great genes


“You can stay up after midnight!”


Some of my favorite Donald gifs … simply adorable 💋!

1 - 6    “Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952  with Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly 

7 - 10  “Call Me Madam”, 1953  with lovely Vera-Ellen

1-3, 5-10_created by miyulivingdead 💖

4_created by thejennire 💖

Great work, thank you so much for your efforts! Love these gifs so much 💋! 

Sometimes I wonder how great genes ancestors from Lee dynasty must had:

It’s usually like this. I find out about some new korean actor and I find him so hot and his family name is always Lee. Like..

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the 616 is a goddamn mess
  • inhumans: declared war on the usa bc the office of national emergency confiscated the terrigan crystal after they almost started a war w/genosha. parked their city in new york then blew it up, activating the terrigenisis bomb which spread mists all over the world and created hundreds of new inhumans and caused the mutant population to decrease/die bc of bullshit reasoning. always starting shit w/ mutants
  • 616 citizens: the inhumans are great :)
  • avengers: cause millions in property damage bc they can't stop fighting each other every ten minutes. always starting shit w/ mutants. nosy as fuck. always interferring where they don't belong. usually to start shit w/ mutants
  • 616 citizens: the avengers are amazing holy fuck
  • mutants: born with the mutant gene through no fault of their own, just trying to live their lives. caused damage sometimes but it was nearly always due to somebody else starting shit w/ them. just wanted to run a school. made their own mutant island but nobody would let them live in peace. children are constantly murdered and no government officials seem to care. literally could live in space and the avengers would still try and start shit w/ them. just want to have a nap and live their lives
  • 616 citizens: fuck mutants!!!! they should die!!! freaks!!!

Memories are so easily lost,

Memories are quick to be forgot,

The brain is so willing to fall for Manipulation.

A simple trick,

Really, just a basic illusion.

It could be easily broke,

By another, whose power lies in creation.

But I guess that’s too bad for you,

No magick, your out of luck.

It’s not like I take pleasure.

In making everything fall apart,

Okay. Well. I suppose i’m being dishonest.

I can’t help it, It’s just so easy

To make your whole life a lie~

Oh, so you want to take a gamble.

In this risky game of chance?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

About it’s deadly, murderous dance.

And there he goes

My own dear brother,

I bet he doesn’t even wonder.

What manipulation can do.