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Broke Hoe Tips

Which I discovered by accident

1- ELF mineral infused primer is a dream ($6)
2- Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is great for full coverage and feels weightless ($6)
3- Wet n Wild photo finish setting spray makes your makeup waterproof and crying jag proof ($4)
4- Maybelline pumped up Mascara is tear proof (just don’t rub your eyes– use a tissue to dab at your tears) ($8? I think? May have been $9)

All this for super cheap at CVS enjoy my fellow broke girls

hey mainstream media outlets

thanks for covering the women’s marches in the US and the solidarity marches in Europe and even Antarctica. that really helps those of us who marched get our message to the world

quick question- any reason why I haven’t also seen photos of the solidarity marches in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Malawi?


So I know I haven’t posted here in *counts on fingers* wayway too long
But I figured these crochet micro locs would be a great hiatus breaker.
So alas!
I planned on doing a video tutorial but with the amount of time it took to get these bad boys in, making a video was the least of my worries. Next time I’m DEFINITELY doing it though, I have a nice handful of tips and tricks used to both cut back the cost (because 18 bucks for one pack? Jesus take the wheel) and still get great coverage.

To summarize for now; Awesome brand, awesome concept, extremely lightweight, feels completely natural (more than any synthetic dread I’ve EVER felt, let me tell you) and super easy to install.

I’m gonna sincerely try to update this again before 2035.

Sincerely, a Very Sorry Nikki


Worked on some more roses. This color, “Fire Alert”, is now my favorite color. It has great coverage. This is going to be really awesome. #art #acrylic #artist #artwork #artworks #artstudio #painting #artoftheday #portrait #paint #wip #workinprogress #instaart #instacool #instadope #instagood #instafresh #urbanart #blackart #inspiration #motivation #Love #abstractart #abstractpainting #abstractartist #artshow #timelapseart #timelapsevideo #artvideo (at The Temple)

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Women’s Secret Makeover Natural Lift Wire-Free Striped Bra. I was pleased with this bra for an everyday, comfortable bra. Full coverage and great lift for not having wires. I’ve never had a bra that had the adjustable straps on the front; what a convenient feature!! The straps are thick also which helps with the support this bra provides. I also like the thicker layer of the bra cup; eliminates show-thru and adds just a little “extra” to your shape. Definitely recommend. This bra DOES NOT have wires, however, despite that, it somehow provides great support!! Also, this bra does NOT have side panels to push breasts together more.

All Skin Tones Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder

I have for a while looked, for a really good concealer, that would give me that, clean highlight with a slide yellow undertone. Which has been so hard to find, a concealer, that doesn’t crease and makes my skin shine.

Around a month ago, I went to Sephora in Fields and found the best concealer ever, by Nars. Great coverage, highlights and comes in a small package, with the lip gloss pencil (if you know what I mean?). Everything was working, except for the yellow undertone, that I was looking for. So I went to Youtube, the best place ever, to find a new powder. I saw some of my favourite beauty gurus, like beautybyjj, shirley Eniang and etc. Found this new hyped powder, called Sacha buttercup setting powder. Never  ever heard of it, until 10 days ago. Thought I would give it a chance, never heard any, but good compliments and the powder is yellow. So I thought it was worth the chance to buy.

Only using it two times, I most admit it’s the BEST setting powder for the highlighted areas! Sets so SOFT. It was just the product, I need in my life. It’s a powder, that needs to applied gently, so it doesn’t gets to caked in the face. But such a great powder, that doesn’t even, give that white undertone or reflection on photos. All in all a great product for the person that loves a yellow undertone and soft look.


I was tagged by phhat for the top six makeup products thing

1. Smashbox luminizing photo finish primer it has a shimmer to it but it’s not to harsh it just gives you a natural glow plus it feels like butter and fills your pores

2. Dermablend loose setting powder I have really oily skin so this is a must have it works really well so I don’t have to blot my face all the time it can get cakey if you use too much but even if it does you can just use a setting spray

3. Lorac pro mascara it’s literally the best mascara I’ve ever used I love it so much

4. Loreal Paris lipstick in lingering mocha it’s such a good everyday lipstick it goes with everything

5. Mac melon pigment I love using it in my inner corners its so pretty and extremely pigmented obviously. it will last forever tbh

6. La girl pro conceal this is such a good concealer it blends so well, has great coverage and its super cheap

I tag no labias implicating croisants creamofmango melongorl thotfulshawty thottweiler contourkit shadiobrando sidestroke and anyone else who wants to do it I’m sorry if I forgot you

OK, so where the bloody hell are you?”
Dead air for a few seconds, then Jack answered, “I have a nasty feeling Tosh and I may – and I do stress “may” – be kind of… in 1840. Strange as that may seem.”
“Yup. Kind of.”
“While you linger on that, Gwen, may I ask you a question?”
“Yes, Jack.”
“Is it getting dark where you are?”
“Ah, OK. Just here then. Not a good sign.”
“As I said, kind of. Still, you have to see the up side.”
“What up side?”
“These phones,” Jack’s voice said. “Great coverage.

Border Princes by Dan Abnett (Torchwood Novels #2)

… look at Jack finding the bright side.


(via Pennzoil Airlift Drift - YouTube)

Another great drifting TVC from Director Ozan Biron. Just like the M4 drifting on the carrier its got all of the right ingredients - great coverage, cutting and some insane sound design. Turn it up. 

There has been a great deal more coverage of the savage killing of Cecil the lion than there will be of the murder of baby Ali in Palestine. Ali was burned to death by illegal Israeli settlers on West Bank. Nobody in power gives a damn.The laughably described ‘mainstream’ media are silent for Baby Ali yet howling at the moon for Cecil the lion. Blood is cheap in ‪#‎Palestine‬. The illegal settlers are paid, protected and armed by U.S. tax dollars through the Tel Aviv regime. All share responsibility for the burning.
—  George Galloway, M.P.

As someone who watches/reads a lot of news, I both understand and am frustrated by how quickly “you won’t see this on the news” gets tacked onto various posts.

Because on the one hand, limited perspectives and the glossing over of stories relevant to marginalized groups or critical of the capitalist corporate structure that holds up the network is a problem in all media, and the news sure as hell isn’t immune to it.

On the other hand, many tumblr users also don’t consume a lot of news media–or at least not a variety of it–so they just straight-out don’t see the coverage they’re complaining doesn’t exist, even though it’s out there on both local and national levels.  May not be great coverage in many cases, but it’s not radio silence like people seem to think.

On the third hand, I just saw “you won’t see this on the news” added to a post where the gifs were clearly labeled as coming from a news organization.  IT’S ONLY ON TUMBLR NOW BECAUSE IT WAS ON THE NEWS, JESUS.


Vote for Stephen Amell and David Ramsey in E!’s ‘Alpha Male Madness 2016′ Poll!

Stephen and David are currently apart of E!’s Annual Alpha Male Madness Poll. Round 1 was last week and both of our guys made it through. This is a fun poll to participate in because it gives the show and it’s stars great media coverage.

You can vote as many times as you want. Round 2 closes Sunday 13 March at 5 p.m. PT.

Round 2 match ups are:
Game 3.2:
David Ramsey vs. Norman Reedus (David is currently behind so let’s get him ahead)
Game 3.4: Stephen Amell vs. Jospeh Morgan

Click here to vote.