great goat

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This is just a short college story, not public school so I hope that’s okay

So I’m going off to college this year, and our mascot is a goat. Idk if you guys have ever done the how many goats quiz, if not look up “goat quiz” and its the first link, it tells you how many goats you would be worth as a dowry. Someone posted it to our class facebook page as a poll so now we are all sharing our worth as goats, its great. Im worth 7


Think about Papyrus and Asriel having a good time like watching stars, taking photos,watering flowers, joking with Sans, being good friends

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Foreign Object
Mountain Goats
Foreign Object

the Mountain Goats - “Foreign Object”
Live at City Winery 12/04/2015

Sink my teeth into your scalp, take a nice big bite
Save nothing for the cameras, play the angles all night
One of these days my legs will both snap like twigs
If you can’t beat ’em make ‘em bleed like pigs

I’m gonna jab you in the eye with a foreign object
I’m gonna stab you in the eye with a foreign object