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The "SJW/TUMBLR" bit from The Amazing World of Gumball

TAWOG: *Show that talks about the scientific chemistry behind love, only to zoom out and show a male/male couple and a female/female couple, a minute portion of all national populations.*

Tumblr: “This show is so pure!” *weeps tears of joy*

TAWOG: *Has one of its characters change his face to have a more “experienced-powerful, evil” look, one of those being the face of Donald Trump. 6 months later in his presidency, the earth still exists and a civil war/WW3 has not happened yet.*

Tumblr: “Yeah, Trump is the next Hitler!”

TAWOG: *Tries to show that both men and women have problems, none of them are big enough for one to be worse off than the other (as the “Gender wage gap” is false and illegal in the U.S.)*

Tumblr: “Ah man. Gumball said he’s glad he’s never going to be a woman, that ruins my trans-Gumball theory!”



Take. A. Joke.

They’ve pointed out people who make weird fanart, the baby-boomer gen., the definition of love, youtube, facebook, seniors, tourism/tourist, politics, the government, japanese influence (on multiple occasions), the questionable nutrition of fast food or the lack thereof, the concept of time, the meaning of life, and THE CREATORS OF THE SHOW THEMSELVES, just to name a few. (The only topic they haven’t touched is religion, for obvious and justified reasons.)

I’m sure they have been more than disturbed, if not out-right offended, by some of the fan content on this site (Looking at the incest-porn individuals)

The Amazing World of Gumball is a great cartoon that has captured the many hearts of children, teens, and adults who have watched it.

Don’t drag its name in the mud because you took a joke out of context and got mildly emotionally hurt by it.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to show that Mama Luigi Re-animated collab is now out! Myself and over 200 amazing animators got to work on this project, it came out great and I’m so glad to have been a part of it! Go check it out if you want a good laugh and alot of great animation :)


…and Millionaires Too!! The Eighth Commandment by University of Victoria Libraries
Via Flickr:
Item is one of 123 pen-and-ink drawings and watercolours from two volumes titled: “Sketches of the War: France/Belgium”. The sketches vary from satirical cartoons to more detailed and naturalistic renditions. They are often accompanied by an ironic title and are often signed with the artist’s initials, “J.M.” The artist’s satirical targets include the officers and high command of both combatant sides; the disjuncture between reported and actual events, and the death of civilians as a fact of modern warfare.


The Powerpuff World Premiere

January Monday 20th

7:30/6:30c on Cartoon Network!! 



A doodle by my father. At the opening of the exhibit that the “Kicking at the darkness” comic was produced for I was approached by a retired colleague of my fathers from the history department at UBC, Peter (I’m sorry I can’t remember how to spell his last name and I’ve lost the return address… anyone know?). He told me how much he respected and misses my father and revealed something about my dad I was not aware of. that he was, perhaps, a frustrated cartoonist! Here’s a doodle that Peter sent to me by my father of construction going on outside the meeting they were in. At UBC there’s always construction going on. The drawing was retrieved from a waste paper basket. I knew my father was interested in comics, I still have cartoon collections of his from World War 2, featuring great cartoonists like Giles and Low. He also was an early fan of Peanuts, collecting the daily strips by cutting them out of the newspaper and gluing them into an old phonebook. We also had the first book I ever saw on the history of comics, the Penguin Book Of Comics, which I studied. So, with “Kicking at the darkness” it felt a little like I had come full circle, bringing my comics to the world of history of my father’s.

No seriously Wally West in the Justice League cartoon was so great.

In the season two episode “A Better World,” the Justice League from an alternate universe takes over the world, and slowly turns utterly tyrannical and morally questionable. The event that triggered it was Flash’s death, because the writers could not conceive of a scenario where Wally would go along with such a thing.

Let me say that again: they were able to make a series of events where Superman killed Lex Luthor with heat vision and lobotomized his enemies believable, but couldn’t think of a way to make the Flash evil.