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Some collabs I did with @paperboxhouse in the past couple days! 

1st image: drawing by me, inks by alfred, flats by me.

2nd image: drawing by me, inks and flats by alfred, final color by me.

3rd image: drawing and flats by alfred, final painting by me.


Music Fair (02.11.17)
NEWS X Little Glee Monster [Weeeek]

Perhaps Beyoncé came to the Country Music Awards to put up a fight: a fight for [the song “Daddy Lessons”] legitimacy as country, for the black lineage of a genre typically thought of as white, and/or for some play on rural airwaves. But watching her joyous, wide-screen hoedown with the Dixie Chicks — followed by the release of a great new collaborative version of “Daddy’s Lesson” — it seemed more like she was on a mission of togetherness and friend-making, which is not an insignificant thing in this current moment.
—  Spencer Kornhaber, “What Beyonce’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ Had to Teach”

Over the past year I have got to work on several of my favorite comics being published. I’ve learned a lot from coloring these heroic tales, lessons I will repeat for eternity. So now it is my turn to stand tall and write a story about a hero worth following. I promise, there will be growth and laughter all through out the journey. Looking forward to more collaborations with great artists. Character inks by @sayunclecomics

@nekogal12 and I did a (sort of) Maxwil collab.

I’m really really happy with how it turned out, honestly! You guys should check out some of their other work, too! Syu (nekogal12) is honestly the most fun to draw with~ <3

I really wanna know who thought of TWIXX collab idea first? Who went, “Hey, what if we have Twice sing heartwarming dedicating songs to their parents with the kings of concepts, that’ll be a great collaboration!”

Cause I’d like to applaud them, every Starlight knows VIXX are nothing less than absolutely loving sons to their parents ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Y'all wait, Ken’s gonna burst into Cheer Up in it’s original key on the stage just for the sake of it since Twice is actually there with them

brillek  asked:

Just felt like saying this out of a sudden. Discord hooves was the first tumblr blog I ever followed. Found it on youtube, read it all, loved it. From your blog I also discovered all the great blogs you've collaborated with, like pun pony. And I've discovered many more. I like to think that your discord hooves blog was a gateway, a first step into so very many worlds. I just want to thank you for this. All theese hours and days, all the feels, laughter, astonishment. Thank you jitters.

And thank you for being a follower. I hope some day I can inspire people with my own original works on the same level, and I hope my pony blogs can serve as a gateway to that original content once I start working on it.

Conflated Conversations 

Story/ art collaboration between Zai and myself, for Copper.

“A call from the conductor prompted Hiroshi to leave his seat and he hurried to the port, taking the automated platform to the ground level to meet his guide. A guard stood waiting attentively, her helmet under her arm and her torso encased in spotless metal. She saluted as soon as he was close enough to make out her face, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise. The girl was young, that much was evident. She couldn’t have been more than nineteen or twenty years old, and he found himself thinking of his daughter with a sudden bout of homesickness.

Mr. Sato, the girl said, proffering her hand. I’m here to take you to the Beifong estate.”


Ask OUAT : The Easter Bunny 

Emma explains the rabbit to Killian. Curious and determined Killian runs off to find the rabbit itself!

First collaborative piece with my wonderfully talented shipmate @cocohook38

Please check out her artworks too! @cocohook38twitter 

For my stuff: twitter / instagram

We hope you like it! Happy Easter!!!

Nashville: Gunnar Scott (INFJ)


Introverted Intuition (Ni): Gunnar’s main strength as a songwriter comes from his ability to find the meaning and direction in symbols.  He has an uncanny ability to figure out the real importance in a song or idea.  However, he often fails to grasp what’s going on right in front of him, such as other people’s level of comfort or boundaries.  He can be relentless in pursuit of his goals, to the extent of all else, refusing to accept a second-best career as a CMA-winning songwriter as more than a short-term step toward his goal of being a performer.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Gunnar is at his best working with others.  He is a great collaborator, not just with people he’s comfortable with.  He can adapt his skills and ideas toward anyone, matching his style toward theirs.  Nevertheless, he also pushes others into confronting their limits while providing emotional support and assistance. His success comes in group rather than solo performance situations because he needs others to play off of—his ability to connect to others is through close interpersonal situations. 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): When Gunnar has to deal with rationality, logic, and honesty, he tends to adapt his arguments to the situation.  While he is not impulsive, he can be idiosyncratic in his reasoning, even coming across as passive-aggressive when he tries to work out an answer to the problem.  He often struggles with logic when his intuition has solved a problem, but he hasn’t worked out a way of convincing others of the rightness of that action. Indeed, one of his strengths as a songwriter is solving problems, particularly when it comes to making a song work.

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Gunnar is able to act, to put music to words and turn ideas into reality, which he naturally conveys on stage.  However, his weakness is living in the moment.  When he fails to connect to others, he often seeks solace in immediate gratification—self-destructively provoking the people around him through his behavior. This often causes him to lose his grasp on what’s truly important to him as he tries to convince himself that he doesn’t want what he can’t stop himself from working toward.

Here I am with the finished result finally! ;v;

The outlines are from the ever amazing cali-nyh - it was such a pleasure and so much fun to colorate your beautiful outlines! ;v; I hope my coloration isnt too bad; i’m still speechless from your gorgeous coloration of my Wadanohara outlines and guess who will have the art all over phone and tablet