after he’d been circumcised… which, I could be wrong, but that seems like the kind of thing that would put a man off for life.  (I can’t decide if I want Jonah losing a part of his genitalia to become a running joke or not… I do find it hilarious, but I also feel really bad about myself every time I laugh at it).

I think the critical consensus is that Shawnee was a Good Thing though, so hopefully the writers listen.

(It helped that Mary Holland is tall - when you realise how much thought goes into how the Dan-Amy scenes are shot so that Reid Scott doesn’t completely overwhelm Anna Chlumsky in the frame and inadvertently come across as threatening, it becomes clear… casting a love interest for someone as big as Tim Simmons must be a challenge, if only because of visuals).

  • glee season 1: CLASSIC
  • glee season 2: one of the best seasons of television i have ever watched. funny, emotional, great music and guest stars, well-written story arcs and character development
  • glee season 3: enjoyable
  • glee season 4: disappointing
  • glee season 5: shit
  • glee season 6: shit