great english houses

little moreton hall ▴ congleton, cheshire, england

the earliest parts of the house were constructed around 1508, with more additions until 1610. it remained in the possession of the moreton family for almost 450 years.

When my great-grandfather died my great-grandmother leaped into the coffin and grabbed him by the lapels and wailed in Italian, “Franco, take me with you!” Which is both heart breaking and hilarious to me. 

fairlie lodge ▴ shackleford, surrey, england

owner john elton moved to the newly built modest bungalow called fairlie lodge in about 1965 where he lived with his housekeeper. he frequently had “ferocious rows over the fence” with his neighbour, lord carver of the old rectory, which resulted in the planting of a now “huge leylandii hedge” which today separates the two properties. following elton’s death in 1980, the bungalow was sold, and it was noted at the time that the bungalow was somewhat bizarre in having ugly hardboard doors throughout and internal cedar cladding, but furnished with amazing antiques (louis xv table, chairs and sideboards and 6-8 huge oil portraits of the family past and present). the furniture was removed by his family, but the housekeeper was left behind; “she didn’t know where to go and sat in her bedroom with the removal men working around her”.


BLOOMING BOOTIFUL | Norfolk Lavender House & Gardens| Heacham - Norfolk by Victoria
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4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No 6:

Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, England. 

Built 1590-1597 by Robert Smythson.