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This is both a cute and thematically important point for Transformers Robots in Disguise as it clarifies what the underlying story is ultimately ‘about’. It’s not just about Bumblebee becoming a leader, or about learning how to get by without Optimus…

It’s about Bumblebee becoming greater than Optimus.

It also unifies the events in past seasons. S1 was about BB coming into his own and realizing that he couldn’t rely on Optimus for everything. In S2, we see a more independent & mature Bumblebee who cannot go back to following Optimus’ command. In S2.5/S3 (The Starscream arc) we see Bumblebee as a leader who solves problems in ways Optimus simply would not. And now, in Combiner Force, we seem to be heading towards the full realization of BB’s maturity arc; surpassing Optimus in might & ability through a specific form of teamwork.

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omg your last head cannons was bae! Amazing! So is it okay if I request something? Imagine being a new overwatch agent and a spy who dresses like handsome males and sexy females for missions and your lover falls in love with you? Headcanons for that with Sombra, Soldier 76 and McCree? Sorry if its too much love <3 Thank you!

Wow, thank you lovely! That really means a lot since I’m new to this. I hope I’ve understood this ask right, I think its a reader who is a master-of-disguise-sexy-spy? If not, let me know, I’d hate to disappoint! Head canons coming your way, hope this is just as good for you! :)


You meet whilst you’re in still in disguise

  • You had just got back from a mission, walking to your room to change
  • Bumped into her in the hallway as she was running to wherever she was headed, as per usual
  • You fell over, since you were, at the time, wearing heels and she felt pretty terrible
  • “Damn it!”
  • She was a bit startled by your looks at first and you took this as an opportunity to get away and change as quickly as you could

When you meet again, she, like most people, doesn’t recognise you

  • It was in a team meeting and you sat next to her, nudging her with a smile
  • She looked at you quizzically
  • “Do I know you?”
  • Once you explained she looked closer and her eyes widened
  • “That’s cool.”

Slowly, she meets you in all your disguises

  • You can’t tell if you’re the one making sure you see her or its the other way round
  • As long as you meet and have your usual flirtatious banter, you don’t really mind
  • She takes great interest in your disguises and how they work
  • Once or twice, you even let her watch as you transform and smile smugly  when her eyes light up

You’re quick; you can tell the woman is smitten

  • She starts following you around like a lost pup
  • It would be annoying if you hadn’t fallen for her too
  • One day when she ‘boops’ your nose as she does every morning, you just pull her in for a kiss
  • “We’re doing this again, right?”
  • “Yes, Sombra, we’re definitely doing this again.”

Soldier 76

Met on the battlefield

  • You were in costume, having infiltrated the base to get the team where they were now, in the heat of battle
  • This costume however, was slightly skewed, wig messy and makeup smudged
  • Jack saw you at this point, whilst shooting and momentarily stopped
  • He had never been so enamoured so quickly in his life
  • But he was a soldier, and as such, he returned to focus and filed the topic into his mind to revisit later

After the battle, you were both in the medical bay with Mercy and you, of course, spoke to him first

  • He was much too nervous, mind in total overdrive
  • When you spoke to him, he took a few moments to calm himself down
  • Then he was super-smooth Commander Jack Morrison again
  • You were pretty interested in him yourself though he seemed so cool that you played it down as much as you could
  • This caused him to get a bit disheartened (I mean, he was out of practice) and you both left disappointed

Next time you met, you were out of disguise

  • Really, someone like him, you expected him to ignore you and not really know who you were
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he had fallen for you eyes and recognised them instantly
  • You struck up conversation once again, this time, it flowed easier and neither of you held back
  • He asked you to dinner that night
  • “Why don’t we just go right now?”
  • “Sounds like a plan, honey.”


You were in your room, about to take off your disguise, when McCree burst in without knocking

  • You saw him visibly look you up and down before his eyes came to rest on your face and you rolled your eyes
  • He introduced himself and somehow managed to make it the sexiest thing you’d ever heard in your entire life
  • And he knew it
  • You knew men like this though and quickly shut down his invitation for dinner to “show you around the place, darlin’”
  • He left looking as if he’d never been rejected before

Over the next few weeks, he sought you out more and more

  • He wasn’t one to give up on anything or anyone
  • Seriously someone give this guy a medal for ‘best effort’
  • He tries all his best lines, signature gestures, subtle touches
  • You make sure to seem like none of them are affecting you which strikes up some banter each time you meet
  • Inside, however, you’re melting

During that time, he’s falling for you

  • Of course, at first, it was just physical
  • And he wouldn’t ever say that he didn’t enjoy your different costumes each day
  • But it grew to something much deeper than that, which both scared and excited him at the same time

He prepared a little speech to ask you out properly, explain his new feelings toward you

  • You saw the change in him as soon as he walked up to you
  • Less cocky and much more anxious
  • You knew it was time to put him out of his misery
  • You closed the distance and kissed him passionately, him returning it wholeheartedly
  • “I’m falling’ for y’ darlin’”
  • “It’s a good job I’m falling for you too then, ain’t it cowboy?”
Pidge angst

this was going to be on time for Pidge’s birthday until tumblr decided to be difficult :’)

-Pidge is injured and delirious, and imagines that she is found by her family instead of the team. when she wakes up she is so sure that it was real, and the rest of the paladins have to find the strength to tell her that she was just imagining things

-the galra had already long since killed off her dad because he was older and pretty much useless to them. they killed him so fast that they never even made note of him and when Pidge can’t find anything she refuses to accept that he’s probably dead and would get herself killed to find him

-she knew Shiro well before he left on with her dad and brother (he didn’t know at first bc of her “great disguise”) and she was looking for him too. she was so glad to have found him, but then she lost him again

-Matt is brainwashed (by magic or somethin) but nobody knows that except those who did it to him. Pidge is so glad to find him, but is so confused and angry and sad to see that he is ignoring her and being rude to her. she tries to make the galra tell her what they did to him, but they don’t know anything

-Matt has suffered severe head trauma and has amnesia and doesn’t remember her

-Pidge had an argument before they went into space. it wasn’t huge, because she knew she wasn’t gonna see them for a while when they left, but ever since they were taken it’s all she can think about

-all Pidge finds are the broken, bloody remains of Sam and Matt

-Pidge is sad bc she left to find Sam and Matt, but indirectly lost another member of her family (her mom) by getting pulled up into space

-Pidge actually liking some girly things, but after pretending to be a boy she felt she couldn’t like them anymore bc she didn’t want the others to think of her differently for being a girl and so she kept up her more “boyish” personality (she doesn’t know that everyone will still support her 100% no matter what)

-Pidge dies on the mission to rescue her family and therefore doesn’t get to see them

-Pidge being unsure of her position in Voltron bc she doesn’t like outdoors-y things and yet that’s her lion’s thing? she takes up a garden to see if she could get more attached to plants and things but hates every second and only keeps it going in hopes that no one will call her out

-Pidge knows things, but is unsure of what to do with that info. she has hacked into security cameras one boring sleepless night and is now aware of Lance’s homesickness and Hunk’s hidden sadness and Keith’s confusion on who he is. she sees just how little Allura sleeps and the side effects of Shiro’s PTSD and has seen Coran’s happy exterior melt into a horrible depression. unfortunately she is too socially awkward to talk about it to them and doesn’t know how to help any of them. she hopes acting how she always had could make the problems disappear, but she watches her friends get worse every night

-Pidge feels a type of brotherly love coming off of all the paladins, but it hurts her. it reminds her of Matt and the fact that he’s not there with her. however she tries to push these feelings aside bc even if that hurts her, she knows that they’re just trying to be nice

-Pidge developing a little bit more feminine as time progresses and hates it bc it almost feels like she’s growing farther and farther away from Matt

-Matt sacrificing himself for Pidge to escape

-the team throws a party for Pidge and all she can think about is how her family is missing out on another birthday

-Pidge accidentally causing someone’s death by being too invested in finding her family

-Pidge finding proof that her family is dead but us too stubborn to believe it

-Pidge’s mom dies while she’s in space, so when she comes back with Sam and Matt expecting a happy ending…

I have more but decided this post was long enough already. if you want more tho, don’t be afraid to ask ;)

Strangers ~ Chapter Ten

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance (for once) 

Member: Byun Baekhyun & Zhang Yixing

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Summary: (of this chapter) It’s been about two years since your problems with Baekhyun. Look up at the genre my loves ;)

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter seven} {Chapter eight} {Chapter nine} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

“One thing, one thing. Tell me one thing. It doesn’t have to be her location.”

She sighs. “You did the right thing, giving her another year to be alone. She’s in the States.” she says, slamming the door on him.

One year ago.

Dear Baekhyun,

I was serious about leaving you. We both need to sort out our feelings. Talk it out with Yixing, make up with him. Give me six months to do it. Give me six months to figure stuff out somewhere that isn’t here. If you don’t want to, that’s okay too. Just know I’ll be back when I’m ready.

As Baekhyun rereads the note, he sighs and sets it back down. 

Six months.

He can wait six months.

One year.

He can wait one year.

Three years.

Bring it on, he’d wait an entire lifetime for you.

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how would you fix batman trror

TBH I could go on like 11 different tangents about this comic I just-

Batman: Terror’s first half has a good premise that has a lot of room for like, interesting shit seriously, but like, the second half and all the fucking writing I just-

  • I think it’s a foregone conclusion that I’d cut out almost everything after Strange gets his sorry ass impaled that involves Selina and the bullies getting kidnapped and just cut to the fast flooding room with igniting gas pipes and have the rigging be Strange’s handiwork, not Jon’s.  This would erase the weirdness of Strange somehow being alive for several days post-impalement, basically everything with Jon’s magical growing scythe, and allow more time for Jon to actually reasonably snap.  It would also have the very likable angle of Jon, being the self-preservationist he is, actually helping Bruce escape instead of attacking him after Bruce says “Stop, I’m trying to get us out of here.”  It would also make Jon getting pulled under by Strange all the more terrifying because you almost forget he’s there and suddenly Jon is pulled under and its revealed that Strange is still alive.
  • Cut basically everything involving Selina because those are generally THE worst parts and Jon calling Selina “pussycat” makes me so uncomfortable.  Like the mention at the beginning and her helping Bruce save Jon, minus the dialogue, is fine, keep that, get rid of everything else.
  • What is that writing job on Jon?  It’s weird and uncomfortable and the only good line is “I am a strong-willed, single-minded, Strange-hating machine” but even then it’s only good if you don’t take it seriously, at all.  Everything he says and about half the shit he does is ooc and just, weird.
  • The art is just bad, all of it can go in the trash, hire someone competent with anatomy, and good at drawing.
  • Extend Strange’s manipulation of Jon, because it would be more reasonable for Jon, a PSYCHIATRIST, to have a hard time falling for Strange’s tricks on the outset.
  • Remove the hypnotism aspect, just keep it to manipulation.  The hypnotism is sloppily done and has a lot of plot holes and like halfway through the entirety of the plot point drops out and is only mentioned one more time in passing near the end.  When writing, apply the concept of Chekov’s gun.  This is stated in a metaphor: Don’t put a gun on stage if it’s not going to go off.  Don’t put an element into the plot if it’s not going to serve any real purpose.  Strange could get Jon out through manipulation just as well as he could get Jon out through hypnotism, there is no use to it.
  • Strange just manipulating Jon could also have other points to make.  There are ways you could go with this that could make Jon become more fearless because he overcame another fear, not that it was hypnotized out of fearing anything.
  • Similarly, Strange verbally abusing Jon is a little too short lived and poorly done if I’m gonna be honest.  I’d extend it because the purpose of it is to make the readers feel that Jon’s retribution is justified, as it stands it isn’t.  People are okay with Jon attacking Strange because Strange is a skeevy bastard, not because they think Jon is justified.
  • Jon’s recurring traits in the comics are usually a bitter, sarcastic attitude and a skill at manipulation that makes him good at both manipulating and recognizing when he’s being manipulated.  Play with that, have Jon and Strange pit their egos against each other, a duel of wits as it were, and that way Strange winning could also be something brought up later, like as a point before Jon attacks Strange, when he realizes Strange has been using him this whole time.  Again, using retribution correctly, and justifying it despite acknowledging its depravity.  Jon tries to kill Strange for using him as a puppet and abusing him, that is justified in his mind because Strange disrespected both him and his autonomy, and this is something Batman recognizes.
  • I have no comment on the fucking manikin Strange dressed up as Catwoman.  All I will say is I could see Strange doing that but it’s still really fucking skeevy and I did NOT need confirmation that he was using that thing as a sex doll.  That makes it worse, it makes me feel bad for Jon.
  • Hey writers I know you don’t like giving Jon or Bruce anything relating to actual human emotions 50% of the time but here’s a thought: they’re fucking human beings.  Jon is going to respond to being stopped by Batman with hostility in the heat of the moment, yes, but not because he’s angry at Batman for ruining his revenge, he’s going to be hostile because he’s stressed and afraid.  People in hostage situations are hostile towards rescuers out of fear, especially when they’re already under a lot of stress.  Jon’s been manipulated and abused on top of being held hostage, when Batman shows up his first thought is going to be fear that Batman is going to hurt him or return him to Arkham, not that Batman is here to save him or stop him from killing Strange.  It’s a self-preservation instinct.  I don’t care how angry with Strange Jon is or how stunted his fear response is, he’s going to be scared, even if it’s just subconsciously, because he’s a fucking hostage.  You don’t just regard being held hostage as a blase thing if it’s never happened to you.
  • That fucking toupee needs to go, now, burn it.
  • Joker recognizing Strange through his disguise was great, but it was also one panel.  Chekov’s gun guys, Chekov’s gun.
  • Hear me out on this: Instead of being lured to Crime Alley by Jon and Selina working in tandem and figuring things out from there, Bruce finds the mansion because he’s told Jon is missing, knows the most observant inmate at Arkham is Joker, goes and finds out Strange took Jon from Arkham, and finds Jon that way.  This could even work like that one Gotham Adventures comic where Bruce goes to find Leland somewhere in Arkham and decides to ask Joker first.
  • What the fuck is Jon’s backstory?  It’s a mess and doesn’t explain his sudden hot damn with the crazy.  Year One explains, this does not.
  • Bruce is not THAT conflicted about being in love with Selina, please stop with the ridiculous manpain for like, 5 seconds writers, please, it’s really annoying.
  • Bruce also doesn’t look at Rogues like “this person would probably be a murderer.”  He considers them unwell and in need of help, which they are.
  • Why isn’t Strange bleeding?  He’s not bleeding.  This is an actual problem.  He was impaled he should be bleeding.
  • Reasonably, as Strange is holding Jon hostage, Jon would not have his costume on hand or the means to make one, the entire climax of the story should reasonably be done with Jon either in civvies or his Arkham uniform.  This is just a nitpick but it bugged me.

That’s all I got.  I think this comic is hilariously bad, but that doesn’t mean I think it should escape its due criticisms or couldn’t work in the slightest.  There are story elements and plot points that could work.  Strange holding Jon hostage with the intent of killing Batman is a premise that could work.  However, there are several sloppy plot threads, characters are poorly motivated or straight-up not in character, and the art and writing is just messy, sloppy garbage.

It’s hilarious, but when one of the few Scarecrow-centered comics is known for being hilariously bad, I kinda just wanna

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Right okay. FRECKLES. They are so good but nine times out of ten when I meet someone with freckles THEY DONT LIKE THEM?? THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL??! H O W ?

Ok but like as a person with freckles it is great like it disguises my acne

Seven lucky charms

1. The foot of a rabbit, provided that it is still attached to the rabbit, and the rabbit belongs to a billionaire’s daughter and has somehow escaped into a perilous forest through a carelessly-left-open money vent, and you have scooped up the rabbit just in time to claim a humongous reward, and you have a great disguise so no-one will guess that you’re really a coyote, but you’re a coyote who loves the smell and crinkle of a money nest so it’s all good.
2. A four-leaf clover in a society which has not yet discovered the number four and until it makes that connection will constantly be frustrated in its attempts at mathematics, science and inventing the game of Bridge.
3. A black cat that is crossing the path of someone who thinks it is unlucky when a black cat crosses their path, so they go home and go to bed instead of finding the pirate treasure, so you find the pirate treasure instead.
4. A chimney sweep. This means that you are probably near a chimney, which means you can hide in it when the carnivorous balls invade.
5. Crossed fingers. If you have enough fingers, and the time and patience to sew them together, you can make fingers that cross many, many times and can perhaps even be arranged in a loose crotchet doily sort of thing for the dainty parlour. This is especially lucky, particularly if you are worried about being strangled by your enemies, because it probably means they will have to try and do it with their feet.
6. The numbers seven and eight, in a society which is still pretty dazzled by finding out about fours and is very ready to heap rewards on anyone who can further blow its collective mind.
7. A horseshoe with the pointy ends upwards. This means that your horse has got its face in the ground. This might not seem like good luck, but only because you never knew about that horse’s secret plan and its underwater base and its collection of nostril cannon.

Hex wondered: if you have life, then intelligence will arise somewhere. If you have intelligence, then extelligence will arise somewhere. If it doesn’t, intelligence hasn’t got much to be intelligent about. It was the difference between one little oceanic crustacean and an entire wall of chalk.
The machine also wondered if it should pass on these insights to the wizards, especially since they actually lived in one of the world’s more interesting outcrops of extelligence. But Hex knew that its creators were infinitely cleverer than it was. And great masters of disguise, obviously.

– Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld

HMQ’s NaruHina fanfic masterpost 1/?

Ok so no one asked me to do this buuut I wanted to so here we go.

I’ll prob edit this as new works are published and when I find them. Btw, the order is irrelevant.

Also, sometimes “In-Progress” = “Incomplete” sadly…

part 1 / part 2 / part 3

**UPDATED AS OF 20/02/17**


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