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I got strong feelings about people who live here bitching about winter. Bro it’s Buffalo, you don’t wind up here on accident. You have a job and a house and presumably you have both of those things on purpose. Whatever the reason, you live here on purpose. If you hate it so much, you need to make it a priority to get the fuck out of here. When the leaves fall off the trees and you first have to turn your heat on and you’re already bitching, I am Not Here For It, and when the first snow falls and you’re like slow-mo-no-ing all over the office about it, I have No Time For Your Shit.

This is not because I don’t believe in complaining about winter. This is because bitch, we live in Buffalo, winter lasts from late October through approximately May. You have to ration that shit out. 

Also winter doesn’t even get serious here until after Christmas. Spare me the moaning in November when you first realize your snowblower won’t start. (Should’ve drained the gas tank when you put it away in June, eh? Here there’s probably some ether* in the back of mom’s garage, doesn’t everybody have ether lying around, spray it on your starter, you’ll be fine, if all else fails the fireball will melt the snow right off the walk.) You can make snide comments about how everybody forgets to drive in snow, sure, that’s appropriate. 

But you gotta save up the for-real despair, my friend. Because it’s January now, and the cold has set in, and that means we gotta pay the piper for how warm that lake still is, and that means that lake is going to shit on us unpredictably until it’s done cooling down. 

Now is when we bitch about winter. Now is when we sink into it and give up on any pretense of liking it here. Because the whining is finite, and it keeps you warm. It’s an important component of the climate. We can bond over this, you see, and we huddle for warmth dressed in all the handmade knitwear we own, and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch.

That’s what January’s all about. By February, hopefully the lake will be frozen and the snow will ease up and we can sober up and get on with our lives.

(In February we usually have psychotic breaks but we forget about them afterward so in our minds, February’s not so bad at all.)

* TRUE STORY. not my mom, Dude’s mom. We found DDT in there too.

Oh yeah, I have made this illustration a few weeks ago, a pattern of 30 dogs’ faces.
Dogs are the best animals in the world. Love them because they do love you.

“Stan’s personality is one of life’s great mysteries.”

3,000 followers! HOLY COW! Here’s 3x Stan to celebrate!

“I Would like to be remembered… as a man who never looked down on those who looked up to him, and who helped as many people as he could. As a man hosted up for his beliefs no matter what. As a man who tired to unite all humankind through faith and love. And if all that’s too much, then i guess i’d settle for being remembered only as a great boxer who became a leader and champion for his people. And i wouldn’t even mind if folks forgot how pretty i was. “

Muhammad Ali 1942 - 2016 - R.I.P.

Every pooch owner thinks that their pup is the cutest dog in the world, and most likely they are right! However, every time you surf the web you end up looking at pics of adorable puppies. That is why tech tails made this list of the top 10 cutest dog breeds in Australia. Enjoy!


“He is an absolute fantastic dog. House broke, crate trained, excellent with other pets, including cats, and all people. He knows some cute tricks like shake your paw roll over lay down come sit and stay. He will make an awesome family dog. He weighs 74 pounds right now and is a bit under weight.“

the signs as dog breeds
  • Aries: shih tzu
  • Taurus: labrodoodle
  • Gemini: collie
  • Cancer: alaskan malamute
  • Leo: pug
  • Virgo: jack russell
  • Libra: cavalier king charles spaniel
  • Scorpio: great dane
  • Sagittarius: bulldog
  • Capricorn: dalmation
  • Aquarius: boxer
  • Pisces: beagle

What are the most popular dog breeds in Germany?

As per the German Kennel Club from 2008:

1. German Shepherd 
2. German Dachshund (80% are wirehaired standards)
3. German Wirehair Pointer
4. Labrador Retriever
5. Golden Retriever
6. German Mastiff (aka Great Dane)
7. Boxer
8. Poodle
9. Rottweiler
10. English Cocker Spaniel
11. Giant Schnauzer
12. Bernese Mountain Dog
13. German Shorthair Pointer
14. German Hovawart
15. Collie (Scottish Sheepdog)
16. Miniature Schnauzer
17. Kleiner Münsterländer (medium sized hunting dog similar to the Brittany)
18. West Highland White Terrier
19. Airedale Terrier
20. German Hunting Terrier (only sold to hunters, they don’t make good pets)

i can picture the culmination of Enjolras’s crush on Grantaire so vividly like he already knows that R’s an artist and is dead intelligent, but then he starts paying attention to his other habits and interests and turns out that Grantaire’s also a great boxer, skilled cook, designs and does tattoos, fences and has probably co-published a book of poetry in a foreign language, and Enjolras is so frustrated with all of this information that one day he just throws his hands up in deafeat and is all “What’s next, ‘Ferre? Is he going to stride in tap-dancing while juggling a bunch of eggs? When is this going to End!?”

little does the poor revolutionary cupcake know that Grantaire might actually take that as a challenge.

+love on the road ; a playlist for those moments in the car where both of you just enjoy the music and each-other. 

[twin shadows, the killers, jack’s mannequin, vance joy, andreas moe, last lynx, kings of leon.]