great gatsby sweatshirt

McKirk University AU

If you guys like this, let me know! I’ll write more, get some actual storyline going. :)

“Seat is taken.”

McCoy was so tired of repeating the phrase over and over again to each new coming stranger that couldn’t find a free seat in this god forsaken library. He didn’t even bother to look up, knowing he would just see yet another disappointed looking face that would just huff and grumble at him. The seat wasn’t actually taken, he just didn’t feel like sharing his medical book space with some oxygen filter that would try to make small talk. He was busy dammit. With three tests and two pre-lab reports due in the upcoming days, he was elbow deep in sleepless nights and caffeine pills.

“Is it actually taken? Or are you just too much of an asshole to have anyone sit with you?”

McCoy went wide-eyed at that, looking up and ready and rearing to rip a new orifice into whoever had the balls to say that to him.

“And who in the hell do you think you ar-“

McCoy went a little slack jawed at the man standing before him. Tousled blonde hair, thick rimmed glasses slightly askew, Great Gatsby sweatshirt, but the eyes. They were so blue they put the deep hue of his sweatshirt to shame. McCoy almost stopped himself from the ass ripping.


“Listen here asshat. You don’t come around here to my table, and call me an asshole.”

Blondie smiled. SMILED. “It seemed like the best way to get your attention.”

“Well it worked, and now I’m mad.” But, he wasn’t actually. Not anymore, it was actually kind of funny. But he couldn’t let this cocky asshole win.

“Okay, okay. I’m really sorry. Would you let me sit here if I introduce myself and promise to be super quiet?” Blondie adds his biggest smile, trying to be cute. “Pretty please? This is the only seat left.” He adds, batting his eyelashes.

McCoy contemplates saying no. “Fine. Sit down.” He huffs, scraping his thick textbooks more towards his half of the table.

Blondie grins even wider, pulling out the chair and plopping down. He extends his hand across the border of his half and into Leonard’s.

“Jim Kirk. English major, art minor, and all around future homeless man.”

McCoy gets a laugh out of this and takes the hand offered.

“Leonard McCoy. Pre-med.”

“Pre-med? Impressive. Must be a ton of work, but then again, what major isn’t?” Kirk states.

McCoy almost argues, but notes the deep dark circles hidden behind Kirk’s glasses. Leonard had never really thought about it that way. He always just assumed those in the pre-med or pre-law track always had it the worst.

“So, whatcha studying?” Kirk says, derailing Leonard’s new train of thought.

“I have to memorize all the bones of the human body. Scientific names and what order they all go in.”

“Damn, that’s the worst. I thought it was bad enough that I had to memorize Catullus. Let alone all the bones.”


“Well technically, the poet is Catullus. But I had to memorize a few of his poems. This time around it was poem number 30.”

“Yeah? How does that one go?”

Kirk smiled at McCoy’s peaked interest. He pushed up his glasses and takes a deep breath before beginning.

“Alfenus, thoughtless and deceitful to your congenial pals,
Have you no pity whatsoever, hardheart, for your beloved friend?
Don’t you now hesitate to betray me, to mislead me, you rogue?
Nor are the wicked deeds of treacherous men pleasing to the gods.
Like this deed you overlook: deserting me here wretched in my woes.
What are men to do? Alas! Tell me! Or in whom should they place trust?
You, indeed unjust, kept ordering me to entrust my soul,
Leading me on into friendship as if everything were fine.
You, that same person, now withdraw yourself, entrusting to the winds
All of your words, all of your deeds, carried away nebulously.
Even if you choose to forget, mindful are the gods, even Faith,
Who will make damn sure that you regret your deeds afterwards, my friend.”

McCoy was impressed, he never could have memorized poetry. He was never very good at English, always choosing biology and mathematics over anything else. Kirk was quite the enigma to McCoy, a new puzzle for him to play with. He quite liked it.