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@ymanimon happy birthday my love! I’m wishing you all the good things (which includes a lot of good sleep) and keep being the awesome sweet bun that you are!

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥

Zodiac Signs in Love
  • Aries: either is very showy about loving you or doesn't show it at all even though they mean to
  • Taurus: shows people they love you in a casual way, doesn't push it in the world's face and is kinda chill/low-key
  • Gemini: facebook posts all the time. will joke around with you a lot, and not realize their own feelings for a long time. thinks they're tough but they're really not
  • Cancer: very, very cute about it. shows through little gestures and comments. very subtle but nice
  • Leo: usually will tell you a lot. very clingy and touchy. wants to be tough, but never really acts like it.
  • Virgo: doesn't show it at first, but will talk to you more than they talk to others. will joke and generally feel more comfy with you. will be a little more weird and themselves with you
  • Libra: very low-key about it. lovey in private and a little more goofy around you.
  • Scorpio: always intense. they can be playful until they really love you (includes platonic love)
  • Sagittarius: omgggggg more fb posts than a gemini. everyone will know you two are dating or besties they make sure. easily jealous (!!)
  • Capricorn: very chill about their love to you, but they show it well by remembering a lot about you and telling everyone about you
  • Aquarius: jealous babies who need so much attention, but they also shower in compliments and love constantly. they don't love easily or make relationships often so it's special for them
  • Pisces: they require a lot of attention, but they give it right back similar to an Aquarius. a bit wishy washy at times and rocky but a great soft, lovable cutie

Honestly I just want to thank *voice cracks* my lord and saviour Harry Holland *voice cracks again* for filming Sam being the dorkiest bABe on Earth when they locked themselves out of their house. I am now $1000 richer, my skin is clear and radiant, and every single one of my problems in life have vanished. So ThaNkS again *proceeds to walk off stage sobbing in greatfulness*

Zico as your boyfriend

A/N: Okay I’m overflowing with feels and I have lots of thoughts about this uhm

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  • Firstly, you have to be patient with him since he is basically married to his job
  • So I recommend giving him space to work on his music and not constantly make him feel bad for not being able to spend time with you
  • Because you not being together all the time doesn’t mean he doesn’t love or care about you at all
  • A way to solve this would be studio dates
  • Bring him some food and just chill with him so he can be with you and work at the same time, a win win situation
  • He would probably write a lot of his lyrics about you and it would most likely be one of those soft ones like “I am you you are me” or “She’s a baby”
  • But then he would be too shy to actually sing them for you
  • So you’d only be able to hear the song live if you went to one of his concerts
  • Anywaaays, moving on to habits
  • He likes holding you a lot
  • Your hand, your waist, your thighs
  • Especially your thighs
  • Honestly wherever you are he’d just have his hand resting on your thigh
  • And then squeeze it sometimes
  • He also loves giving your butt squeezes bye
  • You have a habit of cupping each other’s faces
  • Not all cutesy with both hands as if giving a kiss, just like, when you sit or stand next to each other
  • He’ll be reading something on his phone and then suddenly he feels your hand cupping his chin
  • And when he looks up you’re not even looking at him
  • He does the same thing with you
  • You’d probably go to parties and get drunk together
  • Have you seen Dean and Zico being wild and drunk? It looks so funny and you’ll get to be a part of that
  • When he starts to sober up he’ll get really clingy
  • So then he’ll just back-hug you and rest his head on your shoulder, even if you’re in the middle of doing something
  • He says he’s tired on the way home
  • When you’re home he’s not tired anymore if you know what I mean
  • Will 100% treat you so well and probably spoil you at times
  • He really really likes the feeling of you relying on him to some extent, because he wants to be an important part of your life
  • And he pretends not to, but he relies on you a lot as well
  • Mostly for strength and something that takes the stress off (both mentally and physically)
  • Except through lyrics, he might not always express his love for you but it’s clearly there and easy to notice
  • Cause he would do lots of sweet little things
  • Like leaving you a text saying he hopes you have a good day
  • Or hug you extra tight when he can
  • Or taking a day off to spend with you when he feels like he’s been absent for too long
  • You’d have to deal with all his wild friends
  • Either that being his Block B members or his contacts in the khh scene
  • He would love if you could make him laugh with silly comments or if you diss him or just do something childish like tickling him
  • He would be especially proud of you if you dissed him with rhymes
  • “Maybe I should consider having you as an extra lyricist”
  • Even though he probably stays up really late working, he’ll always pull you close when he especially comes to bed
  • And he’d fall asleep contently to the warmth of your body
  • Oh god this got soft uhm moving on
  • You know that one scene in Eureka where he’s tied to a chair?
  • You should try that out once
  • You know what to do I won’t say any more
  • I do think he prefers being in control most of the time though
  • *coughs* dom
  • I’ll go now bye

Sometimes when I watch a Leo movie I look for scenes where he looks really young like when he was in Titanic. I love adult a lot, i think it because Titanic was the first movie I watched.