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[171019] Fan Accounts of DなSHOW Vol. 1 in Kanazawa

When Daesung sang WINGS today as extra encore he changed a phrase of the chorus that originally says “trust me more, trust me more” into “trust me more, just leave it to me”. He always tells us “leave your happiness to me” (= leave it to me to make you happy). (© mshinju)

Dna SHOW in Kanazawa today was sooo much fun! 💕 The crowd was great! Daesung sang an extra song for encore (WINGS) and the Kang Daesung calls were super loud 👍 he was so happy 😭 (© mshinju)

A fan asked if Daesung had a house in Japan, which prefecture he would live. Since the show today was in Ishikawa prefecture he said with an obvious lip-service face “Ishi…kawa… prefecture… obviously” but then he named things that he really liked about the place like fresh seafood (which is known to be really good in Kanazawa, the city today’s show was held in) & the fact that it was quite cold in Kanazawa (he loves the cold). When he asked what fruit is famous in Kanazawa and found out that it was grapes, he said it’s destiny 🤣👍 (© mshinju)

Q: What kind of event would you want to do with your fans in the future?

DS: Something I haven’t done before? I would really like to go on a trip with my fans. It doesn’t need to be any far away destination. I want to eat together and if you want to drink, you’re free to do so Then I’ll take pictures of you (while drunk) & will show them to you in the morning. “Good morninnng~~♪ *shows picture*” I always see you prettily dressed up with perfect make up, so I really wanna see your 7am faces. I want to know the level of your transformation skills. (© mshinju)

Daesung practiced the dance for A•ze•cho! with us today in Kanazawa, joking that if we couldn’t do it then he’d immediately stop singing and leave. It’s a quite easy to remember dance in the “oh oh oh” part of the chorus. They called it wakame dance in the newspapers 🤣✋👋 Apparently we did well enough when he performed a•ze•cho! right after because he gave thumbs up to the audience while singing 😁👍 (© mshinju)

Btw, today was the first time ever for Daesung to hold an event in Kanazawa (actually his first time ever visiting Kanazawa in general). The audience welcomed him very warmly & enthusiastically, clapping loudly to the rhythm of the opening music before the curtains were raised 👏 (© mshinju)

At the very end of the event Daesung said “I’ll work even harder to become someone who remains inside your heart. Please keep supporting me in the future! I’m already looking forward to the next time that I can see you. Let’s meet again!” (© mshinju)

After the last song nobody wanted the event to end so we started chanting “Kang Daesung! Kang Daesung!” but Daesung didn’t buy it saying he knows better than anyone else that his real name is Kang Daesung 🙄 And on top of that our pronunciation was wrong, he complained 😝 Daesung taught us how to say it correctly,we started chanting again putting more effort in our pronunciation & w/ some help from the technical staff (who didn’t put the echo effect on Dae’s mic as usual when he says his name as farewell) we won & Daesung sang WINGS as encore song (© susifg)

Daesung answered to a question that he often buys smoked chicken breast & yoghurt in convenience stores. After concerts he usually doesn’t have a full meal but snacks instead (fruits, yoghurt..) “I’m embarrassed to say this but… it’s because I want to be in good shape for you” (© mshinju)

Daesung explained for the very first time how to do the little choreo in “A・Ze・Cho!” (called ‘wakame dance’). We tried to follow along but he must have not liked what he saw cause he asked if we could do it or not 😒😅 So many fans replied “We’ll work hard!” but Daesung complained again saying “I don’t wanna hear 'We’ll work hard”, just state clearly 'We can!’ or 'We can’t!’ 🙄” 🤣💦 (© susifg)

While in the middle of the long serious MC about the “blank period” a tiny piece of what looked like paper (probably confetti) came falling down slowly from the ceiling right where Daesung was standing, but he didn’t see it until it was right next to him at eye level so he jumped to the side in panic with his usual 뭐야! (mwoya!) thinking it was some kind of insect 😂 Then he realized it wasn’t and crouching on the floor he covered it with his hand (as in protecting us from it?!) but the damage was done (the fans were laughing like crazy 😂💦) so Daesung stood up and started running towards the side of the stage while covering his face and saying “This is so embarrassing!” 🤣 He hid there for a short while then came out again looking totally humiliated (in a funny way, of course. So cute! ☺️💕)  (© susifg)

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