great dunk

The room was quiet.
Or so i thought,before my classmate said: “I respect gay people,but i don’t think they should marry.”
He said it.
Next to me,that i’m demisexual,and my friend,that is bisex (and everyone in the class know it).
But she was already done with his bullshit,so she said it.
And it was great.

“Shut up Gianmarco,i kissed more girls than you”
And then i dabbed out of the room,‘cause


Here’s some JoJo and other characters that I drew some time ago. Not sure when I’ll put any of them out in all honesty…I definetely will be trying to make more later on (the periods in G.D. Jail I filled out with gems btw). 

Jobin’s outfit…I designed it from the top of my head but I feel like it’s from somewhere…

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Unlimited Blade Works or Heaven's Feel

Heaven’s Feel, good lord, Heaven’s Feel. My absolute favorite route. UBW is GREAT, and I love it, but Heaven’s Feel was just Next Level.

Hear me out, Heaven’s Feel was simply apocalyptic, like, there is just NO WAY Shirou can be in a worse situation, they keep fucking him over and over, and when you think it’s gotten to the lowest it can possibly get, something EVEN WORSE happens, and it just flips back to something hilariously morbid and comical because, holy fuck, there is just NO WAY this kid can bounce back from THIS MUCH SHIT.

Like look, in Fate Route, things are really sequential. You go from threat of the arc to the next threat of the arc, with some spats of Emiya’s Domestic Life here and there, and it just ends in a final confrontation. It’s like vanilla flan: Not threatening, just really bland. No real sense of urgency, but it’s a nice trip regardless.

UBW ramps the urgency. Boy HOWDY, it ramps it up like the dial ain’t got no stop. Now that’s a spicy story, good shit, it makes you feel outgunned several times, Archer plays gymnastics with your sense of expectation, but it all points to a conclusion that you can more or less guess at: Shirou about to make Gilgaboy his BITCH.

Then comes Heaven’s “Fuckhouse” Feel. You are constantly reminded of your powerlessness as this creature, this shadow that is completely unlike ANY of the supernatural people you’ve seen so far, keeps running amok. Two routes we spend under not the assumption, but the knowledge, the concrete truth, that is that Servants are the strongest thing there can possibly be. Then, in this last route, this creature that doesn’t adhere to any of the known rules pops in and starts McFucking Murdering Servants like its got tax exemption or some shit. Dude, Gilgamesh fucking dies in a sidenote in this route. The final boss of the other two routes! An almost literal fucking asterisk that pretty much said “*oh btw gil’s fucking dead lol” DUDE??? And how the fuck do you even BEGIN to solve anything? In UBW, shit’s dire as hell, but you know the solution: This fucker gotta go down and things are gonna be ok. HF doesn’t have such a convenient line of thought: Who the hell do you beat? Zouken? The Shadow That Is Invincible? And How Do You Beat Them? You can’t! You just can’t, buddy! No way! Super Mega Ultra Sakura is so damn powerful that she could (and she could) flick in Shirou’s general direction and make him a smear on the wall if she wanted, and the only thing that’s preventing that is that she likes Shirou, but even with that under his belt, she’s becoming more and more unrestrained as it all goes on, Saber is now Bad Saber, Berserker is Even Berserkerer, Hassan killed Cu in the first three minutes and then fucking ate Kojirou, there is literally fucking nobody on your side of the board while they have a literal army of Gokus on their side. Like you have Rider at best, who in the other two routes served the prestigious purpose of getting slam punked by everyone she looked at funny.

Heaven’s Feel is when you make an Age of Empires II custom map and give yourself 500 of each endgame unit and you give the enemy two villagers, but you are the two villagers.

It’s that constant state of fucking hopelessness and increasing amounts of challenges that makes Heaven’s Feel great, because it dunks you into a swamp but it never says you can’t win. There’s a way, it’s gonna take literally breaking the laws of the universe a bit, but that ridiculously powerful practical goddess? There’s a way to win against her, and all the Gokus around her. That’s what I loved about Heaven’s Feel. It sells you a great despair, and a great solution to it.

Highlights from Con of Thrones

I posted a bit about @conofthrones, but here’s all my fun observations of the weekend.

  • My first panel was a discussion the secondary characters who are not the protagonists in their own narratives, along with the fantastic @joannalannister and @poorquentyn. We discussed Aegon, Quentyn, Arianne, Margaery, and Stannis, all characters of protagonist quality with secondary character status, how the traditional fantasy tropes are played and played with in their stories, and the inherent tragedy of being a secondary character in the story, never given the chance to save the world.
  • My second panel was a discussion of Valyrian steel along with Ashaya from History of Westeros AKA @cruzmylene and @axechucker. There we had a brief trivia contest of the three non-cruciform sword types of Valyrian weapons we have evidence for, speculation on what it takes to make Valyrian steel, and thoughts on our favorite lesser-known swords and which ones might make it into the narrative. I personally discussed the possible shape of Euron’s scale armor, and what types of other weapons you could make out of Valyrian steel to maximize the effectiveness of the fantasy metal.
  • Third panel was one of my favorites, an in-depth discussion of war in A Song of Ice and Fire along with Aziz of @historyofwesteros. I discussed why the Children of the Forest’s focus on archery made sense, the military applications of, and then got into the different wars of men. An audience member made a fantastic observation on the War for the Dawn 2.0 as the Bronze Age collapse.
  • Fourth panel was incredibly fun. @poorquentyn, Brad from Watchers, and I discussed grimdark and what it means. The bleakness of the setting is meant to amplify the goodness of the characters, best emphasized with Sansa and Brienne. A grimdark book would never have Brienne bury Nimble Dick Crabb and pay him what he was owed, both in coin and in an apology. We also discussed early grimdark as a reaction to shortcomings in literature, which includes GRRM discussing the shortcomings of Tolkien as well as cyberpunk taking transhumanism to tack about technology solving our problems and the later post-cyberpunk movement as a later reaction to the staleness of the grimdark genre. I also got to use the line as to what I appreciate about 40K lore by the great Dan Abnett: “In the grim darkness of the far future there is more than war. There are real people there too” to show that bleakness is a great literary tool, but needs to be handled appropriately.
  • Fifth panel was on whether Robb should have had a POV, along with Rawrist of YouTube and Bex from Watchers on the Wall. We discussed possible redundancies and advantages, how many chapters it should have had, and my idea for an Olyvar Frey POV. 
  • Sixth and final panel was all things Dunk and Egg with both Aziz and Ashaya. We discussed what we loved about each book, and spent a healthy amount of time talking about the new books and what they might entail. Ashaya is excited for the intrigues of Winterfell, and I talked about Lyonel Baratheon calling out Dunk and finally dropping the fact that our great Dunk the Lunk was never knighted. Aziz also explained our possible descendants of Dunk to include Hodor, Small Paul, and everyone’s favorite giant knight: Brienne.

Other observations include:

  • @joannalannister was my conbuddy, and using a Lannister sword, I gave her a brief sword lesson and why a bastard sword is a great weapon for a female character.
  • @poorquentyn obviously likes to talk horror, and he had two panels, one was a solo panel, Euron-specific and the other was Lovecraftian leanings in the series with Aziz.
  • @axechucker invited me along with other panelists to dinner with Katie Dickie, and she is most wonderful and has a fabulous Scottish accent. She gave me a little lesson on how to properly speak a few Scottish words and we discussed how much fun her performance as Lysa was, and at the con, she had two panels where she spoke much about breasts.
  • I also got to meet Aimee Richardson and Kerry Ingram, and the two are positively delightful gals. Both Aimee and Katie loved my idea of a “Women of Espionage” show which would tell true stories about women during the Cold War within the various spy agencies, focusing less on honeypots and other traditional Femme Fatale Spy tropes and more upon case agents and simple tradecraft and the incredible intelligence value that they gave their countries.
  • I got to lay out how Stannis would beat Renly, and I built a full battle map using empty drink glasses.
  • I had enough frequent flyer miles that I got a free upgrade to Business Class. So that was ritzy.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I went.


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Hey butterfly. Just finished reading TWOIAF chapter on Aegon V, and it hit me that from the tragedy of Summerhall Dunk did his duty and saved what Targs he could. He saved Aerys, Rhaella and Rhaegar. So Dunk is the reason we have Egg as 1/2 a peasant as well as the reason the Mad King is alive to ascend the throne. Did I miss something or lose details in that? Not earth shattering but ties the D&E tales into the novels in quite a heart wrenching way.

Well, the Dunk and Egg stories have always been relevant to the current days of ASOIAF. I mean, if you just want to check the effects that we knew before TWOIAF was released, there was:

  • the death of Baelor Breakspear in the Ashford Tourney (via Dunk’s trial of seven), leading eventually to the succession of Maekar and then Aegon V
  • the branch off of the green-apple Fossoways because Raymun got sick of his cousin being a jerk (in Dunk’s trial of seven)
  • the swift end of the Second Blackfyre Rebellion
  • the namesake of Duncan Targaryen (the Prince of Dragonflies; see also Jenny of Oldstones and the Ghost of High Heart)
  • Dunk’s almost certain descendant Brienne of Tarth and possible others

And then TWOIAF goes and tells us that:

  • Dunk’s almost-lover Rohanne Webber is Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion’s great-grandmother (and if her mysterious disappearance doesn’t have something to do with Dunk I will be very surprised)
  • Aegon fell in love with and married Betha Blackwood, who he almost certainly met while traveling with Dunk (and his marriage for love is what led to his sons’ difficult marriage choices)
  • Aegon’s travels with Dunk are the reason why many lords didn’t care for him as a candidate for king, and therefore the reason why Aemon volunteered for the Night’s Watch
  • Dunk slew Daemon Blackfyre III in the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion
  • Dunk defeated the Laughing Storm in a trial by combat, which defused a rebellion, and is also why Aegon’s daughter Rhaelle married into the Baratheons (leading to Robert, Stannis, Renly, etc.)
  • Dunk’s valor at Summerhall was probably the reason anyone survived, but especially Rhaella and Rhaegar (and probably Aerys too)

So who knows what else we’ll learn about in future D&E stories. The Winterfell story alone (whenever that comes out) will probably tell us things about the Starks that will be very enlightening. (I expect to see young Old Nan for sure, and whichever Brandon she came to Winterfell to nurse.) And I have theories about Tanselle and House Martell I’d like to see pan out one day too.

But yes, the story of the tragedy at Summerhall is the most tragic and heartwrenching for sure. :(

Few could doubt that Baelor Breakspear would be a great king, for he was the heart of chivalry and the soul of wisdom, and came to serve his father most ably as Hand. But no man can know the will of the gods. Baelor Breakspear was cut down in his prime by his own brother Maekar at the tourney at Ashford in the year 209 AC. It was not in the tilt, or the mêlée, but in a trial of seven—the first in a century—in which Baelor fought on behalf of a lowly hedge knight of no parentage of note. His death was a mishap, almost certainly, and it is written that Prince Maekar always bitterly regretted Baelor’s passing and marked its anniversary every year. Yet Baelor died, and doubtless Maekar and the realm wondered if one hedge knight was worth the loss of the Prince of Dragonstone and the Hand of the King. (But then, they did not know how high that hedge knight would rise—though that is a different history.)

The World of Ice and Fire

(p.s.: if anyone hasn’t read the D&E stories yet, here’s where to find them)

guess who just binge watched stranger things season one???

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hi! sorry,this is kinda random,but would you mind recommending me some good manga? like a 'must read' list? or just a few that you really like! :)


Writing at length about each of them would take forEVER though so I’m just going to list them with some of the reasons I like the and not mention too much about the characters or stories; those you’re going to have to explore yourself.

I also limited myself to just 10 and an honourable mention though I really do have a lot more I could have added!! So I guess if you’re looking for recommendations outside of these you can just ask??



I said this would be in no particular order but JoJo does belong at the top of my list. Most people find it quite daunting when I ask them to read Japan’s second longest-running manga but one of the reasons it doesn’t become tiresome is that each ‘part’ is an entirely independent story with a brand new cast of characters so you never have time to get tired of them.

The anime for JoJo was pretty decent! And honestly if you have trouble getting past the dated artwork of the first arc which started in the 1980′s then it might be better for you to watch it. But there’s something so charming about it that I highly recommend the manga, plus you get to watch Araki’s art evolve over three decades of work.

What’s it about? You can’t summarise this series properly, especially since every part is about something a little bit different. Just read it. This manga is on it’s 8th part at the moment with no sign of stopping any time soon.

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[16:23] <Himiko> Wadanohara AU where meikai saves the blue sea by performing a chaos dunk [16:23] <OneLoveOnePurvis> *Now we know what the cast pearl truly is* [16:24] <Himiko> Shit [16:24] <Himiko> I have to draw this