great doctor who lines


“Having this hospital will be a headache. I don’t know what’s so great about it that she’s being put under so much pressure.”

where is the olicity road trip tho???

oliver, tired of everything and everyone, shows up at felicity’s apartment through her window and says ‘i’m going away’ and she’s like 'again???’ and oliver is all 'yes, but this time is different’ and felicity looks at him seriously 'what is different about this time?' 

there’s a long moment where oliver just stare at felicity before muttering 'this time i want you to come with me. run away with me, felicity.’

it takes two heartbeats for her to say 'yes’ because really, what other answer she’d give to him????

so he watches her pack

('where are we going?’

'we will know when we get there’)

and then he helps her close her apartment and she leaves a voicemail to john

('hey joooooohn, me and oliver are running away from… well everything and everyone. no idea when we’ll come back, but we promise to bring you cool stuff. love yaaaaa dig.’)

and then they’re on the road

('seriously, you ask me to run away with you and you don’t even make a cool road trip playlist, oliver? i’m gonna sit here and judge you for it btw’)

their first stop outside starling city is a small convenience store to buy snacks and a map

('we have cellphones with gps, why do we need maps, oliver?’

'how can you be so technology-dependent?’

'do you realize you said that to someone who graduated in computer science at MIT, right?)

('so where are we going?’

'further than we’ve gone before’

'i think we will need a plane if you want to go further than russia’

'i can’t believe i just wasted a great doctor who line with you right now’)

('i always wanted to go to new york’

'really felicity? really?’

'hey, not all of us are rich and can just get on their private jet and go over there anytime they want.’

'why do you want to go to new york?’

'i always wanted to see museum of natural history and the empire state. also, i want to see a broadway show’

'new york it is then’)

( ’if you could see that i’m the one who understands you been here all along so, why can’t you see you belong with meeee - why did you turn off the radio?!’

'i prefer your voice. go on, keep singing.’)

('wait, you are not going to make me camp on a forest or whatever between whatever we are now and new york, right? RIGHT?!’

'relax, felicity. we’ll find a nice hotel with a nice bed and bathroom.’

'good, cause i can’t even think about sleeping outside a place without roof and electrical energy.’

'you went to lian yu after me.’

'yeah, but it wasn’t vacation, oliver. it was a rescue mission. this is our vacation. i want a bed, many hours of fun and music and when we arrive at new york i want a spa day with a hot masseuse.’

'yes for fun, music, bed and spa day. and a big no for the hot masseuse.’

'why not?!’

'if you want a massage so bad, i can do it for you’)

('you know, if you weren’t so in love with computers, i’d invest in your musical talent’


'you should be a singer’

'can you picture me on a stage, singing about the tribulations of my love life?’

'yes and you’d be the best.’

'you’re ridiculous’

'felicity, you’re always the best in anything you do’)


yes road trip

we need it