great discovery age

Confession: I’ve played the entire series multiple times, but on this recent DA0 play through two things happened that have never happened before. 1- Tamlen came to my camp during the darkspawn attack. 2- Alistair slept with me before giving me the rose and he just walked up to me at camp and pretty much said, “you me? Tent. Now.” I died crying at the 1st one and laughing at the 2nd this game always has great little discoveries

Mentions of Genevieve, Thomas and Shepherd at DC Con

❤ Jared has his family with him.
❤ Jared: “Most difficult part of being an actor sometimes is time away from family and friends.”
❤ Fan: Favourite thing to do with your kids? Jared: “Sleep! Shep is still so little. Tom is at a great age of discovery.”
❤ Jared: “It’s difficult to backpack with a kid. Unless the kid’s in the backpack.”
❤ Jared: “When a kid wants to get a dog, you make them walk a dog-less leash for a year.” Jensen: “A YEAR?!”
❤ Jared took Thomas to the Natural History Museum.
❤ Jared: “I wouldn’t encourage it if my kids wanted to act. They’d need to make it clear its not for fame.”