great gays

As much as I love Ed and Os and the Nygmobblepot dynamic, honestly I am here for the whole prequel Batman thing before anything else. If I wanted a romance story I wouldn’t be watching Gotham (because nobody gets happy ever after in this city).


When you’re organizing your book collection, and you rediscover a treasure you’d forgotten you owned…this is, according to the book jacket, “The original 1785 alternative dictionary of ‘the vulgar tongue’…” And just look at that definition of “Buck”…

@thelittleblackfox, I think maybe you and @theprinceofprinces would really appreciate this little gem…

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I want a girlfriend and I want to hold her hand and walk with her and kiss her under a streetlight as the snow flies around us and I want to lend her my jacket when she’s cold or borrow hers it doesn’t matter I just wanna share clothes with her and I want us to build snowmen and make snow angels and celebrate Christmas together and get each other gifts even though we didn’t agree to do that and drink hot chocolate and share cute kisses under mistletoes and wear oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks and have lots of blankets and cuddle and be really soft and I just really want a girlfriend to keep me warm during winter is that too much to ask

no offense but i don’t trust anyone who says shit like “don’t force your headcanons on other people!!!!” cause 100% of the time the headcanons they’re referring to are diverse headcanons lmfao. i’m a bisexual trans latino man, if i want any fucking representation i have to fucking do it myself with headcanons and you bet i’m going to talk about them in my own personal space. no one says you have to fucking adopt my and other people’s diverse headcanons, but i’d just encourage people to really think about why they’re so upset about people talking about these headcanons