great grand mother

Great Mother Lilith, I bring you deep into my heart. You’re like a fire in the night, the bright moon in the sky, the storm and the hurricane – destruction and love are in your womb. Mother and warrior, you’re both sweet and severe, a protector for all of us.
Hail Lilith.
—  Luciferia (lucifer-joker)
Crushing Waters [Part 4]

Hahahahaha my fingers hurt so much

Part 1 & Part 3 


“Gross,” He admitted, frowning. His mouth felt and tasted really weird. He shook his head and groaned as the room spun around them rapidly, fingernails digging into the blanket someone-was it Allura? Pidge? He sniffed the blanket, it was Pidge-had thrown around him. He felt something tear under his nails, “Feels like I just got run over and dunked in a river.”

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I'm a little confuse with the time line and generations in the Tog world. So Meave is a fae queen who is thousands of years old and her sister Mab is Aelin's great grand mother. While their other sister Mora is ancestor to the Whitethorn's line. Both Mab and Mora gave away their immorality to be with their mortal love. I guess Mab gave hers the last? because we don't know how many generation its been for the Whitethorn. Probably many since Meave regard Rowan as distant nephew compare to Aelin.

“So Meave is a fae queen who is thousands of years old and her sister Mab is Aelin’s great grand mother.”

-Yes. Maeve has somehow prolonged her life. And Mab is Aelin’s great grandmother on her mother’s (Evelin) side. Her dad’s (Rhoe) side she is a distant descendant of Brannon and Mala’s eldest child. I say Eldest because I assume child had heirs when they took the throne and it eventually trickled down to Aelin.

“While their other sister Mora is ancestor to the Whitethorn’s line.”

-I can’t remember off the top of my head but this sounds right. Yes.

“Both Mab and Mora gave away their immorality to be with their mortal love.”

-I can’t remember about Mora, but I believe that’s the story Maeve is peddling. But I’m not so sure it’s the truth. That owl that follows Maeve is a little suspect for me. And I also wonder if Maeve prolonged her life not by eating children, but by stealing it from her sisters or something. Anything is possible.

“I guess Mab gave hers the last? because we don’t know how many generation its been for the Whitethorn. Probably many since Meave regard Rowan as distant nephew compare to Aelin.”

-So the family tree in these books is wack and I doubt Maas will ever clear it up because it would be a small nightmare. Having immortal characters makes it hard.

So I don’t know off the top of my head about Rowan’s side. But we do know he is close enough to Maeve that he is sort of her nephew. We also don’t know what “nephew” means for the Fae. That could have a slightly different meaning when you live for a thousand years and don’t reproduce often.

So we don’t know when Mab gave up her immortality. But we know Maeve is a lot older than she should be. She was old when the first Valg war took place. And we know that was a thousand years before the ToG story starts. And as far as Rowan’s generation…. it’s unclear because Fae live so long and don’t reproduce often. So his parents could have had him when they were 700 years old. And they could be direct defendants. It’s just unclear. Immortality makes it a mess because we can’t go by the usual human standards. Not only that, of a human was bred into the line, that potentially alters future generations life expectancy. Some could be immortal, others not so much. So that all factors in. And it’s why I just don’t think Maas would give us a complete family tree. She might and if she did I would be HELLA impressed. But I just see it being more trouble than it’s worth. But who knows!

And I think if she wanted to, Maeve could make an argument for Aelin being her great niece or something like that. I just don’t know that it’s worth spending page time on it if it’s not relevant to the story. Rowan being a nephew was relevant because it means she didn’t rape him. Unless Aelin’s familial status is necessary to the plot I don’t know that Maas (or an editor) will include it.

I’m also not sitting with the books open in front of me either. There could be mention of stuff and I just totally forgot it. Sorry I’m not much help!

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I really find the american type of ancestry strange because I'm Bulgarian and I have a great great great great grandfather who comes from India but I would never call myself Indian? Do I find their culture fascinating? YES. But I wpuld never say I'm poc or Indian.

I find it strange too. I personally have a great grand mother who was Spanish and yet it would never cross my mind to call myself “Spanish” either. I can understand if it’s more or less direct ancestry, like say one or two generations removed, and especially if this is your entire family ancestry and therefore you still experience this culture every day in addition to the one of the country you live in. But calling yourself “German” or “Irish” or “Indian” because your ancestor came from there over a hundred of years ago all the while the entirety of your cultural attitudes are nothing but us-American is indeed very strange. 

But then again, maybe there is some cultural thing there that I do not fully grasp, which would be fair enough and maybe one of my US-American follower can enlighten me on this. 

That being said, this attitude really only become grating when US-American demand that we change what being “Italian” or “Brazilian” or “Korean” means (no longer just a word to describe a nationality, talk about “appropriation”) and act like they can speak for those cultures the same natives from the country their ancestry comes from can and are just as legitimate when doing so. Having ancestry doesn’t give you magical ownership over someone else’s culture and it’s not your job to speak for them and even less so to speak over them - and especially not if it’s to then force an US-centred narrative where it doesn’t belong. 


Happy 122nd birthday to Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanov! Who was born in St. Petersburg Russia on November 15th 1895. They named her “Olga” (which means ‘Holy”). The Tsar and his wife were not disappointed by the gender. They were happy and enchanted by their new baby girl. Though, Russia was not happy at all and neither was any of the Tsar’s family because they all wanted a son. Olga was a large baby weighing ten pounds and Queen Victoria (her great grand mother) had some comments on the new baby, little Olga had an “immense head” said the Queen. From her earliest years, she was known for her compassionate heart and desire to help others. The Grand Duchess as she got older was kind, witty, religious, sensitive, blunt honesty, moody and very serious. It was her personality – “open, somewhat brisk” as Queen Marie recalled – which marked Olga out for distinction among the Romanov children. The quietest of all the children, she was also the most thoughtful. Well-read, she liked to retire by herself for hours with a book, or sit and ponder life. She loved dancing, playing the piano, reading and writing poetry, she would constantly be writing poems.

“Remember that the evil which is now in the world will become yet more powerful, and that it is not evil which conquers evil, but only love” - Olga Romanov

Unfortunately, Olga and along with the rest of her three sisters, young brother and parents…were brutally and ruthlessly massacred.

Born: November 15th 1895; Alexander Palace, Tsarskoe Selo (St. Petersburg) Russia

Died: July 17th 1918 at twenty-two years old; Impatiev House, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Buried: July 17th 1998; St Peter and Paul Cathedral, St Petersburg Russia.

let’s talk about crying

kai is a quiet crier most of the time. lowered head, downcast eyes, fidgeting fingers interlocked. his eyes though, get red rimmed quite easily. when alone, he just lets his tears fall and doesn’t do anything to stop them as he ‘gets it over with’. or he just doesn’t quite know what to do.

mo sees it as a grave weakness. he’s come to this point of acceptance towards what his life brings that he doesn’t really cry as often as he turns it into anger. he throws things, gets physical the way he’s learnt from watching. when he does cry though, he laughs a lot, talks a lot.

despite being the quietest out of the three, and the least expressive, andrei is the one who cries most freely, doesn’t hold anything in, at least when he’s with his family, in which the only people who find it less decent are his grand uncle and great grand aunts. his mother’s cooking is ultimate comfort.

I developed a theory (like rn) that since we all were reading PJO and those books in elementary and middle school, now we’re at the age where we all know gayness and homosexuality and like it. So RR was probably like “They were so little, so I’ll give them what they want since they’ve been with me for practically 7 years”

and then he decided to make that cute kid Nico gay

well done Rick, well done

Some Michael Jackson black history...
  • Michael’s great grand father Nero Jackson was half Choctaw Native American and half black, and was a slave. He once attempted to run away and was beaten almost to death by the plantation owners. When he ran away for a second time, he was caught and this time they held a hot chimney rod over his nose to brand him, leaving him for dead, however he survived once again and continued working on the plantation. When the slaves were freed he took on work as a Native American shaman, skills he’d learned from his father. He managed to earn enough money to buy farm on land of his own, but when he became old, a white man said he would help take care of the land for him, and as Nero didn’t understand all the documentation, he tricked Nero and stole the land from him.
  • Michael’s great grand mother Mattie was the product of a slave and the handicapped white daughter of a plantation owner. Because the baby was part black, the plantation owners didn’t want her, and so they left her outside at night to die. They reconsidered only when they realized the baby would also be considered half white, and therefore they could be punished for having let her die. Still refusing to care for her because of her race, they then sold her to another family.
  • When Michael’s grandfather Samuel, married his wife Crystal, he was afraid of KKK reprisals as she was half white.

Bit of sadness…

I’m part Native American, but no one in my family, not even the side with Native blood, knows what our tribe is.

My Native blood comes from a great grand mother. She was most likely adopted, which is probably why my grandfather never answered my mom when she asked what tribe I am descended from…

I want to find my tribe… Does anyone know how I can find out what tribe I am from?

All's Fair In Love & War [Prologue]

Summary= When Lucy finally joined Fairy Hills High, she never imagined she’d end up wrapped in prank war with the boys rival school , Fairy Tail. Or, that she’d end up falling for that pyromaniac boy who has this habit of kissing her whenever they’re in trouble. [Nalu AU]

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 1453.

I know I already have other on-going stories, but I decided to write what I want whenever I want or feel inspired to, so I have no regrets in posting this. I am really excited about it and its plotline, and hopefully it will not be that long :) Hope you enjoy! And I know this is short, but it’s only the prologue!

When her father told her that she was going to be to another school, Lucy really expected some fancy, private one with a high level of education. After all, her father longed for her to be a fancy lady some day, just like her mother.

And yes, she was happy about the change. To be honest, she never liked her old one.

Since it was a girls only school, it was full of envy and gossips and nasty comments on how other girl tied up her hair or how much of red lipstick she’d put on that morning at six am. It was an overwhelming part of the students, which left the nice ones in the shadows, waiting to be their next target.

Not a study mood at all, and not even the library was safe anymore. Even if she used to spend her free time there, walking around and feeling the rough texture of old books against her fingertips, and smelling that drug scent of a new book. Oh, how she loved going there. It was truly sad when more girls started to go there, and not for a good reason.

But something that she’d miss from there was the nice Math teacher that had enough patience to explain the same exercise to her like three times before she could do it alone. Where would she find such a sweet person? God bless Mrs. Audrey.

And she’d also miss throwing herself over the bed on her room after a really long, tiring day of school.

Because her father wanted to sent her to a boarding school.

“I’m so going to miss you!” Michelle cried into her shoulder, squeezing life out of Lucy. The blonde smiled and patted her cousin’s head.

“There, there, it’s not like I’m going to leave to another country or something,” Lucy reasoned, but the girl kept crying.

“But… but I’ll still miss you!” Michelle continued her soap opera, sniffing her nose.

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Yo. So, I seem to be on a Godlike!Characters kick. Problem is that most of them turn into badly-written harem fics. (At least all the ones I seem to find do.) It's not too bad in the HP fandom, (On a Pale Horse by Hyliian was a good read and great find), but I'm a warier person now. So, I wondered if you knew any good Godlike!Character fics, specifically for Tsuna from KHR? (I would love to see Reborn's reaction and if Tsuna never had a clue.) Love your work and wish you good health.

I don’t read a lot of these (and yeah, some tend to go the harem direction for some reason), and definitely not many for KHR, but I can rec a few with godlike (more like just powerful instead of godlike) characters that you might like:


Beneath a Veil of Bitter Ice – gothraven89

It is the day of Loki’s trial but all is not as it appears, and by the end of it Thor’s world lays shattered . Thor will need all the help he can get, and who better to aid him than Earths mightiest heroes as he begins a desperate search for someone he thought he had lost.

[Final Fantasy VII]

Once More, With Feeling – Illusor Meaneld

If you could start your life over, knowing how things could turn out, what would you do differently? Cloud is offered this chance, and tries to change the future, but he quickly discovers that fate and destiny play a high stakes game.  (Time Travel)

The Fifth Act – Sinnatious

Cloud has an accident with a Time materia, and finds himself in the middle of the Wastes at the start of the Wutai War. There are people to save… and for that, there are three people who need to die.  (Time Travel)

Rock Bottom – esama

In which Cloud is so not doing this again. Except then he is.  (Time Travel)

Ultima – esama

If things had ran their natural course, he would be an omega - but very little about Cloud Strife was natural these days.

(Not precisely omega-verse. It has the hierarchy dynamics, but not the biology.)

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Just One Touch

In this world, confidence and dominance were two traits that many cherished and required in order to survive. The Lions had their place as the leaders, ready to put whoever in their place an ensure that all went according to plan. They were the leaders, royalty even when the lowest of the lions had nothing but a small home. They were better, bigger, stronger. Or so they made themselves out to be. The world was clear cut, but lines were beginning to blur.

In the past the Cheetahs were seen as weaklings. Animals incapable of strength of figuring out their paths, but within the last fifty years Cheetahs had risen as strong business partners. A race capable of rising back up and in a way being the under-dog. No one really knew how it happened, it just did. 

And they were the first race to have their first guards. After the trend of dog shifters being their protectors, the others decided to try and recruits some of the lower shifters as their protectors, too. Lions had wolves, sometimes they had rhinos, elephants. 

The trend caught fire and spread. But for the Cheetas they stuck with their guards, because in reality they were more than just dogs who could protect them.

They anchored the Cheetahs, gave them that sense of calm that let their bodies relax when it was wired tight. With just a touch sometimes they could get the Cheetahs’ hearts to calm down and just soak in what was happening. Their secret anxiety was kept under the lid, their ability to work, to hunt, to become animals of the world became known because for once in their lives they could just breathe.

Derek Hale was apart of a family that was up in the high ranks. His parents owned a few businesses and several acres of land. They were highly renowned considering his mother’s great grand-mother figured out the solution for calming their kind down when the poor, anxious woman became friends with a canine shifter who could hold her hand and make her feel like the world wasn’t going to explode.

He was the only son from his parents and naturally was expected to carry on the name of their family. At the age of five he had been given his first guardian. A beautiful woman who would smile at him and tell him stories while her baby boy stayed close at the age of two. She taught him how to be calm in some situations, how to be brave in others. And when to just walk away.

But when he was thirteen, after the death of his beloved guardian, her son, Stiles, had been assigned to him. It had been hard at first to really adjust considering Stiles and Derek would at times tip toe around each other or Derek’s anxiety turned into grumpiness that made him mean and dismissive when they were younger. But when the time to help Derek actually came, Stiles had been there, and Derek trusted him with everything.

In the hotel room now, at the age of twenty-five, Derek fumbled with his button up shirt. His fingers kept fumbling and he would look down, afraid to look in the mirror while he got dressed. He had to go to a dinner meeting to discuss some of the contract with a freaking alligator, but Derek couldn’t quite get his shirt to button right. He thought about how he would have to sit down in front of the woman and talk about money, space, labor, everything.

And while Derek knew what to say, while he knew every word, he just inhaled shakily and rolled his eyes up as he dropped his arms and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His shirt was buttoned up wrong, every button moved up, making his shirt look tilted when it should have just fallen easily across his torso.

Those hazel eyes flashed a golden yellow for a moment before he just growled and scrubbed his palm over his head, frustrated. “Dammit,” He hissed.