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Humans are Weird

I love the whole ‘Earth is space Australia’ thing, so here’s my contribution.

What if aliens don’t have fiction? What if everything they document is pure fact. And they assume that humans do the same.

These aliens already fear and respect humans. After all, humans will do anything to survive, protect their friends, they can bond with literally anything, live in anything from sub-zero to halfway to boiling temperatures, take risks 'for fun’ or 'to see what would happen’, they can and will keep going under pressure and if injured. They are extremely creative and can find a solution to get out of any situation. Nothing can stop them once they have their mind made up.

Humans. Are. Terrifying.

And then aliens come across human fiction. Except they don’t realize that it’s not real.

Imagine their surprise when they learn about mythological creatures and supernatural beings. Imagine their astonishment when they discover that humans have survived many, many apocalypses. Imagine their fear when they realize that a rather large portion of the species has powers whether through a mutation or straight out magic. Imagine their horror when they realize that humans could easily take over the universe if they ever felt like it.

Aliens passing the word around, telling of the great feats of 'Superman’, 'Matilda’, 'Neo’, 'Korra’, 'Potter’.

And then comes the question: why haven’t the humans taken over? What could possibly be stopping them?

Maybe, the aliens surmise, the humans don’t realize how simple it would be to take the universe for themselves. Many aliens beleive that this theory is correct and swear that they’ll never bring it up to a human. Others think that humans just want to be friends with other species and, seeing as aliens are already terrified of them, decided to keep their abilities a secret.

Of course a few aliens outright ask the humans why aren’t they using their 'secret abilities’. And they receive two very different answers. Some humans laugh and say that they don’t have any powers. That their 'documents’ are fake. And then there are the humans who that like to mess with the aliens and say that they are 'sworn to secrecy’ or that they are 'biding their time’.

Inner Demon

Sun in the 8th (or Leo in the 8th house cusp): The will, that brilliant and majestic will. That will that is equally driven toward self destruction, the will that is relentless about fighting for the right to live. The individual bonds with lovers so profusely that they imbibe the purpose of their lover as part of their own

Moon in the 8th (or Cancer on the 8th house cusp): The inner demon waits and expresses through emotional energy, deceiving the individual into believing they are at hostage to these wild emotions. Through the ego-loss of the 8th, the individual can separate the self from the emotion, understanding emotion as transforming, insightful experience and not the captor 

Mercury in the 8th (or Gemini/Virgo on the 8th cusp): The demon resting in the mind, crawling into thoughts to contaminate them, easily destroying others with words. The individual may identify these thoughts as part of themselves. Realising the inner monologue is separate from the self deflates these mental experiences opens the door of free flowing intuition from the unconscious

Venus in the 8th (or Taurus/Libra on the 8th house cusp): The demon is projected onto lovers, the demon waits in the heart’s desire, its compulsion its consumption, can harmonise the forces of light and dark. They can sensitively draw lovers into a magic cauldron of sexual experience, revealing everything including soul 

Mars in the 8th (or Aries/Scorpio on the 8th house cusp): The rage, the carnal urges, the desire to consume. The swords for invisible battle are raised, but in this the individual accomplishes great feats in the material world, especially in terms of relationships. The intuition is focused toward exhuming connections with other people, settling for nothing less than magnificent 

Jupiter in the 8th (or Sagittarius/Pisces on the 8th house cusp): The desire to know, to have the answer, to relentlessly pursuit spiritual desires in the material world. The inner world is a portal to the ravaged and raised guru. Intuition conduits through the higher mind directly from the underworld, ready to cultivate the purest wisdom  

Saturn in the 8th (or Capricorn/Aquarius on the 8th house cusp): The ego, it’s grip on the self and its refusal to let go. The fears of relenting and giving into insanity. Vulnerability, letting go, and trusting the universe with its astral body is the place where the individual can master both worlds. Intuitive capacities can be mindfully developed and primed

Uranus in the 8th (or Aquarius on the 8th house cusp): The tendency to hold onto lost life, lost circumstances, lost loves, and lost lifestyles. The overturn of change is tremendous, when the person submits they can experience multiple lives and conscious experiences that become purely elevating, facilitating bursts of ingenious psychic activity  

Neptune in the 8th (or Pisces on the 8th house  cusp): The desire to seduce the feeling of death, of seeing how far they can go teasing the ledges of consciousness. It’s about extracting wisdom, healing, and peace through the quality of these experiences rather than destructing through quantity escapism. This sense of elevation they experience must be transmuted into everyday life  

Pluto in the 8th (or Scorpio in the 8th house cusp): The allure and reticence associated with union. The individual must be mindful about sharing spiritual resources with other people, they can introduce something sinister. They can live from chaos to chaos, or they can charter their sensitivity toward conscious transformation of the whole spirit, as new energy flows, perspective must become renewed



Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion had answered a distress call. It had probably been stupid on xir part, but what was done was done.

A small ship, even smaller than xir, had crashed on a barren but breathable-to-most-species moon in the system of Hyaldnar. Xe had been making a delivery for xir mentor when xir communication system picked it up, and since xe was barely past adolescence, the journey of not even five rotations was making xem bored and seeing a crash site would be exciting. After all, it was probably an automated distress call, nothing could survive a crash to a rocky moon.

But there xe was, standing in front of a crumpled and burned wreck and the very much alive creature that had crawled out of it after perceiving xir pod landing. Imirrim cursed xir rotten luck, now xe would have to help the poor thing. Xe had been planning on just sight-seeing the wreck a bit, maybe later contact whatever species it had belonged to to tell it had crashed, if only to look good in front of xir mentor.

After a while of the creature gawking and baring it’s teeth at Imirrim, xe recognized the species as human, the fifth longest living space-faring species. Still, xe belonged to the second longest living, and Thalmors like xemself could outlive five humans each born at the moment of the previous one’s death. What had especially stuck from xir exobiology and alien anthropology lessons was humans’ way of expressing their emotions in strange and backwards ways, and their sheer capability to holding grudges. Great.

Imirrim approached the human slowly. It was approaching xem right back, still showing it’s teeth like it was attacking, but but humans expressed their emotions backwards, so that was good, right? Besides, the human was wounded and limping, and xe could outrun it if things went bad.

“Finally someone answered my call,” the human -a male, xe guessed- said as Imirrim was close enough. “I’ve been here for a week and I’m running out of water.”

A week? How was he alive?

“Oh, where are my manners,” the human said and extended the less damaged of its upper limbs towards Imirrim. “I’m Thomas Warren, from the human colony on Clyzma Al Carrim, farmer by profession.”

Imirrim carefully extended a cheliped to mimic the greeting, and did xir best not to flinch when the human grabbed it and shook it. “I am Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion from planet Skismin, apprentice to the Grand Navigator.”

“It is very nice to meet you,” Thomas said and shook xir cheliped some more before finally letting go. “You mind taking me off this rock?”

Imirrim shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. “Sure.”

“Great!” Thomas said and pulled his lips even further back, revealing even more teeth, more than could possibly fit comfortably into a mouth that small. “I’ll be right back.” He limped back into the small shipwreck.

Imirrim was regretting this. It wasn’t customary to help strangers, especially from other species, since there was no telling what they could do. Humans had a reputation of being unpredictable, especially when wounded. And this ‘Thomas’ was covered in wounds, some looking much too severe for anyone to possibly survive.

Thomas emerged from his wreckage, carrying something that was clearly important if he was willing to retrieve it from a wreck while severely wounded. “So, Imirrim, was it? Where are you headed?”

Imirrim led the human to xir pod and helped him climb over the threshold. “Back to Skismin. You can get better help there.” If he stayed alive that long.

“Lovely, you’re a real life saver,” Thomas chuckled. “I’ll owe you one.”

To Imirrim’s surprise -and relief- Thomas did not die during the two rotations’ travel back to Skismin. He talked xir auditory membrane off and after a while filled the pod with the faint stench of alien blood, but all things considered he wasn’t the worst passenger. Once xe had docked the pod back on Skismin and had helped Thomas and his bag of belongings (which turned out to be an assortment of small possibly decorative items, data storage devices, clothes, and even a few ordinary rocks one could get anywhere but that were apparently ‘cool’) to the nearest emergency clinic, Thomas turned to xem one last time.

“If you ever find yourself in a bad spot, call me,” he said with a serious expression xe had come to recognize during their time at the small pod. “I owe you my life, just call and I’ll pay you back.”

Imirrim stared after him for a long while before turning away and heading to tell the Grand Navigator that hir delivery was received and thanked for, and to tell xir mentor about human Thomas Warren.

After xe had told hir what had passed, Imirrim asked one last question. “Master, what does it mean when a human says they 'owe their life’ to someone?”

The Grand Navigator’s age-reddened crest rose curiously. “Like you probably know, humans are known for holding grudges and for being almost insensibly loyal. While they keep in mind all wrong that has been done to them, they do not forget a good deed done to them either. 'Owing one’s life’ means you have done something to them that they regard highly of, usually the saving of a life, and that they will do anything in their power to, as they say, 'return the favor’. Did this Thomas say this to you?”

Imirrim nodded. “Right before he went with the medical staff, he said he owes me his life, and all I need to do in a time of distress is to call him and he will come.”

The Grand Navigator raised hir upper chelipeds in a sign of pride. “You have done well, my apprentice. To earn a human’s favor is a feat of great bravery and compassion. One day, you shall become a fine and daring Navigator, like the explorers before us.”

Imirrim ruffled his crest at the praise. Maybe answering the distress call wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Time went by, and Imirrim progressed from an appearance to a novice and on, up the ranks, and eventually landed a spot as the head Navigator on the long trade ship Pochella, traveling at high speeds through barely charted nebulas and dangerous asteroid fields. Xe plotted courses through the densest of rock fogs and past dangerous gravitational pulls, and not once did his calculations for the course fail.

Xe had lived many more cycles, many more than a human could ever live. Imirrim had counted- xe had kept a distant eye on Thomas Warren in case xe would ever have a need for the favor he had claimed to owe xem, but the need never came. He had died fifty-seven cycles after xe had rescued him, or seventy-two years, as humans counted time, and even more time had passed after that.

Still, even after all this time xe looked back at him for courage when daily life was hard and xir spirit was down. Xe had met and worked with humans many times now and they all shared the same spirit Thomas Warren had had, but none of them had left quite the same impression on xem as Thomas, who had smiled and joked through nine rotations on broken bones and told fondly of his family and farm back on Clyzma Al Carrim.

Imirrim had plotted a course through a particularly dense asteroid cloud, a course that would save the ship a lot of time and fuel. The ship was nearly out of the cloud when the proximity alarm went off and something clamped into the ship’s hull. The computer showed xir an approximate hologram of the something. It was a smaller and armed ship attaching itself to their ship.

The Cieruna members of the crew -small, short-lived, and feathery things with nimble hands and a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields- were screaming in terror. Pirates, they yelled, we can’t shake them off, we’re all going to die. Shush, xe said, we will not die. I’ll call for help, be quiet.

Imirrim galloped to the unoccupied communication post and sent a distress message on all frequencies. “This is Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion, head navigator of the trade ship Pochella. We are inside the Halfway asteroid cloud. And we are under attack by pirates. Please help us.” Once the message was sent xe stepped away from the console and joined the crew in listening to the magnetic creaking of their hull in the morbid silence that had followed xir call.

The ship could not move, following the already plotted course with the extra weight and bulk of the pirate ship attached to them would be suicide, and finding a new safe route out without knowing the exact dimensions of the other ship was impossible, not to mention useless against the threat. All xe could do was hope for a miracle.

And a miracle xe got. Another proximity alarm sounded, and the computer showed an image of a charging mining pod, ten times smaller than the pirate ship and at least a hundred times smaller than Pochella. Outmatched, outgunned, it rammed the pirate ship and despite being hit by their lasers and missiles, it kept on pounding it with its grappling arms and mining lasers and asteroid bombs, everything it had. And finally, when the pod was leaking air and plasma and fuel into space, the pirate ship released its hold and retreated, engines sputtering and its hull dented and battered, and flew away from Pochella and the mad mining pod to safety of the asteroids.

“What was that? What happened? The Cieruna chirred and cheeped. “It is gone! We are saved!”

Imirrim was still looking at the hologram screen. The mining pod was all but destroyed in the short but fierce fight. Someone exited it, wearing a spacesuit and carrying something, and the pod engaged it’s barely functional engines and sped away leaving a trail of debris and smoke in its wake, until it finally exploded from the damage it had sustained a safe distance away.

Imirrim stared at the hologram for a moment, and shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. Xe input a code to the control panel and opened a small airlock near the creature that had saved them all. Xe set off from the bridge where xe was posted and galloped through corridors and climbed down stairs, until xe arrived in front of the airlock that had already closed and the creature that had successfully boarded the ship.

“Are you Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion?” The creature asked. Xe nodded, all the while looking the spacesuited being up and down. Four limbs, two for walking and two for holding. No tail, short neck but a neck nonetheless. No added room for fins or spikes or crests. It was a human.

The human handed their possession to xem -a lumpy bag that both felt and looked like it had rocks in it- and pulled off their helmet.

The human was ruffled and grizzled and had spark burns on his face and his eyes were serious, but he was baring his teeth in a joyous smile. He extended a hand to greet xem and Imirrim took hold of it and shook it.

“I am Stepa Warren,” the human introduced himself. “You rescued my grandfather from a shipwreck when he was young. He spoke fondly of you til his dying day. It is an honor to meet you.”


My dear newbie yarn benders,

I love you. You’re wonderful and fabulous and energized about seeing a cool project on the inter-webs and have finally said “yes! I think I could do that! This is the one that will get me into knitting/crochet” With all the excitement and joy in the world you go to the craft store, grab the coolest looking yarn (in the best color, duh) and the cheapest needles/hook you can find (If if needles are too intimidating, you opt for the knitting loom. It comes in a 3 pack! score!). You follow the instructions as best you can with dreams of your project turning out exactly like the professionally taken photograph. Oh my naive, beautiful newbie yarn bender, you are on a craft high. Head so far in the clouds that you don’t realize what has happened until it’s done. We’ve all been here at some point, no matter how skilled a person is. 

My lovelies. Please learn from the mistakes that have already happened. Take the time to learn about gauge and value the materials needed. I am most definitely NOT saying buy the most expensive stuff. I am saying that skien of yarn that is one dollar more will likely make you enjoy the finished product bounties more than the value of one dollar. 

Take the top picture. This was most definitely made on a knitting loom. Im personally not a huge advocate of these. They’re great for learning how knitting works. Not great for endless feats of creativity. You’re limited by the size of the loom which limits you to the size of the yarn as well as the size of the object you make. For something that will not ladder (the long horizontal bits between the “V” stitches) you need yarn thick enough to touch the stitch next to it when wrapped around the loom. In the case of the photo, yarn far too thin was used. 

The next picture looks like it could be arm knitting. Which was a fad I loved. Can we bring this back instead of those pony tail hats? The larger the needle, in this case your arm, the larger yarn you need. The original appears to have multiple yarns being used. Perhaps our newbie knitter didn’t realize that’s an option? Lesson here: Larger needles, larger yarn. Smaller needles, smaller yarn. 

The last picture. This crocheted hippo went through the stretcher! oh no! This is a case of right yarn, wrong size hook. When your needle/hook is larger than your yarn and you put it under tension (in this case, stuffing it) the created fabric will stretch (more-so demonstrated in the first picture). Amigurumi is also hard as shit. The people who do it very well are incredible talented. We should all bow before their prowess. Please don’t try an amigurumi (small figurine knitting/crochet) as your first or even 5th project!

General rule of thumb: if you don’t want holes in your work look for yarn and needle/hook approx same size in diameter.

Alas, you have returned for the craft store. Heading the advice you’ve gotten complimentary yarn and needle/hook. TIME TO START THE CRAFT JUICE!



“but whyyyy?” you whine

Because we must first test the yarn.

“But tests are boooooring” says the yarn. 

I agree, talking yarn. Tests are boring and terrible and holy crap tell you if you’re doing something right or wrong. This is useful information to know before creating something beautiful with your HANDS

Also my dear newbie yarn bender, practice makes a better yarn bender. Resist the urge to pump out something fast. Pinterst lied to you. It’s not going to take 1 hour. It will take at least 3 hours and two trips to the craft store. Accept this now. Knitting/crochet is slow ASF. Accept this now. Or find a different hobby. 

So loop on some stitches and knit or crochet your joyous heart out. Then measure it once you get around 5 inches. Count the stitches horizontally and vertically. Then refer to the chart above and make sure everything agrees. Got 12 stitches per 4 inches and using DK (3) yarn? Time to change needles sizes or get your gorgeous self some bulky yarn. Or get yourself some bulky yarn anyhow. Treat yo’self. 

i love you newbie yarn benders! Go forth and create and learn

<3 Stitch


Elias found a little friend~

Got my Elias nendoroid a little while ago and have been meaning to take some pics with it. Unfortunately an annoying cold made cosplay less than ideal so it had to wait. But now the cold is gone and after seeing the new preview for the MahouYome TV anime airing in October it seemed like the perfect time to bring Elias out to meet his little buddy :)

hi there, its qis here! i am so proud to announce and share with you all that i reached my first 1000 followers on this blog. its been a good year and yeah, its a slow feat but till this day, i cannot believe i have suchย wonderful people that follow this trashy ass blog to read my stories, reblog my shitposts and share my endless amount of love for 7 dorksโœจ. over this year, i met such extremely amazing friends and followers from all around this world, and i want to thank you all for sticking with me and this shitty blog of mine like srsly thank you so much i didnt think i would have made it this far ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

also a big fat JUICY THANKS to all my favourite writers and artists who have given me so much inspirations and drive to reach to where i am right now. im just a struggling amateur writer still in search of her style but being surround by such amazing writers and stories, i have never been so secure:) once again, a big fat JUICIER THANKS to my followers for supporting me, and my friends and mutuals who have been such amazing sisters to me๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

thought i would do another follow forever hehe. summertae is a sideblog and i will just tag blogs who also followed my mainblog @dulcetdaisiesย 

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The Signs As Aliens

Aries: Strong, fierce aliens with skin in various shades of red. They live on a desert planet in large adobe castles with their extended family clan. Known to be very protective, these aliens often battle other clans who threaten the safety of their families and are skilled warriors. However, they are very generous and family oriented during times of peace

Taurus: Small, entrancing aliens with flowing green hair and camouflaged bodies to blend into their thickly forested planet. Animal life is abundant and diverse, with many strange species that these aliens have tamed and live alongside as equals. These aliens are gifted with the ability to communicate with all types of life on their planet, flora and fauna

Gemini: Clever, winged aliens with small bodies that adapt easily to the many climates of their planet. Instead of four seasons, these aliens are accustomed to twelve and live in treetops or on mountainsides. Visitors find this species of alien to be tricky but kind-spirited, often telling riddles and playing pranks on any other species of extraterrestrials passing through their planet

Cancer: Kind, quiet aliens who live in large communities scattered across their planet, which is covered in pink vines and blue clouds that rain a sweet smelling substance similar to water but does not make the surface of the planet wet almost constantly. Small and delicate in stature, these aliens are tougher than they look and often go on dangerous missions throughout the galaxy to deliver care packages to planets in need

Leo: Regal aliens with banded gold and pale pink skin and wide, bright green eyes. They live on a warm, sunny planet covered in white sand, palm trees, and cool, crystal-clear streams. Proud and sophisticated, these aliens live in jewel-studded palaces and welcome visitors to their planet. But be warned - enemies of these aliens face certain death at the jaws of vicious, huge feline creatures that roam the planet and only obey the command of native aliens

Virgo: These aliens have deep purplish skin and dark, shimmering hair. They live on a planet with a mild climate and a permanent state of nighttime, which has led them to become gifted astronomers. Not only do they map stars and constellations visible from their home planet, these aliens also send search parties to other planets to investigate and map every area they can possibly explore. They are also known for their great architectural feats. Quiet and private, these aliens only communicate telepathically

Libra: Elegant aliens with lavender skin and silver hair laced with pearls. Though small, their planet is covered in blue grass and beautiful, roofless marble structures so the sky, which remains clear and starry even in the daytime, is always visible. Known for making a pink beverage similar to wine, these aliens are accepting of most extraterrestrial visitors and very sociable

Scorpio: Reptilian aliens with iridescent red, dark blue, or black scales. They live mostly underwater on a planet that is entirely ocean except for chains of lava rock islands created by active volcanoes. Known to be very mysterious, these aliens rarely make contact with extraterrestrials from other planets and seem to communicate in a way that is impossible for any other alien species to decode

Sagittarius: Daring and adventurous, these aliens come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and rarely stay on one planet for long and instead prefer to venture in groups from one planet to another. They are usually welcomed by other alien species, but sometimes find that trouble has a way of following them wherever they go and end up banished. Because of their fearless nature, banishment does not stop these aliens from returning to some planets which gives them a reputation as outlaws

Capricorn: Tall, steely gray aliens with stunning dark eyes. They live on a completely frozen planet that is always covered in snow, but beneath the snowy surface they built a warm network of bright tunnels and grand rooms with high, decorated ceilings. Although private by nature, these aliens have close relationships with family and friends within their underground community. With their sharp intellect, they have formed one of the most technologically advanced alien societies in the universe

Aquarius: Pale blue or green aliens who wander tirelessly across their planet covered in tall orange grass and stormy lakes filled with strange aquatic creatures. Generally loners, they are never spotted in groups larger than three or four but are very devoted to their companions if they have any. These aliens are skilled magicians and most species of extraterrestrials are wary of venturing to their planet because of their strange powers

Pisces: Silver and sky blue aliens with sleek, shimmering bodies. They live on a planet that is entirely covered with a steaming liquid similar to water, but the steam condenses into a layer of purplish, cloud-like fluff that only this species of alien can live on. They speak in a musical tongue and are known to be extraordinary fortune tellers and clairvoyants

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“Baka Bukas” (2016) Trailer (with eng subs)

For those who don’t know what my previous post was about.

“Baka Bukas” was a film in competition for the Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2016. This film won the Best Actress Award (Jasmine Curtis, Alex), along with Best Sound and Audience Choice Award. I was able to experience the overflowing support for the film. It was very hard to buy tickets for this movie as they always seem to run out before lunchtime. That’s why I went to the cinemas the moment they open. Yes, I was that desperate hahah Luckily, I got to watch it and I am glad I did. Just the fact that this movie was being shown in cinemas in our country, is already a great feat on its own. Story wise, it’s very relatable especially to all “Millenials” whether you are gay or not. Along with the plot that the girl is in love with her best friend. Who wouldnt be able to relate with that? not gonna spoil you guys some more but I just want you to know that this is a must watch movie!!

As reportedly earlier, “Baka Bukas” will be shown in cinemas this March! Be sure to watch it!

You know…. I’ve been reading a lot of gay lit lately so it got me thinking about Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and I have to say that the book is so incredibly nuanced. You have the fact that both protagonists are Mexican-American, which, in itself is a pretty damn great feat, but even within that the author manages to touch upon the complexities of identity. The questions of whether or not you’re Mexican enough, or whether you’ll every truly know Mexico–to the discussion of how American society views Mexican people or people of Mexican descent–to the educational complications of fighting against this prejudice–this book proves to be a lot more than the usual coming of age gay story. It’s not centered on that. Certainly, it’s a part of the story, and an important one precisely because there is so little qpoc representation available, but by no means is this the nuclear issue at hand. Parents reconciling with their past (or failing to) and how that affects their children also plays a hugely fundamental role in the shaping of Ari’s narrative. Anger issues, depression even, are given moments of recognition all throughout the novel. I’m not trying to belittle the handling of the sexualities of the characters in the novel. Far from it. I’m just saying that the innate complexity of it doesn’t lie in the fact that the main character undergoes this great pain or toil and they need to figure out their sexuality and come to terms with it. As a matter of fact, Ari does go through a change, but it is not the tortured head-space a lot of narratives like to spool out. Since Ari, in general, is the more ‘actions before words’ character, this is also the way his perception of Dante changes. The minute it’s pointed out that he’s in love with Dante, he doesn’t fight it and he’s quick to do something about it. That is why this is such a refreshing narrative. That the characters are qpoc adds dimension and lovely representation, but most of Ari’s and Dante’s struggles come from elsewhere. Dante is blatant about his sexuality, and he’s blatant in his love for Ari, but his most troublesome struggles do come from the identity of race and ethnicity as well.

This is getting really long but in summary,,,, I just really like thinking about this book because it’s just a narrative about two Mexican-American boys enjoying summer (or,,,, trying to) while effectively carrying the very true way that inner struggles don’t only, or, majorly, pertain to sexuality.

Humans show why they are called space orcs!

Ok, so I love this idea, and I kind of want to add my own version (Hope you enjoy) The sky breathes gently on the Rygons twin braid, an honor to have by his people’s ideals, a show of great pride and responsibility. He pulls on them loosely, nervous as he turns to his human friend Emma.
“Why do your people make the elders of my race so…what’s the word…worried, I think? During negotiations? They are always moving their antenna or squeaking whenever a human moves…” Emirclne asked in a very worried tone.
“I mean, I know that humans can be a bit crazy, but I thought they had signed a peace treaty?”
“Well…if I had to guess, I would have to say it has something to do with our history, we don’t deal well with being controlled, we tend to flip our crap,” Emma replies while blowing away a dandelion.
“What do you mean, ‘flip our crap’ perhaps my translator is broken…but that seems rather…weird, even by human standards,” he says with confusion.
He hurried to finish his sentence when she bared her teeth and let out a bouncing growl, one similar to an angered beast on his home world, Granolck.
“Not that I am trying to…” he stammers, now scared.
“Calm down,” she laughs, “ I didn’t mean to scare you, I forgot on your Planet, our laughs are considered as anger, what I meant is that we,” she gestures at herself before continuing.
“Humans that is, hate to have people force their opinions upon us, there was even a big war awhile back when the Aacron thought they could enslave our race for mining,” Emma finishes, her tone a bit more serious, but still light.
Attempting a laugh himself (which was more of a dying hippo sound than a laugh) he was able to calm down. However he now had more questions.
“I’ve never heard of such a war…” he says while looking up to the stars, of which were beginning to sparkle.
Now even more confused, and a little troubled. As he thinks to himself, how could I not know, I am the Otcansaw for my people, the knowledge bearer…he keeps thinking, letting the spray of the water breeze across his face, and letting the wind carry his thought. Ashamed at the thought of not knowing, but determined, he looks back to Emma. Just as he was about to mention it, he became lost for a single second as light spreads along Emma’s face. As the last bit of Darlynian sun shines through her hair, lighting each piece like fire, she moves and looks at him, bringing him back to reality.
“You know in some groups it’s impolite to stare,” she says, still smiling.
Embarrassed he hurriedly decides to switch back to the wars, hoping she would forget his staring, and that she was not offended as she said others were.
“Oh…um, I was…uh, *ahem* so about that war, could you tell me about it?” Stumbling he got the question through.
“Yeah, I guess I could tell the great knowledge dork a few things,”
Not knowing what a ‘dork’ was, he simply stayed silent, not daring to ask a question on top of a question.
She began telling the story, as if the ancients themselves wanted her to.
“It all started when a message was received from a scouting ship, what was on it was panicked, and nearly indecipherable. Repeatedly asking for help you could see as many on the ship were torn limb from limb, human and alien alike, gone in seconds.”
Her story already had him trembling, noticing, she continued.
“The admiral of the ship, Ganderfree as he was called, was absolutely horrified, and began to warp to their location immediately…however he was too late, and the ships had been brutally destroyed. However when scanning for life they found a single child, Eldarin in nature, who told them of the horrors, and how these barbarians wanted to enslave everyone for their mines. As fast as they could they brought the child back to the ship, and healed her wounds, only to find a chip in her spine, that later killed her…enraged, but helpless, they sought help. Only to find that already most of the alien planets had been taken, and not only easily, but as if animals had torn into them…”
Emirclne began to recall the stories, but continued to let her speak, as she wove the history with accuracy in her beautiful voice.
“They called out to the planets, hoping to find anything, anyone, but not a soul was left, all had either been taken, or murdered, homes glassed from orbit, or burned and bombed from the surfaced…miles of smoke and carnage could be seen from where they were above the atmosphere. The group of humans, usually care free, became viciously angry and demanded the captain take them to the next system. Horrified and confused, their admiral approved the jump. They arrived only days later, only to find more destroyed colonies…except these were human and alien occupied, farmers, and small families…peaceful people now brought low…and forced to watch their lives go up in smoke, only to be killed themselves…scared SOS messages were picked up when they entered normal space, everyone aboard began to abandon hope. Many had already seen their own homes broken. Everyone except the humans, who seemed oddly peaceful…once again they demanded to be taken somewhere, except this time, their homeworld. The admiral, now more in his head, declined their request, obvious to him that they would only find sadness as he had. But they did not stop in their efforts, and at last they got to him, so he approved the jump once more. On arrival they met the average jump association, the guards who approved Earth landing.
When asked why they were visiting, the humans on board explained to the clueless guards what was happening, and the strange calm transferred to them. The humans then asked that the rest of earth be notified of their allies predicament, and their fellow humans as well.”
He had never heard this part of the story, and was fully enthralled in what she was saying, but was wondering why the humans were calm. He didn’t want to stop her, but the question was too much to bear.
“Emma, if their own people were killed, why were they calm??” Confusion dripped from him.
“They weren’t, they were absolutely ticked, but when some humans become so angry, they look almost calm, now be quiet so I can finish” she replied while laughing.
He was just glad she wasn’t going to stop, and now eagerly awaited her to finish the story.
“Like I was saying, the message soon shown to the people of earth, the videos of destruction, of the glassed planets and burning colonies. Only once before had the people been so angry, and they had nearly made themselves exctinct because of it. Due to that they had made a pact that no violence would be taken, to save themselves from such a fate again. But as history has it, humans are fickle. The generations old pact was ripped up and burnt as armies were marshaled, ships refurbished for war, people building weapons out of farming equipment. Ship, guns, ammo and armor created out of old statues depicting The Great War. Now ready the humans looked for the Aacron. And I’ll tell you now, when we found them, we were unlike any other species in the known universe. We fell against them like waves to a shore, laying waste to fields of their soldiers, destroying their ships, and obliterating the enemies on every one of the taken planets. Not only that, but we freed every prisoner before blowing up each ship, even at the cost of many lives. But that’s what made us terrifying to them, we managed to nuke, glass, exploit, and demolish them in every sense of the word, caring not for ourselves, but only for the retribution of the races they had taken. And because we freed the prisoners, our ranks only grew, as not only humans, but many species of aliens joined…however when in battle, the human infantry could always be heard, as we were at the front of every conflict, throwing ourselves with incredible skill, finding weak spots otherwise unknown, and managing great feats. One such, according to my father, a man started a lifeless ship with a single course, the enemies head quarters. He managed to evade and destroy over a full squadron of the Aacrons best defense and attack flyers. Even when his ship was venting atmosphere, and he himself bleeding out from taking on a boarding party of 16 soldiers. He flew his ship, guns blazing, into the main blood freighter, taking out their communication, and over 5,000 battle battalions of other freighters in the proceeding explosion. The incredible part, feats like this happened all over the battle field, humans holding off waves of Gargnash, just so the squad could find cover or get reinforcements. Another taking on 29 brutes to keep his wife safe after being shot…and managing to survive, later becoming a Co-General for the 32nd marshal black ops squad, and his wife alongside him (she single handedly took out a group of brutes in another battle to save her husband when he was knocked unconscious, talk about a power couple). Due to the humans seemingly unnatural ability to win, battles fell with them at the head. Children gunning down oceans of Gargnesh, and out meleeing monsters 10x their size…humans had quickly become considered the space orcs they were rumored to be, and no one, not even the Aacron themselves doubted it. Soon, the Aacron had been pushed back to their world, and while a battle was fought, the battle of the skies, a single child was sent down. Her mission? To find, and destroy the one the Aacron called “Almighty” their leader. The one responsible for everything, the ones responsible for the humans relying again on their primal side, and showing the universe, they, were not to be trifled with. Slowly, a girl by the name of Claire, pushed her way into a dusty building, and having already taken out the guards, simply strides towards the now broken throne. The so called ‘king’ said little…his words were recorded as such.“
“So you seek to kill us…why…you have already won, and no one can stand against you, why do you continue to press and bear down on us so unnaturally…”
“He never got his answer, because as soon as he finished, he was dead, and the girl walked out of the room, muttering "My name is inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die” Her words were forever written in stone, and when she walked out, it was said the air was still, the sky was silent, and the sun began to rise.“
Silent, Emirclne pondered…now knowing why his elders treated the humans are carefully as they did.
"Thankyou, for the story Emma…it was very informative…one I will never forget…I now know why my elders are careful.”
“It was my pleasure, now, I leave in the morning for two cycles…and it my turn to ask a question…will you come with me?”
Emirclne didn’t even hesitate, and his answer was just as fast as a humans retribution.
“…No…” he replied
“Oh…I thought…I’m sorry…I…I didn’t…” she looked down stammering.
Emirclne smiled, “No…way I would leave your side, your people call that a mislead I believe ha…ha, Emma?
"Don’t do that again…” she sniffed.
Smiling, he hugged her, and they fell back into the grass, looking into the vast ocean of stars…laying in peace, and passing stories between them…until they were fast asleep, and soon to start their own story, that would soon be told as wide, as the Aacron slavery march itself…
Sorry for the long post haha, it got away from me, if you guys want to hear more of these two, just like it 😁

Credit for idea (humans-are-space-orcs)

Here’s the ryuji & yusuke roommates au literally no one asked for but you’re getting it anyway

>So how the hell does a starving artist end up rooming with an athelete-turned-punk
>The answer is right there in the question
>Yusuke is absolutely incapable of taking care of himself
>Ryuji can’t stand it
>Basically, once they all graduate, Ryuji & Yusuke are the only ones who choose not to go to college
>Well, it’s more like Ryuji hasn’t figured out what to do with his life so he’s taking a year off (he’s gonna go to college eventually he’s gotta do his momma proud) while Yusuke is taking a few courses at a nearby university, just like Futaba is (tho she’s only going as mandatory [read: Makoto] socializing practice)
>Except while Sojiro is covering Futaba’s expenses, Yusuke can barely manage to cover art AND school expenses. He forgoes eating most days.
>And it’s pretty pitiful, you know. Sojiro offered Akira’s old space when Yusuke moved out of the school dorms, but Yusuke kept burning the curry and weirding out customers, so it pretty quickly became “as soon as you find another place, please leave”
>Ryuji took pity. Say what you will about him, but Ryuji ain’t the type to not lend a helping hand. Besides, he’s been (surprise!) saving up for a place of his own for a few years already, so he’s down to have a roommate.
>Do you know how bad of an idea this turns out to be.
>Futaba bugs their apartment so she can keep track of this disaster
>She runs a blog about it
>It’s famous. And has spawned like 3 memes
>The first month isn’t too bad. Ryuji works 2 jobs so he’s gone most of the time, & Yusuke somehow manages to keep his artistic endeavors to his side of the apartment (they share a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with as much living space as you’d expect from a Tokyo apartment)
>Ryuji also does all the cooking. He figured out how early on, since his mom was usually out at work until dusk. Ryuji can’t cook anything fancy, & they usually just end up with veggie hotpot or ramen, but Yusuke is quick to compliment Ryuji’s skill (“And here I thought running was your only talent.” “…Thanks?????”)
>But then rent comes up
>And dividing up chores
>Things self-destruct from there
>Neither of them are the cleanlinest of people. They both prefer letting their stuff clutter in a corner or spread out on the floor. But when Yusuke’s clutter gets on Ryuji’s side or vice versa. Bitch it’s on.
>Also Yusuke almost never pays rent. He gets paid pretty well whenever his art is sold, but that’s rare & Yusuke refuses to get a job. Yusuke also does work on commission, but that requires /a lot/ of string-pulling from their friends.
>Please help these boys
>Their throats are sore from all the fighting
>They do get along sometimes tho. Ryuji gets Yusuke into video games (Yusuke loves visual novels & plays an unhealthy amount of otome). Yusuke gets Ryuji hooked on documentaries, tho Ryuji has an obvious preference for animal docs over the art docs Yusuke watches.
>Also whenever Ryuji has time off, Yusuke can sometimes drag him out of bed to go have some fun at places they both like, such as the planetarium or the monja shop

So this morning I had a major breakthrough about the Twilight saga, and I think I’ve struck gold. I was thinking of Bella’s transformation, and I realized that she’s kept a piece of all the other Cullen transformations in her own.

Carlisle: Bella conceals the pain of the venom, much in the manner that Carlisle concealed his transformation to avoid detection. Bella doesn’t want Edward to know she’s in pain, Carlisle didn’t want any members of his church finding him, in pain, during the transition.

Edward: Bella’s transformation is a last-ditch attempt to save her life as she dies from a medical condition. Edward was dying from Spanish Influenza, Bella was dying from complications during childbirth. Both were bitten in medical environments, both bitten because there were no alternatives.

Esme: Both Bella and Esme suffered from broken backs before their transformations, and both ended up as vampires because of a baby. Esme’s back broke when she threw herself off a cliff, Bella’s back broke when Renesmee was struggling to break out of her mother’s womb.

Rosalie: Both Bella and Rosalie were dying of blood loss and experienced great physical trauma in similar areas of the body, though from differing means, before being bitten. Rosalie barely survived a gang-rape, and Bella barely survived childbirth. Both were losing too much blood to save conventionally.

Emmett: Both were saved by “angels,” though Bella technically had three. Both Emmett and Bella were dying with Rosalie present and hovering over them. Rosalie carried Emmett to Carlisle, Jacob “carried” Bella to Edward (in the form of CPR while Edward was distributing his venom). Both died in feats of great strength; Emmett was hunting a bear, Bella was in the process of evicting a child from her body.

Alice: Both Alice and Bella experienced memory loss/missing pieces of their transformation, though Alice suffered more severely in this department. While Bella was dying, she faded in and out of consciousness, mirroring Alice’s amnesia in the insane asylum and during her transformation. Both Alice and Bella woke with the promise of a lover.

Jasper: Both Jasper and Bella put their faith in a trio moments before their deaths and ended up being bitten. Jasper’s encounter with Maria, Nettie, and Lucy ended with him being transformed, though he felt entirely safe around them. Bella’s trust in Edward, Alice, and Rosalie (who is replaced by Jacob when she becomes overwhelmed by the scent of Bella’s blood) during her delivery ended with her being bitten, even though the process was well thought-out and Bella felt safe going into it.

Bella’s transformation is “easier” than the others not only because of her extreme self-control, but because she has the shared experience of all of her family members. Broken back? Esme made it through that, no problem, and Esme is fine. Losing a lot of blood? Rosalie lost a lot of blood, but Carlisle was able to save her… I’m going to be fine. Fading in and out of consciousness? Alice can’t remember her life just before her transformation and it metaphorically keeps her up nights, so I’ll fight to keep conscious. Carlisle could keep his external suffering to a minimum, why can’t I? Perhaps it wasn’t only her willpower, but the memory of her family’s survival that kept her in control. All I know is that I feel a lot more confident with an experience that is new to me when someone I know has already tackled it. Bella’s transformation is unique because it isn’t, if that makes sense. Nothing about her transformation is new to her. Also, it’s just really good writing. Thoughts?