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me (surrounded by decadence and luxury, poetry, narcotics, debauchery, art and filth, seated on a great stone throne, where a pair of slaves wave palm fronds painted with gold leaf to cool my reclining form. a third feeds me grapes. i watch through regal kohl-painted eyes as the small folk build great marble idols in my likeness): yeah so once you start reading the tyranny bit of the republic as a how to, things get way better

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Are there placements that would lead to someone feeling like they are always abandoned/ unworthy for something or someone


• Sun in Capricorn/Pisces/Scorpio
• Sun in the 8th/12th
• Moon in Capricorn/Scorpio/Pisces/Aquarius/
• Moon in the 8th/12th
•Saturn in the 4th/7th (prob)/8th/12th
• Aspects: Sun-Saturn, Sun-Neptune, Moon-Saturn, Venus-Saturn,

About feeling unworthy: I guess looking at the house where Saturn is placed will show you where you feel unworthy. Saturn restricts this area which could lead to negative thinking about the topic the house represents. However, if you learn Saturns lessons you’ll build great self-confidence in that area and you’ll master the struggles!

Pretty proud of the progress I’ve made towards my body goals… bulking starts Monday

I am tired of half ass weak relationships. I’m not looking to get into a
“non-relationship” relationship. I want a real, genuine, raw, love. I want consistency and commitment not someone who’s gonna keep up a routine for about a month and afterwards let it die down, I want to be able go about my day carefree and not have to worry if you’re entertaining someone in a way you know damn well you’d get upset if I did the same. I want consideration. I want you to think about me throughout the day, respect me and keep in mind how your actions might affect me, and us as a whole. If you’re busy all day that’s fine, but just try and let me know so i’m not sitting up having my mind travel to unconventional places. I want growth. The point of a relationship is to learn, expand and grow from it so you can create a true bond with each other. I want to be able to build something great that’s not all just for show. I want communication and maturity. I want us to feel comfortable talking to eachother so that if there is an issue or problem there won’t be any hesitance to open up with eachother. I want us to be able to confide in each other and say things that we’ve never admitted out loud. I want to have a strong level of trust and honesty. I don’t want to have to doubt your intentions or your motives, I want to be able to tell and show you things that others don’t have access to without regret. I want to be comfortable to my core with you. I want us to work our asses off, get this money and go on vacation together. I want laughter, effort, and unforgettable times, phenomenal sex and even better conversation. I want to be claimed and shown off, not by social media but from you. I want to be appreciated and celebrated. I want thoughtfulness and passion. I want the love between us to beam and radiate so strong that it’s undeniable. I want this to be mutual. I want love. not lust, not a situationship, not “idk what we are but your mines”. I want love. So if you cannot and are not willing to put in the work to create that with me, then leave me the fuck alone.

Here is 10 things I tell my students on the first day of class about building yourself up into being a artist. This is starting point, not a all encompassing list. Hope you find it helpful!

1. Never stop experimenting. When you stop trying new things your style will get stagnant. Developing your style never has an stopping point, you’re going to continue learning and changing–that is a good thing.

2. Don’t draw to please a particular person or audience. It is tempting to draw something you think the person viewing it will like. It starts with drawing to please a friend/family member, then a teacher, and then a wider audience online or in person. However, consider drawing to please yourself first, an audience will follow in time and you will face a lot less burn out down the line. You’ll be hired for this, work you made out of something you liked crafting–not something you forced yourself to craft. Don’t make art that makes you miserable.

3. Learn the basics. Get good at anatomy (human and animal), perspective, creating depth, lighting, etc–then break the rules you’ve learned. Work, no matter how abstract, pushed, and pulled is always stronger when informed by a mastery of the basics.

4. Practice working in ways that do not hurt your hand. Learn to draw with a relaxed hand and draw in long strokes. Both of these methods help prevent issues with your hand, wrist, and arm. I’ve never gotten carpal tunnel, and I draw on a daily basis, because I have learned how to treat my hand well. Your hand is your tool, if you wear it out there isn’t a new one you can just pick up. The best treatment for any possible physical issues is prevention.

5. Learn how to draw without erasing. It is scary and it is tough no doubt! However the best way to become more confident is through not erasing. There is a medium for everyone to try this out, whether it is pen or non-erasing colored pencils. If you want to ease yourself into this method try out Pentel red lead, it erases a bit–but overall will always leave a mark with every stroke you make. The importance of this is learning to not be afraid of mistakes.

6. Draw from life, from reference photos, and from imagination. This trio is important, combining all three is usually how you build great drawing skills. Drawing from life gives you the ability to capture small details that you’ll remember to put in when drawing from a reference photo, drawing from refs will give you the practice you’ll need to handle whatever subject so that one day you can draw it from your own imagination–see how that works?

7. You’re art isn’t completely unique and that is okay. I can’t emphasis how many people I know who have gotten so hung up on being something totally unique that they burn out fast and never make work again. Now, considering how much art is in the world there is no way that what you create will be 100% unique to you. That is fine, your personality in your work is more of what makes something yours than a “style”.

8. Figure out your work’s personality. On that note finding the personality of your art is important as you go into trying to build your own place in the art world. The personality of a piece is a combination of style, subject, color, shapes, lines, and maybe most important themes (yes subject and themes are different). This combo is what makes your art special. At a loss for where to start figuring out your own personality? Compile a list of 10 artists you love. Why do you love them? Is it the shapes of one artist that speak to you, the line work of another is beautiful, the themes of a third make you feel inspired? Now take the 10 things you love about those 10 artists and start applying them to your own work. This isn’t about copying these artists, it is about the inspiration. That line work you love in another artist’s piece is gunna look different in yours for example. Those themes from another artist, well when you take them on your life might inform them in a opposite way. In time your inspired work will evolve into something that is your own.

9. Talent is nice, persistence is more important. Someone may be naturally talented in some areas of art, however someone who is persistent in their craft is so much more likely to succeed. Effort, continued growth, and practice will add up to so much more in the long run than just skating by on “talent”.

10. Be a good person. Treat others with respect, learn about social issues, don’t be a creep, and use your art to help people. And this might mean you craft a piece about an important issue that changes thousands of lives, or you might just be creating to help yourself get through the day. Both are important, after all you are a person too and you should always be trying to help and be kind to yourself.


There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

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Source: @mobpsy100_uu on twitter. Omg I just finished Mob Psycho 100 and I’m so happy I watched it!!! I knew nothing about it going into the first episode so everything was new and exciting. I don’t know but from the title I thought it was going to be a horror anime kinda like tokyo ghoul but it totally wasn’t. It was funny and energetic with great action scenes. The build ups during the action scenes were my fav. They weren’t like the build ups in other animes like Naruto or Fairy Tale where it get repetitive sometimes. Also it had good morals and meaning in the main plot that I found refreshing to other animes that were kinda just surface meanings. Ten out of ten would recommend!!!!

Also as a side note before watching this anime I was concerned because I hadn’t watch a really really great anime in a while probs since I watched Death Parade. Thank you Mob Psycho 100 for helping me get my love for anime.

I babysat for a couple tonight who went to see Hamilton. The wife got home and said she cried. I of course asked what part she cried at. She said non stop, which seemed weird. But then she told me that on Friday she’s becoming an American citizen like her husband and kids. She’s from the Caribbean. And she said non stop was the moment that she realized “this is what it was all about, was building this country so that people like me and Hamilton could come here and build great things.”
I don’t often get emotional about America, but this is one of the few times I did.

“I will build a great Veil – and nobody builds Veils better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great Veil on our southern border, and I will make shemlen pay for that Veil. Mark my words.”

A Pile of Empty Brass

Author’s Note: This is the first time I’ve felt like I have a story worth writing in a long, long time. I wanted to thank everyone who has made such kind comments on my writing in recent weeks. All of the stories that you’ve seen on my tumblr are at a minimum a year old. You’ve reminded me why I enjoy writing, and I can only express my deepest gratitude to you all. Thank you.

It was not the human warriors that convinced us of their worthiness.

It was not their works of engineering.

It was not their music, it was not their cuisine, it was not their weapons of war, it was not their policies of peace, it was none of these things for how can we measure a species by these things?

A species may fight with ferocity and valor on the field, and scorn their poor. 

A species may build great works, and flee before a fight.

A species may sing beautifully, and use that song to pervert the truth.

It is no measure of a species how they treat their poor if they treat those who are not of their species as worse than dirt. 

No, no it was none of these things that convinced us of humanity’s greatness. 

It was their spirit. It was their resilience, their willingness to take a just cause to the bitter end and to watch their towers crumble and their skies burn before they would sacrifice what they considered sacrosanct. 

It was as their great fleets were smashed before the oncoming tide of terror and their armies massacred from the skies, for though we might not judge their race by their martial prowess it was a prowess they had in abundance. And the terror that came from the great void between the stars could not stand before the fury of a human army, and so rained fire on them from the skies. 

It was as disaster after disaster befell them, and a single demand was broadcast again, and again, and again. 

Surrender. Bend the knee. Permit the terror to stand tall. Let them break you beneath their whips.

Surrender your freedom, and be spared.

And so it was that a human diplomat came to us, the Concordat, the council of spacewalking species, and to my everlasting shame we counseled surrender. Many of us had. It was not wrong to bend the knee to the strongest, we argued. 

Humanity, it seemed, disagreed. 

“Honored Speaker of the Concordat, my fellow members.” He began, slowly, and I heard something in his voice I could not place then but I know now to be the joy humanity can only feel when they have dedicated themselves to a cause they know deep in their hearts to be so just, so pure as to be worth the deaths of everyone they knew or loved. It was the voice of a man who saw his death on the horizon and resolved to greet it with his head held high and a song on his lips.

“Caution, you have counseled us. It is wisdom you say, to bend the knee to that terror from beyond the void, to let them have our homes and our families to do with as we please. For you say there is no shame to live as slaves. No dishonor in surrender to an evil, so long as we live.” 

There was an unspeakable quality to his voice, a deep tenor that echoed throughout the chamber for those of us with the ability to hear it. 

“My fellow members of the Concordat you call your policy accommodation and say if we surrender, if we let the enemy into our homes and our hearts he will come to love us. 

“Humanity has considered this proposal, and as one we have spoken. As one we have rejected it, for we are not a people who will go quietly into the night we are not a people which will let our children grow up with the yoke of slavery around their necks without a fight. 

“We are all retreating under the pressure of this war and so you say that the time has come to surrender because you have heard from your own people pleas for peace at any price. You have heard those that say they would rather live on their knees than die on their feet.

“Honored members of the Concordat those voices may speak for your own people but they do not speak for us. There are things in this life worth bleeding for, worth killing for, worth dying for and the sweet air of freedom is such a thing. We will not surrender. This has been our position from the very beginning, and it has not changed.

“There is no price we will not pay to maintain our freedom, for as we die it is the only thing we have. One day, we all know, that one day we will go to meet our creator or the void. One day we will go into that darkness, and we will be judged, of this I have no doubt. I, my father, my mother, my son, my daughter, my people, my people will go into the void and we will hold our heads high. Our children will enter the void. Our children’s children will enter the void. This we all know.

“So the question before us is not ‘will our children live’ for our children will die. This is our burden to bear. The question that lies before us is how will they live. How can we look our children in the eyes and say ‘we did this for you’ as they are broken beneath the heel of a tyrant. 

“So members of the Concordant, we will set our children to flee. We will send them and our parents and those we can spare far, far away. We will send them further than the terror can follow and they will grow up free.

“And we, we who can? We will fight. We will fight in the space above our colonies, we will fight in the atmosphere of our homes and we will fight on the landing grounds of the terror. We will fight, and fight, and fight until the terror no longer comes, or the last of us has fallen.

“And we will pray to whatever God we believe in. We will pray to be made fast and accurate. We will pray for true aim and quick hands and minds. And we will not pray for victory, for we will not leave victory up to the fickle hands of fate. We will take victory, and our victory will be the free lives of our children. 

“We will not pray for victory. Our victory is assured. So members of the Concordat, we do not ask for your prayers for our victory. We ask that you pray for us to die in piles of empty brass.

“We will die on our feet so that our children will never know the agony of living on their knees.”