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‘the first thought is you, 

                    the second is you, 

                                the third is the city and the house, where you are.

                                                                                          The fourth is erased.’

the great gatsby!au cherik ♡
mysterious mr. Gatsby - Erik Lehnsherr;
magnificent Daisy - Charles Xavier;

Erik believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther… And one fine morning… So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Kissing Tropes (SLBP) Part 1

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I hope you like this. Obviously there is a part 2, Its just a lot to write at once. 

“Kissing tropes that are giving me life right now”

1. when A grabs the B’s face and says “please - please” before devouring B’s mouth without waiting for a response - 


A solid month had passed since you had last seen him. You leaned on the railing of the watchtower, noticing the tell-tale signs of the troops returning from the war. But could you see him? Could you? A bustle and a shout brought you out of your revere.  

There, they were coming back, going through the gates.

You took off in a run, almost slipping on your kimono, making it to the courtyard just in time to see those familiar eyes lock with yours. He was alive, he was safe. You were in his arms in an instant, a gasp leaving your throat as he twirled you off the ground.“Lord Yukimura!” You cried out, throwing your arms around his neck, letting him lower you to the ground. His cheeks were flushed, his clothing stained with blood, it had been a bad battle. You reached up, cupping his cheeks with your hands, pulling his face close to your own. “Yukimura” You murmured, your voice softer this time as his eyes drifted over your body, a yearning, pleading gaze.

“Please - please” He all but groaned, capturing your mouth in a heated kiss, pulling you against him. You returned the kiss just as fervently, your body yielding to his touch, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

That is until…

“Come now, little lord and lady, you both realize you’re in public.”

 2. person A missing the first time they lean in and just catching the corner of B’s mouth and waaaaaaaaaiting for B to come in and fix it            


You ran your hands through your lover’s hair, relishing the softness of his pale locks. His eyes were closed, for once a contented look on his boyish face. You let out a happy sigh, idly scratching his scalp as you leaned over and pressed a kiss to his forehead. His eyes opened, their beautiful color meeting your own.

“Taking liberties now?” His sleepy voice sounding petulant. You laughed softly, tutting your tongue at him.

“I would never, Milord.” This was your favorite time to spend with Ieyasu, at the end of the day where he could be himself and you could love him as himself. He shrugged, leaning up and kissing the side of your mouth, falling back onto your lap and looking at you expectantly. 

You blinked, staring at him in surprise…Had he…missed? A soft blush was on his cheeks as he pouted at you.

“Well?” He huffed, looking at you.


“Aren’t you going to continue?” He tapped his lower lip with his hand. “Or do I have to punish you for disobedience.”  You shook your head, a different kind of sigh leaving your mouth, before leaning your face down, pressing a kiss on his lips, only pulling away to respond to him.


3. having to lean against each other when they pull back because the world is spinning and they just. cannot. breathe. yet. 


His lips were so warm in the coldness of the room. You shivered at the temperature difference, snuggling yourself closer to his warm body. His arms wrapped securely around you as he nipped your bottom lip drawing out a soft whine of discomfort from you. He used the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.

The silence of the room was only marred by the rustling of clothes and the occasional moan as your tongues battled for dominance. You did your best to ignore the light-headedness forming in the back of your head as you let yourself get lost in the moment, giving yourself over to the feelings of his desire. 

Finally, your lord Oda deemed it fit to pull away. You let out a soft gasp, panting and falling against him, pressing your forehead against his. His smirk couldn’t hide his own rabidly moving chest. Once you caught your breath you let out a laugh, kissing his cheek playfully. 

“Is that all you got, lord Nobunaga?” You fell back against the futon, eyeing him mischievously. “I want you to show me all of your divine rule.” 

4.foreheads pressed into each other’s, sharing breath, until they dive back in for more because they thought they were done but they so were not.


He was smiling at you, that beautiful boyish smile that made your heart sing. His cheeks were flushed a lovely pink color and you couldn’t help but run your hand across the skin, enjoying how it make the flush deepen, and blushing yourself when he captured your hand with his own, bringing it to his mouth and kissing your fingertips. His warm breath hit your lips making you shiver. 

He was so close, his forehead pressed to yours, your body tangled against his. You loved this.The tranquility of being tangled against him, safe and loved, sometimes made you want to cry.His breath was still coming out in short spurts, his panting evidence of what you two had just been doing. 

“Masamune.” You breathed, brushing your nose against his. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” His tone was shy, like it always was, but his action wasn’t, as he tilted his head up, kissing you softly, and then not so soft.

“mm, Masaa-“You moaned into the kiss, returning it in kind. 

You weren’t really done after all. 

5. that ‘oh hell is this actually happening?’ moment before it actually happens.


You weren’t entirely sure how you ended up in this position. Mitsunari on top of you, a furious blush on his face and you staring up at him wide-eyed. It had happened so quickly. You had just been returning a book, what had happened? You’d slipped, he’d reached for you to steady you, you’d both gone down and now…and now. 

Well he was so beautiful up close wasn’t he?

Blinking, you looked at him, confusion mounting with every second that passed.

He wasn’t moving. He was staring at you, the flush on his cheeks refusing to go down, and your faces were so close-

So close.You could kiss him. 

Oh yes, you could kiss him. 

You were going to kiss him. 

Your hands moved to cup his face, pulling him close to you, your lips meeting his softly. You smiled into the kiss, even as his body went rigid and then relaxed. 

There were some perks to being older.