great gatsby

1920s Slang we should bring back for the 2020s:
  • Dewdropper:A lazy person
  • Giggle water:Alcohol, liquor
  • Bee's Knees:An extraordinary person/thing/idea
  • Butt me:"Can I have a cigarette?"
  • Cat's Pajamas:See "bee's knees"
  • Dolled up:Dressed up
  • Egg:A rich person
  • Flapper:A stylish, opinionated modern woman
  • Get a Wiggle On:Get going
  • Heebie-Jeebies:A spooked feeling
  • Ossified:Someone who is drunk
  • Putting on the Ritz:Doing something with style
  • Swell:Wonderful.
Great Literary Themes for a Wedding
  • Romeo and Juliet:Poison the wedding cake.
  • Jane Eyre:Halfway through the ceremony, a deranged-looking woman in white runs screaming down the aisle.
  • The Great Gatsby:Reception is set casually around a pool with a body floating in it.
  • Pride and Prejudice:The groom begins his vow with 'Against my better judgments, I have fallen in love with you.'
  • Lord of the Rings:Destination wedding at a volcano; when the officiator asks for the rings to be presented, throw them into the lava.
  • Watership Down:Serve rabbit at the reception.
  • Catcher in the Rye:Tell everyone they're Goddamn phonies, but invite them to the wedding anyway
  • The Raven:Every line of the vows must end with either "Lenore" or "Nevermore."
the signs as literary heroines
  • Aries:arya stark
  • Taurus:katniss everdeen
  • Gemini:daisy buchannan
  • Cancer:daenerys targaryen
  • Leo:ginny weasley
  • Virgo:hermione granger
  • Libra:hazel grace lancaster
  • Scorpio:holly golightly
  • Sagittarius:violet baudelaire
  • Capricorn:elizabeth bennet
  • Aquarius:margo roth spiegelman
  • Pisces:luna lovegood