great blackout


When you spent 3/8 of your college career abroad. 

Photo order: 

Prime Meridian, 2014, London Abroad. 

Galapagos, 2016, Quito Abroad.  

Papallacta Cloud Forest and hot springs. 2016. Quito Abroad.  

Equator, 2016, Quito Abroad. 

Erg Lihoudi Sahara Desert, 2016, Rabat Abroad. 

Camel Riding, Erg Lihoudi, Sahara, 2016, Rabat Abroad. 

Happy Blackout from your local world traveller. 4 continents, 4 years. :) 

Listen y'all

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blackout is great because people who get annoyed and want to unfollow are going to have to think “i don’t like seeing black people” and be confronted with the fact that they are a blatant racist