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Q: How are you today?
A: Good … thank you !! Though THIS traffic …. #shame

Q: How many days till you are able to go home?
A: Just a bit over a month … counting down the days !!! #summerfun

Q: #AskClaire are you watching anything good? Binge worthy? 
A: Did someone say @SHO_TwinPeaks

Q: Where’s Eddie while you’re away? You must miss him! 
A: I do miss HER … (i won’t let her know you made that mistake !!) She’s waiting in Scotland for some SA treats !!

Q: You gonna be long? #onbehalfofmycompadres 
A: If I said another hour …. would you a) cry b) explode c) just go home ..????

Q: What do you consider to be your best scene from Season 3?
A: 🌴…. that’s a clue !!!

Q: What book are you currently reading? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal …or is it Mirror, Signal, Shoulder … anyway .. It’s GOOD.

Q: Will you get time off this summer before Season 4 filming begins?
A: Well I’d better … I hear people might want us to promote it #AskClaire

Q: What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned since coming to South Africa to film? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: People’s incredible capacity to forgive and heal … and that it’s a process … LOVE SA ❤

Q: When will you come to France ? #AskClaire 
A: Soon, I hope !!

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My husband and I are starting to read more books together (he’s seriously the best, it’s like having a great audiobook narrator on your couch with you, I’m so spoiled). He decided to share the Revenge of the Sith novelization with me, and l’m pretty furious. Because it’s really, really good. Like WAY better than the movie.

I like the prequels, flawed and often painful as they are, but hearing and reading this masterpiece, I’m livid that we got the film as it is. If this is what it could have been, how did we end up with what we did? Like, it makes SO much more sense, and feels more organic, and Anakin’s fall doesn’t come out of the blue, and it’s not half so whiny and annoying, and it all makes sense did I mention it makes sense finally? The characterizations are thorough, Obi-wan is shown to be deeply feeling, Brand-new Vader is terrifyingly sassy (”We were promised a handsome reward!” “I am your reward. Do you not find me handsome?” Like DANG SON).

Some highlights of things you get from this book:

-Dooku is a clinical sociopath

-Yoda actually admitted the fault of the Jedi order–that they were too rigid, and hadn’t changed while the Sith had, and that was their downfall, that they were too invested in the Old Ways. He admits that Sidious was, in part, correct, which also admits that the Jedi had, indeed, failed Anakin to a certain extent as he said.

-Anakin’s transition to Vader, which is shown to be a literal psychological transition. Anakin actually isn’t in control anymore, there’s a new being inhabiting him called Vader. Once Anakin decides to leave the Jedi and become Sith, the being known as Anakin ceases to exist and Vader is born. Anakin is killed, and Vader takes his place; so yes, Old Obi-wan was right.

-C3PO actually has anxiety. Clinical anxiety. His ‘threat aversion subroutines’ get in the way of him doing things, even normal things, because they try to override his actions.

-Obi-wan dresses up like a drunken bum with Yoda wrapped up like and impersonating a baby in order to infiltrate the fallen Temple.

-Stunning time-out style writing (transitions into present tense to slow down time and let you emotionally and mentally explore a moment), well-paced action, painful and beautiful foreshadowing, perfectly interwoven introspection, incredible and subtle themes of love and hope, and beautiful metaphors and call-backs. I like this author, we’re actually going to look up more of his stuff in the library because let me tell you, it is AMAZING.

-Obi-wan is deathly allergic to space miso soup and almost triggered an interplanetary incident because he didn’t know and drank it while on a diplomatic mission.

This book is a treasure, 11/10, highly recommend.

ok now that my meltdown is somewhat over i’m gonna analyze shots in the last jedi teaser, as well as stills and info they released

probably rey coming out of a vision

if you look in the background she still has the lightsaber. i’m trying to figure out what else is going on in the background though, what is the patterned thing on the right? the sole of her boot? if so what position in she in lmao

i really like this shot, the map is similar to holograms in the prequels and it’s good to see the resistance in a location that isn’t inexplicably overrun with vines

i really hope this is the result of a tantrum and not an undeserved redemption arc. there’s broken glass around it so idk… also it’s smoking

ok lmao did i not CALL the tree of time force tree having ancient secrets that rey would unlock. has there ever even been a physical book in star wars before

the jedi symbol presumably in one of the books although it could easily be from somewhere else and they’re just tricking us into thinking it’s from one of the books

whoever is perusing it is wearing gloves for some reason. i really wanna know what lore is going on here

this is PRESUMABLY rey with anakin’s lightsaber and luke watching… but some people have commented that the rock next to her looks like yoda is sitting on it

which would make no sense lmao like if it is him i feel like he should be translucent and glowing… that does call into question the person watching though

because that’s definitely not the outfit we’ve seen luke in. like obviously he can change clothes but we haven’t really seen anyone with that length of coat yet

;___________; i’m guessing this is from the VERY beginning of the movie. all i’m saying is they better have something really cool they’re hiding

ok at first i was gonna ignore this generic falcon flying/fighting shot completely but i realized… the fact that it’s in action at all tells us something. because it came to ahch-to with rey and chewie and now it looks like it’s… not there… i mean i guess that could be ahch-to on a nice day but idk. wherever it is it seems to confirm they’ll be leaving ahch-to which is great imo

i love this shot. aggressive and athletic. and is it just me or is she also not on ahch-to here? it seems like flat landscape… again assuming it’s anakin’s lightsaber. speaking of which his lightsaber has only featured in two movies in each trilogy so i’m assuming it’ll be removed from the picture in this one

another shot i like. definitely another flashback to the destruction of luke’s academy or whatever it was supposed to be

let’s lighten this one up first

in the tree, rey’s staff propped up against the wall. this also brings me to the AUDIO of the teaser

kyle: i only know one truth

luke: it’s time for

from a different scene, luke OR maybe someone else: the jedi

from another different scene, luke: to end

as dramatic and mysterious they’re trying to make this i’m not that interested because you know disney won’t end them so

ONTO the stuff we learned OUTSIDE the crappy trailer

first of all i just wanna remind you of this interview from a year ago

And besides, Ridley already knows who Rey’s parents are – and she doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. “I think the amazing thing about [Episode VII] is that Finn and Rey don’t come from anywhere, and they find a place,” Ridley, who’s currently filming Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII, said. “So to me, it’s funny that people think it’s so important because I don’t really think it is.”

then during the panel yesterday they asked her “are you and luke related by blood” and she shook her head and the interviewer’s straight up like “ok no to that one”

THEN during this interview she says

and rey, i thi– obviously he doesn’t even know who she is when she turns up, like, with this frickin’ lightsaber that he’s not seen in however long

and during THIS interview she first of all said she thought it was already answered in tfa (which she has also said multiple times before), AND there was this from rian

interviewer: are we going to find out who her parents are?

rian: uhhh [high pitch] mmmmmm it’s

interviewer: you don’t have to tell me

rian: it’s, it’s something that is absolutely going to be addressed in the movie

interviewer: it will be addressed but there won’t be clarification?

rian [talking at the same time as the interviewer]: um there won’t be

rian: it depends on… i’m, i can’t say, i was about to say something, you almost got me!

like LITERALLY idk what else proof you need that she’s not related to anyone. the question was already answered in tfa. “[your family] are never coming back”. like rian is specifically saying it’s ADDRESSED, not that we’ll find out who her parents are, because we’ll never find out who her parents are. this is honestly becoming so annoying

moving on


<3333 rose! ok so she’s a resistance mechanic… interesting… but there were rumors she did screen tests with mark hamill and when he came on stage the two of them seemed really close so i think those rumors are true! which is great because i’m so glad they’re leaving that damn island lmao. (if you don’t know my prediction is rey runs off on her own at the end of the first act so luke joins up with the resistance). another thing is how close mark and john seem so it would honestly make sense to me if he’s with rey for act one and then with finn, rose, and the resistance for act 2 and 3. i can dream…

anyway the same source that said she did tests with mark also said her role was “juicy” and it’s “subversive” for her to be not white so that’s interesting… obviously she wasn’t in the teaser and finn pretty much wasn’t either so idk their part could be really cool, hopefully i mean.

my prediction is that she’s a first order spy meant to bring finn back, but then she turns good while on the missions with him. because i’m not quite sure how her character could be so big and important if there isn’t something more to her

john filming with gwendoline adds more credence to the rumors finn will infiltrate the first order (with rose?)

daisy filming on a green screen set PROBABLY just means they did action stuff indoors for safety and secrecy but i also hope it means they go to cool cgi locations lol

i’m not even gonna do the poster cuz it sucks.

ANYWAY overall none of this contradicts my predictions but obviously finn was very absent from this all vs in my predictions he has a big role. so hopefully they’re just hiding it for now idk, i just need them to respect his position as the MALE LEAD who is equally main characters with rey. and for him to be a jedi k bye

Civil War

Summary: You and Dean don’t see eye to eye when it comes to comic book universes. 

Word Count: 1377

Warnings: None

Pairing: Dean x Reader

This is my entry for @jaredpadasexyy ‘s Easter Challenge. This was beta-ed by @avasmommy224.

Prompt: 20. “Marvel is better than DC”

Your name: submit What is this?

You were sitting in your room watching a movie. Which movie? Only the best cinematic masterpiece of all time: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. You had just gotten to the highway scene. Cap and the Winter Soldier were going hand to hand, blow for blow. Even though you had seen this movie a million times, you still found yourself on the edge of your seat.

Cap had just ripped the Winter Soldier’s mask off and revealed his face.


“Who the hell is Bucky?”

You couldn’t help but say the line in sync with Bucky and let out a little squeal as it was one of your favorite lines in the movie. And as luck would have it, Dean happened to be walking by at that exact moment.

“What are you squealin’ at?”

Your finger hit the pause button on the remote. “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Dean gave you a suspicious look as he took at seat on the other side of your bed. “If it’s nothing, then why’d you pause it?”

You turned to him with an irritated look on your face. How dare he intrude on your quality time with your two husbands? “Because I would like to watch it alone.”

“Why? Is there a dirty scene coming up?” Dean said raising his eyebrows.

“God no! I just enjoy the movie more on my own, that’s all.”

Dean gave you another suspicious look, this one more teasing.

“Yeah, sure” he said doubtfully “I believe that.”

“It’s true!”

He put his hands up in surrender, “I believe you, I swear! Cross my heart and everything.”

You rolled your eyes as you unpaused your movie and turned back to it. Dean moved closer as he started to watch the movie as well. After a few minutes into the resumed movie, you turned to him only to see a confused look etched on his face.

You looked back at the television, trying to decipher what could’ve caused his confusion and came up with nothing.

“So what’s so special about him?”


“Captain America. All he has is the power of ultimate frisbee.”

You feigned a gasp, touching a hand to your heart, “How dare you!”

“I’m just saying,” he shrugged, “ He doesn’t have any powers and the only weapon he has is that stupid shield. He’s just another buff dude punching bad guys.”

“Oh and your precious Batman is so much better? He’s a vigilante with abandonment issues.”

“So what?”, his voice getting louder, “He kicks ass, point blank period. How can you like Captain America over Batman?”

“Because Marvel is better than DC.” You said this as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Bullshit!”, he said standing up abruptly.

“It’s not bullshit,” you said standing up as well, “It’s a fact!”

This continued for 10 minutes until Sam walked by and heard the screaming match.

“What the hell is going on in here?”

You both took a breath then directed your screaming at Sam, trying to explain your point and throwing jabs at each other.


You and Dean both went silent glancing at each other, then looking down at your shoes like children that have been reprimanded for being too loud.

“Now,” Sam started after a long pause “What is the problem?”

Before either of you could speak and start screaming again, he held up his hand. “ Y/N, you first.”

“Aww, come on!”

Sam gave Dean his bitch face at his outburst before looking at you for you to speak.

“Well,” you started, “I was just in here minding my own business and watching my movie, when someone” you said pointedly “Decided to interrupt me. And I can feel you rolling your eyes Dean.”

“That’s because you’re being ridiculous.”

“How am I being ridiculous?”

“We are not starting this again” Sam said wiping a hand down his face.

“She’s not telling the whole story.”

“Then what is the whole story?”

Dean crossed his arms. “She said, and I quote, ‘Marvel is better than DC’.”

Sam looked at him with a confused face. “So?”

“So?!”, Dean asked incredulously, “What do you mean so?! DC has Batman and Superman. You know, real superheroes. Unlike Marvel where everyone has to go through an experiment gone wrong to be a hero.”

“At least our films are better!”

“In what universe?”

“In all of 15 of Marvel’s!”

“Whatever.” Dean said waving you off, “Our movies are amazing.”



You turned to him fully now, looking him dead in the eye, “Batman Vs. Superman.“

“It was great!”

“It was trash!”

“Says who?”

“Says ‘Rotten Tomatoes’.”

“Oh and Marvel’s so much better according to them, huh?”

“Don’t make me pull out receipts! I will pull up their website so quick-”

“THAT’S IT! Conversation over!” Sam grabbed Dean by the collar of his flannel and hauled him out the room.

“I’m not done!” Dean yelled.

“Well I am!” Sam responded, not breaking his stride out of the room.

You stood there after the door closed for a moment, wondering what the hell just happened. You didn’t dwell for long, anxious to get back to your movie without interruption.

After your movie had finished, you decided to walk around the bunker to stretch your legs. As you rounded the corner to the library, you saw Dean sitting at them table reading lore. You sat down across him, knowing that it was stupid to ignore him.



“So…we good?”

“Yeah, we’re good.”

“Good.” You looked around the room, not sure of what to do or say.

“Can I ask one thing?”

“Is it going to start another argument?”

Dean shook his head, “No, I’m just curious about something.”

You leaned back in your chair as you braced for his question, “Shoot.”

“What makes you like Marvel more than DC?”

“Dean…”, you sighed.

“No, I really want to know! I’m not going to judge, just tell me.”

You began to pick at the bottom of your shirt, getting ready to go into detail about how your love for these superheroes came to be.

“Well, when I was younger I was kind of an outcast. I was one of five black kids in my entire school, but I could never really connect with them because I wasn’t ‘black enough’.” You said the last part with air quotes and looked up to Dean, expecting the normal look of pity you usually got. To your surprise, that’s not what you got. Instead you saw a look of interest in Dean’s eyes, him waiting for you to continue. So you did.

“I found friends in comic books. Marvel to be exact. Then high school came around, and my mom wanted me to be more social. There was a comic book club and I decided to join. I was a little nervous because not only was I the only black kid in the club, but I was the only girl. I thought I was setting myself up to be another outcast, but I was wrong.”

A smile graced your face as the memories came flooding back.

“It was then that I realised that nerds are one of the most accepting people in the world,” you said with a slight chuckle. Dean had a smile on his face as you continued to talk about all the good times you had in the club and all the friends you made. Seeing your face light up did something to him.

Once you realised you had been rambling, you became embarrassed. Dean didn’t need to know all of that, and he probably didn’t care. Oh how wrong you were. Dean could listen to you talk for hours and never tire of it.

“Well maybe I should give Marvel a chance.”

“Really?”, you said with hope. Having Dean possibly share your love of Marvel made you unbelievably excited.


“Well I have all of the Marvel movies here if you want to have a marathon or something?”

Dean looked at you with a large smile, “That sounds like a good idea.”

You both stood up from the table and began to walk towards your room.

“I think you’ll like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Oh, and and ‘Deadpool’! Definitely ‘Deadpool’. I see a little ‘Wade’ in you.”

“Who’s Wade?”

“You’ll see.”

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anonymous asked:

Were you always obsessed with Snape?

I love telling this story. It’s like those stories people tell about when they met.

Short answer- not always

Long answer-

I always liked Snape as a character. I got into the books later than others. I was twelve, so about seven years ago. I checked all seven books out because my mama didn’t raise no weakling.

I read the first book & said “"this is really good.” My favorite character at the time was Ron, but I thought Severus was pretty cool. So I went onto CoS and liked him more. PoA and GoF are the ones that drew me in. 

He was just so interesting to me. So petty, yet with good reason. And learning he used to be a Death Eater? I was just !! Really, there are no words. I knew he was a vital character, and he was slowly becoming my favorite. 

After reading GoF, I began to watch some of the films. Philosopher’s Stone was great and I thought Alan Rickman (or as I didn’t know his name then “deep voiced guy”) was a wonderful choice in casting. I started liking his character more because of this. Then it happened.

I watched CoS and became surprised. As I watched, I found myself thinking “"ok but Snape is kinda hot.” Remember, I was twelve, thirteen at best. I couldn’t tell anyone because what would they think???? So, hoping I wouldn’t feel as much attraction to him if I kept reading instead, I read OotP.

SHIT HIT THE FAN. I was just so in love with this character. Reading his worst memory, I was thinking “there has gotta be something important about Lily in his life.” And his hatred for Umbridge was so relatable. I was thinking “"forget Ron, forget Lupin. Severus Snape is my favorite character.”

I literally began to search for fanfictions about him, I even made one my best friends because she loved Snape, too. I watched PoA and was turned on amazed by how wonderful Alan was as Snape. When I watched GoF, I couldn’t get over the part when he cockblocked a bunch of students during the Yule Ball. OotP intrigued me because “Obviously” was just hilarious. And I felt so bad for him with his memory. I was just like “bb NO ITS OKAY.”

Then I read HBP and was shooketh. I could not comprehend any of it. I wasn’t attached to Dumbledore, but D A M N. And learning he was the Half-Blood Prince? I was shocked. But I did not hate his character. I knew there had to be a reason, at least I hoped there was.

Watching the movie version, I realized that no, I could not hate his character because he looked so hesitant. And damn Alan just looked too good in this movie. I immediately read Deathly Hallows because I needed answers,

That book killed me, burned my crops, and took my water supplies. That BOOK was my everything. I was so relieved to see who Snape really was but I can’t lie. I threw that damn book across the room and sobbed during The Prince’s Tale. Severus deserved so much better. I still get emotional talking about it.

I didn’t want to watch either part of DH because I knew what to expect, but I got through the first part okay. But I screamed, cried, and had to take a few minutes before I could finish the second part. Alan’s acting was just too real. 

After that, I kept rereading and rewatching just to see parts with Snape in it. I could not get over the character he was. Everything about him was just truly amazing. I read fanfictions, wrote/write some fanfictions, looked at fan art, etc. Then I decided to tell my mom that I thought Alan Rickman was gorgeous, for some reason. But, according to her, she knew I already thought that.

And to this day he is still my favorite character and I’m still amazed by his character development. There are so few characters like him. And to think, none of this would have mattered to me if I hadn’t decided to tell myself to read all seven books within two months (which I did.) 

So no, I wasn’t always obsessed. But the obsession happened pretty early on.

My Interview with ALEX JONES on porn, race, and his quickly rising stardom in adult entertainment!

(Alex Jones, IG: Alex_Jonesxx)

Alex Jones (formerly and for all of one scene, Ace, as some of his gays fans know him) is a relatively new face in the world of porn. At the age of twenty-four, he’s been appearing in scenes for just over two years or so, working with a variety of companies.

From obscurity, he is quickly becoming one of the handful of men in straight porn who are as well-known as their female co-stars. 

As discussed below, Jones has all the porn basics. He’s attractive in a pretty-boy who could be a bad boy kind of way, and remarkably well-endowed. (Ten inches!!!!)

He’s able to convincingly perform in a variety of scenes from intimate/romantic stuff to hardcore orgy and kink.

And, perhaps the most important factor in making sure a man continues to work in straight porn, his female co-stars adore him and literally recommend him to other female stars in the industry. Whether discussed openly or not, one’s reputation with the women in porn is probably the It factor in making a straight male porn star.  

I chose to interview Alex Jones for a couple of other reasons. His first scene, the one that has earned him a significant gay following, was on a website dedicated to folks interested in bisexual Latino men. Mr. Jones is none of those things. Which creates an interesting opportunity to talk about race in the business of porn among other fascinating issues.


(Credit: Isabel Dresler;


KnowHomo: Let’s start with the obvious: How and why did you get into the porn business?

Alex Jones: I’ve always been fascinated by women and their bodies. I mean porn and naked women have been on my mind since elementary school. [laughs] So, when I got offers to be a model, I figured I could work my way up to doing “adult” or nude modeling instead and have a great time doing it.

And, I got my start in porn in a really basic way honestly. I sent my modeling photos to a few adult agencies and got a couple of responses back, ultimately resulting in me being signed with LA Direct Models.

KnowHomo: And for those of us outside the industry, can you give a rundown of the business-side of things. For example, I am interested in how often you have to be tested [for HIV/STDs/STIs] to work and how much you make per scene.

Alex Jones: I, myself - and most performers in the industry - are tested every 2 weeks in order to shoot. Generally males make less than females per scene, but the pay is always nice. I usually get $400 - $600 per scene depending on what kind of scene we’re doing.

And for me, casting or booking is usually conducted through my agency LA Direct Models, but sometimes I am booked directly when producers reach out to me.

 (Alex Jones by Isabel Dresler,

KnowHomo: I read in an interview you did last summer that you were having a hard time getting booked. It seems like that has changed. You’re popping on web sites all over the place now.

AJ: Yes, it has changed! [laughs] I receive a lot more work now than I ever have, which is a great improvement since last year.

(Alex Jones by Isabel Dresler;


KnowHomo: Why do you think producers are hiring you now? In addition, your female costars literally recommend you to other females in the industry as an excellent scene partner. What makes you a compelling porn performer? Why do so many of your peers seem to be singing your praises?

AJ: I feel like my penis size is a great advantage for me. It helps me deliver a more intense scene. Chemistry is also a big factor, if I actually like you, then I’m going to be more passionate and talkative during the scene. Work harder to connect. That comes across really well on camera, I think.

(Alex Jones by Isabel Dresler,

KnowHomo: So, let’s get into it. You have a pretty significant gay fan base, in part, because your very first scene in porn, filmed under the name Ace, was a solo masturbation scene aimed at a gay audience on Now, you are not bisexual – or Latino for that matter. [laughs] Can you tell me why you chose to do a scene aimed at the gay audience and why you’ve chosen not to do anything similar since then? You know your gay fans would love it.

AJ: I chose to do a scene for “” as my first scene because no one else would hire me due to the fact that I didn’t have any experience at the time. And, I figured it would get me some great exposure and attention, which ultimately it did. [smiles] I no longer shoot anything for gay or bisexual websites ‘cause it was honestly just a one-time thing. Not, that I have anything against the gay community, but it’s just not my thing.

KnowHomo: There’s this moment in that scene that your gay fans love where the cameraman who is “interviewing” you while you jerk off, comments on the size of your dick, grabs it and starts jerking you off. But you mentioned, I think on twitter, which I was very sad to learn - that that moment wasn’t planned, expected, or with your consent. In fact, it was your understanding that there would be no such touching. Can you talk about that a bit? Is it normal in the business for boundaries like that to be ignored.

(from the scene "ACE" on

AJ: Actually no it isn’t. The only time I’ve ever been pushed passed my boundaries, was during that shoot. I’ve been treated with nothing but respect working for Penthouse or Brazzers, but that guy at Bilatinmen was just a creeper. He’s lucky I didn’t kick his ass. I was in shock at the moment, but thought to myself “Just finish the scene without freaking out Alex, once it’s over this scene will get the ball rolling one way or another” and here I am.

KnowHomo: Following you on social media has been quite an educational experience for me. I had no idea how big of an issue race plays in the world of straight porn. Now, you are multiracial and of a number of ethnic/national heritages: black, Serbia, German. Has being interracial impacted your career specifically beyond just some of the ignorant things I’ve seen people post on twitter about not wanting to see you in scenes with white women?

AJ:  The interracial factor has had a big impact on my career. It’s hard for people to understand what “race” to cast me as, since apparently I have the features of a white man, the skin tone of a hispanic man, and the penis of a black man. [laughs]

Because of my look and racial background, I’ll get casted for an interracial scene and then a day later I’ll get cast with the same female performer as the interracial scene, but this time it’s no longer an interracial scene because the company who booked me this time doesn’t think I’m black or whatever race they would cast as “interracial”…..To be honest, the whole genre of interracial porn is kind of racist. It should just be called porn like everything else, no need to segregate it like that.


KnowHomo: You’ve really been featured in all brands of porn as of late. From what I would call the more artistic and intimate scenes and then the more hardcore stuff like what you film with Chris Strokes. Do you have a preference?

AJ: It nice to go back and forth between the high end artsy stuff like X-Art and the hardcore kind of stuff like over at Chris Strokes website. But if I had to choose, I’d say the hardcore in your face stuff is my favorite. [laughs] There’s not as much you have to worry about as far as “stop-n-go” or opening up to the camera when shooting hardcore gonzo, so it’s a lot easier and more enjoyable for me…which makes for a better scene. Don’t get me wrong though, X-Art is amazing to work for!


KnowHomo: Is there any one scene that you are most proud?

AJ: The one scene I’m probably most proud of would be my scene with Veronica Rodriguez called “Fiery Latina” cause I made her squirt and cum a few times which I consider a personal little achievement of mine.

(Alex Jones and Veronica Rodriguez)


KnowHomo: Are there any scenes that you are embarrassed of – where you didn’t perform well and you wish they’d never see the light of day?

AJ: [Laughs} There are a few scenes that I wish never saw the light of day!  Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days. It just sucks when they get [the bad days] on camera and then it’s presented to the rest of the world. Hopefully, I will just stay on my A-game for the rest of my career.


KnowHomo: Is there any male adult entertainer whose career you admire and would want to model?

AJ: If I had to choose, I’d say Kieran Lee. He’s performed in and directed hundreds of scenes for Brazzers, and now he’s retired and enjoying his success. That’s exactly what I want to do.


KnowHomo: And what female entertainers would you like to work with, again or for the first time?

AJ: I love working with Veronica Rodriguez not only because she’s incredibly hot, but since working with her multiple times now, I feel like we have good chemistry which makes for a hot scene. I would like to work with Asa Akira though, she’s incredibly hot and looks like fun to work with.


KnowHomo: I am obsessed with your work with Chris Strokes. You make really hot scenes together and clearly have a good time.

(Chris Strokes and Alex Jones; from

AJ: Chris is a pretty cool dude. I feel like I can speak to him the same way I speak to some of my childhood friends, which is awesome. And every time I see him on set or if I’m featured on his website, we smoke a bunch weed which obviously is my favorite pastime. [laughs]

(Alex Jones; IG: Alex_Jonesxx)




KnowHomo: You guys are always so high in your scenes. The two of you remind me of a porn version of Cheech and Chong. Are you too young to get that reference? [laughs] I hope you keep working together.

AJ: I love Cheech and Chong [laughs] and definitely yes. He actually has me booked for 2 scenes coming up on his website soon!


KnowHomo: Any plans to start your own company producing porn or at least your own website?

AJ: Yes. I’m hoping to have enough of my own paid for and filmed content by the end of this year to launch my own website. I also plan on doing more fashion/non-nude modeling this year so be on look-out for me!


KnowHomo: If porn weren’t your career, if you’d have pursued something else what would it have been?

AJ:  I know it’s a crazy big jump, but I always thought it would be amazing to work for a company like NASA or CERN. I love science, so being on the frontline of science would be a dream….not that having sex with beautiful women for money isn’t a dream. [laughs]


KnowHomo: Just to show you how much of a stalker I am, in researching you for this interview, I came across this non-porn movie you are featured in called Luna Park. It is described as an erotic drama and you are naked and having sex in it. Tell me about that.

AJ: This was waaaayyy before I pursued porn. [laughs] I answered an ad on craigslist looking for models or actors for a small indie film called “Luna Park”. I was only in about 10 minutes of the movie, but it was my first time on film and my part even consisted of me having sex with one of the female characters. [laughs] I guess I was destined to be in porn.

KnowHomo: I am also obsessed with your relationship and your girlfriend. Is she as cool and laidback as she seems. Most people would think that it’s hard to be in a committed relationship when your job is, as you said, having sex with beautiful woman. But you describe her as supportive of your career and say that your doing porn has actually helped your relationship.

AJ:  She is! I couldn’t ask for a more supportive girlfriend. There are times when we argue about me leaving for trips for work, but in the end she always comes around and knows that me being away from her for a week sucks, but it definitely gets the bills paid and helps us to enjoy one another’s company more comfortably.

KnowHomo: Thanks, for talking with me, Alex. I really appreciate you agreeing to this.

AJ: Thanks for interviewing me Travis and thank you to all of my fans for the support!


If you want to keep up with Alex Jones follow him:

Twitter: ohshititsalexxx

IG: Alex_Jonesxx

And for all things KnowHomo follow me @travismontez23 on IG, Twitter and Periscope.

Asa Butterfield’s interview for “Boys by Girls”

Do you cry?

Yes, when the time calls for it, like when I die in a vídeo game. No, that was a joke, I want to clarify that, haha. I don’t know what makes me cry, sad shit. I’d say I’m definitely in touch with my emotions and quite emotionally connected, but I think that growing up as a guy you tend to supress certain emotions for whatever reason. Whether it is to impress people or to show that you’re a tough guy, which a lot of people put on. Although I do cry a lot less than I used too, I used to be such a wimp when I was a kid. Like when you lose your favourite lego brick, that’s devastating. That will bring tears to your eyes.

Who is Asa?

I think that’s na interesting question, because I had quite a diferente upbringing. I’ve had to be more mature and have proper conversations with adults since I was thirteen years old. There is definitely that parto f me which is confident and good at talking to people. There is also a part of me, that is quite a quiet person. I’m very content in not saying much and just enjoying whatever situation I’m in; playing vídeo games and hanging out with my mates, which are two very opposing sides. The first impression I give people is that I am quite talkative and a sort of funny guy, but in reality I’m totally not. I”m a lot more boring, placid and easy going. I’m very contente going with the flow and chillaxing.

You have played such a variety of roles; from Ender Wiggin leading the fight against na alien racen in “Ender’s Game”, angsty teenager in “Tem Thousand Saints” and a math progidy in “X+Y”. You seem to make good choices.

Whenver I’m picking a role I look for characters that are going to be challenging or diferente to what I have done before, otherwise you’re not really pushing youself as an actor. For “Ender’s Game”, conveying his understanding of the situation they were in, being so ahead of his peers, was a challenge. I loved working with Gavin Hood, the diretor, to figure out the best way to represent that. Then “X+Y” was probably the most challenging role. Firstly it was a person who was on the autistic spectrum, which was something I didn’t know much about before the film, so it was na educational experience for me. Everyone on the spectrum are slightly diferente, so I had to figure out how to portray my character, Nathan- how he would speak and observe the world. For him it was all about mathematical patterns and colour. It was quite demanding physically, because I had to totally change myself in the way I walked. When you take on a role, even if it is subtle change you adopt, you have to start stripping back all the things you would naturally do. You need to get rid of all that, so it’s just a blank slate in which you can start to create this new character and the way he speaks and Works. It was a really interesting experience.

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A Few Hours of Home

I got a crock pot. I have always wanted a crock pot even though, truth be told, I did not entirely know what a crock pot is or does. The crock pot, which I have named CoCo was a gift from my person who pays attention to the absolutely random stuff I say in random moments and gives the best gifts. 

Anyway, here is the saucy little minx, CoCo that is. She’s red. And yes, that is a very big bottle of TUMS on my kitchen counter. I have bad heartburn and have probably developed a mild addiction to TUMS as well. Next to the TUMS is a Pier 1 candle that I haven’t used because I have no way of lighting the candle and I keep forgetting to buy a lighter when I am out and about.  

I am tired because I did not sleep so well last night. I did not really sleep at all. I don’t know why. This is the way of insomnia. Sometimes sleep comes and sometimes it doesn’t. Today was supposed to be a “finish my book” day but my eyelids are heavy and my eyes are dry and, well, it ended up being a run errands and waste time and do laundry day. 

Meanwhile, on CoCo’s first day, around 5 pm, after browsing the Internet for recipes, I came to understand that a Crock Pot aka a SLOW cooker, requires  a LOT OF TIME to cook food. Like, hours. I don’t know how I didn’t realize this. The point is, it was too late, at 6 pm, to start a dish so I would have to do it the next day and start at a reasonable time. Ish. 

Last week I went to Sweden. I had myself a European adventure in Stockholm. I took a tour. I saw a castle where the king doesn’t really live. I saw a tiny house village that provides space for people who live in apartments to have beautiful gardens. I saw so many beautiful people I got angry because it was just ridiculous. Their genetics are out of control. Alien invasion ground zero, obvi. I saw so many bicyclists and runners that I got even angrier. Calm down, Swedes. I was not crazy about the food. I did not find IKEA but I saw a lot of Volvos. The toilets are different. I went on TV, a show called Babel. I did a podcast with a charming and funny woman named Cookie. I met with many journalists. There were photoshoots. When a photographer took me onto the street people stared as he posed me and gave me instructions. They were probably wondering what I was wondering—who the hell is this woman getting her picture taken? I watched Eurovision semifinals, which happened to be in Stockholm, WHILE I WAS THERE! I also had an event at the Kulturhuset where I was interviewed on stage by Mona Masri. The event was sold out. In Sweden! I had a wonderful time. It was absolutely wonderful. I met some amazing Swedish book people and fans. I was reminded of what a dream my career is becoming. I earned this dream. 

FYI, avoid Newark for international flights. It is a Hellmouth. 

My trip was also, as travel tends to be, lonely. I hope, one day, to not have to do all this travel alone. 

Anyway, I decided to make an Italian Pot Roast (recipe from Martha Stewart). First I had to cut four slits into the roast and stuff garlic in those slits. I also seasoned both sides of the meat with salt and pepper. Though I did not know this at the time, I did not put nearly enough salt on the meat. I don’t like salt very much so I use it sparingly but I took that to an unnecessary extreme. Basically, if you are going to make this dish, add some salt and also some other spices. Food needs flavor. 

Next, I browned the meat on both sides in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Sizzle sizzle sizzle. 

Oh yes, the bed in my hotel room was basically two twin beds shoved together with a mattress pad over that and then two separate duvets. The separate duvets were actually kind of clever. It allows for you and your partner to have individual cover configurations while sleeping in the same bed. I HAVE MADE A MENTAL NOTE.

My semester is over and this summer I have a lot of projects to work on–developing my podcast, writing a draft of the Untamed State screen play, book projects, essay commissions, the list seems to be growing not shrinking. I want a vacation at some point this summer. Correction—I need a vacation at some point this summer, a real vacation. The good news is that next year I have a reduced teaching load and I will for the foreseeable future. Something had to give but this will allow me to teach less and therefore be more present when I am teaching and also to write and travel more freely. It will allow me to [redacted]. Heh. I can’t tell you everything. 

Turns out that with a Crock Pot, you just throw all the ingredients in the pot and like, walk away. You hit it and quit it, LOLOLOL. I put stewed whole tomatoes, some garlic, some baby potatoes and some mushrooms and fresh rosemary in the cooker. 

I have been holding back a lot lately in this one situation and it takes a lot of energy to do that. I don’t want to hold back. I want to be free to be full on. I don’t know that I ever will be and, well, that is not ideal. I am working on optimism, though. I am working on cautious optimism so I should say that I think someday, I won’t have to be so careful and controlled and that is when I will be at my best or, perhaps, my betterest which is a word I just made up.  

I added the meat on top of the vegetables and herbs and covered the ingredients with the lid and turned the heat on high and… that was it. I was deeply suspicious of this dark magic. I kind of thought the Crock Pot was a lie but I had to see this thing through. 

Here’s a random thing. I never look at my credit card bills. I mean, I do when it is time to pay them but otherwise, not so much. Yesterday, I was logged into my credit card app and saw that I was charged a foreign transaction fee for using my credit card in Sweden. I got SO MAD about it. I am really cheap about the strangest things but let Apple release a new, absolutely stupid product for which I have no need. I will be all over that. Except for the Apple Watch. For reasons.  

After around four hours I wondered if the food was really cooking so I looked at CoCo. She seemed to be doing something. Good smells were emanating. The recipe instructions said not to open the lid so I did not but I was very, very tempted. 

Another random thing–I loved that little fight in that one baseball game where Odor punched Bautista and Bautista’s glasses went flying and he was just so stunned. For a moment, baseball was interesting. 

I am mildly obsessed with the rise of Blac Chyna. Here is a great article about her ninja ways. The phrase, “the Lannisters of Calabasas,” is such a priceless line. I applaud you, Sylvia Obell. 

After SIX HOURS, I decided my Italian Pot Roast was ready. Also, it was 9 pm, so like, ready or not, here I come, you can hide, gonna find you, and take it slowly. The pot roast turned out beautifully but it was very under-seasoned which I blame both myself and Martha for. I blame Martha because, let’s be real, Madame Connecticut isn’t known for her flavor profiles. I blame myself for forgetting that.

I am so excited to make other dishes with CoCo. I love this kitchen appliance a lot a lot. 

Last Sunday, I was on C-Span. So bizarre. More people watch C-Span than I would EVER have guessed. I won an Exceptional Merit in Media Award for Bad Feminist from the National Women’s Political Caucus. Lots of interesting things keep happening. I am trying to keep up. 

I am flying across the country tomorrow. I have a couple meetings. I am going to be filmed at a studio for a documentary (?!). Mostly, though, I am going for a few hours of home. That is the truth of it. 

When I cook, I think about making a home, sharing the meal, offering this small act of care and nurture. I am thinking about how home is more than just where you get your mail. Sometimes, home is far from where you get your mail. Sometimes, home is what you build and fight for. Sometimes, home is a wide-eyed smile and open hands. My hands are open. 

anonymous asked:

hi! after you're done seeing the movie, would you be ok with writing some spoilers or at least a spoilery-review for us western fans who have to wait months to see it, pretty please? :( im so hyped for it but hate having to wait. hope you enjoy it! <3

Happy to oblige friend

Alright so let me start off by saying that the Campania arc is my absolute favourite arc of the manga and I’ve read it more times than I can even count. Honestly, I could probably tell you exactly what happens panel by panel, so this is a review coming from that context. Bear in mind some of the things I’ll mention might not even be noticeable to people who haven’t poured so much time into it. Having cleared that up let’s begin.

(Obviously spoilers under the cut)

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Summary: “You are cordially invited to the wedding of Daniel James Howell & Philip Michael Lester on February 2nd 2022 2016.”

Or the five times where Dan and Phil broke the internet.

Genre: fluff what else do you expect from me tbh

Warning: swearing

Words: 1, 761 words

A/N: after a month I finally did a sequel for lester ya’ll lads had been begging for. I also would like to give a hug thanks for the 1.3k that goddamn fic I can’t believe. Also ty bc im at almost at 4k im cri. s/o to cafephan for being a meme.


“Okay so how would you want to do it?” Phil queried as he set up the camera whilst Dan is propping the light.

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Maril Davis Twitter Q&A (it’s very long)  | Dec. 9, 2016

MARIL DAVIS:  Mini-Q and A anyone? @Outlander_STARZ

FAN: Tiny questions or short time period?
MARIL:  hahahah. Short time period

what are you most excited to begin working on?
you mean outlander scenes?

yay!!!  How many rehearsals are needed before filming a scene?
depends on what kind of scene it is. Some take extra rehearsals while others don’t take too many

how far along is S3? Lots of time on a ship?
we’re almost halfway through

Sooo… Do you think you’ll have a “welcome back to Scotland” party from the cast and crew?
LOL, no. I go back and forth way to often for it to be a big deal!

where are you bringing in the new year?
I’ll be in Scotland when 2017 rears its head!

What’s you favourite place in Glasgow? (nearly asked everyone now )
hmmm. Hard to say. Most of my favourite places are restaurants! (I like to eat!) But I ️love Glasgow university and that area

have all the new characters started filming?
no. We will continue to add new cast as we go

What block are you up too?
we are about to start block four

Everyone is excited about the print shop scene. What are YOU excited to see on scene in Season 3?
Print shop is probably right up there for me too

Will you be going to South Africa when they film there? When r they scheduled to move filming there!
yes, I will. Just not sure when yet. And we will not go until next year

What is your favorite outlander scene and why?
I can’t possibly pick one scene. Too many.

What are you shooting in Block 4 ?
lol. Can’t tell you.

are you going to South Africa as well?

We’ve recently seen @SamHeughan sporting Seattle football. How do us Oregonians get him to wear Portland hockey?
Not sure I can help. I ️love sports but not a huge hockey fan. If he’s wearing anything it should be DUCKS gear!

how much longer until we might hear word of a premiere date.. any new casting you can share?
I don’t know. Starz usually decides on timings of announcements.

what are you especially excited about for Season 3?
hmmm. Print shop and stuff on the ships. And the start of the season is fab

did you get the special nougat related little something from @OutlanderFrance
I didn’t but I’m just returning to Scotland 

How much of Jamie below decks will we endure?
not sure how to answer this. You want a percentage? :P

Given the scope of S3, was it harder than previous seasons to find locations?
every season seems to get more challenging!

How long does it typically take to film one ep, incl rehearsals, table reading, etc?
every episode takes 12 days to shoot on average

How fun and amazing are the 1950s and 60s scenes?
I love the ‘50’s and '60’s stuff.

When should we expect some promo to start?!
no idea although we just did our first publicity shoot!

What is your favorite wintertime activity?
lately it’s sleeping!!

Are your  packed for South Africa?
not even close. Still have time

How has your life changed since #Outlander? 
I’m ten thousand times busier and I travel ten times as much! :P and I’ve obviously met a lot of great people!

What will be your focus during this trip to Scotland?
the last two weeks of shooting (before the holidays)

what has been your biggest adjustment to living in Scotland?
the cold and the food.

Were the same writers taking care of both time frames, or were they divided up ?
we have different writers for every episode so everyone will get different stuff. We divide by script not by time periods

Christmas time- real tree or fake tree?
no tree. I celebrate Hanukkah

Casting has been brilliant - but who of the new cast for season 3 has really exceeded your expectations?
they’ve all been amazing but not all of them have been shooting regularly. So we’ll have to wait and see!

You stuck mid travel and bored? How is the weather on your side of the world?
I am mid travel. Have not reached my destination yet

well you should sleep but will we see Williughby?

What are the warmest boots for wearing on the set?
honestly that’s still something i haven’t figured out in 3 seasons. But I wear Columbia bugaboots

what is your favorite #outlander episode so far??
can’t pick a favourite. Plus I’ve only seen a couple in finished staged so far.

has there been any prep for S4?
we’re definitely starting to talk about it. We have to. No break this year. Just roll into the next season

Is @SamHeughan still the biggest slacker on set?
lol. No, he’s an incredibly hard worker (Sam-you can pay me later)

How many times do you fly across the pond in one year?
I seem to be on a month in LA, month in Scotland schedule at the moment

Print shop anything you can give fans even a word??
i think it’s going to be great

binge watching anything?
just finished @TheCrown Loved it!

Pleased with Dailies?
yes, very

any casting news ? HAL? Still waiting on that from episode one lol
Hal was cast a while ago I think they just didn’t release the news! He’s great BTW

favorite Outlander book?
Favorites are the Original and then A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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Thoughts on the love triangle in DOS (May contain spoilers. Do NOT read if you haven't seen the film or read the book. Btw go watch the movie, it's awesome)

I saw Desolation of Smaug again(I found and downloaded an awesome quality copy online yayy) and I paid a little bit more attention to the love triangle Legolas-Tauriel-Kili. Kili is obviously the one with the biggest crush. He’s never seen a warrior she-elf and he’s amazed by both her beauty and battle skills so he makes his move -insert “flirty” quote about what’s in his pants- and gets rejected by Tauriel -you go hard girl- altough she’s quite flattered by his interest and excited because all she knew about dwarves’ appearence and attitude turn out to be false. So she shows hints of a crush. Legolas is also a “victim” of Tauriel’s bad-ass battle skills and good looks and we can clearly see his jealousy(remember his comment about Kili looking horrible and the look he gave him afterwards) after witnessing Kili looking at Tauriel with admiration and Tauriel’s comment about his height. So guess what! Legolas is lovestruck by the daughter of Mirkwood too. But it doesn’t come to Tauriel’s attention until the creepy-but-hot king of Mirkwood, Thranduil tells her that Legolas has grown fond of her and doesn’t think of her only as a leader of the guard anymore. If you watched the film you must have clearly seen that Tauriel can’t help but smile at this turn of events which means one thing. Tauriels doesn’t think of Legolas only as her Prince and leader either. She has a crush on him too. It’s not impossible. Quite the contrary. Who wouldn’t like him? I mean, he’s a great warrior, handsome, dreamy and god his hair..Anyway :P However, her smile disappears and turns into a sad look when Thranduil tells her not to give hope to Legolas or herself because he’d never allow him to get involved with a lower Sylvan elf like her. Later when she goes to guard the dwarves she has an encounter with Kili(they mostly talk about his mother, light and sun) during which she realises that dwarves are not as bad as she thought they’d be and they have feelings too. In the end of the scene we see an angry Legolas looking at them full of jealousy without knowing that his father warned Tauriel about their close relationship. After the dwarves’ escape Kili’s injured however Tauriel doesn’t pay much attention until she learns that Kili’s injured by a poisonous arrow that will eventually kill him. I don’t think the reason she leaves afterwards is ONLY because she cares about Kili. She leaves because she wants to escape Thranduil’s arrogant ways of protecting his kingdom(isolating his people from the outside world and the light)and because she wants to fight and help the people in need, including Kili. Legolas, being his lovestruck self, goes after her and tries to make her return to the kingdom with him. However Tauriel, being the rebelious one, tries to knock some sense into him and succeeds making him follow her to Laketown to help the dwarves. While in Laketown, they rescue the dwarves from the orcs and Tauriel, despite Legolas’ order, stays to help Kili. Many of those crazy fangirls, determined to find proof that “Kiliel is true love” or whatever would say that this is the biggest proof. Let me tell you this. You get to know somebody and then he’s seriously injured and you can help them. Would you help them or let them die? Tauriel did what anybody would/should do but it doesn’t mean she did it because she “loves” Kili. She can’t love Kili and Kili can’t love her(at least yet) and that’s why their last scene was awful in my opinion. They knew each other for like a week or a couple weeks (according to the book the dwarves were imprisoned for weeks) and they talked to each other once or twice. One does not simply fall in love within two weeks without interaction. And don’t say that Kili fell in love because of her beauty or because she saved him 3 times. This is not love. He can be greatful and have a crush on her but he can’t be in love. And there’s no reason for Tauriel to fall in love with him either(at least yet). Btw, in case you don’t know, Tauriel wasn’t glowing. Thas was the effect of the poison. Remember Frodo and Arwen in the FOTR after Frodo was stabbed. Anyway, Kili’s whole “love confession” about Tauriel walking in starlight and whether or not she could have loved him was too much. Btw, Tauriel never said yes or no so don’t get your hopes up too easy because it can be a love story but it doesn’t mean that both characters respond to each other’s feelings. It could be Kili’s love story without a happy ending(we know what happens in the next movie..poor Kili). So, from what I saw, I think that Legolas would be Tauriel’s first choice and she shows that during her interaction with Thranduil. It would be possible since they grew up together, they know each other personaly and they both like each other a lot. But since the king ordered her to stay away from his son when it comes to love she drives her attention to Kili, who is more than willing to return it, while Legolas tries to win her unaware of his father’s decision. Which means that if anything happens between Tauriel and Kili you have to thank Thranduil for not giving hopes to Tauriel, otherwise she’d have already ended up with Legolas.

Tell me your opinion. I’d be more than happy to hear it!

Btw, I can’t wait for the next movie to see what’s going to happen with these three. I really hope Peter Jackson won’t “kill” Tauriel because she’s an awesome character and we rarely get such female characters to look up to. But if she dies I hope that it won’t happen because she tried to save Kili(again) and I hope Kili won’t die trying to save her. It’d be too much..But I’d definately like it if Legolas tried to save Kili or the other way..or if Kili and Fili died trying to save Thorin. Or if nobody died because I’ll drown in a pool of my own tears when I see them getting killed by filthy orcs :’(

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for the rant, I know it's a common complaint. But there has to be a reason it's a common complaint. I can't tag on "Christian" music too much because it boasts a lot of great stuff, but Christian films are really slacking besides like 5. Idk. Do you have any recommendations?

Hey dear friend, I definitely believe that you’re not ranting. I’ve written on the topic of Christian art and its mediocrity before here.

My suspicion is that Christians are expected to “show grace and forgiveness,” so this somehow gets misapplied to Christians creating subpar art. There’s quite a lot of sloppy Christian niche-entertainment that gets away with mediocre production under the label of “Jesus,” when there was a time that Christians were the most celebrated of inventors, composers, artists, and musicians of their time. While I’m all for independent artists paving their way through the industry, I think it’s unfair to slip under a critical radar with the excuse, “It’s Christian, so it’s okay if it’s a little messy.” No, not when it’s unprofessional and pandering.

Saying that art is Christian doesn’t make it Christian, and there’s some “non-Christian” art that points to God more than so-called Christian art ever could.

To answer your question: Most of the Christian films that I enjoy are probably not for the sub-Christian niche-market, but instead are simply good movies that happen to have inspired Christian themes. And I must add: If you enjoy some of the corny, sappy Christian stuff out there, I can’t really judge and I don’t see why not. It’s ridiculous to think we’re too cool for Chris Tomlin.

- Waking Life, by Richard Linklater. A really trippy animated film that’s basically just one scene of dialogue after another, exploring the depth of the universe through the power of dreams and abstract connections.

- Passion of the Christ, by Mel Gibson. This is probably a bit obvious, but having seen so many cheesy movies about Jesus, this one is on another level. It’s visually arresting, rich in detail, has top-notch cinematography, and has an incredible central performance by Jim Caviezel (who I also love in Person of Interest and the underrated Frequency).

- Amazing Grace, by Michael Apted. A highly underrated film about William Wilberforce’s journey to abolish slavery in the British Empire. Albert Finney plays a very distinguised John Newton, and you’ll see Benedict Cumberbatch “before he got famous.”

- Selma, by Ava DuVernay. I expected the film to be a more obvious re-telling of the great Dr MLK Jr., but instead it covers some of the uglier stuff behind the scenes. It portrays MLK (played by the amazing David Oyelowo, a real-life Christian) as a flawed man striving to rise to his divine calling. The movie touches on his adultery and getting caught up in the political machine to win the fight for equality. Selma is also not shy to play up the Christian themes.

- Signs, by M. Night Shayamalan. You might dislike the director, but wow, did I love this movie. It’s about a priest who lost his faith after a tragic accident, and he wrestles with his doubt around the same time the earth is invaded by aliens. There are a ton of Christian allegories here, but the best scene is a quiet conversation between the former priest and his brother about faith, doubt, and trust. 

- The Book of Eli, by the Hughes brothers. Denzel Washington (another real-life Christian) takes on an action role in a Mad-Max-type post-apocalyptic wasteland. He also has something everyone wants: a Bible.

- The X-Files, by Chris Carter. Maybe not a top pick, but Dana Scully is a Catholic FBI agent who legitimately questions her faith throughout the series, making for some powerful episodes as she finds peace with her understanding of God.

- The Apostle, by Robert Duvall. This film really should’ve done better. It’s about a pastor (played by Robert Duvall of The Godfather and one of my favorite older actors) who commits a serious crime and runs away, trying to atone for his sin and winning over a new community, while he waits for his past to catch up to him.

- The Matrix Trilogy, by the Wachowskis. It’s not very subtle on the Christian themes (mixed with Eastern influences), especially in its dialogue about free will versus predestination, with the protagonist Neo playing the Christ figure.

- The Prince of Egypt, by DreamWorks. Val Kilmer and Ralph Fiennes as the voices of Moses and Pharaoh? Jeff Goldblum as Aaron? Plus Sandra Bullock, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren, and Danny Glover? And a musical about the Ten Plagues? Say no more.

- The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, by James Wan. Okay, hear me out. I was contacted by a Christian marketing company to help advertise the sequel, and though I ended up saying no, the company touted the very family-friendly Christian themes of a frightening horror movie with a demon nun. I admit, I giggled. Both of the movies are great as horror flicks, but it’s true: there are a surprising amount of family-friendly Christian themes in each movie. Also, Vera Farmiga is great, and needs to be in more things.

- Les Misérables, by Tom Hooper. Most versions of this story are quite good, and each iteration has managed to retain the Christian faith of original author Victor Hugo. Both Jean Valjean’s awakening and final scene are heavy with spiritual epiphanies. Also, Hugh Jackman, the Renaissance Man of entertainment, also a real-life Christian. Say no more.

- The Chronicles of Narnia, by Andrew Adamson. This was a pretty good adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s seminal series — and wait, is that James McAvoy as a deer who’s delivering mail in the snow? Dude. Say no more.

- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, by Peter Jackson. The original author, J.R.R. Tolkien, was quite a devout Catholic and frenemies with C.S. Lewis. The books and films are often said to be an allegory of WWII and how humanity is capable of great evil, yet able to overcome it with hope, unity, and purity. Personally, the movies were an acquired taste for me, but I’ve gotten to enjoy them more over time.

Also, I’m really looking forward to Hacksaw Ridge and the rumored movie about King David’s life, which would make an incredible big budget film. Let me know if you have suggestions, too!

— J.S.

Chapter 1

It all began that Wednesday, in a small studio where the auditions for Carmilla would be made, a lesbian series of vampires. It would be the first meeting of Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman.

Natasha had made her audition for the role of Carmilla and had already act with two “Lauras” when Elise came… a dazzling smile, smooth and golden hair, an unusual energy. The two made the scene and went out of the room, beginning to talk about the series.

- Hi, I’m Natasha. Elise, right?

- Yes, nice to meet you! What did you think of the auditions?

- I thought it was super cool, something unusual, you know?

- I laughed for hours reading the script!

Natasha could not stop thinking that if she got the part it was with Elise that she would like to act with. The two returned home, waiting until next week to have the outcome of the audition. Natasha shared room with a friend who was also an actress, Elise had just moved into a small apartment in the city center with a woman who was also in the acting business.

The week slowly passed, both were eager for the outcome of the audition. Natasha was the kind of tough woman, did not show her feelings easily, she even laughed at herself because she could not cry. Elise was the opposite, completely open, devoted to her feelings, a very easy girl to live by her charisma and joy she brought to all.

The next Tuesday, Natasha received an email asking for her attendance the next day in the studio. She got super anxious so she asked her close friends to go up to her house for a “cheese and wine” to calm her anxiety the next day.

- Hey guys, thanks for coming. I’m a nervous wreck! Will I be chosen? - All her friends calmed her down, saying that of course it would work, and asked for more details about the work. - Well, it’s webseries about vampires, and I’m a lesbian - and gave a loud laugh - it’s quite funny actually, I fall in love with a human and there are several crazy situations, it will be really fun - and everyone wants to know about the rest the cast - Well, the girl who is my love in the series is called Laura, and I really hope that Elise has got the part, because Oh my God, she’s beautiful and has a great energy.

The night passed quickly and the next day Natasha arrived at the studio one hour before the combined and waited for someone to come open the door. She sat on the sidewalk and began to read a book from one of her favorite authors “Eckhart Tolle”. It took about 20 minutes and she could barely believe it when Elise stopped the bike right beside her, she looked up and said:

- Elise, how nice to see you! - And began to rise from the ground.

- Thank you, how are you? I ate all my nails! Will we be chosen? - She got off the bike and took off her helmet.

- Well, I really hope so! - And put the book in her bag. - So you’re into bikes? - Elise laughed and replied.

- Well, when not below 0 degrees, I always useit for transportation - and laughed out loud - Well, what about you? What do you usually do in your life besides get hours early in your commitments?

Natasha was delighted with the charisma of Elise. - Well, I sing, I make theater, opera, commercials, whatever comes, you know, right? But at the moment I am barista so I can pay my rent. And you?

- Well, the same as you, but I do not sing! - Elise could not stop smiling - I waitress to pay the rent, that’s all.

“Why I can not stop wondering if she is gay? I will not ask this, do not do this Elise! ”

The two were exchanging conversations about the weather, what they did in the acting life and other ordinary subjects of life, until 10 minutes before the scheduled time, the director came and found them sitting on the floor laughing.

- Hello girls, I’m glad that Carmilla and Laura are already getting along! - And he gave a strong laughter shaking the hand of the two.

At the end of the interview, the director asked for both of them to read part of the first season script to make a “table read” the next day, because the shooting would start in a week. Leaving the studio, Elise asked Natasha if she did not want to read together, cause it would be easier for them. She accepted and suggested they go to her house which was not far from here.

- My roommate works all night today, so no one will annoy us.

Bauman could not deny that there were some sexual tension, looks, talks, something there was a sexual hint, but she barely knew Natasha.

- Natasha, this apartment is amazing - she said entering the living room - and you have a great taste for decoration.

- Well, I can’t really deny it, I’m a collector! - She replied laughing and sitting on the couch - Shall we start? We’ll have a long day.

Professionalism was the most important part of the day, the two were very focused on entering the characters and give their best for the series. Around 6 pm they’ve already made it through the entire script, and Elise decided to return home.

- Thank you very much for your help, Elise.

- Thank you, Natasha, the day was very productive.

- Hey, give me your phone number so we can keep in touch - Natasha asked.

- Well… there is just one problem, you’ll have to call me or send me a text - she took out of the bag a very old Motorola phone and Natasha began to laugh out loud.

- I think you’re the only person in Canada who does not have whatsapp, Elise.

- Yes, I’m sure of it, but I will end up losing or breaking these expensive and technological phones - she also burst out laughing and gave a farewell hug in Natasha - see you tomorrow.

They met in front of the studio and Natasha gave her a hug. Elise was completely casual as always, wonderful. Natasha was accompanied by her faithful accessory, the hat.

- Elise, let’s take a picture to mark this beginning, shall we? I am beginning to convince you to buy a decent phone! - She opened the Instagram and clicked – It’s great – and she wrote “Table Read? Check ”- Perfect, let’s go Elise!

From this day on, everything started to go very fast. There was a lot to memorize, a lot to film and many people involved. The first days of filming were extremely fun, everyone was getting along and the scenes were really nice to be filmed. Ellise and Natasha had to record an interview about Laura and Carmilla as additional content to the channel.

- All right, that’s good. I’ll ask the questions and you will answer. There is no secret, just be ourselves.

They had met three weeks ago, but did not have much time to be together, were always busy or late. The interview was a moment of rest for them, just sit down and talk normally. They were side by side, sitting on a bench and leaning against a table. Elise could not take her eyes of Natasha, she was beautiful. Every question, they were approaching more and more as if the touch between them was necessary… proximity. That was something that none of them could contain.

During the weeks of filming, the two of them were getting along better and beter, always full of jokes. Once again, they would need to read the script and memorise it for the following week.

- Hey Nat, would you like to read the lines together? Today the day is just beautiful and we are done for today here in the studio… What do you think of that?

- Hmmm I don’t think I can deny it. There’s a park near here, what do you think? - Elise put her sunglasses and her purse and answered yes.

They sat on the floor. Elise was always fun and full of life. She kicked off her shoes and lay down on the grass.

- Don’t you love this? - Elise asked.

- The nature and the sun? Or be here with me? If the answer is the latter, yes, I love - she laughed and lay down beside her. Elise turned sideways looking at her and laughed too.

- Well, I was talking about the sun, but I also love being with you.

Natasha sat with butterflies in her stomach and said - Let’s start? We have only 80 pages to decorate.

Elise did not seem to care because she embarrassed Natasha, she was like that, did not regret speaking what she felt. After 30 minutes reading and rereading, Natasha got up and took a picture of Elise.

- Heeeeeeey I did not let you do that - she protested.

- Well, my dear, you’ll go once again to the instagram! - Natasha said, sitting again at his side. - Well, you cannot even protest, because you are totally gorgeous. - And showed the picture to her.

Elise laughed and said - Maybe you’re starting to convince me to buy a nice phone like yours!

A few hours later, Natasha asked Elise if they could continue reading the lines in your home, because it was the night that her rommate work overnight.

- All right, I’ll go home to shower and leave my bike and jump over there. You want me to bring something? - She asked putting her helmet.

- Well, m'lady, I already have everything prepared it at home - and gave an evil laugh.

- I imagine the amount of wine you have stored at home, Nat - and laughed jumping on the bike.

- See you soon, little monkey.

Elise could not choose what clothes to wear, and she was feeling an idiot because she was only going to Natasha’s house to memorise lines. “It’s nothing, just choose some clothes,” she tried to convince herself. Tired, she chose a pair of jeans, a white blouse V-neck and a leather jacket. She puts the first shoes she saw and sped off to catch the taxi that was already honking at the door.

Elise sighed and knocked on the door with a hand holding the script and a bottle of wine. Natasha opened rigth away and gave her a hug.

- I brought wine - Elise lifted the bottle. Natasha laughed and asked her to come in.

- By my count, we now have 5 bottles of wine to survive the night - she said taking the wine off Elise’s hand and putting the bottle in the refrigerator.

Bauman took off her shoes and sat on the couch. There were already two glasses of wine on the table and Natasha came bringing an open bottle.

- I can not memorise my lines if I am drunk, Natasha.

- Do not worry, wine is good for the heart - she said starting to laugh – did you took a look at the last pages?

- No, after we stopped reading it in the park I did not look over at it - she took a big sup of wine and took the script to read it - what’s on the last page?

- Well… - Natasha started laughing - it’s something we’ll have to practice, you know? - She points to the page in the script of Elise, she reads it quickly and bursts out laughing.

- Practice? – Elise rises from the couch and sat down next to Natasha.

- Well, I would say that for the sake of the scene, this would be a sensible and reasonable thing.

Elise paused, took a sip of wine and sighed.

- Yeah, you’re right, but there are still 25 pages until the page 78. Let’s start?

Natasha made a sound of annoyance and Elise laughed. After two hours, the two had already read almost the entire script (they were a little faster than normal) and stopped at page 71 when Natasha decided to ask for food.

- What do you think of asking a delicious salad of lettuce and tomatoes, Elise? - And she laughed out loud, a sign that the two bottles of wine already had effect.

- Heeeey not make fun of my vegetarianism - she gave a push in Natasha - Why don’t you ask an arugula pizza?

- Okay, that sounds nice - she types a few things on the mobile - ready, it will arrive in 30 minutes. Heeeeeey you know what it reminded me? I’ll post one things on Twitter - and gave an evil laugh.

- Naaat, what will you do? - Elise leaned her head on Natasha’s  shoulder and stared at the phone. She opened the app and wrote the text that made Elise laugh for five minutes.

- I really hope you do not mock my diet - she laughed some more and lay on Natasha’s shoulder again - Hey Nat, I don’t know if I can longer continue reading this script for today.

- Are you trying to escape from page 78, right? - She looked at Elise and their eyes met. Natasha smiled and kissed her forehead.

- Actually I don’t want to run away from this page … - Elise lifted her head from Natasha’s shoulder, not one centimeter away from her face and started approaching, she stopped so close to Natasha’s face that they could feel the warmth of each breath. Nat closed her eyes and wrapped Elise’s waist. Elise put her hand on Natasha’s face and pressed her lips on hers. From that moment, everything changed … everything that was just a suspicion fell through, the two kissed for minutes and they could not stop. There was definitely some feelings involved.


Alright, so I haven’t really ranted about all of the haters because I’ve been trying to ignore it, and didn’t feel like arguing directly with anybody was worth my time so I’m just going to generally rant right now. So I just watched the first two minutes of a video that basically hated on the show for about 15 minutes. The comments were even worse. Usually we see people crying and complaining because Alec’s eyes aren’t blue or Clary’s hair isn’t red enough or because movie Jace was just so much better! Even worse, people want to target the cast and crew for their acting and other things that are completely out of their control.

I saw a comment that somebody hoped that the show got canceled and that just really pissed me off more than everything else for some reason. Why would you seriously hope for something to go away that is sincerely making other people happy and excited?? I saw these same people in these comments just bashing on the ya genre itself and saying that other shows like Vampire Diaries, PLL and Teen Wolf are the only exceptions. (I adore PLL and this current season is amazing but are you kidding me with the lines and all of the plotholes over the years??) And Omg did you watch the first seasons in TVD or TW??? The first seasons were rocky for both of them, but guess what they got better! The Originals eventually showing up and void stiles??? Awesomesauce! It just needs time and a chance to develop. Why are people so refusing to give this show a chance!? Especially when we’re definitely not going to get another one! And another thing that I noticed is that the people that are bashing on it the most are people that supposedly love the books. ???? Why are people so close-minded!!! “Oh it’s not realistic enough“ WE ARE TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WITH ANGEL BLOOD WHO KILL DEMONS FROM OTHER DIMENSIONS AND ALSO FIGHT WEREWOLVES, VAMPIRES, AND FAERIES!! How realistic do you want it to be??? “Oh this new Jace sucks, JCB was so much better“ JCB is a wonderful actor, but fact of the matter is he is not our new Jace. He will never reprise the role of Jace. So either rewatch City of Bones to get your fix or leave show Jace alone. Dom is really an amazing actor and I for one think that he is doing a great job portraying Jace. NOT TO MENTION ALL OF THE HATE THAT KAT IS GETTING! Naturally, the actors getting the most hate would be the girls on the show… “Oh Kat sucks as an actor. Her lines are terrible and she’s so dramatic“ “Izzy is such a slut and they are sexualizing her too much“ Wow, first of all, I would hope that you would be as frantic as Clary is right now if someone you loved just disappeared. And if you read the books then you would remember that little 15 (I repeat 15!) year old Clary was pretty annoying for a while as she was getting used to this whole world that was basically thrown on her. Also, about her lines, guess what?, she doesn’t write them so quite bashing on Kat because of that. And Izzy!! God forbid that we have a strong, independent, female character (LATINA NONETHELESS BECAUSE LATINX PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY THE MOST UNDERREPRESENTED PEOPLE ON TELEVISION AND FILM AND THE UNITED STATES IN GENERAL) who just so happens to be sexual and even use it to her advantage. I hate seeing people bash on Izzy the most because of this.

Ok next topic of rant. I make weekly videos about the show and they are always positive. Even if there was something that I didn’t like (which hasn’t been often) I don’t talk about it negatively or bash on other people who happened to love what I didn’t really care for. I even love talking to people who have different opinions because debate is great and sometimes you all even change my mind! My friends and family definitely know my mad/negative side and it is soooo not pretty. That side of me is something that I won’t be putting in my vids bc to be completely honest, who the heck wants to watch someone be so negative? I hate that part of myself and I truly think that when I am at my happiest or most excited that that is the real me so that is the side that I will be putting out there. (that got slightly personal…) Anyways! I am not the biggest youtube/booktuber so my videos don’t get thousands of views. (and I am not complaining about that!!!! Everybody who does watch and comment on my vids are so amazing and I literally adore you all!!) I’m saying that my more optimistic and positive Shadowhunters reviews don’t get as many viewings as some of these other booktubers who have thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of subscribers and viewers and hundreds of people commenting on their videos. And what I’ve noticed about these booktubers with more viewings is that they are significantly more negative about the show and spew the most hate out of anyone. That’s not good because when people have such huge followings like that they have some kind of influence on what their followers think. So if somebody is contemplating reading the books or watching the show and they watch one of these videos with all of the hate it could really be a turn off for them. As a lover of books and stories in general, why would you want to hate on something so much that it literally makes a person change their mind about even trying it? Especially when you loved the books and your hate for the show is denying somebody else to try reading and loving the books too??  Instead of trying to get people to buy the book that its publisher sent you for free, why not talk about something that your viewers can actually relate to:)   (this could be a whole other rant but let’s stay on the Shadowhunters train) The number of subscribers and comments have obviously gotten to some of their heads and it’s extremely annoying which is why I’ve unsubscribed from so many of these people who get paid to do what the rest of us are doing for the pure joy of discussion and books! Also, another sidenote as to why it can be dangerous for the bigger and more widely known booktubers to hate on the show so much is that when the people in charge of making the show and renewing it go to look for feedback these kinds of opinions are going to be the ones that they find. (run on sentence!) They won’t see all of us loving everything, but only the numbers underneath the videos filled with all of the negativity.

And I get kinda sad sometimes when people will tell me how relieved they are that I am actually so positive about the show. You shouldn’t have to feel bad or mad about loving something just because there are so many other people who don’t know how to keep their not so constructively critical comments to themselves. COME TO ME MY DARLINGS AND WE WILL FANGIRL TOGETHER!! To be completely honest, books and tv and just stories in general are where I get a lot of my happiness and where I go to for comfort and laughter and the good ol’ feels. So when I see people spewing so much hate on this it feels pretty personal. This story, along with so many others, really mean a lot to me (and to so many of you!) and I’m not going to let other people make me feel bad for loving a “silly ya book and show“. Which is why it is 2 am and I am writing the longest post ever. So ya… THIS WAS SO LONG OMG I’M SORRY IF YOU HAD TO SCROLL FOR LIKE 3 MILLION YEARS BC OF THIS BUT i JUST HAD A LOT OF FEELINGS! There’s probably a bunch more I could rant about but I think that might be all I have to say for now. If you got to the bottom of this post, you’re awesome. (unless you’re one of the haters who just wants to hate then you can go bye bye)

Just a reminder for the haters:


Your negativity is really unnecessary and frankly not appreciated. thank you:)

saturdayv  asked:

Given how much you talk/know/are asked about Marvel movies, comics, and tv shows, I'm actually really curious about your relationship with/opinions on DC movies, comics, and tv shows.

I actually came into comics determined not to take sides, although I did get a slight boost towards Marvel from the films, which I enjoyed way more than the DC films. I can’t really offer a justification for that other than that the Marvel films felt more…well, possible, somehow. Perhaps because they were Disney, who coined the phrase “plausible impossible”, or perhaps because Marvel gave its films more license to deviate from the comics, but I look at Iron Man and I see a three-dimensional character, whereas I look at Batman and see a dude in a stupid-looking cape. That’s probably not even fair – I’m not trying to say that objectively DC’s movies aren’t as good, and certainly their box office numbers are solid – it’s just the way I reacted to them.

As for comics, I started out reading almost everything that both Marvel and DC had to offer, but slowly, DC fell away. The stories were boring, or too linked to some mystery backstory I’d never encountered. The characters were very flat, and the ones that were interesting never seemed to get much airtime. Plus, DC kept cancelling books at a rate so prodigious they have now cancelled nearly 52 books from the new 52

And most of DC’s characters act like assholes most of the time. Which is a shame because the modernization of some of them is really interesting – Clark Kent quitting his job at Daily Planet Media to become a blogger was an awesome idea, but it never really went anywhere. 

I wanted to love Superman, but 90% of his plots were about Krypton and I give zero shits about Krypton or Kryptonian culture. The point of Superman is that he’s on Earth

I kept on reading various Batman comics for a while – he had even more titles, at one time, than Spider-man did – but Batman reached a point where it was just gratuitous body horror, and I wasn’t disgusted so much as tired. Joker’s Daughter killed Batman for me. It was literally sixty pages of a sixteen year old girl with a mental illness being assaulted by the people we’re supposed to think of as heroes, and then blamed for it. I was genuinely appalled, and I didn’t want to be the kind of person who consumed that. (I had such high hopes for Harley Quinn, because I love antiheroes and I know someone who knows and admires the writers, but it’s just sort of puerile, which on top of the whole suicide-panel-contest thing and its winner did them no favors.)

On top of all this, Marvel has a much better track record with queer characters (for one thing, The Gays get to marry in Marvel), with characters of colour, and with women. Marvel isn’t perfect; they still have a nasty habit of fridging inconvenient women and have not yet shaken off the Tits And Ass pose. But there are more women, with more agency, with better stories and cooler books, and Marvel seems to be making an effort, whereas DC just makes excuses. 

General consensus seems to be that Marvel wants you, whoever you are, to read their comics. They may not be good at courting you, but they want to try. DC wants you if you are an entitled white male between the ages of 15 and 35, and if you aren’t, they think you should be grateful for the bones the occasionally throw you.  

And it’s sad, because DC has some great characters and some really great creators on their staff, it has a long and illustrious history of sponsoring great storytelling, including the amazing Bruce Timm animated shows and films, and they’re throwing it all away. 

Gucci Guilty, Not Guilty

Dedicated to the lovely @spillinginkwithlove ;)

Disclaimer: Fiction. 

My alarm clock woke me from my slumber. I reached to turn it off, throwing the covers off of me and getting up. Today was going to be an exciting, yet stressful day. I had gotten to Italy yesterday from the states, because I had been contacted by Alessandro. He wanted me as a model / actress for his new Gucci campaign.

Up until this point, I had been mainly a catalogue / photography model, so this would be my first time shooting an actual video. I was surprised I was even called for it, because they had just released a Gucci ad. Inquiring about it, my manager told me they wanted more publicity, therefore they were going to film a second advertisement.

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so i’ve recently become obsessed with chopped and in an ep i watched last night, one of the contestants had a crush on one of the judges and it got me thinkin’ about a ziam au (i know, you’re shocked) where zayn is one of the judges - he’s a very respected chef and owns a couple of restaurants across the US, but he’s currently employed at the one in nyc that he co-owns with his best mate niall. he’s written a few cook books as well as a murder-mystery novel that he wrote under a pseudonym. he’s a fan favourite - his good looks, multiple tattoos, and edgy style undoubtedly being a few of the many reasons why.

and then there’s liam. he’s got quite a reputation in LA because of his nice, fun demeanor and his delicious tacos - he has a taco truck that he parks right by the beach - and he spends his free time surfing and visiting his best friend louis’ tattoo shop. he also walks dogs on the side to make a little extra cash. 

liam finally makes it as a contestant on chopped and can’t wait. he watches the food network religiously and has dreamed about going on the show for years. his favourite judge is zayn - he’s even made a trip to new york JUST to go to his restaurant (and he definitely wasn’t hoping to bump into zayn there, nope. he definitely didn’t go four times in one weekend. DEFINITELY NOT!). ok, so liam might have a bit of an obsession and louis never fails to make fun of his lil crush. but now it’s a reality that LIAM is going to be in the same BUILDING as ZAYN MALIK. he’s going to be PREPARING FOOD and then zayn is going to be PUTTING THAT FOOD in his MOUTH. liam is going to be within a few feet of zayn malik’s MOUTH. the thought makes him a teeny bit nervous but mostly excited.

when the crew came by his taco truck to film his intro vid (the one they play while introducing the contestants) he made sure he wore his batman apron because he knows zayn is a bit of a comic book geek and this might make him stick out - or something like that. i mean, that’s completely rational thinking, right? it makes sense in his head. they also film a short bit of him surfing which he thinks is cool.

anyway, fast forward to the day of the show. liam’s prepared - he’s confident (but not cocky) and he’ll consider it a win even if he loses because zayn malik will have tasted his food and will be aware of his existence, even if it’s just for a few minutes. ok, so that might be a little creepy. to justify it in his head he thinks that anyone would feel like this around their idol……right ? of course!

so then you have it from zayn’s perspective - another episode of chopped, another fun day of trying ridiculous creations. he loves every second of it, if he’s being honest. it’s fun to see what these chefs come up with and he’ll try anything. the wackier and the more creative, the better.

before the show they do a little rundown on the contestants so the judges have a bit of insight before they start filming. one of them catches his eye (a guy named liam payne) because wow - he’s cute. really cute. is that a batman apron?? and what..he surfs? oh, he’s shirtless. oh no. oh no no. this is bad. zayn rarely finds the contestants attractive (ok, so it happens more often than you’d think) but he always keeps his cool - he’s really good at that. he’s a PROFESSIONAL, after all. but something about this guy makes him think it’s going to be harder than usual.

so, they’re in the kitchen and the contestants are brought in one by one. and of course liam’s even more attractive in person. OF COURSE. as the first basket’s ingredients are revealed, he looks at liam’s arms as he reaches into the basket. notices his tattoos and his muscles. he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t internally rooting for this liam guy to do well. but he can’t be BIASED !! **HE’S A PROFESSIONAL**

back to liam’s point of view - he’s got a plan and think he can make something great with these ingredients. he knows zayn likes things extra spicy so he’s gonna spice it up as much as he can. he knows he should care about the other judges opinions but at the same time, zayn’s opinion is the one he cares about the most.

so the time is up and his dish is ready. his presentation is a bit off but overall he think he came up with something great. he’s glancing at the other contestants and really only one of them looks like it could be better - some guy with curly hair named harry’s dish.

so now is the moment of truth - the moment where zayn finally tries his food. the contestants line up before the judges and coincidentally enough he’s placed right in front of zayn (or was it fate?) and oh no, zayn is looking at him. he’s like - seriously looking at him. is he staring? is he making all this up in his head? is he dreaming? he almost pinches himself but then comes to his senses.

he explains his dish and watches as zayn gets a fork-full of food. he’s pretty sure time slows down as zayn brings the fork to his mouth. eventually the food makes its way inside zayn’s mouth and liam’s so entranced by zayn’s lips and jaw that he thinks he might faint. ok, so it’s not that bad (it totally is)

zayn swallows and directs a comment to liam about the amount of spice in the dish and how it’s a perfect mixture of heat and flavour. liam knows his face lights up as he says “thank you, i know you like it spicy” and then he almost facepalms because WOW that was SO CHEESY - did he really just say that out loud ???

but zayn smiles his crooked smile and responds with an “oh yeah?” and liam just nods like an idiot.

the rest of the judges say stuff but to be honest, he can’t really focus on them. zayn just COMPLIMENTED his cooking. zayn smiled at him. zayn talked to him. wow. life is amazing.

the judges taste the other contestant’s dishes - one person left a main ingredient out which is never good. the other’s wasn’t fully cooked. the person whose dish liam thought looked decent (curly’s dish) got good remarks as well so he was sure the two of them would at least make it through. he was confident he wouldn’t get chopped.

as they’re ushered off into the sideroom for the judges to make their decision, harry comes up to him and formally introduces himself and compliments liam’s dish. liam smiles and shakes his hand and tells him that his presentation was the best. harry blushes and thanks him and liam decides he likes this guy, wouldn’t mind it coming down to the two of them in the final round - the dessert round. 

they’re brought back out and are given the whole ~who is on the chopping block~ spiel. the dish is revealed and phew, it’s the dish that was undercooked. he gives harry an encouraging nod and a thumbs up and harry smiles in response. they made it to the next round.

liam looks at zayn real quick and notices zayn looking at him. zayn bites his lip and smiles at him - it definitely happened. zayn just BIT HIS LIP while STARING at him. and liam’s thinking that there’s NO WAY he is going to lose this competition.

First phanfic!

This Man Saved My Life

Songfic based on “This Song Saved My Life” by Simple Plan. Because who hasn’t listened to this song without thinking about Dan and Phil, not just about what they did for us, but what they did for each other?

I’d recommend putting that song on forever repeat while you read.

One line removed because for my life I could not think of what to write.

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A thousand questions hovered over Dan’s head as he paced in his room, going over every single way this could go wrong. It took him almost weeks of convincing himself that he could do this, but even now, when he was literally a minute from actually doing it, he wasn’t sure that he could. For the thousandth time, he told himself it was now or never and turned on the camera.

I wanna start by letting you know this

Because of you, my life has a purpose


“Phil, I’m gonna start filming in a minute!”

“Okay, I’m coming,” came the reply, and a second later Phil came bouncing into the room.

“Woah,” Phil said, closing the door behind him. Dan had brought a whole bunch of seemingly random items, most of them wrapped up or in boxes, and laid them all over his bed.

“Is this why you wanted to borrow my lion?” Phil asked, picking the plushie up.

“Yeah, hurry up and get over here,” Dan said, hoping his voice didn’t sound as nervous as he felt.

“But I don’t even know what we’re filming,” Phil said as he sat down on his side of the bed.

“It’s okay, that’s the point. Ready? The camera’s already on.”

Phil shrugged with a smile and they both turned to face the camera.

You helped me be who I am today

I see myself in every word you say


“Hello, internet,” Dan began with his usual hand gesture. “Today I’m joined by my very special friend-”

“Hey guys!”

“For a very special video. Phil, do you know what day it is today?”

Dan turned towards Phil, who had a genuinely confused look on his face.

“Um, Friday?”

He then proceeded to sing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” while Dan shot him an are-you-actually-serious look.

“No, Phil, seriously stop. Hashtag stop Phil 2019.

“As I was saying,” Dan said, smiling at the camera and feeling a bit less nervous. Being with Phil always had a calming effect on him. “Today’s a very special day, because ten years ago this day…” He turned to look at Phil again. His eyes, the perfect shade of blue laced with green and speckled with yellow, glowed with the innocent enthusiasm that he always loved about Phil. He loved everything about Phil.

Dan shook himself out of this train of thoughts and tried to remember what he was talking about.

“Ten years ago today,” he said. “Phil and I met for the first time irl.”

Ten years?” Phil, who had been looking at the camera, turned towards Dan with his eyes open wide. “Has it really been ten years?”

“Yeah, who knew two random British guys would come this far, right?” Dan said with a sarcastic laugh. “No but seriously, I felt like this day deserved something special, so if you can see behind me-” Dan moved slightly over to show the camera the rest of the bed. Phil did the same. “I have gathered some things to show us the journey Phil and I had together. So if Phil can pick a random item, we’ll see what crazy things we’ve been through.”

Phil let out an understanding “Ooooooh.”

“So that’s what this is about. Wouldn’t this all be horribly out of order though?” Phil said, already looking over the items scattered around the bed. There weren’t that many, but Phil looked over all of them with eager eyes.

Sometimes it feels like nobody gets me

Trapped in a world where everyone hates me


“Okay, I don’t want to sound narcissistic or anything, but I think I’ll have to choose the lion as the first one,” Phil finally said, picking up the plushie and pressing it close to his face. Only his eyes were visible behind the lion’s mane, and Dan felt a horrible urge to swat the doll aside and kiss him.

Oh for fuck’s sake, get it together Dan.

“That’s great, actually,” Dan said, trying to remind himself to look into the camera. “Because that represents you, Phil, and your first videos. It was back when I just knew you as Amazingphil and I was just a nobody watching other youtubers’ videos.”

“You’re not a nobody,” Phil said, cutting off Dan’s train of thought. Dan blinked, his next words completely forgotten.

“No, I mean, back then when nobody knew me…”

“That still doesn’t make you a nobody, Dan.“

Phil pulled the plushie down from his face, his face dead serious because Dan just called himself a nobody. Dan couldn’t stop himself - he leaned forward and kissed Phil.

“Thanks for not making me a nobody,” Dan murmured, their lips still touching.

“You were never a nobody,” Phil whispered, and he pulled in Dan’s face and kissed him again. For a split second Dan forgot about the camera, about this video he was supposedly making, about everything else. He just had Phil, who loved him with all his life and whom he loved back with all of his. Dan could never forget why he loved Phil. He never gave him the chance.

“I might edit this out,” Dan said as they parted, and Phil jumped and stared at the camera as if he just realized that it was there. Dan smiled, gave Phil another light kiss, then went back to his side of the bed.

There’s so much that I’m going through

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you


“Okay. Choose another one, Phil,” Dan said. Phil hovered over a few of the boxes.

“Did you really go through the trouble of wrapping all this?”


“Okay, let’s start with the smaller stuff,” Phil said, picking up a small rectangular box. He opened it and took out an old camera.

“Oh that,” Dan laughed. “That’s for the first video I made. I didn’t film it with that, but since I threw away the laptop I actually used, I just got one of my old cameras. I…” Dan put a hand to his forehead with a grimace, feeling the cringe attacks coming on. Phil laughed. “Yeah I only included that because I wanted to point out that it was Phil who talked me into making my first video. This was back in the days when youtubers didn’t really get the respect they do today, so Phil was really like 90 percent of the encouragement I got.”

Phil laughed again and began to tell the camera a story of how Dan freaked out in his first video and Dan laughed along, mentally slapping himself to stop the cringe attacks and the urge to kiss Phil again.

Sometimes I feel like you’ve known me forever

You always know how to make me feel better


“Wait, what is this?” Phil said, picking up a photo lying upside down. He turned it over, laughed, then showed it to the camera. “It’s a photo of our first day at BBC!”

“We obviously couldn’t leave out the radio show,” Dan said. “For those of you that didn’t know, Phil and I have a radio show at BBC 1. It’s an amazing experience, we made so much memories, and did so many things that we never would have even dreamed of.”

“It’s really, really fun.”

“Yeah, but remember that one time when you were at a family trip and I had to do most of the show alone?” Dan turned from the camera and looked directly at Phil.


“I still remember that time, because when I had to do it alone, it felt so weird. Like I wasn’t… complete. You know how I always joke about how we’re always together everywhere, but I think by that point, we were together for so long that it felt… wrong to be there without you.”

“Aw,” Phil said with a sweet smile. “Do you need a hug, Dan?”

“No, I don’t-” But Phil leaned forward (“Phil-”) and wrapped his arms around Dan anyway. Dan gave an annoyed half-smile of defeat to the camera.

“But seriously,” he whispered in Phil’s ear. “Don’t ever do that to me again.” Phil giggled and gave him a tight squeeze before letting go.

You’re my escape when I’m stuck in a small town

I turn you up whenever I feel down


“Okay, these two look like books,” Phil said, holding up two wrapped packages. “I have a good idea what one of them is, not sure about the other one… Here, let’s go with this one.” He chose one and clumsily ripped it open. When he cleared away enough of the wrapper to saw the title, he exclaimed, “See, I knew it!” and removed the rest of it.

“The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, everybody!” Dan said as Phil held the book up. "I still can’t believe we wrote an actual book. Like, can you believe it?”

“And the tour, Dan! I mean, we did say we were hoping it would be a worldwide thing, but who’d have known we’d have gone to so many countries?”

“Thank you, all you loyal subscribers.”

“Yes, thanks to all of you who bought the book. And maybe are still buying it. It was really fun to write this and we honestly didn’t expect to get more than one printing. Who knows, maybe we’ll write another one!”

“Okay, I know nothing about this. Phil, what are you planning behind my back?”

“You never know.”

You let me know like no one else

That it’s okay to be myself


“Okay, time for this one,” Phil said, picking up the other book-looking package. He unwrapped it while Dan stifled a laugh, which burst out when Phil opened it and cried, “Oh my god!” It was a large book apparently made through almost hundreds of their fans’ collaboration. It was entitled “Phan” and was filled with pictures of him and Phil throughout their years. Some of them were screenshots of their earlier videos, others pictures from facebook or instagram, but in all pictures they were together, one staring at the other, hugging, some of them even with subtitles of times when either of them dropped “phan proofs”, such as the time Dan admitted that he was Philtrash #1. The photos were arranged in chronological order, and the last page was a single photo of them kissing with a banner beneath it reading “CONFIRMED!”

“This has definitely got to be the best gift you guys have ever given us,” Dan said. He took a side of the book while Phil held up the other to show the camera. “I know we already showed you this when we first got it, but I brought it back because I could think of no better symbol for the time we started dating.”

“Yes, you guys were very supportive and Dan and I are so thankful for all your love.”

“Except for all of you that unsubscribed.”

Dan put on a mock serious face and Phil laughed. Dan was so glad that this became something they could laugh off now. When they began dating years ago, they decided to keep it a secret for a while for fear of the angry homophobic internet mob. Being public on the internet for years taught Dan just how easily anonymous hate could hurt someone, and he wanted to shield both of them for as long as possible.

It was only two years ago that they revealed their relationship status and their twitter, tumblr, facebook, and pretty much every website they were on were immediately bombarded with unsubscribing, unfollowing fans and hate. But there were fans that remained, and, most importantly, Phil. For months after their big reveal, Dan had several moments when he wanted to break down and run away. But Phil was there, holding him up and bringing him back every time he started regretting their decision. And that was all he needed.

I was broken

I was choking

I was lost

This song saved my life


“Hey, Dan,” Phil said, reaching across the bed. “Is the laptop part of the things?”

Oh shit.

There were still a few more things he prepared, like their first time at Vidcon or the time they hit 10 million subscribers, but he guessed this was it. All his confidence suddenly evaporated, and Dan fought hard to keep a straight face.

“It is, actually,” Dan said, ignoring the camera and looking straight at Phil. “It’s supposed to represent our first skype call.”

Phil’s expression melted into his puppy-dog face as he let out an “awwww.”

“Yes,” Phil said. “Definitely one of the most important days of my life. I mean, can you believe that we might have never met? What kind of a life would that have been?”

“I… don’t know,” Dan said, and he felt something in his chest, like a dull burn that didn’t hurt but reminded him of a long-closed wound. “Because if it wasn’t for you, and if it wasn’t for that call… I might not be alive right now.”

I was bleeding

Stopped believing

Could have died

This song saved my life


Phil stared at him with what Dan knew was fear and alarm in his eyes. He never explicitly talked to Phil about his pre-Phil years, not just because he didn’t feel the need to, but because he didn’t want to dig those memories back up.

“Dan you… We never talked about this before.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. But I couldn’t find a way to bring it up. And I thought it was about time, because I think you deserve to know.

“I told you I was bullied a lot, right?” Phil nodded. “Well, it got worse as the years went on, and the friends I did have, they… We’ll say they didn’t exactly understand me very well. I had nobody I could talk to and I was just so alone, and one day, crazy thoughts started entering my head. The stress was piling up and I couldn’t bear it, and I thought that maybe it would all be over if I just killed myself. I even started making plans. There was this tall building about fifteen minutes from my house, and I was going to throw myself down. But a few days before the date I decided was a good day to go ahead with the plan, something happened.”


“You messaged me back for the first time.”

I was down

I was drowning

But it came on just in time

This song saved my life


“You don’t understand what that little message meant to me,” Dan said, his voice stretched tight. “When I started to talk to you, it was like a completely new world just opened up to me. No, I did not jump down that building when the day arrived, and yes, the thoughts sometimes came and went, but the more I talked to you, the less I thought about them, and it was amazing because someone finally understood me. Then we skyped for the first time, and you know what was the last thing you told me before we hung up?”

“No… I don’t… think I do…”

Phil was looking at Dan with every ounce of his concentration, and Dan fought hard to hold his gaze.

“You told me, ‘I’m so glad I made a friend like you.’ And you have no idea what that did to me.” Dan wasn’t crying; these memories were a decade old, and they didn’t tear him apart the way they used to. But that didn’t mean they didn’t hurt.

“Because to me, you were the best and the most amazing person in the world, and when you told me you actually liked me as a person and a friend, I just literally freaked out. Remember how I literally asked you the next day if we could skype again? It was because of that. And when you said yes, I was so happy and I hadn’t been that happy for years. After our second skype call I realized that I just spent an entire day without thinking about plummeting down that building. You literally saved my life, Phil.”

You’ll never know what it means to me

That I’m not alone, that I’ll never have to be


“Then we met for the first time and I moved in with you and we started making videos together and I’d never been happier but then I started getting scared because I thought one day you might leave me because I wasn’t good enough for you.” Dan realized he was rambling, but the tears were finally coming in and he had to fight just to keep them in.

“Because back then I hated everything about myself but you treated me like I actually meant something and I didn’t know what to do without you. Every existential crisis I go through always ends up being questions like what if you leave me? What if something goes wrong and I never see you again? It got a bit better after you asked me to date you because I finally got to know that you love me back but I still get those thoughts sometimes and it reminds me of what it’s like to live without you and I never want to go through that again.”

A tear finally burst through and Dan put his face in his hands, sobbing. He felt Phil’s arms come around him and he clung onto his boyfriend, burying his teary face in his shoulder. He remembered how those thoughts burned him through and through when Phil wasn’t there to reassure him that he did still love him. That was his greatest fear. That was his existential crisis.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured into Phil’s shirt, his voice choked with tears. He sat up and roughly wiped his face with his hands, trying to smile for Phil. He realized that Phil’s eyes were filling up as well.

“I just…” Dan stopped, took a deep breath, and continued. “I just don’t want to be alone. I don’t ever want to be without you.”

“I’m never gonna leave you, Dan,” Phil said softly, his hands still on Dan’s shoulders. Dan smiled through the tears that still veiled his vision. He knew. That was why he was doing this.

“I know. But I just want to ask you one thing.”

Before Phil could ask any questions, Dan got up from the bed and took a small box from his pocket. He got down on one knee in front of the bed and opened the box, revealing a simple silver band. Dan took another deep breath, stared into those surprised blue eyes, and said, “Phil, will you marry me?”

I was broken

I was choking

I was lost

This song saved my life


Phil stared at him just long enough for Dan to wonder if he had done anything wrong. Then he  pretty much flew on top of him, tackling him to the floor in a hug.

“You twat!” Phil shouted, smiling with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Was that what this was about? You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“I wanted it to be special,” Dan said with a smile, not caring how lame he was sounding at the moment. Phil held Dan’s face in his hands and kissed him.

“So that’s a yes, right?” Dan asked when they parted.

“Yes,” Phil whispered, their foreheads still touching. “Yes yes yes a hundred times yes.” He kissed Dan again.

“Okay, okay,” Dan said with a laugh. “Get up so I can put that ring on you.”

Phil did, but the ring had flown out of the box in the tackle and the next ten frenzied minutes were spent in turning the room upside down until Phil found it had rolled under the bed.

I was bleeding

Stopped believing

Could have died

This song saved my life


“That was way too close to ruining everything,” Dan said.

“Wait, so do I put this on now?” Phil said, rolling the ring around his palm, and Dan laughed. Jesus, he was engaged to the biggest dork in the world.


Jesus Christ, he was engaged to Phil.

“No, you spork. Give that to me,” he said, taking the ring from Phil. He took Phil’s left hand in his other hand and held his breath as he slid the engagement band onto Phil’s ring finger. When he could finally breathe again, he looked up and saw Phil’s eyes, where a little tear still remained. Dan put his arms around Phil, who did the same. Dan felt the black haired boy’s arms around him tighten and his head snuggle against his shoulder, and he completely relaxed, holding onto Phil like he was the most precious thing in the world. Because he was. He’d never have to be alone now, and he was sure this was the happiest moment of his life.

Dan kissed Phil’s ear and Phil giggled. Phil broke out of the hug to take Dan’s face in his hands. Dan felt those soft lips touch his and his eyes closed as Phil gently kissed him, kissing him back and allowing himself to forget about everything else this moment. Phil must have been leading him back, because his legs hit the edge of the mattress and they fell onto the bed, lips still locked. Phil’s fingers tangled his hair as he gasped for breath, and Dan was about to slip his hands under Phil’s shirt when Phil parted from him and said, “Hey, is the camera still rolling?”

Dan’s eyes snapped open and his head instinctively turned to the camera. Yes, the red light was blinking and the camera was still recording. Dan got up and turned the camera off.

I was down

I was drowning

But it came on just in time

This song saved my life


“I still can’t believe you proposed to me while filming,” Phil said, sitting up. “Aren’t we gonna end the video?”

“That was just an excuse to lay out all of this,” Dan said. He began to remove the books and the laptop from his bed. “I wasn’t going to actually upload this video.”

“If we tell the internet, they’ll be terrorizing us for the proposal video,” Phil said, scooting closer to Dan. Dan threw the rest of the boxes down and knocked Phil back to the mattress, pinning him between his legs and cupping his face in his hands.

“We can worry about that later,” Dan said, and in those last few precious moments of privacy before they revealed the news and the internet was demanding every detail of their proposal and marriage, he drew close and kissed the man whom he could now proudly call his fiancé.

Because he could now spend the rest of his life with the man who saved him.

This song saved my life…

I am so ridiculously nervous about Battle of the Five Armies! I’ve read a few spoilers and I think I’ll be okay, but… I’m not 100% sure! I just don’t want my heart to be broken, I want to stay in love with everything! With that thought thrumming in my head, I’m diving into reading pretty much all the fic I can get my hands on again.

Ich Dien - To Serve the Kingdom by MissFaust, thranduil & legolas & tauriel & legolas’ mother & others, 31.5k
    He is ready to explode at any second, but—as Thranduil is very well aware—his legendary temper is much more intimidating if visibly constrained; the quiet before the storm usually more effective than the gale unleashed.
Rainy Days by Dragon Confused, thranduil & legolas, 3.1k
    Fluffy little story about elfling Legolas and his father. Chapter Two: Legolas is an obnoxious little brat, and Thranduil has an unusual request.
Special by Miss Aranel, thranduil & legolas, 2.5k
    On small Legolas’ begetting day, his father tells him about the reasons for celebrating this very special day.
Of Silver Hair and Elflings by Fan81981, celeborn & oropher & thranduil & ocs, 7k
    We all know that Thranduil has a fondness for jewels. Ever wondered how that all started? You see its all Celeborn’s fault …
Coming Home by French Pony, thranduil & legolas & ocs, post-rotk, 12k
    In the aftermath of the battle for Mirkwood, King Thranduil faces hard times and loss. But he still keeps a flicker of hope alive.
Winter Encounters by JastaElf, thranduil & gloin + mentions of legolas + gimli, 6k
    A father learns of his son’s doings, and realizes a few things about old prejudice.
Has His Reasons by ncfan, thranduil & tauriel & legolas, 1.6k
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A Headache by Silivren Tinu, thranduil & legolas & aragorn, 2.8k
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Wakefulness by Morpheus626, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, 2k
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A Good Idea by Evergreene, aragorn & legolas & mentions of others/canon pairings, humor, 3.3k
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