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Good Luck Charm

Word Count: 783

Request: Hey there I love your imagines there really amazing!! I was wondering if you can do one when you have a Ice hockey game straight after shawns sister game and he came to surprise the both of you after his concert and the crew came watch n makes him miss playing and after the game had a little friendly game with the crew the boyfriend vs girlfriend with sister on your team fluff stuff please 😁 Hope it made sense anyways thanks you have great day/night 💜

A/N: i do not know shit about hockey so i am incredibly sorry if the parts where i am trying to talk about it make no sense

You glided carefully across the ice to block a player on the opposing team. The game was close, just a point difference between the two teams with your team in the lead. Your legs were growing tired from the constant movement and your entire body seemed to be glistening in sweat despite the cold temperature of the arena. Despite the soreness running through your body, your veins pumped with adrenaline. Hockey was your high, the one thing that always kept you full of energy. This game was against your ultimate rival, which made the adrenaline rush ten times more powerful. You had thought you had reached your full peak of energy– at least that was until you thought you heard Shawn cheering for you.

You knew it wasn’t him. He told you in advance he would be missing this game due to rehearsal for tour. You didn’t mind, you knew how busy Shawn was. But games were always so much better when he was there. He was your good luck charm.

You tried to take your focus off the familiar voice calling your name, knowing your brain was just playing a cruel trick on you. You had finally concluded it just wasn’t who you thought it was and continued the game. You were doing great blocking that noise out, until you saw a tall figure right by the ice that you recognized in a heartbeat. A smile grew on your face immediately as you focused even harder on the game.

Within the next few minutes, your team had won the game with a lead of just a few points. You were convinced it was because of Shawn’s sudden appearance– you hardly ever lost a game when he came to watch. Your team grouped up to celebrate in the middle of the ice, cheering and hugging each other. You gave your teammates a quick hug before making your way excitedly off the ice to see the one person you really wanted to hug.

Your heavy skates dragged underneath you as you walked across the new surface. You made your way as fast as you could to Shawn. Not long after your reached the floor, Shawn saw you and gave you a smile before heading towards you.

When he met you in the middle of the floor, you quickly forced yourself into his arms. You hugged him tightly, your face lighting up with excitement as a string of “thank you’s” escaped your mouth. Shawn giggled at your excitement, wrapping his arms around your padded body.

“I would never miss a chance to see my girl kick some ass on the ice,” He told you before leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. You smiled into the kiss, excitement from both the game and Shawn still lingering in your veins.

As you pulled away from the kiss, Shawn’s lips moved to your forehead, leaving a sweet kiss as you heard Aaliyah come up behind Shawn. She was still dressed in her jersey from her game which was just before yours.

“Why can you come to her games but not mine?” She asked, wearing a playful pout. Shawn’s body moved away from yours to roll his eyes at his sister.

“You know I would go if I could,” He told her.

“He just likes me more than you,” You teased, resulting in Aaliyah giving you a slight push making Shawn’s arms wrap tighter around you.

“You know, seeing you play kind of makes me miss it. We should play,” He said, ignoring your comment towards Aaliyah.

You happily agreed, getting on the ice with Aaliyah, Shawn, and Matt. You and Aaliyah played against Shawn and Matt, easily winning the game.

“You always win. How is that possible?” Shawn asked as the four of you changed out of your skates and prepared to head home.

“I always win when you’re here. Even if that means I’m playing against you,” You teased, sticking your tongue out at him as your packed up your things.

“Why is that?” Shawn asked, slightly confused by your statement as he waited for you.

“You’re my good luck charm. I always win when you’re here,” You smiled at him, grabbing his hand as you walked out of the arena.

“Well, I always win when I’m with you, too,” Shawn said as he opened your door to the car. You looked at him questioningly as he began to explain.

“I always win because I have you,” He told you as he leaned in, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Well, you clearly don’t always win because you just lost,” you chuckled, making him roll his eyes.

“Thank you for ruining the moment.”

A Samwell Men’s Hockey playlist!

Go here to listen to it on Spotify :)

  1. A song for a 5:30 AM hockey practice. (“Ordinary Day” by Great Big Sea) 
  2. Samwell Men’s Hockey vs… (“Jungle” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons)
  3. We won! (”On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons)
  4. Mood: Kegster (”Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap)
  5. Shitty’s “team dad” song (”Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” by Stars)
  6. A song for Bitty, to dance to while he’s baking (”Talk Too Much” by COIN)
  7. A song for Jack (”Robots” by Dan Mangan)
  8. Dear Shitty, from Lardo (”Closer” by Tegan and Sarah)
  9. Dear Lardo, from Shitty (”Tightrope”, by WALK THE MOON)
  10. Ransom and Holster! Holster and Ransom! One song for two bros (”Young & Wild” by the Strumbellas)
  11. Chowder my boy (”San Francisco” by the Mowgli’s) 
  12. The William “Dex” Poindexter song (”I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers)
  13. From Nursey with love (”As You Are” by Rag’n’Bone Man)
  14. For lovers (”Seasons” by Said the Whale)

A friend of mine made this playlist and gave me permission to put it on tumblr for all you music-loving Check Please! fans out there!

jack zimmermann interviews

aka: adorable things that jack 100% says in future televised interviews that make the samwell crew (ESPECIALLY bitty) lose their shit:

  • early in the season, when jack is asked “how you think your detour in college affected your play,” jack gets very serious and says that he doesn’t like the term detour because it implies you weren’t supposed to go there at all and that is not how he views his time at samwell and it would be disrespectful to all the great players both on his team and who play at the collegiate level to say that they didn’t help him improve. it is the first time that jack zimmermann sounds passionate about something on air and this makes the PR team very happy and Shitty is at the Haus watching and everyone ends up hugging and crying about their boy except Lardo and Dex.
  • The PR joy is short lived because jack never addresses the comments directly again but he gets very snippy about this. if anyone mentions phrases like “pitstop” or “detour” or even “it’s great to see you back where you belong” his face goes dark and stormy and he might not bother correcting them again, but whatever the question, they aren’t getting a good quote for their magazine. the press figures it out eventually.
  • when asked what other professional sport he would like to play, jack zimmermann says “anything but lacrosse. never really saw the point of it.” and the Haus throws a party that spans two nights.
  • when asked what his favorite cheat day snack is, jack zimmermann says “pie” with a smile on his face that seems a bit too happy but, hey, the guy must really love pie.
  • when asked by a snobby interviewer what his major was (in a tone of voice that clearly says he is expecting Jack Zimmerman to say something stupid), jack zimmermann goes into a full speech outlining his thesis and noting which historians he thinks truly capture the time period and he keeps his voice flat and awkward (like all his interviews tend to be) but the boys see his little flash of a smug grin when the interviewer flounders after his five minute monologue and doesn’t have any followup questions.
  • when asked what advice he would give to young hockey players, jack zimmermann smiles just a little bit and says “eat more protein.” the press takes it as jack being ridiculous and maybe he even gets yelled at by PR for that because “c’mon, zimms, weve TALKED about this- say something INSPIRING” but bitty knows that little smile was for him and texts him a string of heart mixed with chirp emojis and tweets ‘this boy’-
  • when asked what he thinks the best sitcom is, jack zimmermann pretends to consider for two seconds before saying in his most serious, deadpan voice “i’ve been told on good authority that the answer is 30 rock.” Holster cries. He cries harder when the followup question is “who’s your favorite character” and Jack’s answer is “sorry, i haven’t seen enough to know their names.”
  • when asked why he is often seen at NWHL games on his days off, jack zimmermann replies “i love watching great hockey” and when pressed further on the issue, simply repeats that statement as if very confused why people are still asking this question.
  • when asked (before he is out) if he has “someone special” for valentine’s day, everyone is expecting him to say no, but jack freakin’ zimmermann shrugs one shoulder and says “yup” and when they tease “oh, she must be very lucky”, this boy says “yeah, they are” and then refuses any further questions while the internet goes wild over his use of neutral pronouns.
  • when he DOES come out and someone asks if he’s seeing anyone, jack zimmermann smiles directly at the camera - a huge, ridiculous, i am so fucking in love smile that the world has literally never seen before (and there’s a BLUSH TOO!!) - and says “Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to date my boyfriend for four years. thank you for your time.” and walks off before anyone can ask him anymore questions.

GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL

anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your art style! Could you, by any chance, do something with Scott Darling (Chicago Blackhawks) or Shannon Szabados (Columbus Cottonmouths/Team Canada)? Thank you! And, again, I loved the Kessels/Staals drawings a lot (and the basketball ones, though I'm not really familiar with the players). Keep up the great work and have a great day!

2 for 1 for u anon