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I just got back from cinema, my sisters and I went to watch “Beauty and the Beast” here are main impressions 🎬:
1.Move one the rest of great cast, because Dan Stevens is star of this movie, what a performance he deliver out there, like wow💙
2.CINEMATOGRPHY IS MAGIC, like it is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever saw 🌹
3. No …one is HOT like Luke Evans, like he was eye candy 🔥
4. THE DANCE WAS LIFE, like it was better than original😻
5.Ema was born for this role💋
Movie it’s just beautiful 💛

Thoughts on the new Power Rangers movie

Ok everybody… GO WATCH THE NEW POWER RANGERS MOVIE. If you liked the original MMPR series WATCH IT. If you’re looking for a fun popcorn action movie WATCH IT. If you’re on the fence and not sure WATCH IT. Open your mind, embrace the changes made and enjoy it for what it is. 

Everybody knew this wasn’t going to be an Oscar-winning movie, nor did people think it was going to rise to the same level of Marvel movies and DC hype, but ignore the critics and the preconceived notions. Don’t let an industry geared towards criticizing movies that aren’t conventionally Oscar-material stop you from watching what was surprisingly a fun movie with great cast chemistry, thoughtful friendships and moments that made your childhood memories almost tangible. And don’t let those that will inevitably compare the movie to the superhero movie giants that dominate the genre today stop you either. 

Each actor had their strengths and although their characters were different than the original five you’ll walk away loving them. The development and depth in these characters were surprising good. TRUST. Particular standouts were Dacre, Naomi and RJ. Bill Hader was also great as the voice of Alpha 5. 

And on a side note - I’ve always preferred Jason x Kimberly more than I did Tommy x Kimberly and this movie delivered on that front. I know some people in the shipping fandom were a little deflated because a certain scene was missing. BUT TRUST ME, there was something there for those Jason x Kimberly shippers. Something that was well developed, wasn’t rushed, subtle but evident, and promising for the future… should the movie succeed and they make more. I AM HOPING FOR MORE! They do however, need to make improvements if they want this to be a full-fledged trilogy. Either way, GO SEE IT.

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So on the Power Rangers twitch stream Jungle Fury is drawing to a close

Which means one of the best seasons is going to start soon. That’s right, it’s RPM. Which stars the wonderful Dr. K, plus some people running around in spandex. Just kidding, it’s not spandex, and the whole cast is great. (Though Dr. K will always be best mentor)

Just as a quick summery, RPM takes places in an alternate universe, a post apocalyptic Earth where robots have conquered the planet, reducing the world into a massive desert. And it’s just so much fun! Like, it’s serious at points but always good and never too depressing, still campy as ever without being jarring. Plus Dr. K is best mentor, and her backstory and character are so sad and thought provoking and - ahhh!

More to the point, since RPM does not take place in the main Rangers universe, a new watcher can jump in without being worried about continuity. It’s very self contained, only like thirty two episodes, so if you are interested in the new movie, maybe drop by Twitch. And for reference, Dr. K is best mentor.


I think my ❤ is gonna burst! I’m inspired by ALL of you. #ThankYouFor sharing ur stories and hearts with me. I see, hear, and love you all 😌


Here they are finally !! I was never satisfied with the designs (Gozu was redrawn like 3 times) but thank you !! I’ll be drawing the rest of the requests soon so yall don’t worry about it !

(also i didn’t draw Tengan bc he doesn’t deserve a nice dress)


if you’re dying and you know it clap ur hands *clap clap*


“Haven’t you any candygrams of hers? ANY CANDYGRAMS?”

I don’t care how bad the movie could be, I’m gonna support power rangers as much as I can because it’s super diverse with 4 out of 5 rangers being poc, and now it seems like one of them is an lgbt character so if you want more diversity in movies you should support this one