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This Day in 1D History - September 15

**BONUS** 2009:

  • Harry pens a love poem  (NOTE: best enjoyed when read aloud with increasing fervor)


  • Dare to Dream book signing – Lakeside, Essex


  • James Corden gets hitched!


  • “Can I just say it’s very easy for people to write up on something like Crazy About One Direction–because actually I hadn’t seen it when everyone was talking about it but I watched it the other night–and when girls make quick, flippant comments, they don’t actually mean them, but when you write in the paper, like, ‘this girl said that she would do this because of One Direction’ it sounds dramatic, and for me that just dramatizes the whole thing. I think it’s incredibly unethical, the whole thing… It’s not just unfair to us, either; more importantly, it’s actually unfair to the whole fanbase– Anyway, we could bitch about this all day” (Zilo Scoop with Raya interview posted)
  • Harry adds to the ever-growing list of mysteries surrounding One Direction…


  • Narry Today Show interview airs (rec’d Sept 12) 
  • Harry signs a fan’s phone case in LA 


  • Niall  gets down with Enrique Iglesias in Vegas (because why not)