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100 Tips for the Secret Witch! 

  1. Use a shoe box to hide your more obvious items.
  2. Keep herbs stored in ziploc bags to easily conceal them.
  3. Take up “rock collecting”.
  4. Candles and incense because they “smell good!”
  5. Use an Altoids tin as an altar.
  6. Buy crystal jewelry.
  7. Use perfume to cleanse.
  8. Essential oils can be used in place of most herbs and are less obvious.
  9. Get into cooking, buying herbs is justified then. Plus, kitchen magic!
  10. Use old makeup/perfume/mason jars for spell jars.
  11. You can use almost any necklace as a pendulum.
  12. Use spice jars for tiny spell bottles.
  13. Put an altar in a spare drawer.
  14. Playing cards can be used in place of tarot cards and are very common.
  15. There are a lot of virtual apps geared towards witches that are easily hidden.
  16. You can put sigils, tiny crystals, among other things in lockets to hide them but be able to wear them.
  17. Farmer’s almanacs are just as good as the witch geared ones if you add some information to them, and they are more mundane.
  18. Acorn caps make good biodegradable offering cups.
  19. Get into crafts! You can make some really cool witch stuff that can also just be taken as “artsy”.
  20. Taking a few pinches from your parent’s kitchen cabinets is never a bad idea . Unless caught.
  21. Store things in big, boring looking books.
  22. Seashells and rocks with natural holes make great windchime elements.
  23. You can say your bos/grimoire is a dream journal, which are fairly common and not suspicious.
  24. Draw sigils on with lotion or washable marker.
  25. A tea bag in your clothing drawer can help imbue clothing with the attributes of the tea you use.
  26. Draw sigils on the bottom of your shoes.
  27. Make a virtual altar instead of a physical one.
  28. Always remember to clear that browsing history!
  29. Draw small sigils on your nails then cover them with nailpolish.
  30. Pretty much everything at a craft store can be used for witchcraft. Except maybe the older people who shop there.
  31. You can buy really really small jars online and make them traveling spell jars.
  32. You can enchant jewelry to keep spells close to you.
  33. You can make friendship bracelets/lanyards with colors corresponding to your intent.
  34. Enchanting something you wear daily like glasses or shoes with a ward is something that could be done if one doesn’t wear jewelry.
  35. If you’re into sewing/cross-stitching: incorporate secret sigils into the design.
  36. You can grow plant ingredients under the guise of eating healthier.
  37. Buy soap/shampoo etc with scents to match different intents.
  38. Pencil cases are inconspicuous!
  39. You can use birthday candles instead of actual candles.
  40. Obtaining scented candles a covert way of having colored candles… and if you want scentless you can just say you like the aesthetic but not the smell.
  41. Bath salts can have magical intent and be just as effective as a for bath.
  42. Doodling is a great way to cover up sigils in a notebook.
  43. Grow plants. Collect rainwater. Say rainwater is for plants. Cackle to self.
  44. Make a private discord server for taking to deities.
  45. Threads that hang off of clothing or coats are good for thread magic so long as you don’t have to do a ton with them.
  46. Cleaning and cleansing go hand in hand.
  47. Virtual or sketched altar.
  48. Usually the isle that carries Ethnic food carries SUPER cheap herbs.
  49. All astrology is just you getting really into horoscopes.
  50. If you want a more accurate birth chart, ask your parents for your time of birth. Say it’s out of curiosity.
  51. Weird witch stuff lying around? You like the aesthetic from Charmed.
  52. Sigils don’t have to be considered witchcraft. Say they’re like a good luck charm.
  53. Make your own jewelry, beads, gems,threads, color correlation, etc.
  54. Pinterest boards are great for various things. Dedicating things to deities, saving spells, etc.
  55. Stuffed animals as representations of deities.
  56. Thread magic = sewing and crocheting.
  57. Side blogs on Tumblr are similar to pinterest boards!
  58. Sigils on the bottom of hair spray cans for glamours.
  59. Nail Polish = color correlation.
  60. Quote: “My room smells weird so that’s why I’m burning like 100 candles and some incense”. Works every time.
  61. You can make your own tarot cards with inconspicuous symbols and photos on them, say they’re drawings.
  62. Fairy lights in your room because they “look cool”.
  63. Put your bos in something that looks like a school notebook.
  64. Leave offerings outside if safe. Bury them! But don’t bury things that are bad for the enviroment!!!
  65. If you want to use a ouija board, there are quite a few virtual ones.
  66. Any herbs you can get be purely for tea and nothing else.
  67. If someone catches you meditating, tell them it’s for relaxation.
  68. Draw sigils on the top of your ceiling fan. The fan will charge them while on! - Not recommended you do with a permanent marker!
  69. Draw a sigil on the charger base of your electronic devices.
  70. Charge your makeup/hair products/perfume/cologne up with whatever you’d like.
  71. Lemon water makes a great cleansing spray and is usually not suspicious.
  72. Sigils inside your phone case!
  73. Enchant your jewelry or watches.
  74. Draw a sigil with a white crayon on paper.
  75. Put a pouch of herbs in your clothing drawers, if someone finds them, say it’s to decrease bad smells.
  76. Incorporate magic into art.
  77. Write poetry to your deities.
  78. Study herb pouch and gemstones in your backpack.
  79. Oils and herb pillow for your glasses case to encourage clear vision.
  80. Make your own paper and use flowers/seeds/etc to create a design.
  81. Sticky notes for sigils inside a school locker.
  82. Correlate your clothing to your intent that day.
  83. Sigils on a hair ribbon or enchanted ribbon.
  84. Put your intent into your food and drinks.
  85. Learn to make your own tea.
  86. Keep a penny in your pocket for luck.
  87. Google drive vs physical bos if you’re worried about your parents seeing it
  88. Slowly start buying candles and bam you wont be questioned because they are just candles!
  89. Craft store stars painted with black-light paint placed on your ceiling in constellation arrangements.
  90. Drink fruit infused water/tea.
  91. Carry salt in old film bottles or similar cases to help cleanse your purse or bag.
  92. Salt packets are free at fast food places.
  93. Enchant your bank account/wallet/piggy bank/etc so that it charges your money!
  94. Use travel size medicine bottles to hold random mini witch things: twig,  pebbles, sand, salt, etc. 
  95. Draw elemental items to encourage their energies around you.
  96. Leave sticky notes with magical symbols on your desk or in your locker to generate positive energy for the next school day overnight.
  97.  Terrariums and shadowboxes have always been popular, make it your altar or invitation to the fae.
  98. Fairy gardens have been a thing for a long, long time. They’re not suspicious and very good for attracting the fae!
  99. Enchant counter bowls of fruit or breads so that the food decays slower.
  100. Remember that no matter what, whether you can openly practice or not, that you are just as valid of a witch!  

Paladins with their pokemon team!

Matching feline + a flying + type of pokemon with color + bayard +  element of each paladin :’)

Pidge: Shiny Espeon bc there are not green cat pokemon. Also a psychic type. And Ferroseed. Its evolution has this long vine things like pidge bayard. rowlet is a must with pidge tbh

Hunk: Shieldon bc  Shield + Rock and Steel, Shiny Luxio bc electric precious Lion ,and a FLYING ALOLAN ROCK FROM SPACE (also yellow core )

Keith: Pawniard is know as the sharp blade pokemon and biasharp as the sword blade pokemon. Litten is literally Keith and Fletchinder evo Talonflame has highest base Speed of any fire pokemon

Lance: Alolan meowth is literally Lance, Ducklett is a birb and evolves into another beautiful birb and Clauncher is known as the water gun pokemon plus is BLUE and BADASS

Shiro: Absol mega is Flying and pretty, and a feline, Noivern is a flying dragon powerful fast and Weavile is the sharp claw pokemon and is know for work in groups of 4 or 5.


Magnus Bane in every episode → 1x06, Of Men And Angels
↳ “Mad men rarely make sense. Mostly, they just hate.”

anonymous asked:

What if the human on the lost light attracted multiple yanderes? Can you imagine Rodds or Drift fighting over them or maybe even Skids and Swerve?

Why yes.  Yes I can…  ;)

We’ve already talked about what yandere Skids and Swerve would look like, so I imagine the two of them fighting over their mutual object of affection would be less confrontational, and more subtly manipulative.  Skids is a shy, awkward vent creeper, pining over your beauty from afar, and Swerve is an affection starved loner, so there’s no way they would actually directly fight each other over you.  Instead they both up their game 5000%.  Each one trying to outdo the other in terms of courtship, whether it be forcing you to sit through inviting you over for an all night movie marathon, or leaving even more flowery and borderline erotic poetry in your habsuite without your knowledge.

Rodimus and Drift is another matter entirely…  

Rodimus is like the baby yandere.  The kind that doesn’t even realize he’s a yandere until he starts obsessing 24/7.  He uses his position as captain to get you to spend time with him or vice versa.  He’ll clear your schedule and assign you to some meaningless, simple task on the bridge just so he can spend some one on one time with you.  Also, if he catches anyone showing a particular interest in you, they suddenly find themselves with a crushing workload clearing out the lower decks, far away from where you are.  

Drift is a bit different.  He’s suave.  He’s subtle.  He pays you pretty compliments all the time and genuinely acts very pleasant around you.  On the surface he seems like the perfect gentlemech, but on the inside he’s like a black hole of obsessive lust.  He has a shrine dedicated to you in his habsuite filled with stolen items of yours that he uses to try to complete the perfect love spell.

When the two of them fight over you it’s all strained smiles and poisonous glares and thinly veiled threats.  It’s almost like a game to them, with you as the prize.  “I’d advice you to concede captain.  Your time is better suited to working towards something that you can actually accomplish.  Like steering us off course yet again, for example.”  “Drift, if you have a problem with my methods, I have no qualms about kicking you off the ship again.”

The Four Great Clans of the Earth own the Four Great Elements. The Mermaids rule the seas, the rivers, the lakes. The Angels live in the sky, calming the wind and air. The Elves live in the forests, the earth and ground and plants around them bind them together. And the Demons rule tame the fire’s of the deep earth.

You’re a Human that’s been dropped right in the middle of this odd world, and the leaders of these races are trying to figure out what to do with you

Hello again! This fashionable lightning witch is called Beloved! Her little sweet lightning elemental Dragonling is called Nergui. Beloved is occasionally a tad bit frazzled, but people still find her immensely charming. She keeps a field journal/party adventure diary, which is probably filled with the latest gossip considering she has the ring of Mindreading.  

“Born in a city in Dai'ron, to a laborer father and potter mother, Beloved had a normal, though impoverished, childhood. Her two elder brothers left home and disappeared from her family when she was 7. Her elder sister married when she was in her late teens and her grandmother, who’d been responsible for much of her rearing, died soon after. Her mother and father separated in her teens but her mother still lives in her childhood home and writes her occasionally. She’s the only known member of her family to have any magical ability.

After being accepted to The Weavers College of Kenyasa at 17 she left and studied there under the mentorship of Master Arcanist and Herbalist Muhassi and continued on with apprenticing under him after her graduation. Mammet Muhassi was the fatherly figure she’d wished she’d had growing up as her own father seemed to have impossible standards for everyone but himself. Muhassi was nurturing and kind and treated her as his own child, as he’d never had any of his own, and left her his home/workshop in the city in his passing.

After his passing, when she was sorting through his belongings and straightening his notes and research she found a letter addressed to her but has so far been unable to find the cypher for the riddle/code he’s written in. After going through his things and straightening out his final rights she shuttered it and set out to wander, provide aid where she could, and continue her study of the natural world. That was two years ago now.

After stopping in to Kenyasa to visit the university archives and resupply on her way out again she ran into one of her former teachers. Torval, though a bit prickly in all his interactions with sentient creatures, admires Beloved’s curiosity and determination in addition to his love for the late Muhassi and lends her his counsel when asked. In stopping by his home to get caught up on news and reference some of his rare tomes he informed her of his receiving one of the mysterious letters being sent out to locals. Deciding he is too old for the war effort he gives her his letter and she agrees to take his place in the literal Call to Adventure. After which he bequeaths one of his prized texts to her, and now done with his yearly extended social interaction, ushers her away. On her way out she sees some sort of shadow apparition in his home but is unable to confront it or him as he slams his door in her face and ignores her protests about the figure.”
 (thank you B.B. for the great character info!)

Character belong to and was commissioned by B.B. (Kiraah)! I really enjoyed drawing her for you, thank you :3!

in the woods

he sets a steaming mug on the coffee-table beside her, the scent of hot chocolate curling her lips up. last night, he made them rib-eyes with spinach and mashed potatoes, used that ridiculously expensive grass-fed butter and everything; she picks up the mug, takes a creamy sip, and decides that she can summarize this weekend with the word rich. though they only have two space-heaters in this little cabin, the room feels cozy nonetheless. she lounges on the couch, the secret history on her pajamaed lap, her legs up on the cushions while he sits down at her feet, lifts her toes up onto his lap. she sets the mug back down, returns to her words while he takes one of her wool socks into his hands and rubs his thumb along her arch. yes, she thinks; rich is the correct term.

though she’s unsure as to whose cabin this is, she knows it belongs to an old friend of mulder’s, some guy whose wife or daughter or other relative had been abducted, and due to mulder’s brash heroism - she stopped listening as soon as he began the story, for she figured it wouldn’t be true or that the true version would be far less exhilarating than mulder’s rendition - and she doesn’t want to question the ownership, not when it’s ever-so-softly snowing outside and not while their little space of the adirondacks is so blissfully, wonderfully quiet. according to the true locals, this is off-season, and they’re in a portion of the state that’s been owned by a specific family for years; the lake water, apparently, is safe to drink though she made sure mulder boiled it anyway. nonetheless, it’s just them and the neighboring cabin’s occupants out here for the weekend, the nearest paved road being thirty miles away, the closest gas station probably thirty-five. 

“are we staying in today?” he asks as he rubs her feet, still tired from their past week of nonstop paperwork. to skinner on friday, mulder claimed that he would have a twenty-four hour virus starting on that coming monday, a lie that skinner grinned and bore; as for her excuse to spend the weekend away, she was registered to attend a conference in alexandria that she’d intended to attend though mulder’s mentioned it hundreds of times that, technically speaking, they’re both playing hooky. yesterday, they spent the morning snowshoeing the property and hiking the short path down to the frozen-over lake, but today, life sounds best when her book, a blanket, and mulder are involved.

glancing out the window, she watches as an evergreen folds heavily beneath the falling snow; outside, the world is silent but full of change, the gravity shifting as it does with every storm. to herself, she wonders if they might end up snowed in and finds she doesn’t mind that prospect. 

“i’d like to,” she says as he switches to her other foot. 

of course, she’d been resistant at his first mention of a weekend like this, one planned out and researched and intended for - she nearly cringes at the word - romance.

“just wait for a holiday weekend instead,” she insisted as they sat together in the basement office, as she flicked through some new file, as she remained friendly but indifferent toward him in the way she’d mastered at work over the years. though their relationship had changed drastically - in a good way, in the best of ways - since he kissed her on the first, she still needed to be professional. “i’d rather not take time off.”

“but it is a holiday weekend,” he gave softly, his eyes puppying and his gaze silently hurt. 

“mulder, martin luther king day is in january, not february.”

“yeah, i know that.”

“then what holiday are you talking about?”

and though she knew that their territory since he kissed her on the first was uncharted, and though she knew that her priorities didn’t tend toward hallmark holidays, and though she knew better than to think he would overlook such a thing, she stared incredulously at him, couldn’t remember any february holiday other than her birthday though even that one was hardly worth celebrating.

“that’s the weekend of valentine’s day,” he explained, his eyes downcast, his ribs still as he waited for the inevitable rejection. “the fourteenth’s that monday.”

and now, she’s playing hooky for the first time in her career, and she’s wearing his thermal shirt, and he made her belgian waffles for breakfast, the world beyond them is a mess of bright white, and work is the last thing on her mind.

“i think there’s a scrabble board on the bookshelf,” he says, glancing back at the dusty, faded stack of almanacs; this place, all gas-powered and wooden, looks exactly the way a cabin should look, the decor straight out of the 1960s, the mugs in the cabinet all fading shades of green and yellow, all of the furniture holding the scent of pine. if there’s a box of scrabble in here, it’ll be an old version, the rulebook fading and three or four of the pieces missing. looking to him, she smiles softly, figures that everything’s more alluring when it has a quirk or two.

“yeah,” she offers, folding her pages over her bookmark, setting the novel down on the coffee-table. then, she shimmies down against the couch, her knees falling over his lap, and motions for him to come closer. though the word of the weekend is rich, she figures contact would also suffice.

“we’re not going to fit,” he warns but leans down alongside her anyway; with his folded legs draping across her hips and his arm steadying himself around her stomach, she exhales, her mind blanking meditatively, her heartbeat slow and soft. 

“i’m sorry that there’s not much to do around here,” he whispers against her skin, his lips ghosting against her collarbone. “i should’ve planned something else. though i know you like quiet places, this might be a little too quiet.”

“no, no,” she says, shaking her head as she twines his fingers through his hair. then, she quirks a lip, says, “a calm, quiet weekend with you is a rare treat.”

“we could’ve gone to san jose,” he muses; though she’s not entirely sure, she thinks he’s joking. “i heard that there have been sightings there. we could’ve stayed up until four in the morning, looked for flying saucers, and eaten junk food all weekend.”

“how romantic,” she deadpans. 

“this hasn’t been romantic at all,” he grumbles, the statement self-deprecating, his words intended for himself only.

on the drive from some tiny rural airport in vermont to this cabin, he brought out his blues brothers cd to keep them entertained while the radio stations went in and out; he imitated the guys on npr for a certain stretch of miles, each quip being met with a smile from her. though they arrived too late on friday night to see much of the property, he offered her a ski mask and sat on the cabin’s porch with her, pointed out the seven sisters constellation and labeled it the smudge in the sky. that night, she took his sleep-shirt out of his duffel, put it on before he could, and the incredulous but deeply satisfied look he gave her for that - and the mild-mannered but insistent way he managed to get it back, or at least to let it reside on the bedroom’s floor for the remainder of the evening - was worth any backroad boredom they could’ve had. though she always knew he was loving, could discern his intelligent passion from the moment she first met him, she’s still shocked with every extraneous touch, with every unnecessary caress, with the way he’ll stop stirring risotto just so he can bring her into his arms, and she’s far more shocked with how at ease she feels with him. when he makes her dinner, when he borrows her chapstick though she insists that he shouldn’t, when he spoons up against her in bed as though he could read her mind and sense that she felt cold, she feels her mind soften, her muscles relax; simultaneously, they’re honeymooners and best friends, and as she turns her head, kisses his forehead, she whispers, “it’s been romantic.”

“but has it been a valentine’s day kind of romantic?” he asks. 

“of course it has,” she laughs. 


“you’re asking someone who forgot about the holiday altogether.”

“so i should’ve made this year so memorable that you would never forget it.”

she closes her eyes, breathes him in, thinks of how many hours they have to themselves, just the two of them in the middle of nowhere on a snowy day, books and scrabble keeping them company, this cabin making them feel as though they’re the only people left on earth.

“i’ll never forget it,” she whispers to him. “i promise.”


The Legend of Korra - acrylics on canvas

A friend of mine wanted me to paint her a wedding tree and bought me paints and canvases for it. I had one canvas left so I did some painting! It was so much fun! I need to paint more.

Herbs for Shadow Work

Last week, there was an anon who inspired me to put together a post about herbs I’ve used alongside shadow work. So here it is. Admittedly, I don’t work with herbs as much as I’d like, but I thought I’d offer the bit of the experience I do have with the handful of herbs I’m familiar with. 



Sage is a go-to for many practices. I consider it a jack-of-all-trades type, though the one thing it definitely masters is cleansing. That being said, I use it predominantly to cleanse both myself and my environment by burning it, usually before and after I engage in “sit-down” shadow work (i.e. journaling, tarot, premeditated rituals). 



Chamomile is soothing and meditative for me. For the relaxation effect, I burn it or make tea with it. 

Dream Induction 

Analyzing dreams is an enlightening exercise to use for shadow work and chamomile tea is a great way to induce them. Steep 2 tbs. of dried chamomile flowers in 1 cup of nearly boiling water for 5 minutes or so, then add some honey and a squeeze of lemon, and voila! You’ve got a delicious bedtime beverage that has the potential to aid you in shadow work. 



Similar to chamomile, lavender is great for relaxation and sleep. Burn it or use some of the dried flowers for tea (it goes well with chamomile).


Where sage cleanses, lavender uplifts and comforts. I burn it during and/or shadow work sessions or just anytime I’m feeling down. The smell of it offers instant encouragement for me. 

Calea Zacatechichi 

Dream Induction

Another herb that serves to induce dreams is calea zacatechichi (aka calea z). This stuff can be a little more abrupt than chamomile, but I’ve found its mild effects interesting. 


Cleansing, Protection, Healing

Rosemary is a promoter of general well-being. I typically use it in baths and body scrubs. I sometimes take ritual baths for shadow work– water is a great element to work with in this arena and I find that it’s refreshing to physically cleanse afterwards using a rosemary-lemon salt scrub. 



Self-heal, scientific name being prunella vulgaris, is a wonderful little herb I discovered growing in my yard this past spring. It is said to cure a myriad of ailments. I’ve only really used it in homemade incense so far, which I found to be very earthy and grounding. I can see it having the potential to facilitate assimilating and healing from past traumas.  

Lemongrass (oil)


Though I’ve only dabbled, I feel confident in saying aromatherapy is a helpful practice to incorporate into shadow work. I’ve found lemongrass oil to be uplifting and revitalizing, great for the recovery process. 

Eucalyptus (oil)

Cleansing, Strengthening

There is something so empowering about the smell of eucalyptus. I use it in my baths or I dab a bit of oil on my forehead while introspecting or meditating. 

Black Tea

Relaxation, Introspection

For me, tea time is introspection time more often than not. Something about sipping on warm tea just makes me want to think. Coffee does this, too actually, but my thoughts are inclined to become a little more exacerbated when I drink coffee, so I recommend tea. 


Relaxation, Introspection, Preservation of Sanity

Now, this is where this post may be a wee bit controversial, but marijuana has been a huge help for me. It’s served as a natural antidepressant and I respect and appreciate it tremendously for that. But there is a downside, you can become dependent, and it can start playing with your shadow– it can cause you to become complacent, agitated, depressed, over-analytical, paranoid, etc. Moderation and discretion are key. 

Overall, I’ve found that marijuana teaches patience, appreciation, and acceptance, all things that are of tremendous value to the process of shadow work. But you must be careful not to let it become a distraction or a crutch, because it can very easily. 

*For the record, I am not recommending the illicit use of marijuana. This information has been provided as a means of sharing my experience, not directing others’.

Other herbs that I believe may be useful for shadow work include mugwort and valerian. Mugwort would do well for dream induction/recall and perhaps even memory recall. Valerian would be useful for relaxation and countering anxiety, as well as for sleep and dreaming. 

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter Swatches, Review, Demo


Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighters are a relatively new and incredibly popular highlighter and one that I’ve received many questions about. It’s a product that risks being gimmicky, but somehow manages to combine all the great elements of highlighter into a cool, new and interesting product.

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HUFFLEPUFF: “Perhaps the hands of the little do less than the hands of the great. But there are many more of them…They are the ones likely to work to understand: to find answers, and to share them. As long as this goes on, there is always a chance: and if the small ever manage to teach this art to the great, the Elements Themselves will not contain all the unfolding possibilities, as the walls come down at last.” –Diane Duane (The Romulan Way)


The cover and first 3 pages to the ROM vs Transformers: Shining Armor series by IDW Publishing that I’m currently working on.
It’s a fun project to work on that pretty much gives me the opportunity to draw almost everything I like to draw.  It’s very Sci-fi/horror mixed with a lot of other great Sci-fi elements in there. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the book right now since the 1st issue of the mini won’t be out until July, but I think a lot of people will enjoy it.  If I can quote Deadpool for a moment I’m putting maximum effort into this project.
Another great thing about this project is I get to work with Josh Perez again which is great since we haven’t worked on interiors for a who book in a long time.  His work is always top notch in my books and bring a very 80′s-90′s anime movie quality to the colors while also making them feel modern :)
So I hope you will check out this book when it comes out and I will try to make updates about it when I can
Until then, Enjoy the preview pages for it :)
ROM vs Transformers: Shining Armor  Written by John Barber and Christos Gage.  Line art by me (Alex Milne) Colors by Josh Perez