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Hey Rad! You mentioned the situation with SW is scary for you- sorry to hear that. Imo you're super cool & nice; no one has any reason to be antagonistic toward you. I truly hope you don't feel targeted by any of this. To help clear things up, SW is- IMO- discerning, intelligent, and portrays themself as a great ally for 🏳️‍🌈 folks- overall very respectable. Coming from someone you respect, phobic comments are 100x more hurtful; hence the strong reaction. Please please stay safe! 💛💙 Flare

swamp wizard is gay and trans dude

I sat perched on top of a small crag watching the rising sun creep up the Ogwen Valley, casting vast shadows from the surrounding mountains. For a good 20 minutes I had the entire place to myself with only the sound of birds and sheep to accompany me. 

At this point after having this image featured in an extremely boring unfunny overexplanatory “tumblr meme archive” article on the washington post i just want to make it clear to everybody that i honest to jesus made this image myself its fake and youve all successfully killed all the humor in it by putting it on fandom whatever a million times in which the “happy stock image of donkey” funny context is lost anyway folks great job sucking every droplet of marrow out of yet another young image that could have been funny in its simple self for years to come dont overuse and dissect memes let them live on in dignity

Abstract Lust (Night ver.)
Eren Yeager
Abstract Lust (Night ver.)

Another Character Image Song of Eren, only released at the Tokyo International Forum on the 3rd of July, 2016! It features Eren’s seiyuu, Kaji Yuki and is composed by Kohta Yamamoto, who has been recently involved with Sawano in composing the newer Character Songs for Season 2.

This is the Night version of the song, while there is also a Day version.

You can also hear the lyrics “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” in the chorus, which may or may not be a foreshadow to Season 2′s OP, as it was an iconic phrase during Season 1.

A very happy June solstice to Pagans everywhere

In the Northern Hemisphere, its Midsummer for us; in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Midwinter.

I hope wherever you are and whatever your faith may be, that you have many years of health and joy ahead of you on this earth.


There was an attempt



I saw someone call bendy a demonic croissant and I couldn’t let it go, that’s such a great name. here’s a silly comic.

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