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Gene decided to make cookies for them with what ingredients she got from her travels. And well, we know she can’t cook so well…soooo it’s her attempt at making them. Jack of course finds them disgusting, and even though they don’t taste very good Jess defends!

Oh my god, in last night’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob takes Gene to a laser light rock show at the planetarium (super important to Bob, because it was his favorite when he was a teenager, and this is the last night before they’re closing the exhibit because it’s old and no one goes anymore, also it’s Bob’s birthday), and Gene has no idea what he’s in for, but he gets pumped for it anyway ‘cause Bob’s so excited about it, and finally they get in there and they’re watching it, and Gene has a sensory overload and kinda starts freaking out ‘cause he can’t handle it, so Bob takes him out and they sit in the car for a bit.  Gene’s angry because Bob didn’t tell him it would be so loud and scary, so Bob offers to play the album for Gene at a normal volume, and Gene starts to enjoy it, so he reclines the seats, takes out the cigarette lighter, tells Gene to pretend it’s a laser, and starts drawing in the air, explaining the plot to him (it’s like a full on Pink Floyd or Rush-esque rock opera about a bunch of robot overlords telling rockers that they can’t play music anymore, and one Rebel rising against them).  Gene gets really into it and decides he wants to see the finale of the laser show (which Bob regards as a life-changing experience), so they sneak back into the planetarium (there’s no re-entry allowed) with a few tricks that parallel the story from the album, and watch the climax of the show together (Bob fashions some earplugs for Gene out of a napkin).  On the way home, Bob’s asking Gene how he liked it, and Gene says “I loved it!”, Bob asks him to speak louder ‘cause his ear’s are shot, and Gene yells, “I LOVED IT, DAD”.  Bob yells back “I love you too, Gene”.

I FUCKING!!! CAN’T!!! DEAL!!!! WITH HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS!!! I know i don’t talk about Bob’s Burgers a lot but this show is flawless and charming and gross and funny all at the same time, the characters are written like people with actual fears and anxieties, and unlike a lot of comparable shows, the comedy doesn’t come from the family being pitted against each other, it’s always the family against the world… I love it, I love it, it’s so pure and refreshing and still somehow manages to be funny without sacrificing it’s heart, and I fuckin’ love it, please watch Bob’s Burgers holy CRAP okay I’m done.


Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly … two of the greatest dancers of all time!

“Nobody else in the business could have taken the beating I gave Donald O’Connor in ‘Singin’ In the Rain’ … Donald comes from vaudeville. He’s disciplined. I’ve seen him rehearse a step a thousand times.”

 ~ Gene Kelly ~

“Working with him? Yeah, he was miserable. No, we had a great time together… I was never offended by Gene, I love the guy too much.”

~ Donald O’Connor ~

And I love you both too much, you sweet guys ❤!

G̰̬̩̥͈̻̰͉͎͕̭̭͓͖̏̂̔ͩ̍ͯ͋̌̎͂ͨ̚͟͝͡ ̆ͬͯ̈́ͧ͒̈́̎͐ͧͧͭ̓ͫ̚҉̵͙͓͇̣̪̰̭͉̩̳͍̪̼̹̹̠̤ͅO̢̳̟̼̠͑ͨ̑ͤͫ͒ͫͬ̃ͤ͘͡ ̴͙̳̻̜̓̾̈́̎̇̏̓͒ͤ͢͟͞O̧̤̪̳̩̯̫̹̭̦͓̝̯͑̑ͭ̽ͭ͗́̎ͥͣͥ͆̔ͩ́͘͝ ̽ͮͮ̎ͮͯͯͥ̿̏͟͟҉̻͇̟̗͙͇͝͝D̸̓͆́̽̎͏̧̰̱͕̗̻͚̼͍̭͉͔̦̟̰̘̺̭̦̬ ̈ͪ͛̉͑̊ͣ͋͒ͨ́̕͠҉̬̣͚̼͓̫ͅB̶̰̟̣͓̟̺̣̻̝͓̲̝̭̦̙̲̱͊̉̌̿͒͂̒ ̗̬̘̤̥̬̹̙̦͚̤̪̯̩̲͂̄ͦ̾̓̒̎ͤ̅ͤ̈́ͬ̔͊͜͡Ỷ̻̼̱̱̝̟͓͕̌ͣ̍ͫ͒̊̿̏͡͠ͅ ̵̵͓͎̮̬̺̺̞͙̞̎̈́̏ͯ̈́̾́͞͞Ḛ̸̷͈͎̤̯̭͒̒ͩ͋͆͂͛̔̍͐͊̅ͮ̅̍ͪ ̱͔̣̤̜͇̻͓̮̥̃ͯͦͬ͗̍ͭ̅́̕͜͞

Byun Baekhyun//True Colours

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Summary: You attend a supernatural college, and after an eventful first meeting, you develop a heavy dislike for Baekhyun, as he’s your natural rival - a vampire. But things are strange for you, because as the months go by, you can’t figure out if you’re simply using the rivalry as an excuse to avoid facing your fears.
Scenario: college!AU, supernatural!AU, angst
Word Count: 7,599

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Evans not only knows how to tap dance (just ask any of his co-stars, who frequently comment on his awesome dancing skills), but he’d love to star in a musical. “I’m looking to find one,” he said, adding, “I love Gene Kelly, he was great. Wouldn’t it be great to do a [Gene Kelly] biopic or something like that?” Or Guys & Dolls! “That would be great, too,” Evans said. “I did that in high school.”
—  Chris Evans, E! interview (March 2017)
If Atheists Sounded Like Christians...
Imagine what it would sound like if atheists started talking like Christians...


“I’m not an atheist. I’m just a follower of reason.

Oh, hi, new neighbor. What library do you go to?

I love believers. I just hate their beliefs.

I have a personal relationship with reality.

You’re religious…? Oh… well, I’ll think for you.

You don’t act like a Christian. You’re really open minded.

Oh, God loves me? Well, Darwin explains you.

Axial tilt is the reason for the season.

I do good in the world because it’s the atheist thing to do.

The universe works in non-mysterious ways.

Oh, stop complaining about my beliefs. You just hate reason. But it’s okay. Reason loves you anyway.

I just found a great parking spot! Thanks, random chance!

We all have a truth-shaped hole in our brain.

Conservatives are waging a war on science!… (wait, that one makes sense.)

I know it’s frustrating that your glass shattered on the floor, but remember: Gravity has a plan for you.

I would like to thank great genes for my team’s victory tonight.

A lot of people reject atheism because they just don’t want to obey the laws of physics.

With science, all things are somewhat probable.

You don’t accept evolution? Then what’s stopping you from murdering people if you don’t think altruism guides your biological fitness?

Just because you don’t believe in evolution doesn’t mean you didn’t evolve.

Deep down, I know you really believe in the scientific method.

You don’t accept science? That’s just because you haven’t gone to the right natural history museum yet.

If you don’t accept evolution, then why do you talk about it so much?

I’m not worried about death thanks to the grace of my telomeres.

A peer-reviewed journal said, I have no reason to doubt it, that settles it… unless new evidence becomes available.

Before we eat, let’s bow our heads and give thanks to the farmers who cultivated and harvested this food.

Just you wait. When you’re on your deathbed, you’ll finally ask for medicine. I heard Thomas Aquinas recanted right before he died.

There will be fire and brimstone and Earth will be destroyed!… in several billion years.

Why don’t you just try not being delusional?

Behold! The Christian’s nightmare. Now if you study a well-made banana, you’ll find that it’s a consequence of evolution. Artificial selection, in this case.

I’ll spare you all my screams of “Oh, Darwin!”

The point is that we’d sound like jerks. Arrogant. Condescending. And that’s what a lot of Christianese sounds like, too.”

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kylo-is-my-bad-bae  asked:

One of my friends is a redhead and he can't go outside without getting sunburned to some degree so I imagine hux as hating the sun for always burning him and taking immense satisfaction in destroying suns with Starkiller XD

hahahaha I’ve seen plenty of fanart where Hux gets sunburned as a boy and swears revenge on the sun 😂


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)


Some of my favorite Donald gifs … simply adorable 💋!

1 - 6    “Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952  with Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly 

7 - 10  “Call Me Madam”, 1953  with lovely Vera-Ellen

1-3, 5-10_created by miyulivingdead 💖

4_created by thejennire 💖

Great work, thank you so much for your efforts! Love these gifs so much 💋!