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Ingredient - Honey

Magical Properties

- Honey can be symbolically used to stick things together. It can be used in binding spells, adding stability to relationships, and put on poppets. It’s good for binding spells because it can be undone fairly easily too.
- It’s used similarly to sugar; to sweeten a person or situation to work in your favour.
- Honey is an excellent offering to gods and spirits.
- A dab of it can be used in attraction, love, lust, and sex magic.

Medicinal Properties

- Honey is great for cold and flu treatment. Raw and organic honey is preferable as it is an antibacterial and is high in antioxidants.
- It can be used in an ointment for treating wounds, burns and cold sores.
- Honey will help in muscle building; a teaspoon of raw organic honey after a workout can induce an insulin spike, allowing your muscles to get the most out of the workout.
- It can be used as a weight loss aid. Honey can cause changes to the metabolism that will help curb sugar cravings.
- Honey is also an excellent hangover remedy.

So of all the junk I’ve posted here thus far, my Winter Palace outfit status update is the one that seems to have struck the biggest chord….

Story time: When I originally posted that bit on reddit someone commented on it with “Wow fuck you Dorian.”

As if Dorian himself had actually said the line. As if they were personally offended on behalf of the formalwear. As if I’d caused a horrible beef to erupt between some internet stranger and Dorian Pavus.

I still think about that sometimes.

hc: robbie loves to eat at waffle house (aka insomniac food heaven). one day after he hasn’t been seen around much, sporto finds him there and joins him in the booth that he’s claimed for the past few weeks.

Robbie has more waffles and sporto orders two eggs over easy (and coffee bc robbie insisted that it was necessary. He was right). They have a Deep Diner Conversation that lasts all night

Foodie Friday: Garlic Rosemary Chicken

- Skinless, boneless chicken breasts
-Black Salt (the edible kind, not the witchy kind)
-Garlic, crushed
-White Wine
-Olive Oil

1) If you have the flaked black salt, gently crush it into workable pieces. If you’re using dried rosemary instead of fresh, grind it with the salt in a mortar and pestle (or food processor - I prefer working it by hand so I can have more control over the consistency). Preheat your oven to 450 degrees (Fahrenheit).

2) In a baking dish, combine olive oil, rosemary, salt, pepper, garlic, and zest from the lemon*. Place your chicken breasts into the dish and coat them with the oil blend. Slice up your lemon and give it a nice squeeze over the dish, then add the slices to the pan.

3) Place your chicken into the oven to roast until done - the internal temperature of the chicken should be at 165 degrees (Fahrenheit). About halfway through roasting, add a splash of white wine to the pan (both for flavor and to help keep the chicken moist).

4) Serve, garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a slice or two of grilled lemon. Excellent with rice!

*Tip: If you want to ensure plenty of flavor in your chicken, it’s best to make the oil blend ahead of time. In a jar or other container, add fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon zest, and a slice of lemon. Cover this with olive oil and allow it to rest. By infusing the oil in this way, you’re guaranteeing a flavorful chicken!

Magical Ingredient!

It sometimes amazes me how sometimes a single, seemingly simple plant can do so much for us both magically and practically. And sometimes, these very same plants are used as much for decoration as they are used for medicine, food, and magic! It’s difficult to see anything to dislike about rosemary, and many witches are agreed that rosemary is one of those “necessity herbs” - that is to say that if there had to be any kind of herb in the cabinet, it should be rosemary.

This hardy shrub has been used for medicine and food for about as long as humanity has lived in the Mediterranean and Asia, and has been cultivated worldwide because of its survivability. It is fairly resistant to cool climates, and thrives in areas with milder climates. Various cultivars have been developed, either to increase flavor and leaf size, to increase flower production, or to allow it to grow as ground cover.

Its medicinal properties are varied. As a tea, rosemary is excellent for providing relief for mild headaches and congestion. As such, this herb is a great cold and flu remedy. When made into a tincture, rosemary can help with migraines and can help regulate menstrual cycles. The tincture can also be used to help with heavy blood flow during menstrual cycles and can be used to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

The Greeks and Romans made use of rosemary for helping to improve memory, as well - wearing a sprig of fresh rosemary or sleeping with it under a pillow is said to help a student retain more information. This tradition continues today, so much so that rosemary oils are bought en masse by students during exam season.

In food, rosemary has many uses, but is typically used to flavor stuffings and meats, while also imparting a strong aroma. The flowers are also edible, and sometimes used both as a garnish and cooked. 

Because of its characteristic scent, rosemary is also frequently used in cosmetic products and incense, as well as cleaning products, further enforcing its versatility!

Traditionally, rosemary is worn in remembrance for fallen warriors and soldiers, giving it an association with both memory and death. This goes back into the past as well, with sprigs of rosemary added to a casket before burial to protect a deceased loved one in the afterlife and to protect the grave site.

Rosemary has a strong association with protection, and is used in incense much like sage for smoke cleansing and purification. Its shape naturally lends itself well to making brooms and besoms, adding an extra punch to cleansing spells involving those brooms. On top of all of that, it has been used to assist in exorcisms! Because of these associations, rosemary can be used as a substitute for frankincense!

During the middle ages, rosemary was used as a love charm, worn by all attendees to a wedding. For bride, it was also a fertility charm.

For sympathetic magic, rosemary can be added to poppets, bags, and jars for fertility, love, luck, lust, protection, cleansing, money, so on and so forth. Taking dried, powdered rosemary and using it to feed these spells is particularly helpful, and is fairly easy to come by.

All of these same associations can be used in the kitchen for tinctures, oils, and foods. For new witches, rosemary is not only potent, but also very easy to enchant as it takes up intention very well!

The list goes on and on. In short, rosemary is exceptional for nearly any spell and purpose. Whether experienced or new to witchcraft, spend some time with rosemary and see what kinds of benefits it can bring to you! It is certainly an herb perfect for witches of all paths!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

Awkward Attraction (Part 3)

Pairing: Roan / Reader

Warnings: Sick, Fluff, Angsty (slightly maybe), swearing (Minimal promise) 

AN: They’re getting closer guys!!! They’re totally getting closer. Anyway since i’ve been sick myself the past week this was definitely how i would have gotten better alot quicker. 
I’m enjoying these little one shots, and will be continuing to post them as a bit of light relief between trying to write ‘Thief’ ‘Surivial’ and also getting out a final chapter of ‘My Saviour’ 

Part 1 for Awkward Attraction 
Part 2 for Awkward Attraction  

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So maybe the stunt with the plates and attacking the cook hadn’t been your best idea ever but you were just having so much fun winding up King Roan with all the tiny pranks and trouble you were creating.

Abby had long since given up trying to stop you, probably fed up of the persistent arguments and unchanging outcomes. Meaning you were free to bother the king to your hearts content.

Roan got the most adorably perplexed look on his face every time he saw you now. Just waiting to learn of the newest craziest stunt you had pulled.

Today though there would be no pranks, no stunts or tricks to drive him mad. As it was you could barely manage to keep your eyes open never mind lift your head from the pillow. You weren’t often afflicted with illness, unfortunately though when it hit, it hit you hard. Knocking you flat on your back for days, and not in the enjoyable way.

You hadn’t heard your door open and would have jumped if you’d had the energy when Roan’s face appeared above your own.

“It was too quiet. Now I know why?”

“Why?” you croaked, concern coming to his face at the sound of your voice.

“Because you’re still in bed. Why are you still in bed?”

“I think I might be dying”

Roan reached out and laid a hand on your forehead where your skin felt as hot as a weapon forging furnace even though your skin was tinged with green and you were shivering.

“You aren’t dying”

“How can you know that?” you demanded as he got up to go over to the water bowl in your room wetting a cloth. “Since when did you become a doctor?”

“You have flu Y/N not some deadly disease that’s about to finish you off” he snorted “mores the pity” Roan carefully put the cloth on your head as you scowled at him. Trying to cool down your skin.

“It feels fairly like I’m going to die”

“Would you like me to fetch Abby?” he trailed the cloth down to your neck and upper chest but wouldn’t go any further. “I’m sure she can confirm my untrained diagnosis”

“No” you grumped, upset but not willing to admit it that he had stopped moving that cloth any further down your burning up body. “She’ll just want to prod and poke at me” anyhow you knew Roan was right and you did just have the flu. You just liked complaining. “Could you please pass me that water glass?”

Roan smirked “Look at that she knows how to say please”

You felt like growling at him and his sudden nailing of sarcasm. He did however reach over and get the glass of water from the table by the bed. Slipping his hand under your head to lift you up slightly so you could take a sip of water.

The water soothed your raw throat but your head appreciated being put back down on the pillow.

“Are you really ok?” he asked you, concern tinging his voice.

You’d closed your eyes when he’d laid your head back down but managed to open them once more, focusing on Roan’s face. “You mean apart from the mammoth headache, razor blades in my throat and general nausea? Sure I’m doing just great”

“Good to know flu doesn’t affect your sarcasm”

“Roan please I’m too tired to do this right now”

His eyes flew open in shock “Roan?”

Shit. You’d used his name. Too tired to focus on what you were actually saying. You were also too sick to really care though, you’d think of something dreadful to do to him when you were well again.

“Sure, Roan”

He actually smiled, properly smiled as he reached out and gently pushed tendrils of hair out of your sweaty face. If you’d been well you’d probably be concern about how your stomach flopped around at the touch of his fingers to your face. As it was you had the wonderful excuse of flu to hang those fluttering’s on.

“Just sleep Y/N”

“I don’t take orders from you Roan”

Laughing he got up heading for the doors to your room once more. “Whatever you say Y/N. Just stay in bed”

You really would have tried to do the opposite of what he’d told you if you had any energy whatsoever. You hated thinking that he had gotten the last word in your seemingly never ending game of wits. However, as it was you were barely managing to win against sleep as it was. You definitely weren’t getting out of this bed anytime soon.

So surrendering with what little grace you had left you closed your eyes letting sleep take you under.

Get Well Soon - Jihoon (Woozi) Fluff

Originally posted by woozibye

Request: Hey hey! Can u please do a Seventeen taking care if their sick gf please? Thanks a lot! (A/N: I already have a multi-member thingy for this and Jihoon has zero requests, so I decided to show our little cinnamon bun some love.)

Word Count:1259

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Jihoon (Woozi) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: Being sick is never fun in your opinion, but your boyfriend strongly disagrees with you on that.

A/N: Guys, I’m really sorry I haven’t posted. I’m not proud of this because I feel like you guys expect better quality, but a friend of mine passed away Saturday and everything has been a huge mess since. Anyway, sorry for any errors and I hope this is at least mildly entertaining for ya’ll. xx

 When you woke up that morning, you had already known that the whole day would be similar to hell. 

 From the moment that you finally forced your eyelids to open, your throat was extremely sore. Your whole body felt as if it was on fire, yet chills seemed to shake through your entire body every few seconds. Even the slightest movement caused goosebumps to prickle up the entirety of your skin as what could only be described as pins and needles pricked at your arms and legs. The light that beamed through your bedroom window caused a radiating light to blind you, and no amount of blinking helped. All you could do was let out a painful groan, which just so happened to bring the realization upon you that you were not in bed alone.

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Stuffy Nose

Request 1: Can you do an Evan imagine where he’s ill and ends up getting you sick and feels bad about it (FLUFF) thank u so much if you do this forreal 

Request 2:  Bby can you do one where he’s sick and you take care of him? It would be awesome if you could! I love your imagines

I always loved the cold days, specially because I got to sleep next to the love of my life, Evan. The storm outside our bedroom’s window was getting louder than ever, but it was pretty cool to be honest. It was romantic, at some point.

Evan was holding me close to his body, hotter than usual. 

“Are you okay?” I asked touching his burning forehead “I think you might have temperature” 

“Maybe” he whispered “my head is hurting pretty bad” 

“Let me see” He had, indeed, a little bit of fever. Nothing to worry about, though. “Stay here. I will get you some tea and a ibuprofen, you’ll feel better in matter of minutes” 

When I walked into the room, he was asleep. I woke him up so he could take his medicine, and his face showed me how sick he was. 

“Don’t wake me up, (Y/N)” he said sounding a little bit rude. 

“You must take your medicine. Thank me later” 

“Could you…” he said before he cough “bring me some tissues?” 

Great! He had the flu. With a hot tea and some sleep he would feel immediately better, but I hated it. I went to the bathroom to find them, and then I laid next to him as he drank the hot tea. I touched his red nose playfully and he smiled a little. 

“Thank you, baby" 

"Don’t worry” I said kissing his forehead “now try to rest, tomorrow you have to work" 

"Ugh, I know” he complained “I’d love to stay right here with you, to be honest" 

"Me too, but you know…" 

"Yeah, yeah, the responsibility and blah” he said sounding funny because of his stuffy nose. I hugged him and he rested his face on my chest, breathing slowly. He fell asleep in matter of minutes. 

The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I could hear Evan cooking something, but no matter how hard I breathe, I smelled nothing. 

“Hey there” he said crossing the door with some coffee and eggs “Thank you for what you did last night. I made breakfast for my special girl" 

"I’m glad you’re feeling better” I said and immediately notice how stupid my voice sounded. I had a stuffy nose. 

 "Oh, (Y/N), I’m so sorry" 

“I’m going to kill you” I whispered. I tried to get up fast but as soon as I did it I almost fell to the floor. I was feeling really dizzy and my head was hurting badly. 

“Stay in bed, I’m going to get you a ibuprofen and make you some tea…”

Peace, Love, and Happiness Tea

This tea tastes great and has awesome properties meant to bring relaxation and love into your life!

  • Chamomile - this is the base of the tea. Fantastic both physically and spiritually for relaxation and peace
  • Lavender - used for relaxation and calmness (I associate it with easing anxiety and depression as well, though this is not meant to replace any other medical diagnosis/medication). Can be used to induce sleep as well.
  • Peppermint - physically helps digestion and brings relaxation. Is spiritually associated with money and love
  • Dandelion leaf - naturally contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, and is said to help with stomach issues. Spiritually is associated with wishes/happiness
  • Sweet orange peel - orange peels are loaded with vitamin C, especialy great for cold and flu season to boost immunity. Spiritually associated with love and happiness! 

Combine the ingredients in a tea ball, using primarily lavender and chamomile as the base of the tea. Steep in hot water and enjoy!

Monsta X as Walmart Employees

Requested by anonymous
A/N: This was pretty funny because I was told we were going to Walmart as I was typing this up and I was like “come again? Did you actually say Walmart?”

somehow always ends up sleeveless, be it his own attire or having to roll up his sleeves so much (for whatever reason) that there are regulars who visit just to see his defined arms. gets asked out more than he gets asked about Walmart stuff. grabs things from higher shelves for people having difficulty getting it or just want to admire his nice build. that’s his voice you hear announcing throughout the store “cleanup on aisle 7, cleanup on aisle 7” and 11/10 times he’s the one cleaning it up. acts as the supervisor at times. he’ll tell his coworkers to do something, but he ends up doing it instead. he doesn’t mind it, knowing the others have their own respective tasks to attend to. when he takes on closing shift, he’ll dance as he cleans up the aisles and readies the store for the next day. probably the most proud of his coworkers without realizing that they aren’t as hardworking or completely as competent as he is. but it’s okay, he dotes on them as though they’re his brothers.

mans the entertainment center. you’ll most likely walk in on him playing one of the video games and he’ll most likely use the same excuse of testing the game out or doing live advertisement. cringes, turns away from, and blocks his ears when the fifty television screens behind him showcase any thriller or horror ads. gets scared (jumps and yelps) when there’s a surprise from whatever the televisions are playing … even though it’s the same shit getting replayed every thirty minutes. even the kids point and laugh at him. and he’ll quickly compose himself and make himself appear even more buff when he tells the kids to shut up. if there’s an attractive person, he’ll immediately dart to the books section and pick up the nearest nonfiction novel to ‘read’ through. lols @ him because he once accidentally picked up “Fifty Shades of Grey” and didn’t realize it until he gave that person a wink and charming smile and they returned with a piqued brow and a glance down at the novel. oh, and if you have any queries about cameras, he’ll offer himself up as the model for the pictures.

customer service clerk. you want to return something? good luck. while this overly optimistic and positive employee always wins employee of the month (like the wall for this award is basically his mural … or archive of all the different hair colors he’s tried), he’s also the one you don’t want to deal with when you say an item is faulty or that you aren’t interested in it anymore. he’ll wear his perfect smile as he politely asks you what your reason is for the return and delves deeper into things that you don’t even think correlates with the item or the fact that you’re returning. you’ll end up walking out of the customer service queue after a two hour wait, even though there was only four people before you (30 mins per person), feeling healed when there wasn’t anything to be fixed and wanting to buy more things from Walmart. so, good luck returning your purchases. sometimes he works at the cash register where he’ll happily remark what you’re getting. gets pretty awkward if it’s personal hygiene or intimate stuff. gets worse if he makes dirty assumptions. one customer got Kleenex, hand lotion, and chips; he said the first two things out loud and snickered like a immature teen “enjoy yourself then revitalize with chips, huh?”

the pharmacist and optometrist in the store. tends to exaggerate your symptoms when he reads your prescription or checks your sight. one time, he thought someone had diabetes from the white spots that showed up during the eye exam, but it turned out that Jooheon forgot to wipe the lens clean. other times, he’ll gasp or make remarks that don’t really make you feel all too positive about what you have. you just have a cough? he’ll let out a low whistle and mumble how it could lead to something worse. he’s like you googling up your symptoms and reading that you have a number of days before cease to exist. the elderly always have a near fright attack whenever they visit him. there’s always high concern that he’s giving the prescription to the wrong person, but his sight is just fine. except for those couple of times he thought someone lost their sight (after they entered the store on their own with their own two eyes), but he realized he was also wearing glasses and the lens countered the machine’s lens.

in the beauty section sometimes. has this resting bitch face so while it may look like he doesn’t care for your questions … he probably doesn’t care. works so he can get discounts and the experience so he can work at the more luxurious brands one day. if he mans the fitting room and if you have no one to ask how you look, I’m sorry, but there should be a sign that says “don’t ask Hyungwon how you look”. he’ll criticize your choices, roll his eyes, then heave out a sigh when he has to get up from the desk to walk you back to the clothes and essentially be your stylist for 15 minutes, providing you tips on what makes you look good and what straight up makes you look bad. then he’ll start talking about your hair and whatever else you have on or lack of. you’ll come out of the fitting room area as a completely different person. a better version, according to Hyungwon. and when he’s not staring blankly at nothing, he’s on his phone. he’s brave enough to take a call and even hold a long conversation while he works. who said customers come first? he just waves them off while he laughs at a ridiculous thing his friend said over the phone.

no one really knows what his actual position is or what station he’s supposed to cover, but at least he works. there are times where you’ll catch him rapping along with the music or jamming to it with the broom when he’s supposed to cleanup the spill he accidentally made when he knocked over a series of drinks from his hyper dance moves. sometimes he’ll make announcements about deals and whatnot. but everyone always regrets having him in control of the mic because he’ll also have control of the radio and music player so he’ll DJ even though he’s not supposed to. also, he’s probably the most directionally challenged person you’ll ever meet. you want to know where the fruits are? he’ll happily guide you to one end that ends up being the sportswear section, then to the other side where the pet food is at, and so on and so forth until you brand a wide smile and lie that you don’t need to find the fruit anymore. let’s just hope he doesn’t come across the music section with you. he’ll sidetrack his tour and talk about the latest releases and recommend his favorite albums.

sometimes he’ll be the one awkwardly greeting you as you enter the store. prepare yourself for lame jokes and out-of-this-world puns from a guy who pretends to shoot you while also trying to do a wiggle or dance. like, what even, dude? when he’s not greeting you, he’ll be saying thanks for visiting and checking your receipt for your purchases. sometimes he’ll go off topic. okay, who am I kidding? it’s ALL the time. you thought Minhyuk held up his own line with his deep talks and psychological questioning? I.M. will triple check your receipt and match them with the items you have on hand then strike up a conversation with you about it. it goes a little something like this: “so you have Kleenex, hand lotion, and chips. you getting sick or something? bad running nose? our pharmacy has a great collection of flu medicine. dry hands, huh? you may want to try applying body lotion after each bath. oh, and those chips are recalled. ok, have a nice day!” p.s. don’t try to steal anything, you don’t even want to know what will happen when he finds that you have one too many things in your possession.

request for a Monsta X scenario/imagine/reaction! < masterlist >

maxwellandlovelace  asked:

2,3,53 please! 😘😘😘

Sorry T, that this comes a bit late. My youngest has the flu…so great times at my place at the moment :(

2. Favourite part of writing

Just the whole creative aspect really. I like creating scenes and events and playing around with the characters. I also like when someone hits me up with a lovely comment about one of my stories. It makes the hours and weeks you spend in front of your computer more rewarding.

3. Least favourite part of writing

When motivation and creativity is lacking. That’s when a lot of self doubt comes into play too. Unfortunately that’s where I am right now.

53. What does writing mean to you? 

It’s been so important and rewarding for me. It’s allowed me to learn, meet new people and step out of my comfort zone. It’s given me a creative outlet that I don’t have in my life and its allowed me a sense of escapism and freedom.